The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on January 23, 2002 · 24
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 24

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 2002
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C 4 WEDNESDAY i JANUARY 23. 2002 SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER THE HOLLYWOOD EXCLUSIVE j I " ?- " 1- a. " w , '. ."' - 7 f IVt. 4WNtlilllWllMWV fc ! iMMBriir" r ' IJWWwm. ' c ' b in - m -.11 ihhmMi mi wnftwtiwi - T ' V fit mi fflliMiimi iimiininniniiiiiff rniamtm ,i, imr- Totally '80s: Fox's latest comedy, laughs, you know, but doesn't have That '80s Show' gets by on 'Dynasty' and wine cooler jokes SO, HAS ANYONE ELSE done the math? When the show first began four years ago, "That 70s Show" was set in 1970. Technically, "That 70s Show" should be "That '80s Show," and "That '80s Show" ' shouM'be "That '80s Show, . Too." Oh well, I guess I'm Just being nitpicky. Now, with that pesky math out of the way, we can get down to business. The pilot episode of "That '80s Show" is mildly entertaining with a few funny moments. I have to admit I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping the show would be truly horrendous so I could make lots of 1980s references to tell you how horrible it is "Relax, Don't Watch It" and stuff like that. I'll hold on to the rest of my witty references, because you never know the show might get really, really bad in the next few episodes. I think comparisons to "That 70s Show" are Inevitable, and unfortunately "That '80s Show" won't benefit from the comparison; it's definitely not as funny as "That 70s Show," though it has its moments. I think, given a little time, "That '80s Show" could get better and come into its own. It just needs to build up the characters and dial down the reliance on funny lookin' '80s stuff for Jokes. Believe me, leg warmers will only be funny for so long. So let me break it down for you: Created by the team behind "That 70s Show" (duh!), "That '80s Show" is set in 1984 San Diego and focuses on Corey (newcomer Olenn Hower-ton), a fledging songwriter with a "worthless" degree In philosophy who works for minimum wage in a record store. The store is owned by summer of love refugee Margaret (comedian Margurct Smith), who likes to tell tales of her past sexcapades with the likes of Jim Morrison and Crccdence Clearwater Revival. HOW PLAYING rMCTHfTHf I TODAY IN SDDI KABUKI8 I AT 155. 5 15, rfniMAPxinfgix AND 1Q15PM ruMitED ABtisti-'t TODAY IN DOLBY GALAXY M DIGITAL AT 11:20. mwniAt rNOAoeMiTNr" nomoscs Its oils night "That '80s Show," premiering tonight at 8, like, totally gets the same stand-out characters as "That 70s Show." "TZa MANSFIELD TELEVISION The '80s mantra "greed is good" seems to have skipped . Corey, but it didn't miss his best friend Roger (Eddie Chin, who had a recurring role on "The Gilmore Girls"), a Reagan-lovln' drone who can't wait to make his fortune In corporate America. Corey Is having a bad ' time of it lately. His dad R.T. (Geoff Pierson from "Grace Under Fire"), who looks like a "Miami Vice" cast-off, is pressuring him to get a real Job; Margaret just hired an attitude-spewing punk rock chick named Tuesday (Chyler Leigh from "Not Another Teen