Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts on October 3, 1942 · Page 3
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Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts · Page 3

Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1942
Page 3
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FITCHBURG SENTINEL. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1942 nP ,, -- If a\ rwu, B. 1 A U K S ChivUo. Chuwadon swt ^·t * ¥k Y-t«ii i Onl Part Filled V. Brown ichool; Lcnun* wadon swt Gto*i» Ca«ell», Nolan «chool l?2»wla ! scbooj '-'o 111 ** 1 - "Every Faite Alarm. r llltlS , DOM Our Country. Harm" ww the , ^ j theme of hi» poster depicting · fir* , , sijCRal staUuu. j Tht Livtntory of fvwl and rans? ' Francis Doling, of St. Bernard's d .,xnwfatct*d in this city y««rday t school, took a*con« prue with "Do! A. «w) QMMUTM, for to* OPA, wsows that in the along* tanks of the deal- j newspapers. Sentinel *nd thr«* other «r» tod fcrtrib«to« there a on hand only 12 per cent of the storage 5 TT i-S -STE . Albert Roy. of St Josephs school, won third pri» *» "*«* Match,* The October meeting of the Girl ta uaks, is 332,626. The No. 2 fuel 01'' Hanley and cso hand in Fitchburg is 72336 and j St. Bernard's irl there is a. storage capacity of 406,-' 119 gallons. The picture, according to the v detlirr*, is not so dark as the figures Voold indicate because during the fest two weeks they have delivered krge supplies to the individual tanks throughout the city. Mr. Shea's report was mailed to the state OPA headquarters last night Telephone Book Has War Note - at evening with the new leaders, Capt. Lucille Goguen and Lt. Constance Goguen. After a short business meeting two new songs were learned and games played. Troop 26 has elected Janet Bo-wen, treasurer,' and Pauline Moran as scribe. The Comwoleis held their first the* meeting at the home of Mrs. Arnc'd Prizes Awarded School Children : For Top Posters A new war note is found Su Ut«t edition of the Fitch-Lecm- i Kj*r » Ashpy. The following ofli- . .. . . , , ,. , ,,. i cers wei-e elected: president, Mary inster district telephone directory. £mith; secret ary. Olga Passios trea- i At the bottom of the cover appears a j surer Barbara Marland. New mem- i prominent notice, requesting persons j bers are Irene Marriott, Athena' to refrain from telephoning during j Paisios and Carol White, an air raid alarm, and for_some time i Troop 4 will open its j after the "all clear." Subscribers i \Vednesday afternoon. .are also asked to answer promptly ' any calls that do come in during an j alarm. , The book this year'has a pleasing * igray cover, and is slightly thicker ; Pupils of -all schools of the city than it was last year. While ther. All season former' From The Sentinel 25 leort Ago Today PLuxs »r* being d«vtUi*d rapidly for rrtchburg n** golf course on the Milton S. Race fsrtn on Pntt road, purchased recently by » syndicate of local men for a proposed country club and the Alpine golf club. Although the adjutant general luti declined to allow tht local exemption bojrd to eTd the next contingent for the national to Camp Deverw in automobiles, the board has not gheu up hope of eventually securing the desired permission A dispute over J30 led to indiscriminate shooting in Cleghorn about 6 o'clock last night and when the casualties were counted two were in the Burbank hospital. CHAPEL OF A1X SAINTS. Wh*l»tt ttch*ni K. ffefuc. 