The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on December 11, 1931 · Page 26
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 26

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1931
Page 26
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fTTE OTTAWA" EVENING J OUT.N At TODAY, DECEMBER 11, 1931 SO'CIotkEditSn 50 People Forced ' i o'clock a r. DCTjarar" SUDBURY, Ont. Dee. 41. About -fifty persons were' .breed to Tie In night attire a Are swept three houses and completely destroyed a- fourth here today. The loo' caueed by the a - '. J t H AnA nre as "i"" v,wv. . Starting In the frame collage William Maki on Bessie itrcet the ilamea auicUy spread to the rest- dence of Aylmer Pertula and the boarding houM of Mr. Adele Maki. three atorey atrueture. The occupant of the houiaa were forced to flee, donning only what " clothes could be grasped aj they ran. Climbing through window all man aged to reach safety' without injury. When the firemen arrived on the iiksjUWisjbausssMPit mee. that of William Maki be of flames.' that of William Maki ing completely destroyed; all three floor of the boarding house aflame as was the Pertula cottage. Within a short time after the arrival of the firemen the blase was under control and all danger of It spreading to the block of houses, situated close to gether had been averted. fire Chief W. L. Andrews, who Jn- adVH tsrmina the causa of the Are. Firm Price Close In Grain Pits I VOaek A. P. and C P. Despatches, CHICAGO, tit. Dee. U.-Influeneed largely by builiah reports as la the United Stale winter wheat crop, gram price tended strongly upward . kit today, deeptte New York Block Market weasje-ss. Houses with oast-era connaction war on the buying aid In the wheat pit. Unhed State hard winter wheat was reported aa about in Una with export after est new Argentina grain. Omasa buying of Canadian wheat at Vancouver during the mat few day .was e0- -snstcd at SOM.Mo bushels. ' Wbsat dosed firm, T- ' to 1 M flighar then yastarday'a finish. Com. varying from 1-t decline to a shade advance. Oat.; 1-4 to 1-1 up, and provision I to U eenta down. Wheat, Ho. 1 rod, 96 I-, No. 1 bard. M. . Old corn. No. 1 yellow. 1 1-4; No. whit. St J-4; new corn. Na 1 yellow. 17; No. I white. Ikll-I Oats, Ma. t white, 19 to as. Rye, no eeles. Barley, at to 5. Timothy seed. 10Oto4J9. Clover oeed. 14.00 to 1( 0. Lard. 17: Vbom lard,- lis. Ribs, MO. - .MtaavtJ.---. VS - F-f flssi i ' Wheat Dae B J-t to 1-:; March. 54 M; May, M M u I I; July, M - S-t to -. Corn, Dec. , March, tt 1-4; May. 40 1-4; July. 41 s-t to 1-4. Oat. Dec. D -; May. 8 M to 1-tj July, M 1-4. By Dec J-4; MarcK t 3-1; May, 41 1-4; July, t 1-t. Lard. Dee. 9.70; Jan, V57; March, 941. Bellies, Jan. Iff; May, It. At the Peg. 1 WTNrflPEO. Man. Dec. M. Strangth at Chkeaga plug a fair port trade worked . overnight parted strength to wavering wheat a,pirtps!eeaeefe,s'eweFiTWrsTto6wyr L Prices at the close registered gains of 1-4 te 7-1 cent over yesterday a cleea.. December closed at SI S-t and May at ts M, each up t-4 tent, while Jury advanced MtaBU -Trade, a -in previous days, was largely local m character. Export trade was repoitad from bath Atlantic and Pectfto points. , Deny Beport That Med" : rsyored a StrikerVotc - - O'CWck C P. Despatch. MONTREAU Jue.- Dec 1L Officials of the running trades anion of the railways today denied a report attributed to Hon. James Mur-dock. vice-president of the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, thet'th results of the vote of local unions throughout - the country favored a strike vet ai the result of the rae-oremendation ot the majority report of the conciliation board that rstl-wsymen'a wages be cut It percent, retroactive to November 19. Union chsirnwri bar serening word Brora the locals on the men's attitude, de- . . , eland today that the ballot ot each union or division I a secret ballet the content of which arill not- be known till all are opened when the geusial chairman convene at n jcon- teeenov her December sa . POBKHIN EXl'HAN'UE. TKKW.'VtcXl ."TTl re pereenTr . rentes, go francs, ft centimes. Five - Percent loon, B7 franc. scntlmss. . Exchange on LAndon. M francs. 