Movie"), who just loves to give him crap; and his girlfriend Sophia (Brittany Daniel from "Joe Dirt") broke up with him. It turns out Sophia is bisexual, which means she's "a vegetarian who likes to eat turkey sometimes," as Corey explains it to his father. Corey is having a difficult time moving on, but Sophia isn't. In fact, she wants to move on to Corey's sister Katie (Tin-sley Grimes from "Never Been Kissed"), but Katie doesn't go that way. Katie has dropped out of college and spends her day making scented candles, dancing to Pat Benatar and drinking wine coolers. "That '80s Show" doesn't have the same great characters as "That 70s Show." There's no Red or Kelso here. I mean, it takes more than a mohawk to make a character interesting and funny, but a few of the characters do stand out. Katie and Roger get the most laughs In the pilot episode while playing "Dynasty" shots you only take a shot when someone gets slapped while Margaret, with her dry sense of humor and deadpan delivery, is like a slimmer Rose-anne on muscle relaxers. I mean that in a good way; But, even with a few good characters, the humor of "That '80s Show" Is not character-based like "That 70s Show." It's more "Look at how funny these TODAY WTHXIDDI 1035,1:00.330 5.00, 6 30 AND 10 45 PM ctmn tmfatom EMPIRB 3 f tSwjSlf funv ihutoi 1" STSlJiSl TODAY IN DOUY AT 11:30,1:45,4:00, 615, 8 30 AND 10 30 PM TODAY IN DIGITAL AT 11:35. 1:30, 3 30. 5-30, 7:40 AND 9:50 PM on pwcount rir.Ktr Acct rrtm '80s-style clothes are," "Hey, remember 'Miami Vice' ? " and "Check out this gigantic portable phone." The show doesn't really have any jokes about these things. I guess the show's writers think just the sight of a gigantic portable phone is enough to get laughs. Well, I guess it kindais. "American Family" If you had enough of the '80s back in the '80s, then maybe ,; . you should check out "American Family ," which Is also premiering tonight at 8 on PBS. According to PBS, "American Family" is the first drama series ever to feature an all Latino cast on broadcast television, but that's not what makes the show worth watching. "American Family" is touching, with great performances all around. "American Family" (created by Gregory Nava, the man behind "El Norte" and "Selena") is about three generations of a Latino family living In Los Angeles. Jess Gonzales (Edward James Olmos) and his wife Berta ( Sonia Braga) ' ve vp grown children Nina (Constance Marie), Conrado (Kurt CaceTes), Esteban (Esai Mo-, rales), Vangle (Rachel Ticotin) and Cisco (A.J. Lamas). Jess' flashy sister Dora (Raquel Welch) lives next door. The family is dealt a harsh blow in the first episode when Berta suddenly passes away (Braga will appear throughout the show's run In flashbacks), and everyone must come together to comfort each other. And then tough decisions have to be made, but I don't want to give too much away. "American Family" is considered breakthrough television because of its Latino cast and the way it debunks the stereotypes, but that's not why I like it. It's a damn good show. E-mail Sonia Mansfield at smansfielddi America's Top Critics Are Calling ! Nicole Kidman's Performance In Hie Others'The Best Of Her Career! fc-.y (bill ji ;f;: OPERA PLAZA (41B) 3BI OS10 NOW PLAYING! TODAY AT 10, 4 10. 