The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 31, 1946
Page 6
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^^^2^£ ^S^_ BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COVRP5R NEWS TUESDAY, PECFMBER !U, 1040 Alarmed Over Floggings 1 : PoU«fi*e Coastal t Area Searched by r Officers for ^31 IUP.J— nolle? , DCC •|he Briflsh Aimy at»vch«d the Pfrlestiru tjfclay for the 'blacic squill' ot Svai Leunii, seeding to ioi>nd up tjie extremists before Iis»n threats of "further floggings couil bo car- tied out •Criminal imestigatioi police be- ljt\ed the cxUa-toufii "Mack squad" of the Irguii oiianizntirn iff re resjjonstble for most, of Ihe four r«venge^flogi5nus coiv.m'.Uexl against British soldiers. '^This group includes Yemenite apd Sapharcii Jeus, (I.Mk jwiths particularly hardy ana ruthless in carrying cut ttw irgun commands, Th.ey . oftcA opcrut-c ;n Arab disguise, police sr.irt, una speak Arabic with a ch> r i uldofc-rl Accent '..Costal roads. were ulixced under curfew last night. N'llhnny.i a n<l 7£1 Aviv scenei, of \\n Ilop.glng incidents Sunday wi?!" 1 out 01 bounds to nil British :iolier:i on d,«ts 'Irgun; pamphlets distributed in T*l< "Avis- proclaimed tl'.e organization's responsibility o[ ihe flog- fings They , thieatenrti "rieatn Sentences' agajnst ^j u>n ofiicers if; further coUrt orders for ilog- grng Jewish youths c'^wictetl ct crimes were carried oi|i The sentence of -another Jewish South of 12 \oshes with i cone was vfohfirmed yesterday by Osn. Sir. ^e'yn Barker, British ccnuranrtfir. Aaron Cohen, 17, was convicted ol carrying pamphlet bci^bs and sentenced to be caned. T1'2 three- month pilson term oriiiuall.'' L'iv- cn him v?a^ casicellcd. New Conqiilcati(>os Fe:iroil it was the 18 lal>c. appl\ed Saturday by court, c<r<lcr to an Jrgunlst for a bank loubny- which ijd 't§ the flogglUEs if ,\ ' major and three seipf mi 4»y * The "officer flo?gred Maybe They're Singing 'Dark Eyes' Tall Tale Tailing Texan Wins 1946 liars' Club Award With Fish Yo»/i UUHLINGTpN, '-Wls., ' Dec. 31. (UP) - 'Atanaclo Gaiza gf Ban An- tonlo, Tex,, won the title of "Ohani- r!iou Liar o fl!)48'' today with his slo'.'y of a fish! thai broke out- i'» il sweat while' l>aUllii|f to shake out a hook, GCUKX'S avaircl WAS announced to,* day by O. C. Hulett. president of 'NOTICE I Notice Is hertby given that Lan< Nowcll. 416 E. K>'. >>as ipnde -tippli- catlon, to ufierate 4 Cars for H>ro' In the Cily of Blytlievllle. ! >A»y apil s!l' »w'*st shoul.d be] iu wiling ivud, filed fylthth ten days in Uic ofUc* of the City Clerk, PflANK WWTVORTH City Clerk 12.31-iri Notice is hereby given that Eddl« M:Oregor, 828 .Clarx 8l ; , D _ ^ made •ihe Burlington Liars' Clu'o which application to.' optntte -fvo cav? (inducts an niumal contest for the f 0 , |,ji^ (n iho pity of Blythevil'e. Inst tall tale;; of the year. parza's Any and all protests should be I" flsU story, us told In a letter to writing and tiled \vith,iu «h days Hiilotl,.follows: I j,i Hie office p( (ho City clerk. "I Iceve in San Antonio, Tex. 1' FRANK WHVTWOHTK have been for the last U years. I Cit V_ .9 lc . 1 * Ilk" 1 to fish a lot and" lave -seen a lot of peculiar things In lUy life dining the fishing season. I WAS fulling on one occasion ami caught one fish on iny hook but he try to act away frotn my line, it lex* me about- 45 minutes ttf jet him away from tlic surface, He work so hard when I get htm In the boat he ~wo,s sweating." ' C,qse taken Direct/? to High Court j OHJCAOO, Dec. 31 (UP).— The government prepared to go direct to Illo U. Si Supreme Court today tn its effort to convict James C. Petrlllo, president o| the American Federation of Musicians (AFD, oJ violation ot I lie tea Act. Notice of appeal was filed yesterday by Assistant V- S. Attorney Le Roy Krelu agalrist a ruling liy Fcclcffl) Judge VVaUer J. La Buy disii\iss|ng the cjjirji.nal action -KSainst pctrlUo oikl ((ecLirlng (lie act iincoustituti<)nal. Krein explained that the govern- ,ii'nl planned to by-pass the U. S. Jlrcult, court of Appeals and. go Irectly to the supreme court be- cause the casc_ involved (he .ques-, tion of the constitutionality of'tlw, law. •'.'