1»J vicar. At » *. m.. "Mrfn"\ 4t»)tr uid MU- OHIO. At 10 IS · B . Church Kiww! CBVRCH OF THE GOOD SUkPHKHD W«ci ntrbburj B**. rndcnck H Zl»*f. ractoi At t ic, eomeunuw At 10 * m , Chiuti ttbwl At 10S a. nu munOn* w»er *ud ifimoti- THI TIBSV PARISH UNITARIAN framtct UMt Male «rt«U. 8»v Ha«u. A. Peuc. tuuuxt*r At 4U *. m-. Sunday M*oc: At 10.40 a m , woraiip -cad aertoa by tbv uiuu»irr. At 7 p m , Yotmg Peopte'l WASHLNGTON - Revival of the grade of full general is planned by the war department to provide suitable rank for 1 Maj. Gen John J Pershing, commanding the American expeditionary forces in France. __ riasr CHURCH or caatsT scow- «0 OUvcr *r«t At 930 *. to-. Sunday .{feool · At 11 a. nu moroiAA «ervic« «od Hi' ' mon: «ihj«rt. "Unreality.' Th* GoMio; Text wlU I*' "He that afweth » hi» . fksh shall of the tlcib rt»p corruptioo. ' i but h« vh»t *oweth to th Splnt ihall · 1 at ihe Spirit rtap Uf« evviuunc'' (CaJ- auons 6 8 ; , Tertiiuonial mf«Unt everr W*dne*d»* «v«ni!u! at 7.iS o'clock Reading room al 11 Prlcbard strett. open to all Dally train 10 a ro to 4 p m. Saturday! unul 8.30 D. m ASStMBLY. parlor* of C C school. Roll»toE: str**-! Al 1 p ro . preaching service At 7.30 0- m . special service rLVNISH CONGBKG iTJUNAL- Eun I street- Rev. Andrew Groop. oaitor ! At JO a. m . Sunday schoo!. At 5 p m.. Young People's society ' At 7 p m« e\'tning worship »nd «e»- ! moo. entered so many fire prevention ester in the contest spxmsored by are eight less pages of introduction and subscribers' numbers, there are 23 additional pages in the yellow C t Chamber of Commerce, that ^ lassified section, judges could not make their final I the spirit of communication still decision of prize winners before mid- I graces the front cover, with his feet forenoon today. Eight of approxhn- j on the globe, and his wings spread Stely 500 posters were chosen as prize j behind him. The only omission in " this year's book, as compared with that of last year, is the page giving daytime station-to-station rates. Auxiliary Plans f Fall Activities winners by Daniel Tower of the Art center and Mrs. Robert E. Greenwood. Honorable mention w a s awarded 24 other posters. The winning posters will be displayed in the window at the Worcester County Trust Co. starting Monday, as part of the local observance of fire prevention week which opens I tomorrow- The committee in charge of the poster contest included Delwin A. Cochrane, Paul J. Woodcome and George C. Francis. Meriam Mae Johnson, of 5 Norcross street, won the first prize for posters submitted by Fitchburg high school students. "Production Not Destruction" was the title of her entry showing a, pair of silver scales on a yellow background, war materials tipping the scale.on the production side and a burning factory on the destruction side. ' - Eugene Pepin, of 73 Phillips street, won second award for the high school with "Extinguish Carelessness' showing a fireman holding a nozzle. Honorable mentions were deceived by -the posters submitted by Anne Wilson, of 25 Atlantic avenue; Lois Hall, of Ashburnham; Pauline L. Berndt, of 32 Electric avenue; Aida Niemi, of 62 Marshall street, and Leona King, of 143 Summer street , Rita Romano, of Hosmer school, y^-pn the public grade school contest, Jrith "Production Not Destruction' Jrtiich shows an undamaged plant flbove one enveloped by flames. - Mary-~PelIetier, also of Hosmer School, won second prize with "Don't Forget the Foe at Home'' [ showing a black hand throwing o f f , 'n red' fire shadow. ' Donald Douglas, of State Teachers college junior high, took third award with a poster entitled "Carelessness in the Factory is Sabotage." i Posters of the following received honorable -mention: Barbara Slocomb, Philip Rivers, Lorain Morin, Priscilla MacK-enzie, Florence Pepin, Ashburnham street school; Donald Maynard, Loraine Atwood, Ann Roy, Diana Davis, James Stevenson, Janet Thomas, Daniel McKenna, Marilyn Tobjn, Hosmer school; Rudolph La- Statement of tbe Ownership, Man- "agement Circulation, Etc. Ee- quired by the Act of Congress of : Match 3, 1933, of ·Fitchburg Sentinel published daily except Sunday, at Htcnbnrg, Massachusetts, for October 1, . 