7:30 AND 80 PM .xn iinivf. san niAn inro rwcAoi mi h LaPaglia frets over Al Gapone portrayal Donnie Wahlberg back on the block? By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith Creators Syndicate Anthony LaPaglia admits he's anxious about his work in Tom Hanks' forthcoming "The Road to Perdition." LaPaglia outstanding as a man in midlife crisis in the critically hailed "Lantana" plays legendary crime boss Al Capone in the "Perdition" period drama, due in July. He notes, "The part has been done so many times by such great actors like Robert De Niro and Rod Steiger, there really wasn't that much one could add." With that in mind, he says, director Sam Mendes ("American Beauty") "made it so it wouldn't be the slick and dapper Capone you're used to seeing." For one thing, says LaPaglia, "I play Capone suffering from a terrible flu throughout the entire performance." LaPaglia has yet to see a cut of the DreamWorks film that was made in early 2001. He re veals, "Sam's kept the film under wraps I think because he wants to make sure it's ready before showing it. He's a very precise and fastidious filmmaker. He'd get an actor to try a scene 10 different ways so he'd have more to choose from in the editing room." As for the accolades accumulating for LaPaglia's portrait of a man swept up in the emotional maelstrom of a detached wife, rebellious children and gorgeous mistress in Ray Lawrence's "Lantana," the actor notes, "It's very nice and flattering ... It's much better "THERE IS NO DENYING THE BRILLIANCE, ORIGINALITY AND IMPORTANCE OF 'IN THE BEDROOM1 AS THE SINGLE MOST POWERFUL MOTION PICTURE OF 2001! Its power is rooted in i profound understanding o) humanity, healing and ultimately redemption. Its the best picture ot the vearl' OVER 140 CRITICS NA1 ION WIPE AGRI 'IN , IIIDKOOM' IV ONE OF THE BEST PICTURES OF THE YEAR!" li rrmiv m nni runiTii I lanomahki I I LANDMARK'S fc" EMBARCADEROt t AT 1J M 100 3 JO 1IB EMBARCADERO i 630. 1 30 AND 950 PM EAST IAV PMKanlHtt Betkelw . Landmark! Act 1 A 2 PENINSULA MILL VALLEY. CirtVu Seguoa Concord, Brendan 14 rAno,LanrtTiaiAojiariui IAN RAFAEL, Century Regency 0.HCmasHaaendaCroing20i Redwood City, Century Park 12 IANTA HOSA. Htaito Lakeside Oakland Somtiure Jack London Cmema a IAN JOSI. Came One m-m mm a rs )fte,n Biii.Bi'H' -I " aTfc Over LI CRITICS nationwide acrce tTtWW is ONE OF THE BEST PICTURES OF THE YEAR! "THE YEAR S BEST ROMANTIC COMEDY! AND ONE OF ITS BEST PICTURES! AudrciJLjUlUU Is utterly rajiMvationg. There's magic In II "ONE OF THE YEARS BEST PICTURES! II celrhratn humanity!" Clitrasnlflbttrtf "! AN AMAZINGLY JOYOUS FILM!" Al iiiitiiii CLAV FXni.USIVR EAST IAV piwuini Hill. Century AJtiany. Landmark AJhany Twin IAN JOU Latayette, Renamaaiffie'l Park a Mm. View. Century imbnwl I fttvtmnrt. w1mnnt rum ,w l .ffrtwn :i . i e j picnm I M i I tMittai nei ',' ' than people wanting to hit you with a stick because of your performance." Indeed. The big-screen scene Donnie Wahlberg is John Shea's first choice to star in his next big-screen project, "The Junkie Priest," says the actor director, who wrote the film. "Priest says Shea, is based on the "dark biography of a Franciscan monk who, in the early '60s, was the