•'.•• Going through the year-end" holiday season with a beaullfnl "shiner" on his left eye didn't scorn tn bother young Timothy E. Nolile. Above, he's pictured singing away with fellow-choristers, .Julia Ann ami Rosalind Clapp, during Brick 1'resbyterlon Youth Choir's holiday songfost in New York, Sun- de f<iit h.anya; Sunday was Majojr E. A. A. .-Brett, who servo;! wltli Uic British .';'lst Army In the North Afri^sn fajni>ais.i nvl won the plstlnguished Ser\'lte Order at, Anzlo. A new move in raivpl'cnteci, ^fiddle East polities , jjassibl-.' limr- &ig on Palestine, ,-ivns tiv*- vl,sit by Emu Feisnl Av Saud toiel'ili inin- jster of Snifdi Anbii and son ol - Legislators Shun Tax Increases Money Needed, Final Sqy to to ; Voters. Be wv BOH United Press Staff Comispttinlcut LITTLE nODK. Ark., Dec. 31.— <yp) — The need for more tax sources in- Arkansas apparently is fnirly .well recosnlzed by senators and represenlatlves o! the state, but they go along wUh aov.-13en Laney in wantiiiK lhe people to approve any new or raised, levies. A tola! o.C 10 representatives'and. cioht senators told the United Press tn ft survey that they are In fnvor of some new taxes. Eleven representatives and eiyhl senator. 1 gave definite "no's", while live house member;; ami two senators expressed themselves as undecided ,—., Ibn Saudi" lo'"kH's"'AI)uUali l u <=p. Sam "Sullivan (if seamy of Trans Jordan I probably voiced the seueral opm- , TrarjsJoidnn lic^ n»\t to Tales- ion in the fewest number of words tine Feisal refused to rl^cuss the when he Mid, "Yes. if done purpose of Ins visit which was lhe people." Confessions Clear Three Burglaries I3ATESVILLE, Ark.. Dec. 31. 1 3 > — A 22-year-old Newport, Ark., man, Elton Davenport, today :iad been trnnsported to the GrnlB- :iead County' Jail in Jonesboro, afr :er being charged formally here tei'.ctay with the recent robberies of past offices at Beedevillc and 11 Trough, Ark. Davenport had been held in Independence County jail here, and beliesed'to conceui in uarfc Ab- ^ullah's greater- Syrian' plan". ' 1 Feisal was asked ftt LVildn. whore he landed —"Will yoiu father-, be able--to champiofs, thn Palestine Arabfi interest in Viet' of the ^au0i-American oil IT terisl?" "My '• father's stattd. alway 1 ; liiui \^nd one meamnp He is n^it (me vho : '-would sell his bre^hern lor a mess of pottage^' he icnl.ted. Atomic Power Soon May Propel Planes thlefts, Dallas, lis companion In the -C. Clifton, 43, of Tex., was held in Jonesboro. Davenport allegedly told authorities that he and cllfton burglarized the post office of $7.000, taking $.•4,000 at Beedevillc and $3,000 ai Oil Trough. Police In Jonesboro said cliftor had made no admission of the post office robberies, but that he dl< confess that the two • took $5.200 from a store in Piiragould or Christmas Day. By PAUL F (United Press Science - Writer) BOSTON, Dec. 31.—USD of atomic power-to propsl airplanes is bein-j pushed tn the United States Anuy Air Forcss And the Manhattan Eii"- gmeering District in conjunction with ^several aircraft engine companies This?nas disclosed bj Maj. Gen. Curtis -£ Lcmav rteputj cilinf of air staff for rcscaich and development, at the 113th annual mwiirrj of the^Amerlcan Association for the Advancement of Science. Lemay-niade the disclosure in discussing the ipquirements of this nation .to meet the speed mid ran-jo Results oc ihe United Press J)ol show Hint a boost in the lit|iio tax is fovtmost on the- inh>ds of thv legislators with 10 representatlve.1! and/; four ^ senators saying* -^lifcy wouid favor 'iuch a move. S^ve^- «iice tax also'came In for Us share o[ nttcntion \\'ith thrcs senators nnct ]ilnc HOIIFR 'members intiicrit- Ing' that they believe Ihe. tax on timber coal and minerals should bo adjusted upwards. The poll brought out littln C n- tlniFiasm for an increase In the .scles Or gasoline tax — so onllcci "general taxes" now being palti by the people. However, four senators' and I've representatives snld they favored n hike In the drivers' li- censes—nl'.h the revenue probably tospitalWrangle Gains Momentum Legislators Plan To Ask Thorough Prpbe in January LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dec. 31.