The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 31, 1946
Page 7
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1046 (ARK.) COVMW IHtWS Mat Fans View Furious Battle W«kh Brothers Cmerg* Winners in Pugilistic Encounter In a third fnll (hat' wound up fjist and furiously a»<t In which Leo Newman, plnch-hlltinK for Al S/asz because of a booking rearrangement, came close to cleaning Jttlise on two opponents, RoV Welch Anally pinned Newman to hang up another tag match victory for himself and Brother Jack. After h(s partner. Buck Lawson, was eliminated mid-way through Hie final fall, Newman launched a StalfnKrad Defensive that played havoc, with the Welch brothers nnd nearly made a winner ol him. Standing off both foes, lie handed them terrific puinmelliitjs but absorbed considerable punishment in the process. The third fall capped the five-: "ing's show, producing the hardest and the fast -• moving battling Buck llawson. opened • the fall by c 1 am p I n g head-locks on both Welches. It' was only a few -seconds later .when the evening's first freeT for-all broke when Newman challenged a referee's ovder to break. Contused scrapping by all four was .suddenly climaxed when the two Welches got identical holds Lawson and Newman at the some time, in the same place and in joint maneuvers. Together, four looked^llke an aquatic ballet U. S. Wins Davis-Cup LSU Gets Top Billing Over Arkansas Tenm'Cupl. Walter Pntc of the 0. S. offers his hand to Australian Davis Cup pinyrr Jack liromwich at the conclusion of tlvt Davis cup Challenge play in Melbourne 1 . Australia. At left is Tpd S';hro?-,\C|' 01 the TJ, 3., who \von the single:; matirh with liromwich anil Marred with Jack Kramer to win tin; doubles match ngninst Biomwicli nnd Adrain Qulst. iNEA Kiulio-Tclcphoto.) Many Entanglements After a fast exchange of headlocks »nd Partners, Jack . Welch caught Newman In a crab hold and turned ftbji over to Roy. Roy jumped Newman, who carried him around the ring and finally dump- et! him in Larson's corner. Newman then proceeded to work Roy over but was caught by Jack nnd Buck charged in to Jielu out, resulting in another four-way entanglement. Hoy and Buck emerged as op- , ponehls nnd it wasn't long before Welch threw Lawson across the ring enough times to s.often him up. Welch then downed Lawson ivilh a body pin to eliminate hlni. Leo began his solo battle by pounding both Welches, beltini! anil slamming Jack each time he entered the ring until 'he was groggy. Roy entered, looking for revenue and getting, it via similar methods. 'After knocking him out I of the -fliift, Welch gave Newman enough tiine to brawl back snd .then threw him out bodily. Leo f ^Yanie back mad and the -two -slugged It out, trading the. lead. Roy got In the telling- punch and .fell on the' rVciimbunt" Newman to end the fall after 20 minutes of battle. Newman opened ths second fall by handing Jack Welc^i a fuft N.el- ••ion. an arm lock and 'a bcdy slam In rapid succession, jack counter-: cd with similar tactics until Lawson entered to catch Welch in a head- lock. Jack managed to edge over far'enpugh to tag Brother Roy who slapped a headrlock o! his own on Lawson. For the next several minutes, Jack and Roy to*k turns ho\diug L^wson in a series of heati- loclis until Roy introduced a few body slams, to help stuplfy their victim. •I«ck switched to « hammer-lqcl' and