1S«. , State of Massachusetts. * Qtranty of'Worcester, ss, . -Before me, a Notary Public in and for the State and County aforesaid, per- snally appeared George H. Godbeer, «ho, having been duly sworn, according to law, deposes and says that he is the publisher of The Fitchburg Sentinel *fi(J that the following is to the best t. of his · knowledge and belief, a true statement of the ownership, manage- jfint, circulation, etc., trf the aforesaid HbUcation for the date shown in tbe caption, required by the Act of it 24, 1912, as .amended by the Act . - ,arch 3, 1933, embodied In Section 537, Postal Laws and Regulations, to wit: 1. Ifiat the names and addresses of tbe publisher, editor and managing editor and business manager are: Kame of Postoffice Address Publishers, SeaUntl Printing Co., Fitchburg. Mass. Plans for fall activities were discussed-at the season's first meeting SfeJSXtXffil Church Services members not living on the South! f side will transfer to Troop 6, J" Broome, captain, meeting Mon _ afternoon at the First Baptist church The senior members of Troop 4 will, transfer to Troop 5, meeting at head- i quarters evening at 7 p. m. Teachers'college 8th and 9th grade i ,,, M ^ ,,,, Scouts and 8th grade girls at the; Friday noon.__ Saturday itema^ jvganhnc j D.p ; , ^pastor. Brown school will transfer to a new' '--·'-- ~ ~ " ' ' ' '" '*·'· ~ troop starting the week of the 12th. exact date to be announced. (Notices for this department must be in the Senunel Editorial Office before 1 FINNISH EVANGELICAL 157 Mechanic street £cv MfltU Ant- lontn, pastor. At 9 30 a. m., Sunday school At 10.30 a. m., morning worttilp ano sermon by the pastor. At 7 p m , Luther league At 730 p m . evening servlct too wrmon. ST BERNARD'S, comer oj Wa'^r ano First streets Rev Michael J Currau Sunday -services will be confined to this j column) Troop 10, West Fitchburg. Mrs. John "W. Fitzpatrick, captain, and Miss Carol White, lieutenant, will start next Thursday. Former members of Troop 14 will' BETH EDEN BAPTIST. AshbumhaCT SEVENTH DAV ADVENTIST. Knowlton terrace, off Blossom «reet Meetings every Saturday At 1 45 p. m . Sabbath school At 3 15 p. m,. preaching service At 6 a. m- mass. At 7 a m.. ma» At S a. m., mass for children At 9 a. m.. mass. At 10 a m.. two masse: At 11 t m . low mass Yes, It's The Last Day But, It's Still Not Too Late For 6(H BIRTHDAY SALE Thursday, Friday and Saturday -- October 1, 2 and 3 ft Many Once-a-Year Savings Still Available In Every Department! J PAH PARKE SNOWS WILL BE OPEN UNTIL 9 O'CLOCK THIS EVENING _ _ . . . transfer to Troop 19 meeting at the | greet. West Fitchburg ' At Jo^T At 10JO a. Rev Walter F Rollstone church Monday at 4 p m.' The older girls in Troop 14 may go p to a senior troop. i Troop 15, Miss Ruth M. Cunning-1 ham. captain, and Mrs. Keneth Swett, i lieutenant, will meet at the Roll-j stone church. 4 p. m., Tuesday.; Former members of this troop now in the 8th grade will go into the FIRST BAPTIST. Main street, nexi to i-, prayer meeting m.. morning prayer and sermon At J2 m.. Bible school and study class. At 6 p. m . Young People's society. At 7 p m.. evening worship and sermon by the pastor. Wednesday at 7 00. Midweek crater and praise service SACKED HEART. Cottage street. West , Fitchburg. Rev Francis J Maxwell. pastor. t At 7 a m, mass. At 8 a. m.. children's naw | At 9 a. TO., mass ' At 10 a. m.. low mass. . i At 7 p. tn.. holy hour. , At a. m- mass In Westminster town , tail, i At 9 a. to-, mass- At 11 a. ro.. mass. At 5 p. m.. rosary a HOLY ROSARY MISSION. Oak H1U road. Rev. Angelo Canan*lla. pastor. At 8 a. m. mass- At in a. m.. mass. At 2 p. m-. Sunday school. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. 