The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 31, 1946
Page 9
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TUESDAY, UKCEM15EH 31, 11MG IJl.VrtfKVll-1-M (AUK.) COUKIKU NEWS Pilots' Injuries Delay Inquiry Coroner Seeks Full Details of Crash Near Shannon, Eire SHANNON. Eric, 'Me. 31. <UP) —AJI Inquest Inlo.Uic tiratii of i: persons in tile crash of a trar Atlantic Constellatioji w:u aci journcd yesterday Jor four weeks to ^.•flwalt the hoped-for recovery 01 ''the pilot and co-pltoU A 12-innu jury met nt Emit: under Coroner Jefome H. Couni bane, heard sketchy accounts o tile Saturday crash rf Ml? Trans' continental and Western A'r. Inc. lUicr here, and then svdioui'ueti Counihane made it plain tha the Jury wanted most, of nil t liear from C;ii>t. Heracrt Tansci the pilot, and chffo.'-l Spiiiron the co-pilot. Advised by tbe ::lnte "Olieito tliat they were "daiicmous'v u and none could say *vhcn tile might be able to nppea,' before the jury, Counihane observed: "I realise that, but tils inquiry must go on./We must ;>r>vo it lo the last detail." Michael Doiinelan, 24. lr>rm worker, was tending sisk cows at 2 a. m. Saturday when li.j heant three explosions and tlir-n saw "n sea of flame" on the Foreus River island'where the big s'.lip c'r.isfccd. Donncllan told the . ooi\ji>er.; jurv that he ran towa.'-l tilt scene. "It was a desolate sic;!il wiUi f people screaming for 'iclp the r dead lying all over the place," he saw. 'Dr. jolm B. MacCUncy.testified that the victims died frorn Fhock and hemorrhage due '.o vlo'.uut injury. He said all sutrtverl severe head injuries. Howard W. Helfert, Oiiil Aeronautics administrator in Europe, .. came here to investigate Uv: crash. Helfert arrived from P.n-!.'. as a county coroner's inquest conwc.1 to hear evidence on '.ho crash. Investigations by tile Kira FPv'crn- mcnt and TWA .officials nlso were under way. Things'.to Worry Abbur International Rivalry Grows For Land Around South Pole Bv DONALD J. <l<)N/AMiK ! nlt«) Tr«(i HUH Corrwpomlrnl) WASHINGTON, iwc. si. ~:state >('l>nr Intent sources snld yesterday c growing International rivalry tor ud In the Antarctic may well ru- ilre nctlon by nn ufer«nce or the United N,\lU>us 'curlty Council. Noting that at least eight mi;>us ate casting covetous eye-i ou outh Pouir regions, Amcrlcnn i'X- erts saw the ne«l for mi early dv- rniUwttan of Jurt. Khcvt consticalfs nllil, modcrn-<tny exploratory alms. Secretary o( Stale Ucw.i told H news coiiffren'.'c int tli« V»lted Slnlcs does not 'cognlM claims to lands alicudy mrte hy other nations In th3 Anl- rcllc. Tills country, he pointed out ever has, formally asscrU'd mij luiiiis tlwre, "but claims liavc beer sMTted.ln Its behalf hy Ainvrlcnn For yc;u's :ind yeiirs, Hidinrd lUcljiutKhlm, of Clcveliiiul, Ohio, \vot'ric<l nboiil just hmv inucli tooth- IKiste llicrc is in a lube. Filially il ^ot him clown, :md he dceitk'd, by criK-ky, th;il he'd find oul. So, gelling u new lube, he used his wife's rolling uin lo squeeze out^every bit of toothpaste, ;is ;il lull, tuove. That was easy, but measuring the "snake" wns smother iruiller. Allnckiiu; Ihe |>rol>- lem with ;i j'uior, ^ i.i;i'_'-me:isiive ;tnd n carpenter's fulding i'u>j, r,s ;il ritflit, ho I'truiUy oMi'ir^efl .ti'HimpIxint. The tube had held six feel, yevcn inches of p:isle. MfL;i;;^!ilin Ihcn wondered what you Ao with \liut much Uibelcss luolhpasletf reinforced Hua snd Viel Nnm units positions iiround ranc. Outbursts of violence, ilc-scii as "terrorism", were r.'pn*!'jd scattered points in Iiuli-Chinn. Ihcir Tou- Byrnes Back on Job WASHINGTON, pec, 31.