head-scissors, applying them until Lawson was farced to 'give up hjs eiy of the light. JaeX and Ne^nian traded punches til Roy came (n tft add blows from hi: heavy fist ; to Leo's gvQ*iyi ? coltec tion. A particularly hard clou dropped Leo and Roy fell on hin to put away the second fall for th Welches in 15 minutes. Sfeme Semblance of Wrestling Newman took a quick lead in th opening fall by clipping Roy Welc Gosnell Cagers to Play Manila Lions Tonight Gosnell cager.s \vill wtnt! up tiip 1946. portion of their basketijutl s'.u- sun tonight as tliey journey to Manila for a double-header with the Lions. Beginning, at 7:30 the Go'jn Girls will meet the Manila Glvls In the curtain-raiser. Probable stnitiiiE: )inp-up for the Plratettes inchu'cr Giimns, Hevill and V/isdnni, forwards; Urown, i^iih-i- '''iii Jack- Historic Grid Terminated with rabbit-punches high on Ihe chest and by catapulting him <>I! the ropes. Seconds: later, tile partners switched and lawson worked over'Jack Welch with a P'.olonged hammer-lock until his victim capitulated. Newman re-entered to meet Boy and showed himself extremely leery ol Welch's Uwcateuins fist. \le tried to avoid it but got slugscii nnyway, with Lav:son coming to his :scue by snagglni Hoy in n \WP- ner-lock. Roy, however, quickly everseci the proceciure and forced uck out with the .same hold. Slippery and quick to twisl and urn himself out of reach, Newman hided several of Welch's htimmer- ock tries. After a Ilunv of sUig- and an attempted airplane pin by Leo Unit riMlfrl. bolh grap- ilers 'applied double l«K-loi^k.s -to ach other and rolled over niul >vcr. swapping the atlvaiitiigR' n cnd- SOUTH nEND. Illcl.. Dec. 31 (U.P.)—The historic'* iiiiilbf.l! rela tioriship between West- Point an Notre Panii* will be intcrrupte •.iftcv Hie 1941 contest between th two schools. A joint- aiM'.iamcr.-'.ncr cf both institutions, released Ji{-ie, disclosed yesterday. The statement said the action was taken because the fic'.mc "hau -u:ne to lie played u.'Kler conditions ercapini; the control of the two coHt't'i-s." and because of Hie <Ushv of West Point io 'schedule more intcrscctional oopoiients thrcu(;hmit the countrv. A Notre Darne spokcsimn said tr.nt the game wijuld be r-.sumecl scin?timo in the future but pointed cm Unit the sehetinlus for both teams were :»ow rilK 1 '! through 195!). Ik- also said that the South Bend .Tdiool had alrc:l<U' conlnitl- io play Navy 1941) a net that there was a agreement between tin .\ni.ppnhr School and Notre Dane that thes vvculd continue relallLilsli'.pa lillei lin- date. 'Ti'.e Notre Damc-AimV move although the release •«'<'! ™t in«n •tion tho 1010 scoreless 111; in Hiv DA! LAS, Tex., c Dec. 31,—(UP)— Ixiulslann state was rated toddy n fvvotlouchtlnvvn' favorite far tomorrow's Cotton Howl itnino bi|t couch John Bninhtll of Arkansas prol«s- to l hid a R"O<| omen for hi*'' Ha^orhacks In rainy, sleety weather predicted tor the classic, Uarnhill said jils boys were more nreustoined to iuclomenl weat than LSU, Coach oDrnle Mooio of Slate opined thai two touchdown: »ns too Ki-«»i u margin and said Unit he lenn'd Arkansas' spe r,tt:u-l-. spcavheailcc) by px-Nnvi star Clyde Scott. Hospital Benefit .Promoter Wins , (Writers' Award DES NfOfNES, III., Di'C. 31. IH'i —A sivn FriMicisCH bviMnc man who has helped to direc loolball's [joworful (jiisidtner at>pea ( lo',\ar<l