— (UP)—Members of the Arkansas legislature tor\ay, apparently lia( but one recourse 1( they wanted fii'sl-hiiiid information on conditions at. Ine State Hospital fo.i Nervous Diseases — a full-Hedged legislative-sponsored investigation Already recommended by Clsu Oounty Representative pick Wright of Arhailelphla. the inves tigalion by the solons was Elvei impetus yesterday when it (level' oped that the results of the I'u laski County Grnml Jury invcstl Ballon of the hospital would, no be mi\de nvnllHblc to the legislature. Pulask) Circuit Judge Cms Putt announced here that the jury re port on the hospital would remah confidential, and lie stated thn fhe legislature could not subpoen; the report. | The grand jury "Openly dcliverei ' sharp attacks on the board of con 1 trol of the institution, iiarniu I board members L. U. White o vest j Benton and the Hev. Harold Sad dav thought they were Usteniu,- lo! Icr of R * son , ,"' P ai 'U™""'-*>. today a Wstern story of bandit.; remind , we " ml bot ' 1 lhe Rcv ' Mr ' Hatcheries Report 60,OQO Baby Chicks LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dec: 31. — Ui>] —. Commercial hatcheries hi tkansns produced 760.000 baby licks during November 6f 1946, the msfts Crop Reporting Service ikl today. This compares With IQO last year and a flve^y verage of 970,000, The service said tnjt mans nlehcries in the state have no et resumed operations s'nce the> losed down for the S u m m e lontVis anil wilt not do so until «f- er the (Irst or the year. The un- nvorublc relationship between thr nice of hatching eggs and chick: .nd broiler prices, plus the cpa trlke. are some Of tfce reason ;lven by hWlctiefy" 1 * 1 ? for fl<H f« iiunlng or (or reducing operations The crop service annguuc.ed, tlw here have been 12,6TO,pOQ clilck noduccd in Arkansas during th first 11 months qf the year, com Wild West Boys Attempt Modern Version of Old Stage Coach Robbery BIRMINGHAM, All.. Dec. 31. lor- aircv.ift of tlic future. "From, n military sia.ndpo.tnr., the development of unclear powered i\h craft and euided missiles may well be as,significant, ns the development of the atomic bomb," Loinny said. His statement that the Air Fore the Manhattan Engineeriiis Dlstr... and several • aircraft engine .:om- pnniDs were.working on c method of Vising atomic power to propel airplanes -caused a great deal of interest among scientists attending this convention, t Expevts heretofore have expressed . a stage coach I and While outspoken In favor o Somo 40 passengers of sIssippi-Alabama bus tol-J how nn automoVille rij^jv: side of the bus and a youtl a, shotgun out the wi:i«!ov weapons \vere drawu and one show was fired at the on the bus. u IvUs-' T police! t- """ > alung i ihrustj •O'Htrovcrsv it '.cast pared with 9.353.000 during same period last year. Notice Is hereby given E, J. ryean, 5)5 Broadway St.. has made pplicatlon to operu.te tlires cars tor ire in th.o City of Blythevlllp. Any and all protest should be in iling and (\lcrt within ten U,ays \<\ he Office of the C|ty Clerk. FRANK WJUTWOBTH • City Clevis, ' Ranchers these days are lanes to ' traok down r U the state of Montana. HuMKo {Dainty COOKING- FAT M Wonderful! APARTMENTS FOR RENT MALDEN ARMY AIRFIELD '. . •'", "' •• ' at Mqlden, Misspuri Pending., disposal, of "11 in- part of this airfield by sale or lease, and as an aid to tlic GuvommeiH Housing I'rograni, the'following, described residential units at the i'ield are available for lease Lo veterans and other acceptable renters on a month to month basis." 2 (o 5 Rooms with ico boxes, stoves ;(i."' other "conveniences per room, per month. ;> .e. "I have discusse the matter with the Rev. Mr. Sadler, and we concur in the belief t Ihnt the entire state Hospital con- t be given every considera^ tion by unsellish. unbaised inier, i e.sts who have only the -welfare S. n. Howlon, a polico oflieial \"' »"> "iifortunatc inmates o_t from Graysville. \vho was rjdmg '.'