—(UP) —Secretary of State James P.. Byrnes wns back at his desk today after a brier Christmas vacation in Bermuda, The army plane carrying Byrnes back to the capital was forced to land him and his party at the nearby Patuxent, Md., Naval Air Station last night because of poor weather conditions at the Wash- Many Civilians Killed in Area Around Saigon SAIGON, IJcc. 31. (U.P.) — Fi'cnch headquarters reported today that ISO Etiropjivi civilinns had been killed li\ K-.vnui and as many more had disapyrarcit since the. outbreak of, hostilities between Viet Nam and French forces. The French reported that Viet, Nam artillery spotters hu'l found ...^.—. „ — ..«*, ...... ...r,-« -.. -the range on tile ce;\':er 01 Hanoi I the wake ot the costly Constclla- hcrc to believe that the.• crash which killed 12 persons, probsbl: owed to bad weather with nn add cd possibility ot some pilot error. Peacetime Use Of Radar to Get More Attention WASHINGTON, Dec. 31.—(UP) —An Investigation of delays in adapting rftdnr flying aids to commercial aviation was urged today ington Airport. The party proceed- Nam cd to Washington by automobile. ' sistam and v/cre hammering the henrt 01 the city. French troops have r rt .iakcn the Hanoi administration otficcs :mtt have made some pro^'ess in restoration of the city's electric and water supplies, an official statement- said. Heavy fighting was reported at Dinh, where Viet Nam re:e stiffened coiwinernbly. tion crash near Shannon Airport, Ireland. Surviving crew members of the Transcontinental and Western Alr- planfi reported it suffered no apparent mechanical trouble before plunging through low - hanging clouds into a bOBgy River Fergur isle last Saturday. This and other Information led government^ and airline authoritie; Nicotine Needed SALEM, Ore. (UP)—Scarcity nicotine siilphiilc ha:; created problem for Oregon hop growers Mlcotinc dusl.s arc used to contro hop nphids and it is feared til crop may suffer. Arbeson ndded, however. Hint tl! lilted 8tnlw' has reserved "ill lnhts which It nmy have" In tlit \iitarcUr. Those rights 'must torn 'or future Amcricmi olixlnu •lalm lunnlc was heading lor n howduwn wlilch mlijht lend to nn ntmintlumil conference Bomtllme lext year. 'If Ihere is a possibility o[ til's cliilnis wlndiiiK m> In a dispute Hint ulltht cudiiniti'i' lln> pence, tlin prnb- Diii tut^Ut be livkcn \sp by tiv? UN Security Council," one ICRII! i'«|>pit snld. Up tti modern (linos, ho i.itdcd. claims have liiH'ii considered vnhc on ttui l)nsis of "discovery iuul cupatlon." Tlin Antarctic, lin poses a peculiar prolileiu in th'il weather cundltloiiH :\i't> too IA'V.TO lo ullow luibllHtlon over of ycurii. Hear Adm, iticluird K. Ilyrd 1 ', cur- irnl Antnrctle cxpnlltlon also wll bring u\> for ulllinnto Inlevniitl'itui decision Hie validity ot "air mi ponitlon." Hyrd hits iiiiiiouncc>il<lha twIn-ciiKlued plnnes using trimot. rogon ciimcriiK (iliin lo !>linlopiv.[ as much of the li.OOO.OflO-squai'c m continent as cmidllloiiH permit. Navy -sources Mild the photoi;rap]: taken will IMS turned over t'> th iitnlc Oepi»rttiii>nt "for possUile in lure action." Tin) deimrlmnnl u 111 Nations now riiKHRed In Anturc-"-^ C'onnress. on the buslr, .if tie cxp^orKllon. or planning lo .send! 111 " 1 '"*'. ll> '"V dnlm U> all xplOrcrs or winding ve.wels then 1 , nelurte the United Stales, Russia. Britain, Norway, Japan. New 'io;il- nd, 1 Chile and Argenltnr. Most of hose countries, plus Austrnlla, ul- vndy have made formal orMnformal •jRims to South Polar areas. State Dopririiuoiit .sources -iiilJ JLlin ic Boutli Pole. WARNING OKHKR the Chancery Court, i IHntrlft, MMulppt Coun- ly, Arkanxaii. ( !dlth Mnc Onrrlson PUlntlfl. vs. No. 9891 iunc.1 trtward Oarrlson, Defendant. The defendant Jamus Edwnrd lurrlsoii Is ItGt'Cby WRtuiid to uji- icur within thirty rinys In the ourt niuncil In the niptlon )i3reuf nul answer the complaint :>! tlit! iliilntlff EkJIth Mac Garrison. Dated this 2. r > day of Nov., 19411. HARVEY MOURIS, Oleik. cut) E. Drndloy, Ally, for P'.cf. 12110-17-VS-1-31 PAGE line Campbell Dated this 3U* bcr, 1M«. HARVEY .By U*nr —~ ._, , Morcu< Evrtrd, AUjL for WARNWO In the Chancery C «»h» I>Mri«4, ty, ArkaMM. Kula E PennWfton.v. .;. . v« No W10 Claude Allen Pennioctoo. WAKNINIi ORDER , i the Chancery Court, CUK'kii wtwha Diitrlct, MiwlMippI County, Arkunim. Mutjlenn Rlchardnon PUiintlir vs. No. 9811 Ilemian Rlclmntsoii ....IXtciulnnt The defendnnt Herman sun Is hereby warned to within thirty days hi Iho cour nuined In thi! caption hereof aiu answer the complulnt of I hi: plain- US! MHiilvixv ulcluirduiu Dated this OtU dny ol Ocucmbnr 1910. I HARVEY MOHIIIH, Clerk Hy Betty Smith, ». C. I'uicy WrlBht, Ally, for Pllf. 12110- l'l-2'l-ai . Jtt.%.. The defendant OUude Altai Tm* nlngton, Jr, U hereby wtratd t» appear within thirty 4ayi lo tb* court named In th« caption bwte^ of and answer the complaint at tttt plulntlR Eula e. Penhlactob, ' Dated thU »ih day of Dewmbfr, 1940 < -f' HARVEY MORRIS, Otack By Betty Smith, p. a acne E. Bradley, Atty. fpr IrtU. Amoiiu'iui sDiu-ci WAKNINC OKI>KU tnki>. n dim view of Hrltnln'K ;.n- (\vinp GiimpWI Is wnriwd !•> »i>- calltul ".sector cltilmN" on Auti'.rc-ipeav In the Chancery Court for thu Ho lands. The Hrllisli have elalnu'<ll Olilckasawlm Olslttct of Mts«hs'|),ii some lands ou the streiiRth ot Iteuii-1 County. Avkiinsns within 30 days ine 11 vessel aloiiK Icn iilielviw iinll from the date hereof to nnwnr a (lieu <lr:uvln» Keoxniphlciil lln-.'i !o' rompliilnl filed nxninst him by Pnu- 'How to save money on your electric bill" .-^\f/i : '-^ Again it's possible for us to WE SERVICE YOUR CAR YOU WANT IT SERVICED • ••to merit your friendship and goodwill! «' ** V * ^ for several years, we have realized Ihot all automotive service (including our own) has rot ' been of the caliber which you os a customer or we as a dealer have desired, due primarily to shortages of manpower and materials— o situation over which we have had no control; • Today; however, with more experienced mechanics in our organization and with service parts becoming more readily available than they have been for years, we want you to know that our car service is rapidly getting bock to normal, and as conditions continue to improve, you may expect to receive from us the same fine service thaf you have been accustomed to receiving in previous years. We of the Chevrolet service organization want you to know thaf we value your service business )o Ihe fullest degree and that we | are determined to give you such sound and ! satisfying service that you will want lo bo | our customer for a long time to come! Come in today and af regular intervals. . , < I Skilled niecftan/cs—modern loolt and equip- j merit—qua/ify parts and material* . . . alt adding up lo service Ifiof you'// coH superior ' in all ways/ To merit your lasting Fr/encJship— lo merit your lotting goodwill—we operate our service business in accordance with Iho 'following principles: OUR SERVICE PLEDGE • We will accurofefy diagnose—to the best of our ability—Ihe repairs needed on your car. 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