35 centimes. The dollar was quoted at .. 3A franca, 43 1 eenumss. STOCKS AND BONDS HaghsonBros.&Co. Messrsal Cark Market , Btsssaard Stack Bad atarasg Pvrkaage Ottawa Clectrie BoiMbsg . ' U Qaeea IS MINING STOCKS GRAIN INDUSTRIALS J. T. Bichards tt Co. II Metcstfe St. 1 174-SU P. D HUIN s CO, ' . Htaisst ptanderg fttock and Mtntng' Baislciap refetaauae ftupal Beak de, Phillip. - w Stock Brokers. tlS-ta Ottawa Bectrlc Baud log Prlrste Wht Symm.;..r Lasest InfaiasalUei aa rropecoT Alrvrayi Trtcpboaes; Qaeea zS-zM ' Mass of CloUuiig Real Copper Mine I O'clock C. P. Despatch. . MtW-yOBK. N y Dcc 1L An aged betiar who ran afoul at la saw May teM sol ire he bad net eaten a eaaara aseel tar seven yean. He etalated la hav subsM-ed mm crumbs salvaged free ssr-baga cans. He was wearing two avucaaU, flvs vests two walrs sf trousers, and m this mass sf doth-mg police found tlKUZ, Including WO coaoers. weighing nearly , of Race Results JEfTEKSON PARK RESULTS. - T?11!! Tur,'?T0.ri0U 5"? 1?Mof nrmnemt wheat H. R. Riley, 14220-. 44.4D. lilt. Sporting Maudie, 107. R. Tilden. 23.W, 100. Botlled Bourbon. 10VH. Tinker. 340. Time 1.11 1-9. Bag o' Gold. Corby. St Mica. Zina. Verity Ballot. Chicago Belle. Double Cheer, Prince Plato and IfoMnk'a Fox also ran. Second race. MOO. claiming, four- year-olds and up. six furlongs Over- Hippias. lot 1R Montgomery). JJO. 260; Vladimir, 111 (H. Tinker), 2J0. Time. Lit 4-S. Gold Bet Southland Boy. Relline, Runmaid, Delmonico, Pessimistic, Watchful and Jungle Belle also ran. Pound Sterling; Canadian Dollar I O'clock Canadian Press DiesalrB. NEW YORK Dae. ll.-Britlsh eur-ocv eras slixhtly higher on local foreign exchanges this afternoon, and the Canadian dollar slightly lower. The dollar waa Quoted at O cent net 1-t cent lower then yesterday's as. Sterling sold for K-B 1-1 tor cable transfers, 1 l-l cents higher than the previous doee. Both currencies fluctuated in. a narrow range. reua at Montreal. MONTREAL. Que. Dec. 11. StarllnsT was nuoted at S3.M 1-1 on foreign axchange atT"pjn.nere today. Men's Club Entertains " Tor Fathers and Sons - - ..' A father and aon meeting was held by the Men's Club of Britannia Heights United Church last night and tainmant Than was a large gathering at the table, and the supper wa eerved under auspices ot the Women Association, with Mrs. E. Huaaton con- The toast to "the King ed bv J. H. Watson: t "Our Son.' by C. 14. GodUari responded to By T. BparHng, Jr.; to-"Our Pathers," by Prank Morgan, responded to by j. MsrOoraid: to the Owrs,r sy T. Sparling. Sr. responded to by Rev. lUiub. .iingaaaai an la mew ra by A. E. Huaston. responded to by Duncan Brown, who waa chairman. British House Adjourns until f eoruary second LONDON. Dec. ll.-The Houae of Cornenona adiourned today .to Feb. t, the motion t providing th bpsakar may call an earlier siaaipa should me necessity arise. By a vote of 111 to zl a Labor motion Betting the data for resumption at Jan.-1 was defeated. Several Coneervstivea objected to so long an adjournment without a definite afonouiaieinailt ot the Government policies on outstanding is sues, but they did not vote against the Government adjournment motion. - MAHITOBA GBAOUATES. Oraduat of Manitoba University located in Ottawa will hold a dinner at the University Club. Elgin street at I p. m. Wednesday, Dec. It. for the purpose of welcoming and becoming acquainted with the younger men and women graduates who nave come to the Capital within recant years. The ' event is to precede a larger affair during the rerliamentary session; when the members of the House ot Cocnmossl who art Manitioba grad nates may attend. f- -CPJL BABMINCS. ? MONTREAL. Decl ll.