The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on March 4, 1933 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 7

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 4, 1933
Page 7
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-TV. HIE OTTAWA JOURNAL SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 1935. ELECTION EVE SEESBIGWAVE OFlTWI urate until near Um od. when hi himself is destroyed. ... Amon th victim of Fu Manchus horrible torture who com out victim before the dims it reached are Lenvi Stone, as the Scotland Yard detective, Charles htarrett and Karen Morley lo "the romantic laada, Jeaa Hershott and Lawrence Grant. Thl (lira will ba ahown until Monday, In-elusive, In conjunction with "My Wife temliy, a Inaliah-mada (ana starring tha - London i comic Cana Garrard. Germany Tomorrow Electa New Beicnsxag . and Prussian Diet . "auasarlated rise CM. BEHUN, March l-Tha Nationalist movement apparently wa master of t: Bald todey-the next to the laat before German volar wlH elect a new Relohstaa and a new Prussian Dwt. Chief spokesmen of the movement. Including Chancellor Adolf Hitler, Of, Alfred Humbert, the Minister of ; Economic and Axrlculture.' Vass- ; Chancellor Frans Von Pspen, and Prana Seldte. leader of tha Steel , Helmet oraaniiation, in speeches con' tinued to herald Germany a resartena mm rielina tmra Mrrh 1 Berlin's street reaounded to the , tramp of M.000 of Chancellor Hitlers storm troopers wno msreneo uuvwa" tha elly. Great crowd acclaimed the paraders. V - Mora raeers Suspended Meanwhile, the list of suspended CvanrmmUt publication was (rowing apace. Soma were banned for au months for printing material allegedly . opposed to the Government, and others wer suspended lor four Professors In the Universities of Berlin snd Bonn simuhsneeuety Issued manifesto today declaring that the National Socialist movement alone touUt mve tha fatherland. In Munich, tha Bavsrisn Courier said tha Bavarian dsodss long for a king "to protect the country's rights and liberties".' Another aide of the political situation was presented by Dr. Helnrlch Bruenlnc former Chan cellor and a leader of tha Catholic Centra party, who declared la a speech hero tonight thet those who elected Paul Von Hindenburc PrsaidsnV "are being suppressed by those who. did not elect bun . . ' Aneetlac Ciaaliii " Arrests of Communist party officials and sstiurea of eubvereive literature continued today throughout the Reich. In . Communist strongholds in rhe- Rhtneland and Westphalia alone more than loot persona were detained. Effort to control passports at frontier stations were made mora stringent. , In Berlin. Freienwalde. and Esslln-gen. searchers revealed hidden dumps . of exnloaivea. K v. , ' I . - xir. nruenuui appeaueu w . Von Hlodeobure; to Intervene, "a father of me fatherland, to protect the suppressed from their oppressors". A Centrist audienoe which Ailed the Sportspslsst greeted his speech with thunderous applause. .-. Apprehension that the sense of justice wss being killed in Germany by tha ponds of Chancellor Adolf Hitler's Government and by Hitler's Neat organization was xpreued by Dr. Bruening. : "It csn be extinguished In U days." lie said regarding justice, "but it will take s generation to rebuild." Concerning the recent Belobetsg Ire. the former Chancellor said: . "We demand an investigation In the full light of publicity. There Is a righteous way to fight subversive lr" nr.Diel.CW "i A ' ' Political clean la sU German due today resulted in the deaths of frva arsons snd injuries to scores. vn tee William F. Schlievert ' C Dies In Arnprior Home Special ! The Joaraal. .' ARNPRIOR, Out,. March l.-Ths death occurred this morning of William Frederick Schlievert, In hi Ttth rear, following a brief Illness. - He wsa born in Germany, but came to Canada in 1174, and since ha resided In Arnprior, making many acquain-tsnca and friends. He wss married to Mas Amelia Sell, who died In 111. sad later married Mrs. Fred Frei-vault Survivlne' to mount hi passing, In addition to hi widow, are two da ugh tare. Mrs, Adam Wsgenblaaa snd Mrs. Harry Raid, both of Arnprior, nd ant sons, Herman, John and Charlie, of Arnpriort William Schlievert, of Klngdoq Mines: Frank Schlievert. of Ottawa, and Otto Schlievert, of Sul tan. Ont. The funeral win be held from his lata residence, Cans street on Sun, day afternoon at two o'clock, to the Zioa Evanselican Church, and In terment will be made In the Arnprior cemetery. DIES AFTER SACRAMENT. SAULT STE. MARIE. OnL, March t Adelard Deoust, SO, his wife and several children attended mas at Bavview Catholic Church today. Mr. Dsoust partook of the sacrament, snd hsd Just returned to his seat when ha collapsed from an attack of heart Famous Baseball Stars on the Links. 