the rehabilitation or crtl pled children today was nntho onll>«ll's mnn of Hie year. WlllhnrM. Coffmiui, mauaiilng llrrclor of the Slirlno East-West Now Year's Day name, was named vinner of the awiird made annnal- hy till' Foolbnll Writers 'Assocln- inn of AmerEcft. Coffmiui has been Ihe eiitdlllfi hand in the hniniinllnrlnn venture, icw In Us 'Mud year. For 21 years he lias been director of the project which hns raised more than $1,000,000 for Ihe Shrine Hospital foi Crippled Children. All proceeds from the charity (jaine go to the ho.spitnl. and with tho funds the hospital extends Its facilities ti patients who arc admitted \\ltliou regard to race, color or creed. More than 1,000,000 persons have walcli- e<l the annual contests. oh, Kay! Illinois Coach Seeks Revenue From U.C.L.A. KCiitback, and routtd*d,out wrieh;, jjfr (yWfr action. Deri Is jntcd ns potentially Hie best punter on tho Bulldog , KlMtKl. - . • , *" V ? T 1 • . V "» ! Knrth-Oaiollm lias the• scirvlces Oiilymunlclp«liy-o»fted' o[ its refiiilur bkclcfleUl, built j eratcd milk (i|*nt lit the urouml Charley Justice, IflS-jioiind i States Is nt, T^rbot N";C, ,. ,. T - -- ..,-.~r PASAUENA, Cnllf,, IWc. 31. — iU|>)--C<)nch K»V Kllol «f Illinois, | miffed in iuslltuiillon;i llml his i ilig Nino chmnploiis ilnn'l belonn In the UOMI Ucnvl, today promised,.A- "A mighty t<ui«li bull Kimie" on Nfw Year's Day. Kiuphnsifcliiii that despite reports to the conuiu'y,-ho wns ''well satisfied" wllli Uwi condition nf his lentil, \w Mild his players "are reinly to BO all out" lo provi) to I'nolflo coast Conference football fans thnl their circuit in»du> no mlstnku In lying »l> wllh the. Wi'slcrn Cimter- AHhovmh he hud nolhu>n lo do with the five-year Ruse linwl |m«l Uctu'pen Iho two confcri'iit'Ci;—as a mutter of liict Illinois voted asrulnsl- It—Kllolt admitted bi-'liiB "tv lUllc fi'tl U)) with nil Ulls UilX that U.C.If.A. .should be pl.iylnt; Army" lomuri'cnv Instead of llliinils. For the [utiifc of thut Hose Uo\vl pact, most fcottnill leaitor.s few Unit mi Illinois vlcUuy Is Imperative, I'liclfic Const f.uis sll'.l i^alh-sl Hie "flot;v(l,.shop nnree- ilicnt. because, It fro/.c Ai'iny'H ly cadets out of loiuoriow's (tunic, but the feellnt; Is thnt Ihey will fuitiel ami iiniiivo If Illinois wins. Bulldogs Rated To Win in Tilt With Tarheels TODAY — Brin 8 Ui Your Poultry Hens — 25c Cocks 18c Geese . . . 24« DucHs . , . , . . , . ' 24c Leghorn Hens . . 20c At Our'Kesldcn'cc, .1711 W, Vine W. T, DAVIS • Kay SUmuncrs, wcarini; loti(! pants and using two-liumled grip, makvs a I'ClHvn (Uuiui! practice session at Wimbledon. half-doncn times. After th cck '.ins broken, Leo launched a ; York, .which reu-jhcil t;ic apid attack nmi caught^the slow- [ tions of an epic, obviously >r Welch in a crab hold to .win rd from the :he first fall.lor himself nnd Lav.-- i which officials son in 20 minutes. f?i the Kcmi-\vindup. Newmnn proved himself much quicker and more nimble than Hoy Welch nl- Ihough he lost the bout. Leo appeared to be winning as he punished Welch with a drop toe hold but atm\ astute moment. Welch hro'<" loose to use his weight advantage in a hody pin and won the bout in | ISctrc Came. five minutes. : Lawson and Jack Welch gave n | r,on, guards. good demonstration of quick, scien- | Probable starters for the Pirates tilic wrestling in the opener. The : -ire Sivain ami