-Trafflc esrn- lngs-etm vanadaiii ixinc IHHsiiy tompany lot the week ended Decern, bar .1 war tUSXOOt, aa compared with' tJA44.00 in the corresponding period of last year, a decrease ot tMMNi. -MONTfsKAl, PTOCK gXCrlANtlg. Quotations on the Montreal Stock txchanee. supplied to The Journal ar i;raiB,.ljUUies at irvtne. Stocks High, 12lUj Low : Ciom Bell Tslepboa . . Brsstl s ; CockahuU. . , . Can. Car . Cement . . J, , HA,,. Bm.ll . a 1 Can. Pacific ' ' ' 70 16 ai : : ' s- r is JV 1 1 ; 1 V gH 10 Dom. en. at CL . Drvden , . . .- , Praaer .-1 Hamilton Brldg How. Smith Int. Nickel Lake of Woods . Masssy-Hsms . . . Mont. Power ... St. Law. Corp. . a a 1 a oiaat 01 van. aa ' AMttM. V t ' .11. sar Can. Cement .' St Law. Corp. St Law. Power ' 10 70 . 4 11 15 4 l Auto-Glass; WbsaBkarU Claas asswstaaasssaksl ssssaJasss' TwVteiVVVs' WaaWsltl DUFORD LTD, CANADA BREAD COMPANY UMITED lllVIMnD Nonm - Vint fftTaVrewee Ulmmrrm wmcm re tisnrar oitkw that dlrtdend of IV haa bean declared upon the Pirn lrtvnnem Sharea of tiie Company, payinsmt of ami to be made on January 3. 1931, to ahere-holdera of record at . tha rloaa of biMlneaa. December 1, 1M1. The iraoafer books ti the Oompanf 1U Dtj tuoeta irom uecemDer e vo mi IDJI. both dan lnrhuuw - -Mr Order of the Board. Wv S. ANTLIFF. C A . ---r-" Stcretaf7-Treaurer. r lonmuiy wni.. tueoemoer iw, ituii Was Heavy Close . .i-i-.,a." iaU : rwr-WtVtt On Wall Street S O'Clork Associated Press Despatch. NEW YORK, Dec. lll-Presh wsves of liquidation swept over the-stock market today, thwarting efforts to rally the list of bidding up the rail shares ' The market closed with a heavy tone. v Sale ware well over 1000.000 shares. The market pushed up' rather strongly for a time during the middle of the day. as the rail shares again leanonded to hopeful gossip over the prospect of an agreement on wage. Steels, coppers, chemicals and others were sold in heavy volume in the last hour, however, and the gain were more than lost the market cloa- ing at still another -bottom for the rgjij . Loews was heavy feature, adrop-' ping more than S points. , Allied Chemical and Union PscUW lost nearly as much. U. S. Steel fumbled t J-4 to a new bottom at 49 J-4. and Bethlehem lost almost aa much. Shares off a point or more included America b.i,i d ohin. and others. can, Baltimore and Ohio, and others. Closing quotations on New York Stock Jtschanxe. reported by Flood. II Jt Its a, T , Stock . . Opea Cloa Auburn Ucton lit Air Itodiicttoa ........ S1V4 AlMk Juivmu .....t. 11 Allehany Corp. ....... " 1 AJlltxl Ciwilcal 71 Aili ChtilmtrrB 14 A. M. Brers 13 Anvtr, Btvnk . 14 AmMicsn Ctut. Co. .. ... M AmsjT. ttnd Forttgn 1. .. 74 Amer. Power smd Llsbt. 16 Amcncsn lUdtator Amerlctvn tSmltlnar .... . 90 Am-sr. Tel. mad Tl. ... 133 AmtflctD WattrrwoclU. . 38 Anaconda Coppr ..... 11 111V .a . ins 1.5, aiJ Atcniaon nr. Baldwin Locomotlv . Baltinvora and Obko . Bndu Bihlhtm Btl .... BrUcn Body . 34 a Borden Xiiry CaVSk TlaTMhlnit Can. Dry Olnr Ai ... 14 Canadian Pactnc 13 ' 12 S a 4214 85 Cattmiiiar Tractor ... n Chryaler .... , m. 13 coiorslo Fuel . . -. . , . . Columbia Cartoon. Columbia Oaa com. soiTcnu Com. and Souther . ;. Conaolldatetf Oaa ' Continental Can..u... Com. Producta 40 1 &3i tot. Dome mam Duron! aUatmaa Kodak Xlectrlo Auto Lit . . . .. Kiac. rowor ana tVLgnt . Krla Ry r .. .. g. Vi Ton Film TevDCHT "1 3' s Cteneral Biectrttr . General Pood . f i Oentral Motora . . Qtn, Ry. Bltfiiala OlllatU . ... . . . , Oold Dual, .. .. . , .. 23 1 - 34 , . . 33 22 13". 11 .. its iv. .. 4H 4 .. n ih ,. .. lt 20 Ooodncn Ooodraar Tire .". , Oranby Copper . , , Hauatoo uii . . . . . , Hudson Motora . . Inter. Harvester .. . Inter. Hieket ' , ..--j Inter. Tel. and Tel. . . Jobna Man vl Ha . Kenneeotl Copper .. 10 S 10!. 7S r- t" S tt tu. 10i atk McKeeaport Tin Plate 47 , 47 Uiaaourt Pacific fclontaumeif Ward .