3 t-?' ' 1 i jof ' v1;" f1"' v'' ,irl' 1 k fs. t, s.e '.r-.t . "i vf a- ' .':'',f.a4..-.:v.,.'" i-i,k".M f hi ; l Ty Csfcb, of Detroit Tigers, I i i facta eaT sad Lefty O'DeaU, f Breokljrm. lest m sasalratiea. THOMAS WAIMMAN. Following an Illness of soma time, the death occurred on Thursday at tha home of his son, Bert Wsinmsn, Peterboro, OnL, of Thomas Wsinmsn, former resident of Ottawa, and well known to 'many frlesus here Mr. Weinman waa in his 12nd year. 1 For many years Mr. Wslnman livec In the Capital where he was connected with the Singer Sewing Machine Company a an agent. Hi family look prominent part in the activities of Bell Street United Church, where h will be well .remembered. In sdditlon to his widow he Is sur-ived by three sons, Gerald, of New- msVket, Onlj Everett, of Toronto, and Bert Wslnman, of Peterboro; two daughters. Mrs. Allan Troke, of Ren frew, snd Mrs. Vera Mayhue. of Chel sea, wue, and one brother, a. n. Wsinmsn. of Ottawa. The funeral will be held this afternoon at three o'clock in Peter, boro. the most Important wrtinsas mail" remarked the chairmen. Pava Leaser Aaaber Light J. A. Buddies, former' Dorninion Dairy Cornmiasionsr, wrote from Au lantie City, NJ.. where) he ha been winlarina. iiiaBeitln that Ottawa adoot the lonaer amber light period on traffic signals a It gave pedeetrisns a better aSanca to cross streets "in safety. He hsd observed this in Allan- iio Citv where, when the ansMr Ilgnt shows, no traffic can more in either direction, not even to make comer turns. A report was read from Constable T. W. Pragneli in which he pointed out that the equipment in Ottawa waa such that It would be expensive to adopt Mr. Ruddick' sug-geeaon. Members of the Committee did not think Ottawa traffic was com parable to that of Atlantic City. " Van can always give the pedestrian more ' pro taction by . stopping right turns" said Inspector Lishmsn. Mr. Ruddick wiU be written a letter of thank for his suggestion, -It waa reported that signs warning motorists not to try snd psss other can on the Wellington street viaduct had been placed in position. "There has been a big improvement already" commented Mr. Welch. As there 'was only about five dollar! differenoe in the total price, the Committee authorized purchase of 25 "school zone" signs from Beach Foundry Limited, of Ottawa, at K each. Instead of giving the order to an out- in lower price, i oeiieve Plan to Protect School Children From Accidents Sub-Committee Appoint- ed by Civic Traffic Body to . Beport on Educa-' tional Campaign. - The Civic Traffic Cornmltteo at their regular meeting last night named the chairman. Aid. N. H. MacDonsld. and rracn J. R. Welch, Harold C. Shtpman sod Charles X. Raid as aap-oommlttae to report on a plan of co-operation with tha school au thorities tor tha better education of children an tha vahicussr danger of the streets. Aid. Welch thought It a pity that so many young boy psrsisted in rid. log art Ibe rear bumpers of automo biles or sliding down icy hills where there wsa always aha possibility of serious sccidanta from moving traffic. "That's what we want to try and pre vent no urged. I Mast Change Parking. A letter cam from the Separate School Board thanking the Committee tor reporting that because teachers parked their cars an street adjacent to school buikbngs, moving traffic waa obscured and children about to cross streets could not akwaya do so safely. .The board advised that the teaohers snd other school off ids la hsd been instructed to park their cars At tha request of Postmaster H. W. Mix the Committee decided to cooperate in the quick collection of mail by placing no-parking signs for a car's length at nine letter-toxes on Soarka Bank and Ousen streets, "We should do this for these boxes contain Members of the Traffic Committee Cerieton Place. side firm st t in giving preference to local firms in such cases" Mr. Welch said. ElepWf Kills : Keeper in Zoo e Aasortaleg Press Casta. HONOLULU, March I. - Daisy, rogue elephant owned by the Wsikiki too, 1st today killed her keeper, Georgs Coursdt, W, ,n a tantrum that cost her her life. Police with high powered rifle dlspetched the clenhant slur tha Wsikiki district was thrown into a panic. Tha elephant, chained to a tree- after becoming .fractious, waa to have