*'- Wc ' lhci '< lf °rc, are respect- behind the aulpmobil->. vcvilleo the passengers' story. HowU n wlioj pcilico oflieial j fully demanding that the people trTt>sl.itc us a whole have a clear was bringing His wife tv n Dirm-! !l! C '" rc o[ ) vhy wc hnve i»™rreii ingliam hospital, said hr ; circw „„! "ispleasur^fromjertain interests." gun to halt the a^.omcbi!, but Illd ,,,. s s?mb(u . ^ ^ ^ ^ • ways shed its antlers annually, but \ nwv keep them for .several soa- his wife fnintil. He ?v,\.\ to Mop to attend her. Later, police arrested tv-o youths who admitted being in the auto-. mobile. They launchj-1 a searcli for the third, who was de.wihCEl by the other two as being • the source or the trouble.'' gonlif to the state police department. A.s fnr ns new loxos are concerned, C\«»IH representatives opinion that airplanes. <lriv;ji by senators envisioned a levy on chain atomic power, were in the fir off stores, while four 'senators and two I'lipne 22!)3. 12-;)/-i)lc-! -'U Fllt.lirp 1H\1 T<JI»*11f'^ r»r.l. ..»_..! TT _____ ____ ..-!._ . ______ I-] I ___ __ ft . _ ' ' * future, caused speculation that such po may be near. may's statement House -.neiubei-s would tnx soft Too Late to Classify Services Weal her stripping. SavcTfuc! hy havinjf door.-; and \\-in- dowr 1 \vca.lUeislvi|>|K-tl. C. AUCTION tj ir^k ™» S" • Here it is, your ch-mce la jjel a late rnpdcl car at Vpil.r own hUUIiiiK! All model cars and trucks up (or auction at 1 :<>« T. M. Thursday, januuvy 2nd. Come on out to Highway !S ;th<( take )>ar( this ()Bi>iii't\inity. don't ui> INVITED Inquire: Mr. R. I,. Ward, War Administration, Alalden Army Airfield, t'hone: Maiden 1000. Inspection: 8:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. daily including Sundays. AUCTIONS EVEHY STAUTINCJ 1;UO- I 1 , M. SHAH1' DOC DEAN & BAGGETT AUCTION SM.E > . . . Highway 18 DAVID REAL ESTATE CAN HEI.P YOU NOW! YOUR HOME-LOAN PROBLEMS SOLVED EASILY HERE! If you're looking for a home, (^v us sell you. If we 1 do not have whtit you want, we will build and liniincc one for you.. ; Cpj»e in and have an earnest talk about your plans . . . we'd be glnd'to h;lp you! DAVID REAL ESTATE & INVESTMENT COMPANY (4 N, 2u.d Street l»Uot\e :163S power drinks. There was also some men- 'ion of a "use lax." For Rent NEED A BATTERY RADIO? OO DIXIELAND has '«m! U. C. A. MOTOROLA : MAJESTIC lOOOhr. BATTERIIES SPECIAL! (hey last $5.95 Whatever you need for your omt can usually be found in our accessary a"ept. Don't waste time Cutting yo\\v ns\nie on \v;*Hi lists for Uic radio you Nyant . . . Dixieland Service has the very model you're looking for. We aVso have plenty of automatic record players still in stock! Come up today! DIXIELAND SERVICE ;\ . ELL| S POOLE, Owner and Manager , Highway 61 North at Holland, Missouri For Sale iv hi i*l.!•• n.,( r.,r ral,. T.ikc n™-. ll I'm,c.. .,u cr 4i ,, t . 1^ :ll-rt,-l J "A" a-fin Mnfri n... IIMV .Iniiii FniornntionAl Hnrdir.t; \vns the first president ! of the United States who drove vi I autor.iobilc himself. ' WHY SUFFER From Cold Weather? When you can simply rail 597 and have your grocci.Ir-s and meals delivered frfc hy our new fast SCOOTER DELIVERY. We siiarantcc you mus( be s.ilis- fifd wilh our selection. Frrsh Dressed Poullry [tally , . , MfadowbrDok Milk. ' ni IlisUway North—Phone 597 CECIL LOWE Grocery & Meats Allhoujf' 1 we're newconicr.s to Ijlythcvillc itnd haven't had the opportunity of nieet- iny everyone \ve would like to meet . . . u-e have had a good start hero and feel ^r- tlyil it thank *you is in the offing. Also, sivvce this is the be^innins of n braiw'. ue\v yc^r we would UUe to offer our best wishes to nil our friends and to thoss '-ve would like to have as our friends—all the goofl people of Hlytheville and Mississippi County! Happy Now Year! GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORP. SLYDE HARPER, M 9 r. 122 W«st AsK Street Phon* 4M «x. 147 HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is the wish of all of us here ;tl Fred Coni]);iny that this will bo the happiest prosperous of sill New Years for U <iv\il AlisKissippi Coxinty. Again \v HAPPY NE.W YEAR! the distributors of . S. Sitliba •mil most lyLheville ;;ay ---- HAV-A-TAMPA CIGARS FRED S, 5ALIBA & COMPANY 223 W. Ash St. Phone 337

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