--7 Mulllna Mfg. . . - . It 1V4 40 , 10s 11 1H 97 Uj 32 U, 3I4 131 -t14 10 Ti v . 11 MH ': 31 S Hasn Motors . . Norsnds . . - ;. Nat. Biscuit . ' . Nat Cash ReiUter Nat. Dslrf Products Nst. Power end Light New Hsven R. It. Hew Tors Central iv Nortn American . . .1 Pae. Oas and Klac. .ai Packard Motors .. .. Paramount Publlx e-s i 'i 7'i Pennavlrsnls Hlr ' SOS. 30 W public Berne ot n. J. . t Pullman .. .. .. .. .. IIS IB Radio., . . ., .. .. .. fS Ht Radio Ksltn v.- .. - 14s - Ha Besrs-Roebuc "T;. . ' r 34 34 Sinclair Oil 5'i t South. Calif. Edison.. .. S0V -got. Stsnosrd Brands 12 uv. Standarfr-Oea . . .'. XOH BUndsrd Oil of Calif. .. 2ft S Standard Oil of K. T. ..' ItH, SUindard Oil of 14. J. .. tOVa stesrsrt-Warner. . .. .. Sa . 10 v 29 H -iS1 it it tts les 27 'a 4W Studebakar ., ., .,-.rlt!a Texas Co. .. .. .. .. 1 Tesas (lull ' . . 23 H Tlmken Roll. Bearing .. 1S United Al reran .. .. js Onlled Corporation .. . H United Oas Improv. . 20 . u. B. Aiconoi sea n. si. Rubber 4 la Union Carbide 0t4 2 tlnlnn Psrlftfi . 11 U 73 u. b. oteei wa eoa Vanadium Steel .. .. . IIH 11 Bros, neturss . k si Western Mary land .... t t wesiinnouse suecuio - se . sin wooieroTin. tellow Cab STAND H1 MIKIMi EXirHANUC. Supplied by J. T. Richards and Co. ii asetcslie street. bates Stock . High Low Cnoae 3000 Area .... . I'.i 1 300 Arno I x - a looc Bldgood .1 1 1 1200 Bros iile 1 t 100 C. Msn. . 1 7 7 llnfv IVwna r ft.fto fl.40 ' 10 SOOO Dom. IX. H tu, tH 700 au dorado . vtt ' nv va aoo rsl'rldse. 110 - 1.0 1.10 300 Oranxda . 1.10 1 20 1.30 Out HolUntfer,- to t t w noo Hower ; . aa aa aa IVJ Hud. Rev. 1S tSO ai 1000 Hilltop .. 11 144 ! 44 I. Nickel 100 B IS 1 MM K Lake - 47 45 47 auoo K. Town... ia isi ten 1000 K. Premier lit) ' I Vk Ilk ow a... Hire. . eu ev w 300 L. Shore. 27.00 26 -BO tlm 1000 Man. Basin Itt 1's . ao Mcintrrs i7.7v 17.7V i r.iu asot, Moss tv at nit 338 M. Corp.. 1.34 . tM IM SIGO U. Hall 7tl t 1000 McLsod . , . . suu nipiaaing. i.iu s.iv i.iv 1300 Nortnds IS to It at. It SO ioioo p. p. s c.. t ot ass t ot 5O0 Rlbaso . Its t's IK 300 B. Gordon to 00 , 00 X7nO Slscoa . , SO . , 4 - ' 4Bt4 aooo SUdacona. , 144 'IS- IS 400 sua Bsaln so , so eu 100 Srlvanlte.. 0 as M ttoao T. HuBbas too 4t' tit 4000 Tashota . '.:.: 1 200 Ventures , 4414 '44 BOO Vlpond .. 42 40 4a 1600 W, Hirg tH tsa - 14. on titoek 1000 Alix 1 OA 101 1 01 70 b. A.-omooo tttt 1 70O c. Res... 2.10 ioi . a. io 170 Int. Pete. 10 B0 10 50 10 30 ...130 join. r Ou.'- IBilt1 lj0 -10 Wt test -tt'i ,' '4l,-,iMiUi. SUV MONTBBAL UII MARKET. Supplied to The Journal by Craig. .LAuncr ana trvine. Sales Stock Blah to Asso. Brew, is 430 B. A. Oil 10 ; 100 C Vlekera 2'i loo Cos. Brew. .. IS MS D. . 60 D. rn. . . 4-n n. Walker 1300 Imp. Oil . ' 10 Imp. Ton., load Int. Pete. '1$ raaite s manes. '- tl . VIU. "A" It 14 Mines.- i WV) Abana ... 4 . 8't 730 Voranda It.M . S V) Slarol . i) 44 4(11 T. Hurries I IN ,120M. Miues 2'4 ! tot. at Low -. Close it it as as 10 10 lo5 1044 ' "it as lt30 4B Come to Ottawa With the Spirit Of Imperial Unity . . - OTleefc C. P. LONDON. Dec. 1L In his announcement today that Britain was iihiij. .4o. eiiaaiu ,wita wheat,' ftt. Hon. 3. H. Thomas, Secre tary for the Domtalnrja, in the House of Commons said "We must all go to the forthcoming Imperial Conference m Ottawa not in a haggling or niggling spirit, but with the single minded deilr to Bay to ecah other that the overruling factor over everything els wa real Imperial unity, he continued. WesaJbg Hourly. Mr. -Thomas dwelt on the spirit In which the Government was tackling the problem. In the first week of the Ufa of the, new Parliament It established a ministerial committee of which "ha at chairman. The Government then met for a week, hammer ing out ovary detail ot the problem and had been working hourly with that committee and an inter -depart mental committee, amoothing out all iili siiisnaiiy toJwlLsttajlj tion of the problero. He bad Invited the Dominions, to send