55 Wal- °f *^ e Woman's auxiliary of Christ} new troop, and the high school mem- J public library Rev Edgar Bruce Price. church yesterday afternoon in the j bers will transfer to a senior troop, ST FRANCI Dl AS61S1, ahendan rtreet. South Fltchburg Rev A. J . I Brault. pastor ! At 6, a, m., mass. At 7.45 a. m-. mass At 8 a m- mass. At 1030 a, m.. high mas* i nut street Rev J Omer Chevrttte, ', pastor. At 6 «. m., mass. At 1M »· m., mass. At 9 a. m.. high mass. At. IQJO-a. m,. mm, At 3 P; m-. vespers. The same rule applies to former Troop 19 older girls. Brownie Troop, 21, Mrs Edward captain, and Mrs. organization's room at the church parish house. Announcement was made that i an all-day food sale will be con- -- - - -- -- - - - - - . _ . ducted in Guild hall Oct 22 under ' ne * Delphia, lieutenant, \vtU hold HIGHLAND BAPTIST, corner Cedar ,| SfS^nSSp of M«. Wilh'am ^eir firstmeeting at;*-"---'-·-- -- ---- - 1 = ^^ V . . . , ., rtVs,,T.»\v. T»»,*T cT-rant At 9.45 a, m.. Church At 11 a. m.. morning worship and sermon by the pastor At 7 p m . evening worship and ««r- mon by the pastor JOSEPH'S, Woodland and Plym- slreets. Rev. Albert L. Bo«»tt. At 9 JO a. m . mass At 9.45 a. m , mass. At 1030 a. m.. high At 4 p. m , vesper* At 2 p. m, Sunday school i At 3 p. m . services. I At 7.30 p. m.. evening service ; Tuesday at 7.43 p. m , prayer meeting CHURCH OF THE NAZABENE 7 4 , rt ."" r . , . I ~ I Snow street Rev Irving A. Temple i yllitS Ll«bt , JOBS At JO a. m . Sunday school ' To Help War Effoft At Jl a. m.. morning service ana, sermon by the pastor , ,,,,_,,_ _ _, . .,- _ At 6 p. m.. tfoung People's meeune 1 UJTTLE, Okla. vfi -- I^crnue! · At 7 p. m.. evening worship and set- j Curtis Force is giving im the mul- mnn hv f HP na^fr»r .. * . » . . ,^^ _ ** *^ . mon by the pastor Thursday at 7 30 prayer meeting. p. m. tnid-week , FIRST SPIRITUAL CHURCH, 21 Union street. Pastor. Howard W. Bliira. At 3.30 p. m , C. Whitney. speaker. Rev. Wellman At 7 p. m., speaker. Rev Mr Whitnej. Ger- Rollstone tiple jobs he took 17 years to acquire to devote his talents more directly to the war effort Force, 61, is city marshal, water superintendent, street commissioner, plumbing inspector, jailer, custodian of fire equipment, mail messenger and dog catcher in this city of 940 population He has now taken a job as patrolman at the Oklahoma City air depot. . «nd Orange street. Rev Sherrin. In conjunction with the sale a dessert bridge will be held at 1.30 o'clock with Mrs. Alexander Donaldson and Mrs. Donald B. Barton, co-chairmen; and a supper at 6.30 o'clock with Mrs. Gavin Me- ' m S Coll and Mrs. George S. Stannard new troop to be church. Day street, Thursday after- 1 , Levoy^pastor noon at 4 p. m. ; The opening dates of the Brownie' Troops 22, 23 and 24 will be an- Herbert E. i s and a supper ° TM « d » « t r e k - s » m^ as Troop At 1030 a. m.. morning praver sermon by the pastor Communion At 12 n . Bible class. Rally day. At 7 p m . evening worship and «er- tnon by the pastor Weo'nesday at 730 midweek prayer meting By Merrill Blosserf HOMES! THERE ISNT/ ANYWAY, SHE'LL. GET OVPR. sr AS SOOM AS M£ LEAVES WN ' as co-chairmen. The entertainment [ will be under the direction of Mrs. j Robert Logan. Troop 17 w lt h Miss Vivian Bou. captain, held their first bust- JUVL k JUJUgCUlt [ ., . Mrs. Waldo C. Haven was named I »y evening, delegate to the Pittsfield diocesan conference scheduled for Oct. 16. Tea was served with Mrs.