first to start a halfway house for hookers on the streets of New York. The monks were forbidden to work with women back then, so he broke rules trying to save these lives," says Shea. The project would be a re-teaming with Wahlberg, who starred in Shea's 1998 award-winning indie film "Southie." He says he's already talked to Wahlberg about the project, but still has to get a script to him. Shea adds that "Junkie Priest" also has "an amazing lead role for a woman," and he's leaning toward Wahlberg's "Southie" co-star, Rose McGowan, for the part. He feels the "Charmed" actress has "all the superficial glamour that a high-priced hooker has, but she also has all the vulnerability the role requires." Right now, Shea's time is being taken up with the syndicated series "Mutant X," in which he plays a brilliant (natch!) scientist responsible for developing a race of genetically engineered superbeings. The scl-fi-er, a top-rated, new syndicated show, had an original pickup for 44 episodes. Shea says they'll finish the first 22 about the end of February, take a couple of months off, then return to do the second season. With reports by Stephanie DuBols v. NNER1 BEST PICTURE! UNITED ARTISTS TODAY IN SDDS METRO CENTER, AT 12:20, 3:45, 7:30 'coLMAiMoim-FiLiwrow AND 10:20 PM CentuftS AM JOSE. AMC Saratoga 14 t ".p"jj'"j'i- M-j," -f.y n 1- fit m a JANItlltgUfMf Ana parson tjD mailt dillarenct. Now Playing! TODAY IN DOLIV DIGITAL AT 1 ?0. 4:10, 7:00 AND 9 50 PM SAN FRANCISCO FNOAHT MPNT t MILL VALLIV, Cnnlury CinAHl Sequoia a SANTA rWM. Kin to Lflkenidfl Cinema 16 1 MSASTOPOL Cinema Meat Sebaatoool a s rTwi " Ant mmi'.m' i TTSTT M'l'"ll,iij NEAR YOU! Movlea playing attar Wednesday, January 23, 2003. Dates and times are subject to change: call theatre to confirm show time. ALEXANDRIA Geary and 18th Ave. (415)777-FILM 063 DOWNSTAIRS Thm Lord of thm Wnamt Thm fmllovumhlB of thm Ring (PQ-13) 12 004:00, 8:15 UPSTAIRS- STAIR ACCtSSIBLt ONLY. Vmnlllm Sy(R) 1 1 :30. 2:45. 7:15, 10:15 Jimmy Nmutrom Boy Omnium (O) 11:15, 1:45, 4:30, 7:00 AII(R) 10:00 BALBOA Balboa at 37th Avenue 221-8184 $ 7 SuiMe Ftvrt . Cars! MMfflMa ( ) $4M Mulrtollmnd Drm(P)V2 30) 4:40,8:50 Wlmcontln Dmmth Trfp(NR) (3:10) 7:20 Thm Bumlnmmm of Strmngmrm (R) (3:15) 7:00 Brmmd mnd Tulip (PQ-13) (1 05) 4:50, 8:40 BRIDGE 3010 Geary (415)352-0810 Thm Man Who meant Thmrm (R) (4:30) 7:10, 9:45 CASTRO Caslroand Market 621-1120 Thm Wlam Wldm Sormmn Thm Good, thm Bad and thm Ugly (R) (1:00) 8 20 Thm Rrofmmmlonalm (Nm 4:00. 9:20 Thurmi Picnic' m Soma Cant Running CLAY 2261 Fillmore (415)352-0810 Ammllm (R) (1 :2Q) 4:10, 7:00, 9:50 CORONET Geary and Arguello (41 5)777-FILM 064 Black Hawk Down (R) 12:00, 3:30, 7:00, 10:30 EMBARCADERO ENTER CINEMA 1 Embarcadero Center (415)352-0810 Lantana (R) (12:00) 2:30, 5:00, 7:30, 10:10 (12:40) 3:30, 6:45. 9:20 In thm BadroomR)(1 00) 4:00, 9:50 (12:20) 3:20, 6:30, 9:30 Charlottm Gfy(PQ-13)(1:10) 4:10, 7:20, 10:00 EMPIRE 3 85 West Portal (41 5)661-2539 Black Hawk Down (R) (12:30, 3:45) 7:00. 10:00 Thm Lord of thm Rlngai Thm Fmllowahlp of thm Ring (PQ-13) (12:20. 4:10) 8:00 Orangm County (PQ-13) (11:30, 1:45, 4:00) 6:15. 8:30, 10:30 4 STAR Clement St. and 23rd Ave. 666-3468 TmiHDUMiKiiimiHmaoinor'nmtiimAL WAKIHQ Uri H FAT Oim. II MAD IM JAPAN GALAXY Van NeesSutter (41 51777-FILM 065 Orangm County (PQ-13) 1 1 :20, 1 :30, 7:20. 