to this country competent and practical repreeentstives. who. could sit down with all the material at their, disposal -and- decide from their own viewpoint all the details neceeeary for a full exsmlnstion ot their mutual problems. He bad also given them the alternative ot working out de- - SSamS".BSHOBev?SBM en in their own countrka. That, he declared, waa the beat evivdenea of the GoverriiTpeht'a anxiety te- that no detailed tTamination would be bcklng. rrva 4 Ugfaferteteti. Mr Thomas recalled thai Rt Hon. Neville ChgunberUin. Otamllor of tint tTaXchequrr, had Ssnnounoad ra cently that no cnovnitUrMnts would be made which might hamper ttr prajudic m free and tmfetttsrad dia-oiaaion at OtUwa. He argued that surely ther waa no greater cotntri-butioQ than that when one knew what was occurring Uuwghout the world today. . He pointed out that all the Covermrnent'a anUumping leg-alation did not apply to the dominion or differentiate between one do minion and another. Great Britain did not say whether the Dominions should be on the gold standard off it"T--faJrOWiwi took a general view and said the pre ference in the anti-dumping tariffs were applicable to all the iJominions. He said he wished to make It clear to all the Dominions, having regard to what they had done and what they had been compelled to do. that they must not be unmindful of the magrtinevnt gesture which the British Goveniment bad given them in that direcUoci. Bnmlls .Leader Of Montreal Mktf: I O'clock A. P. Desasrfck, MONTREAU W Dec U.-8ome extension of activity appeared oa the Montreal Stock Exchange today, but the list as a whole, waa heavy, with ! is is fairly general. The Improved tone of Wall street in the final hour made no visible impreaaion upon the local market, the final prices m the majority of cases being at the day's Insst sssAsrstal tle 1isa a,.. asws.tlajaB. . .-r-r."r-.,",.r.v t r-"iaj.t icauue, sna ui u lace ue aaai- ness in the general list cave a good account ot itself, firming S-t to ID 1-t. MONTREAL DALK. Afternoon aalsa on the Montreal Stock Exchange, aupplted by Plood, Potter and Co. tt 8 parks street: Ben Tticpnons a at lai. lft at 131. 1 at 111. Braatllan 100 St 104. Ml at 104. to at 10V,. 100 at 10,. aa at lOii. 100 as ius, isu ai ius, jo a loss. 00 at lots. 100 t lot,, to at lovi. 'loo st 10s: to at 10.. csnsa w at a, xa at i&. M at (,, 10 at ts. 10 at ti,, tt at SI' ml' - r.. Canada Cement 10 at gtt: XB at tw. 10 at t. u at lis. IS at a. uanaaian racino o at is, bo at II. at at It, 60 at it. to at It. . Cocksbutt Plow It at 4 V - Praaer M at 4. t at I. as at 1. Inter Nickel at at SO st SLi- u si g'., '.-io at 04. li at I. 3t at t. to at. i. 40 at t, 40 at t. at at . tt at It,.-100 ai i,. , inn. Alcohol 70 at r. Maaeev-Harrls at at m. 74 at tH. at at tVt. to at aw. 4 at tH. to at av Bmeixers 11a as aa, bo. at vs. so at s: as at St. Winnipeg jneetrio M at s, SO st SH. t at ttTT It at V SOver Futurej - I O-Clork A. P. Despatch. ' NEW YORK. N Y. Dec. lL-SIWer 41 si I ruturea eioeea nrm. naies io.vw gSnt CTWhcseT-UotaTtorar-cBntirD ano; March. 31 1; tay, jito; July, 31N; Sept. 3t. .. . SCHOOL CLOSING FLANS. Annual commencemen at the High School of Commerce ar beirg held that afternoon with the presentation of medsau diplomas, and other-awards as one ot the main features of the program. Ottawa Technical School will hold similar exercise In the Regent Theatre on Friday. December It, at tJt am. Those of the Usgar Street Collegiate Institute will be held on Tuesday. Dee. 22. the dap the schools close for the Christmas and Mew Year bolide va. Glebe Collegiate commencement sxtr-risee will be held on the day preceding. Monday, Dec '2L DUKC MAMtYDfO TODAY. NIW YORK. NT. Dec ll.