^Stannard and Mrs. Ray Gate as "hostesses.' ness meeting at headquarters Tues- Sunflower Head Of \Jl Ushered In Here FIRST ONIVERSAUST. Day and Union streets Rev Gilbert A Potter. minister At 9 30 a m , church school At 10 45 a m . Kindergarten and Primary departments At 30.45 a. m., morning worship ·=ermon by the pastor: subject ' The Wat^r of Life " Communion At 5 3C p m . Y. P C. U. Sunflower heads, some measuring from 20 to 21 inches in diameter, are The concluding religious service of the "Feast of Booths" was ushered in at the local synagog last night. The holiday, known as the "Shemini Atzeres," or Feast of Solemn Assembly, will terminate Sunday with the festival. ''Sumchas CTERMAN CONGREGATIONAL, Roll- ·tone street Rev Max B. Schaff. naMor. At 9.30 a. m . Sunday school. At 10 30 a m.. mominf? worship and ««nnon. R»WI Jules Lipschutz preached a sermonic discourse at 10.15 o clock morning ^ ^^^g of t h e , now on exhibition in the Worcester | Torah:'_ the rejoicing ^period. County Trust Co. window. These heads were grown by the members, ^ of the Junior Humane society, all' Yizker memorial service followed, of whom are pupils in Fitchburg' The rabbi's subject was "Yizker, a schools. The project is carried on Symphony in Tears." every year, to provide food for the Members of the Ladies' auxiliary birds during" the winter months. of the synagog will be hosts to- Prizes are awarded for the largest. night at a regular gathering of the heads brought in by the children, j children of the parish school when PILGRIM. Rollstone street, off Main rtreet Rev. Ruben T Nygren. pastor At 9JO a m . Sunday school At 10.45 a. m., morning worship and sermon by the pastor Communion At 7 p. m , evening worship, omitted PEOFLFS CHURCH AATD MISSION *Non-Spctarian), 958 Main street Mrs. R A Hall, superintendent At 1! a m.. Bible -Khool At 7 D m .preachine service and sermon " i s Tueida\ at 7 p m . mid-week pra\er!| service ' s Friday at 7 p m.. Miracle Book club '. S for young people i ^ ST outh pastor. At 6 a m., mass. At 7.30 a. m., mass. At 8.30 a. m.. mas. ST. ANTHONY'S. 84 Salem 8*v Angelo Carplriella, pastor. At 7 a m.. mass. At 8 a m, mass. ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH Miss Jessie M- Bright, pastor SAY, WTO YOU ? YOU'RE IN A LOW fCG ! DIKJNER. IS IW MIWUTEB IS SOMETUIf'G HER? 1 DOT GET MIXED UP IN OTUEC PEOPLE'S AFFAIRS .' BESIDES. THERE'S WE'S'S HAVIN CC*AfftMY,AND MOM INVITED YOU T DIMMER . DONT YOU BEMEMBEfc. ? WRON. FRECW-ES I Boots and Her Buddies For Goodness Sake Editor, ;e H. Godbeer, Fitchburg. Mass. ; Editor. H. Godbeer, Flfchburg. Mass Business Manager, Frank C. Hoyt. Fitchburg, Mass. , 2. That tht owner is Sentinel Printing; Company. Stockholders- .George % Godbeer, Fitchburg. Mas. Frank Hoyt. Fltcbburg. Mass. .WllMam R Rankln. Fitchbnrg, Mass. »Elizabeth G. French, Key West. Fla. ; Constance Godbeer, Fitchburg. Mas? 3- That the known bondholders, roort- tflgees, and other security holders ownlnt or holding i per cent or more ot total amount of bonds, mortgage, or other seroritles are: None. 4. That the two paragraphs next above, giving the names ot the ovroew, rfoekhelders, and security holders. U any, contain not only the list of stockholders and security holders as they appear upon the books of the company hot clso In cases where the stockholder or security holder appears upon tie books of -the company as trustee or In any other fiduciary relation, the name of fhe person or corporation for whom such tmst«s U acting. Is given; aJso that the said two paragraphs contain statement* embracing affiant's full knowledge and belief as to the ebrum- »tanc*» and condition* tender which **x*J»M«* and security holders who do not appear upon the books of the company as trustees, hold stock and sacurtUes to a capacity than that at a bona fide owner; and thi» affiant has no reason to believe that any other person, attoeiatlon, or incorporation has «*y inttmt- direct or indirect In the stocks, bonds or other securities as a stated by him. i. Hut to* ·yerage number of copies «f each issue of this publication told of distributed, through tbe malls ot ffwi*t to ptid subscribers during fweh* months preceding the date frn above is 12,6oT »OItCC H. QODBSC, Publisher. Sjrotn to and subscribed before me " first day of October. 