9:45 Ocman'm eTavsn (PQ-13) 1 1 :00, 1 :45, 7:00. 9:45 mpoaeor(PQ-13)11:30.2:00, 10:00 Spy Oama(R)11:10, 1:50. 7:30. 10:15 KABUKI 8 1681 Post (415)931-8800 A Bmautlful Mnrf(PQ-13) 12:45 (4:00) 7:15, 10:30 SnoMrOooalPQ) 1 30(4:50) 7:35.10:05 Oeflan'a Blmvmn (PQ-13) 1 :40 (6:00) 7:50. 10:40 ' Orangm County (PQ-13) 1 :65 (5:15) :00, 10:15 rna Lord of tnm Rlngai Thm Fmllowmhlo of thm Ring (PQ-13) 12:30(4:30) 8:30 Hmtm and Lmopold (PO-1 3) 1 :00 (4:10) 7:05. 9:50 Jimmy Nmutrom Boy Omnium (Q) 1:20(4:40) 7:00 R)9:30 Vmnlllm SAy(R) 1 10(4:20) 10:25 LUMIERE California and Polk (415)352-0810 Llfm and Oaaa(NR) (4:50) 7:10. 9:30 KananarNR)(5:10) 7:25.9:45 Thm Dmvll'm Bmakbonm (R) (5:00) 7:15, 9:35 METREON Fourth A Mission (415)369-6200 www, tn)oytheahOK, corn SnomM( ) are Matinee Prices! Blmok Hawk Oown(R)(10:50, 12:00, 2:30. 3:40) 6:40, 6:10, 7:20, 9:10, 9:50, 11:00 Brothmrhood of thm WoltfR) , (11:20,3 00) 6 40,9 40,10:20 Thm Lord of thm Rlngmi Thm fmllowmhlp of thm Ring (PQ-13) (10:30,12:40,2:20,6:00) 6:30,9:00. 10 40 Thm Royml Tmnmnbaumm (R) (1 0:45, 1:50. 4:50) 7:40. 10:45 A Bmautlful Mntf(PQ-13) (12:20, 3:50) 7:00, 10:10 P.M. now Dobs (PQ) (1 1 :30, 2:00, 4:40) 7:10, 9:30 Orangm Caunty(PQ-13)(iO:35, 1:00, 3:30) 5:50. 8:30. 10:45 OoaoT0lartin(i0:55. 2:16) 6:00,9:20 wmmn -a mimvmn ( 1 J) (1 1 : 1 Q, 2:10) 6:10. 8:10, 10:55 Vanilla Sky (R) (12:30, 4:10) 7:30. 10:50 P.M. H)(1 1 40, 320) 6 50.10:30 Harry Pottmr and thm Boremrmr Btonm (PQ) (1 1 oo. ? 40) 6 20 Jimmy Nmutrom Boy Omnium (Q) (10:40. 12 SO. 3:10) METRO UnlonWebslsf (416)777-FILM06I Ooeoml'afi(H)ig 30 3 45. 7:00. 10:15 1000 VAN NESS 1000 Van Nees Awe (415)922-4AMC Blmok Hawk Ooam(R) 1215, 1:15, 3 30 (4 30) 6 45. 7:45. 10:00 Snow Dog (PQ) 12:10, 2:45 (5:16) 7 50. 10:20 HR)1 45(5 10) 8 30 A Bmautlful nc(PQ-13) 1 00 (4: 1 5) 7:19. ID'15 Onoat WoHdimn iM. 10:55 Ooaronlar(R)voo(4 00) 7:00.10 00 rtarry romr ana tna moromrmrm Stona(PO) 1:10(4 05) 7:20 Hmtm and Lmopold (PQ-13) 1 35 (4 35) 7 35, 10 20 Thm Lord of thm Rlngmi Thm Fmllowahlp of thm Ring (PQ-13) 12 00(4 CO) 7 45, 10:30 Monafara, no.(Q) 12 45, 3:46(6:00) Thm Royml Tmnmnbaumm (H) 12 30 3 00 (4 30, 6 30) 7 00, 8 00, 9:30. 10 30 Tna mmpping wawa(H) i;io (4 20) 7 0S. 9 45 Thm Malmatlm (PQ) 1 :10 fanWay(R) 1.33(4:35) 7:M 10 jl OPERA PLAZA CINEMA Vsn Ness I Golden Gate (41 6)352-011 0 AfunoanerOnVaR)(l:20) 4:45,8 30 no man a una(H)(1:10) 4:10,7:10 n An rfcKLTNINQ ROOMS 8CREININQ ROOMS Dark Blum World (R) (1 ;00) 4:00, 7 no e 35 Thm Olhafw(PQ-l3)(i;30) 4:30,7:30, -5q PRESIDIO 1340 Chestnut (41 6)921 -1720 Thm Royal Tmnmnbaumm (R) (1 1 50, THE RED VIC 1727 Height (418)668-34 Rrmmlmrml Lmmt a daym Jm luantiwakwla tmu Orw f.OO TrOO tiJI ROXIE 1117 16th Street 663-1087 Rrmmlmrml Must mnd Tomorrow! Aamrommn Nnwj QQ)..4.TO7.QO. 1:18 STONESTOWN 101 Buckingham Way (4H)7T7-FILM t067 Hmrry Pottmr mnd thm Bormmrmra Btonm (PO) 1 00. 4 30, 8 00 Mara and Lmopold (PQ-13) 1 :30, 4 1B,70O,9 4 voque 1290 Sacramento (418)777-FILM OM Thm Shipping Nmw (R) 1 :oo, 4 00, 7:00, 9 45 iiliftliiiiiiiiiiliiilisiiiiiliiiiiiiiliiliiiiuiiaiiiiliiiiiliiiiiiiiiaiiiniil 6,1 i 4lfU

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