-The Duke of Manchester announced today be would be married lata this afternoon a; City Hall to Mkej Kathleen Da area, formerly a London ailias. Mayor James i. Walker, Just returned from the weal, was to officiate. HULL'S FINGERPRINT EXPERT. Maxim Lsvlgne,' saslaUnt secretary ot the Hull Police Department, received this morning the . official diploma ot the fmgerprlnt de pa runout ot the Institute of Applied Science, Chicago, aa fmswrprint exoert. ha v. tton examinations. sir. sstvign will act nngerprtnt expert for Hull rxllc It 4 te-bei sn IchertatVaH. tton branch ahtsrtly will be added ts the deportment, with Mr, Levlsna in charge- .. .. ItallTIBH rtiMta. ... LONDON. Dae. 11 ar gold 12tt per ounce. Mrmer. ttt percent. Dtsommt ratast short and tare aaontns' ktUs. ga. to t percent. Reported National Credit Corpn. haa advanced rS.Ma.ttt to nt.totMt to solvent bank hampered by fi oasu a ante ' with - pending applicatiorsl toullmg between tWK,0Ot and fit,-toojot. . r Midland Steel Producta chclared rrgular quarterly on cornmon. v- Spain's 'President NkU Akara Zamera, whH-halrel iatW mi the Spaiibfc BtrpubJiei took aath afflM tsatiav aa Bomm'm M ctjastaUeaal rmmlitmt. Germany May Be Unable to Pay ' $ O'Clerk A. I. CmmmxZl ' , BASEL. SwrUerland, Dec U. Information from quarters does to the. Tmw tylvlsuiy eWltililttee led to) a belief tonight that Germany will be declared unable to make conditional payments which form about two- thirds of the total reparation payments. Rockcliffe Gets New Bus Service g O'Clork Edition Service. Commencing Monday morning a bus service will be run by the Ottawa Electric Railway by amngement with the trustees of Rockcliffe Village, arkd as an experiment during the coming. winter over the following route: From the waiting1 room at the corner of John and Sussex streets, via bus-sex street, Ume Kiln Road, Buena lenection or voiirin itoaa. The return trip will be by way of Coltrin Road. Manor avenue, Buena Vista Road, lime Kiln Road. Sussex street, bark to the waiting room. This service will be in gmtaituiion for the present street car service which will not continue beyond the Rockcliffe cmr barrs. Transfers will be accepted on the buses and fares will be as before. In rush hours the service will be approximately the same as at present. It ts corakiered the new service will be more advantageous to Rock- iisriiU si II in press nt cax. largely skirts, the , village, rather than going through It The south end of Rockcliffe- will con-1 tinue to be served by the Iindeniee cars. WHEAT HHITMENTH. Total wheat aniptnenta from Canada during November last were 37.-463.053 bxuhPla aa -compired with' 11.317.934 buahela durlns Uve same month lest year, accord. n to a- re port of the tDomlnton Bureau of Statistic. Of thla total lfl.O77.0a5 buaheis went to ue united KirnTdom. ,.777.01,4 buaheU to other countries Of the exports to countries other then the united His tea. I2.3S3 107 buahela srera ahlppad through Vnltad States ports. . 'NEW YORK, Der 11 Bar Bllvsr flrmer and He htihar at aotac. J Better '. . . and far batter for the i smoker who wants- rtal satisfaction. Th raason of court, b that Victors are blended " from three . famovs tobaccos. . . . Virginia, Burley and Turkish. , They come in the handy, shell -and-slid package -that really protects " ; 5. Upsrloil Toborxe Coatposty U.S. Rail Workers To Refuse Offer Of Cut-in Waes S O-Clock Assarlated fra Despatch. CHICAGO, Dae. llAa executive sxnunlttee room today terthreealng that railway weuld rafus to accept wag redactions at tht tins and eflcr RaceEjitnes tCFTEBSON PAKK ENTRIES. Pint race. SOOO. dalmtn. 1-rear- otda. mile Mildred Wstklns. lot; Sur Bandy, '100; Memphis Lsss, lot; y Anson, lot; Flair, lot; xvolcry. 1011 xvarda- 101:- Ulsnameae. 101 tllaabeth w. lot; Peal, lot; Scandal Sheet, lot; Oold Thorn. 100; xLasy learv. 101: xPrlnce Reno, lot: Prince Tommy, 100; xUaksnds. 100, Beauty Bride. 109: Dancln Boy., lot: star rrancea. tuo; xisun un, iu. Beoond race. 600. clslmln. 3-vear olda and us alx furlonss . xPlnssr Tips, lot; xMlss Jtsmsey, 10S; Fleet. mi ooio, 107; riving wins. . tor; aOO. Yaai..