White, fonvarjs: C. advantage wavered as both found j Harris, center; \V. Harris nnd l'n~A, defenses for the other's offensives. | ^.K'rcl^. J Lawson won the bout in 15 min- i Oosnell's first fiame in '•17 Is slated propor- icsult- nationtil inieiesc of both schools j (irenr.'tl injjnrions lo ' ccillcg^ loot- I ball i;nrt to their iiur.iUKlnns. I Aii'.yniiHTinent of -111)- ; intcirnp- tion of the relntions was signed by Ivjtli Maj. Oen. Miix.vuk D. Tay! !or. superiutciulcnt of tho united I Stales Military Academy .anc! the • Kcv. John J. Cavan.ingh,. CSC. '. iircsident of the Univcrsicv nt Oklahoma A & M Licks Wildcats From Kentucky NUW ORLEANS, Hoc. 31 —(Of —Kentucky's Wildcats, until no the toreinost clinnmnts to the Nn lonal Intprcollegiale Haskclbnl championship, were sorrowful tcking their wounds today aft heir 37-31 upset at the hands Oklahoma A. nixl M. in the Sugar', of all." Bowl game last night. -. It was the most stunning reversal of the current season because Kentucky, loaded with power nnd riding the crest of n M-gnmc winning strcnk, \vns comir'v to be regarded as invincible. The national title seemed almost certainly ihcirs n ml the phiyini; out of their schcd-, uio'nfmere forniaiHy. The Aggies overcame Kentucky's small rutiiy lead and assumed a 22-10 iiwi'Rin "I Hie half. Try as [they would the Wildcats could ncv- ! cr again gain control of the ptay. MacArthur Lauds Japs 1 Advancement TOKYO, Dec. 31- Dcuglns MncAl'tluir \ 'Sft |)(!oplo Lntlay * -UP- 1 - ClOtt \'\ tl>c; Jup .\\';\v po\vor wrostcci from nnd io ''npply it rer\rlfssly (atrUiycntly bnlh f.v hts tH'n^f't- iUHl i Die common bf- NEW OHLKANS. Dec, 'Ji.—(Ul IX'KpHo a patchwork Imckl'lrlc i-aliirliiif two siirprlsu slnrtwa. th University of Cieoiuhi Jlulldojj vore rated a two-totichilown fav >'!lc toiliiy lo bent North CnrollniV rarhrols in tomorrow's Siwiv How amc, Chief reason for Ocoruln's I'ns 1 - arlllsm. ofcoui'jii;. ivus tlni presonco if Chiu'tcy 'll-lppl In the .slnvUnis lncii|), Tlii! brililiint Irlplc-thriMit- ur will |>ave reuuhir (Hiiii'tcrUnck John Hnuch Ucslclo h|m. but Urn ilhcr two slartci-s, Uubbll. Kmlth n«l ,lre" ocrl, weve usinl ns vesnvves rliij! Hie rcBUlnr lionson, Smith replnccs tho Injured John Donaldson, who will sec lull little for a happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR THE (j^xattj uteK after forcing Welch io give up .with, a prolonged stomp hammerlock. '..' frr Friday night whjii both squads meet capers from Mississippi County Hiijii School in th'-' Gosnell gym. New Record on Telephone yr v p>-y ncvly b^rn female buby ins. an WpecltUion/^f, life fcuv \fjrA longer that*, that^of a male child ; rn ji Ne\v year's nu'Ssuqa thi' supreme comman<lev (Ic^.iribed 1U4U ius a "year of leglsii'ted rt'lorm hardlv surpassed In 'i cftmparnblo peyiod during thn evr.lulUin ot eivlllxecl .society." : ^At Ihe snmc tlmo MncAi'llnii'l ! stild ho. hud "not been uumlncuul" \ al' -boll) decision' anil it::k'f'isfo!i r • belli iirogress iinti rfilro^riissuin] ami of "steps both tullfrliif; c.mi | ] rDsolulp'' ns rcnetionniv nnd llb- 'crnl forces "fnuftht lo ostivblisii n ' common itround of ,iniv.iu':; unlvn- j lion." i MacArthur £i|ld he I'.ad confined ' of his efforts "lo iv.lso Iho : Individual Japanese clt!;!.'H In exert a dominant inlluenr.a over h|s own destiny." 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