19*2. £RY y. HANWGAN. Notary Public. (My commutes aJtptro Dee. l«, IMS) and this year four were tied for first place with 2 to 21 inch heads. A 17 inch head won second place; two 16 inch ones tied for third, and several 15 and 14 inch flowers were submitted. The prize winners were: First, Richard Chandler, Hosmer school; Theresa DiKetro, Hosmer school; Alice Raymond, Whalom road; and ---" , J . _. _, r , i_ i ' "* ^* i ^*-» *iAwii\iaj. wm*»^ «r»i* mi^b i germ^n ^* tne oastor* suhleet "Th* Chnsto Lekas, B. F. Brown school; Mondays through Thursdays from! Unbreakable Fellowship'" Communion second prize, Jennie Ingandella, ; - -- - ·- - - -- - - · - - - - - ,, ,, ' · _ ,, . . . . _ Hosmer school; third prize, Lewis Fletcher, Jr.," Academy street school; and Spiros Biliouiis, B. F. Brown school. a reception will be held for the young people. Regular registrations and sessions officially commenced at the Hebrew school this week. Parents who have not yet registered their children have been asked to do so Monday afternoon at the school building. A new schedule of classes will be ROLLSTONE CONGREGATIONAL, corner Main and Snow streets Rev Robert L Or,-1envood, minister At 10 a m . Church school Junior. Intermeddle and Senior departments At 10 45 a m.. Church school. Toddlers'. Kindergarten and Primary departments At 10 45 a m.. morning worship and sermon by the pastor. Communion CALVTNISTIC CONGREGATIONAL, corner Main and Rollstone ·HreeK Rev Lionel A Whiston. pastor At 9.30 a. m . Church school At 10 40 a m . morning worship and By Edgar Martin VOO'VV TO e SKK.V\ O? CCOWAtS OD. IN CASf OUVE rORaOTTEN, OF COOKVES WHEW AM IMPETUOUS StRAM^ER, COLUDED WITH HER, SP1V.UW H\MSE\-P, BOOTS AMP COOVaES...AViP THEM OUOEREP HE " FOQ. H^M- p m C Y. "C Christian En- Northfisld night At 7.45 p m., ordination service South Fitchburg 3.45 to" 6.45 in "the Hebrew school' ^ J under the direction of Rabbi Lip- · schutz. The confirmation class will! SALVATION ARMY comer of Elm and Academy streets. Adjutant and Mrs. Tctor D. Stay At 10 a m . holiness meeting At 11 a. m., Sunday school Pvt Joseph Rivard, U. S. M. C., of Quantico, Va., is ir isiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rivard of 158 Intervale road. Pfc. Wilfred Rivard, U. S. A- now stationed at Portsmouth, N. H., is also visiting ; meet daily at 6.45 p. m. with the ! I rabbi. Saturday mornings the en- j I tire student body of the school will i 1 meet with the rabbi for a young i folks service to be conducted from ! i 11 to 12 o'clock. Sunday school | 1 classes will convene Oct. 11. Af 6.30 p m At 7 15 p m , i Wash Tubbs \ r I-I'M The Butcher iiuifu^ Yoan? People's meeting open air service Depot LOCALS At 8 p in , Salvation service Tuesday and Friday at 8 p. m . public meeting his parents. Miss Gladys Ban-on of Maplewood, N. J., is visiting at her sis- | ^ --Willing Hands society of Pilgrim church conducted a hamburger roast ]ast ter's and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Josepn R. Morin, of Woodbury avenue and at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rouisse, of Rodi- mon avenue. The condition of Mrs. Irene Wazel of Woodbury avenue, who is a patient at the Burbank hospital, is reported as improved. fe followed. Miss FIRST METHODIST, corner of Elm and Fox «rtre«ts Rev Henrv I Bailey, castor At 930 a m Church school At 10.45 a. m , morning worship and -ertion by the nastor; subject. 