-lt:.Hllrtr Wsvs. 110: Hleswsr. 107.' innonwt,rssitsatasv. sret rsrxer. too: ratrlcia Clara, lia. Petabit. 107; xPurpla Robe, lot; Noe- xAmerlcan Tbunder. lot: xBweep Past. sus; xueico uei, IV. xiTaumai. lue: sueanora at , m xMonoe. jus. Third race.. SOOO. clalmln. g-vear- olda and up. mile and one-eighth Hois Hut. lit: xuertruae stesoe. too: xsts i Bather, tt: xColonel Campus. io?: Axnea Borei. ltu: xna zisk. 103 tKlinnloiirlUB: gistony. in; ter ueaen. iur DWTBi'wexfau sAusterlltB. 07: X Bashful Beau. 103: Uncle Charlie. 101: Vlolr Sanson. 102 Starch, 117, xUght Aalr, 100; Oold Hinui, ius: xiargee. ivs; . aa neeee, lot: xOold Handle, lot. Fourth rack. ttoo.. allowances, the Beth Parker 3-yfar-old,. 6 furlongs Pursuit lot, sOur Cherrycote 100. Vons Mold 113. Prlnoe Farthing 107. Balance All 104. Simple Blnier '107, O-reen Wave 100. Camp Douglas 104, sOhlcon lot. Louis Merry man 104. Msrlene 104. a-Oorham and Toung Bros, and Delaney entry. Firth race. 1,S00. band leap, ths Oreen Wsvs. air ages,- mile and 70 yards Tltua, 100; Rip Van Winkle. 100: Ulunlu. 113; Nyack, 113; Tannery. 110; Wotsn, lit. Sixth race, sooo clstmlnf , the Bienville, t-year-oldt and up, g furlongs Club Houae. Ill; Elliot. 110: Fiddler, lit; What Have Ton. 110; Prometh-a via. 107; xHyman, lot; Ironsides. 107. Seventh race. taOO claiming, t-yeer- olda and up. I 1-19 miles Stephen- is. 10: cnosoioexee. iter: XL,ieuien-snt Ruseell. 101: xMls War. 110: Prose and Poetry, 113; Come On.. 109: sare. 104). " ' Eighth race. tOOO. claiming, t-rear-olds snd up. six furlongs isubatltutel race to be - uaed if needed xSlr Barley, 107: xHarold Ormont, 107: xJ ussier. 107; . Bill Phillips, lit: xCslwlck. 113: Bogsn. 113: Sonny Basil, lot: Bunthoras, 113: XWsst Vlrglnts, 104: Borealls, 100: xDtodore. JOB; xCatelog. 104; -Brtmaey. 104: Nervator. 104: Half Day. 108: Shak-Itup. Ill: xJudsa. 107: xTallow. 104: xAiapentbue. 113: McTlnkle. 1I1V . xApprentlce allowance clalmad. Waatner. clear; track, alow. JEFFEBSON PARK SCRATCHES. 1-Loftv Hrlehts Our Griet Hasola.1 Peal. Fair El st. tiando. . , n l , ci ' Elizabeth Sullivan. Corbeau,' Santl Col. Juggler. Kuhbnan. Super Toy. t-Lady Sweet, Sky Hawk. Mutual Friend, Herendeen, The Southerner, Updike, Lord Concord, Stag Struck. 4 Austere, Irritation. Doraan Prin cess, Volcry. Sormy BssU. Our Ssndy, Peasant Maid. r S Top Hattle, Interior,-- t Royal Son, Iraq. Onega. Solus, Chsrm. Hmnotism. Round Up, Jtso. rBeau T High Pockets. .Clear and alow. BAR RILVKB. - V:: LONDON. Dec. u. Bar silver. Ir-rerulsr snd i4d higher at 3u 7-lod per ounce. by W Canocia, LkBtrstt Ethel Catherwood . Cenllanid Fresa Pag One. . - ' reaaoiv Mis ' Calherwood "Suddenly left Reno and has not returned. Miss Catherwood's complaint (Imply charged non-support and did not go into details, -she did not request alimony, and said they had no children. Attorney Wayne T. Wilson for Mrs. McLaran said be bad not beard from ths famous woman athlete since Nov. 2, when ah wired from San Fran. dw that It would be ."impossible to return today-. Wilt advise wisest exass. Ing. The divorce suit had been set tor trial on that date and Miss Csth. erwood previously had Informed Wilson that-ehe expected to b sbta to be here. Wilson ssid he wondered whether the girl had decided to drop the di vorce proceeding and return to .Mc-Leren. Fellc Conn, attorney for McLaren. said that so tar as she knew McLaran had not Intended to contest ths di va. She thought it funny, she aid. that Mia Csthsrwood had aud-denly left Reno and not returned. Mis Cathemrood lived bars quietly and did not rev eel her true Identity until the day ah left when she told the family vith .which she waa staying that she was a famous woman athlets. . i ' Ceatinned Prom Page On. ' than real 1 They will repreaent a marking down of values to current subtiormal market prices. This -tpelicy will be applied with equal vigor In the cases