been killed recently. but due to strong public protest arrangementa were -made only last week to have Conradt, who had been unemployed three months, return to the roo in his capacity of keeper. thought that was a matter they should nsncue out at atucuu atand wss taken. . Aid. Mac Donald presided, other members present In sddilion to those mentioned being ' Aldermen E. A. Band and W. H. Msrsden. with Inspector Lishmsn. LyW Chambers, secresary, and wonsascie Ragnsil. FUNERAL OF MBS. BLACKWOOD. ALMONTE. March 3 (Special). The funeral of Mrs. Robert Blackwood, whoa maiden name was Mar garet Ballantyne. was held Wednes day sflemoon from the home of John Brown. Maud street, to tha Auld Kirk cemetery, where services wero conducted by Rev. C. D. McLellan. of Bethany United Church. Mrs. Blackwood, who was 14 years of age. died at Perth on Monday. Sha wsa born in Howies, Scotland, snd came to this country with her parents iS yeare ago. Mourning I two sons. Wemyss, of New Hampshire tnreo of Al- Ald. N. A. Bordeleau brought up she matter of -the automobile for the mayor being parked on-Rideeu street opposite the sefety island. He thought It should be elsewhere, the street was too narrow. After some discussion the Committee ordered that space esst side of, Sussex, street, adjacent to Rideeu bo reserved "for the city executive automobile, Discass Bestrlrtsd Parkhu. There waa soma talk on tha offer and Aleck, of - Vancouver; nl sh sm R-ilww fnnaHu i. brothers. John and Matthew, th ntn for MrMIn .J I monte: Wernyas, of Sherbreoke, Que, on Rideeu. Benk end Sparks streets. nd on slater, Mrs. S. Dunfield, sf tVVVVVVVVVVVrVVVW munists fired into a parade of Nsiis in Hamburg ana a le-jresr-ora wy-atander was fatally wounded. A in Hamburg and feichsrjaisparman chad from .wounds received In ciaah wMi Nails then. Ernst ThMknenn, head of she Communist perty in Germany and It - candidate for tha prestdsncy at tha Mat election, wss -arrested at hi apartment her today.' Kaportspre-rWly had said thet be bad feed to Capenhaatn, Film Reviews THs! same producers who saartsd a oycl af horror picture with Draculs, -rrsnkeostein" gad eas..M4.M a l- Kua lfartu.n ST ! ' , a mm Uimmv." wHW-h may be seen on aSe REGENT acnes today snd .Monday. Tha fUm unfold fantastic tsle of reincarnated soakv from tha cuiisSlned pens of Niaa Wilcox Putnam. Richard Schayer and John la Balderston snd it aiao marks the debut of Boris Karloff as a star. Briefly, tha story concerns a mummy who nam, to Wa and ks to raeorauract tha can about him af- Ski, omar nf tha dan m which k ha lived over three thousand yean p i i : . a B-Ila, aims aacoadi- tiorT digging among tha tombs of the Pharaohs of Egypt, dlauaar tha who had been buried ahve aa a penalty tor tha trim af acrtte,. Whoa a aasjnber at tha axpeditioa reads tram tha seared acroii. aiao discovered la the tamb, the spell I broken and the mummy gather tap hie baoeWaes and cheaprra. Maaqu-arading aa a modem Egyptian, he directs an expedition of hi own Into th tomb of th Prlestsa of Isi whom he laved ceoturiee baton, and from then a th action is deveOoc-. ei las modem setting as tha reincarnated Im-Ho-Tep wanders about thai earthly plane, bringing disaster to several people. " almost wrecking the romance of loving young coupes and providing thrill snd-ehiHe for tha audience .befon he crumhiss U duet ami tha frigrrarned heroine of the pier Is reheved from hi apelL . "Tba Mummy." is s widely Imagine-tlve tate, enacted mostly slca4 the backgrounds at s musty Ho Uy wood-made moseum. But aside from th traraiforrneuon of Kariotr Im-Ba-Tso from a clay-like figure. in a aaf-fin, the story is mild enough a har DOfUS KARLOFF aaapa fat - Waraer Olaod left off m a cert-tlaaatlon af th mschmotlena of Dr. Fa dsatior th assmbani af aa swpsili U tioa asnt out fnm fciefland to - pier tha tomb of Ohenajs luam. n ; all bappensln-Tbe Mask sMsn---eraa. a film baaed an. tha ; story at Sax Rohmer and now showing at tat , RIDEAO THEATRE. Th nmning aid Oriental doctor o-ika th award and meek eg Ghengla. the posseeskm of which kiim Will eivo him full com ct the Cask In order to ehaekmat , I'm efforts of tha Enajiah explorers i aral beep himself out of the clutches of Bcetamd Tsrd operator. r atao-rrm ssulil as all maimer of oaath- daalifier tnvantuarat' and ttsnaawa tO sssaaaaef 1 Sale!. 300 New Spring "Frocks , Of Rough Silh,. Printi and . Canton Crepe " ' " Even at a much higher price you would con-' sider these dresses good value. 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