'The Table" Communion Elsa C. Vennberg led the devotions. . p ,,. A scavenger hunt featurea the enter- I man by the pastor; subject. "Our March" tainment. Refreshments w e r e served by the society members at ' ' CLEGHORN Miss Alice M. Gariepy. 245 Oak Hill road, was given a shower last night at her home in honor of her approaching marriage to Herve Croteau in St, Joseph's church on Oct. 12. Mrs. Genevieve Gariepy and Miss Alma Gariepy served as hostesses. St. Joseph club will'meet Monday at 8 p. m. in the club's meeting room. The Children of Mary will attend the 750 o'clock mass tomorrow morning and receive communion in a body. The St. Camille society will meet Monday at 8 p. m. in the St. Joseph club assembly hall. Miss Angelina DiNatale of 27 Middle street and Alexander Dominic Nano of 68 Middle street were married at 9 o'clock" this morning at St Anthony's church. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Erminio Mas- tnoianni. A thermometer placed in a mixture of ice and salt registers J»ro. the close of the hunt. --An anniversary mass will celebrated Monday at 8 o'clock in St. Bernard's cnurch for the late i Mrs. Theresa A. Shea. --A collection for the orphans 1 of the Springfield diocese will be Wednesday at 730 p ing m . prayer meet- WEST FITCHBURG MITTHODIST. cor- oe, ner Sanborn and Westminster street*. ! Rev William R. Nordos. onrtor At 9.30 a. m . Church school At 10.30 j. m.. momlne worship ^nd sermon bv the pastor Communion " " " ' Fellowship; At 7 p. m., evening service and ser. ., taken up at all the masses Sunday in I man b y., ^- pastor; subject, "A Sure St Bernard's church. j "·"""·* " --The married women s mission at St Bernard's church will close tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. The single women's mission will commence at 7.30 p. m. The mission is being conducted by the LaSalette fathers. Harvest' Wednesday at 7 p m.. prayer meeting. tMANTTEL LUTHERAN. Cs I d w e l l place. At 9.30 a. m., Sunday school. At 1045 a m., momine worship and sermon by Rev. Fred 'J. Benson . Pythian Pastor P. B. hell. S29 N*l»n it) Bresnahan-Beaudelie it mi " ^ ~~ ^ i ··«"· »jj^-««i ai«»^uK »ira preacni] Miss Therese Claire Beaudette, I Cottage meeting Friday at 7 30 122 Laurel street, daughter "of Mr.! B1We itwly ""* Main-itreet charge At 4 p m . Sunday school. At II a. m., and 3 p. m.. church tervJee, All-day meeting every third Sund»y with special singfnf- and preachlnR. p. m. and Mrs. Philip Beaudette of 17 Martel street, Leominster, and Harold W. Bresnahan of 14 Cottage street, Leominster, were married this morning at St Cecelia's church, LeoTninster. Th e ceremony was performed by Rev. Charles E Laadry, Miss Apuline Beaudette was her sister's attendant Gerard Morini was the best man. Following a wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Bresnahan wlfi make then- home at 24 Mt. Pleasant street, Leominster. Mr. Bresnahan is employed by William A. Hardy Son*, Fitchburg. Rev. Rev CHRIST EPISCOPAL, Main itreet. o*- tween Fox and Hartwell streets A Vincent Bennett, D.D. rector John Waddlcor, assistant At 8 a. m.. communion At 9.13 a. m.. Church school. At JO.45 a. m., communion and ser- TUNE IW WEIM--U4* Kilocyel.* SUNDAYS THE PILGRIMS' HOUR 2.H to J.M P. M. OLD CASHIONED REVIVAL HOUR t» ta » P. M. Vaitr «tfnetlea el CHARLES E. FULLER HE 15 UEARIM6 THE WILL TAK6 CHAB3E WE'VE BEEN OHFERWNSfl EI6HTEEU HOURS,. WAKkUP* WHAT JS WURNAME? By Roy Crane TUT, TUT, HERR OUVANT' I HAVE UXHCEP OUVANT, WSIBJR.BUT PtEASE... THEY SAIP X COULD SLEEP. PftOMiSED FORWARD TO A LVTTI.E TAtK VOTTH VOU. 1 AM ALL EA6ERME5S TO Oh, Diana Trademark Registered U S Pal Office Hershel s Nyte Out By Bill Champe WS AUJJf LEFT A ME ·· AU' MOW HI? Dickie Dare Tradttnart Begtttend 0. S Pat. offic* By Coulton Waugh IT'S MUM-MOWN' US.' --1 CANT SEEM

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