of gilt-edge Donas ana .in the caae of corporate rtnil.. lull! tin the invMtrntnt Hi. visions of the learflii? banltf" Real estate holdinas of the hanka will also be written down" to pres ent market valuaUons, although actually these' figures -in some in- sUnces will be less man the cost of reproducing the bank buildinn now occupied. Leattl ai Taken. A lead in this direction was taken today when the martagemnit of the Chase Securities Corporation, invest-ment affiliate of the Chase National Bank, notified stockholders of Its intention to reduce the corporation's capital. Approval of stockholders will be asked at the annual meeting Scheduled for next Jan. 12. Referring to the pending write off!, a leading bank officer today said that in many instances the write-offs will represent a bookkeeping transaction only. Many-securities were purtehasedVnot for the purpose of re selling them later at a profit, but be--cause of the advisability for banking purposes of taking a position in particular gUtuations. j, The question of advisability of bank maintaining a securities affiliate has received, close study. Several, banks have recently declared In favor of drsoont j n iiingjheir securities affiliates. . Football Results DTtxk C P. Cabaer- "onnern ireiano. uec. 11. In the Snal soccer match for the Irish Gold Cup Coleraine defeated Bsllymena by three goal to niL Th trophy is competed for by clubs- in th Irish League. - MANIWABXflAffJl4TlW oentnc"ot thres' months imprison ment with hard- labor was imposed by Mr. Justice Chsrles A. Wilson at Jlull criminal assise this morn ing upbHMrl ineBiuala L Msnivski, -who waa found guilty of obtaining an ' automobile from a dealer by 'making false representations. The criminal term wa adjourn ed until Monday. CANADIAN TASTER Mxmihetmi horn Btrrltry CRM Iwrkltll toboccot. ; Copper Curb Plan OverUnta g n'rtaa. r. . nesaatch. NEW YORK, Dec ll.-Cnpll V revision nf ih operttlng sgreemenls J under which Capper ExnorUn. Inc. work' together, with completion of ths Anal detail ot the copper production curb plan, will not bs an- mrcSS. Most of the main noint In coni lion with ths export association s cod have been worked out, it has been learned, and work remaining to bs don conxem minor details. Re-entry ot the Phelps Dodge Corporation as a .member at the export group is regarded as probebl when ths new coda is completed anoa approved by thw industry. . In connection with ths curtailment pln th -only largo company not Set definitely aligned is Noranda lines. Ltd. 1. VT Murdoch, presi-of ths company, has straw ad the labor prubleui in carrying out ts. its full Import th . curtsilment ot out put But copper men eay th same problem la faced by aU companies, and It Is felt that Noranda Mine will join th balance of the world s Urge producers. ... Criticise Modern Girl BLACKPOOL, Lancashire, Sng., Dee; 1L Jamas New by. a turner living near hers, celebrated his bun- dreth birthday today. Ha Bay he ueed to take a Dint of ale now and .again until he , waa 80. but he never could abide -smoking.' ietsaSpnrssQnii town he has. never been inside theatre or -a movie, show and has never beard a phonograph or a radio. "I know nothing about the modern gtrL- he said today. "And I wouldn't criticize her it I did. They used to criticize them when they wore crinolines." C T. GEXVAN Mr. Cecil P. Geevasa. whs has long with the automobile Ottawa, baa Joined the tree at Welch Jeswaston. Limited, and jrlU ad la the capacity at Sales Manager In . the newly-formed Hcatiag sad Badls Department. tt will be remembered that this -nVsa fc est st the aeawrers m -the i ss Ottawa, and thrlr Jlni .recent :trr,tB;.tlw,oi larKefrUteratlon He talk licet ins rewnds mm a Service Business for which they are particulsrly quail tJtt) fifrtat Virgliilo, Appointed Sale Manager ( " I wsape. : V, -V r if -M 1 ti- V; i : xa. jm

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