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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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PAGE FOUR THE GETTYSBURG TIMES, WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 1968 DIRKSEN RAPS CIVIL RIGHTS FAIR HOUSING By JOHN CHAOWICK WASHINGTON (AP) The Senate has its first skirmish today over President Johnson's new civil rights bill, with its fair housing section apparently already doomed. What sounded like a fatal blow to a provision banning racial or religious discrimination in the sale or rental of all housing was struck by Republican leader Everett M. Dirksen ol Illinois. He called this part of the bill "absolutely unconstitutional" and said that, if this is retained, he could not support any move to break a filibuster against the legislation. OPPOSE DEADLINE "If you can tell me what interstate commerce is involved in selling or renting a house fixed to the soil, or where there is federal jurisdiction, I'll go out and eat the chimney off the house," Dirksen said.

Both Dirksen and Democratic leader Mike Mansfield of Montana said they would oppose any move to fix a deadline for action on the bill by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sen. Jacob K. Javits, reserved the right to make such a move when the bill was introduced in the Senate last Thursday. DEAD END In the past the Judiciary Committee, with Sen.

James 0. Eastland, as chairman, has been a dead end for civil rights bills in the absence of instructions by the Senate to act within a specific time. Dirksen played a crucial role in the passage of the compre hensive Civl Rights Bills of 1964 and last year's voting rights measure. Not only did he work closely with the administration in draft- Ing compromise language, but he also threw his support behind winning the two-thirds majority necessary to prevent Southern opponents from filibustering the legislation to death. He said Monday, however, that he would not try to choke off a filibuster against a bill he regarded as "absolutely unconstitutional." WELCOME NEWS Dirksen also said he knew of no way in which the fair housing section could be rewritten to make it constitutional and "still get the effect they want." This was bound to be welcome news to Southern senators who earlier in the day had met in the office of Sen.

Richard B. Eussell, to discuss their strategy for battling the legislation. However, Dirksen Indicated he would go along with other parts of the bill--to prevent ra cial discrimination in selecting juries, to increase criminal pen allies for intimidation or violence aganst civil rights workers, and to broaden the attorney general's power to file suits for the desegregation of schools and other public facilities. Needlecraft SPACECRAFT IS READIED FDR MAY 17 FLIGHT CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. (AP) Technicians bolt down the Gemini 9 spacecraft to the top of its Titan 2 booster rocket today, as astronauts Thomas P.

Stafford and Eugene A. Cernan make certain their spaceship is ready to fly. "At this point, we feel the flight plan, hardware and procedures are all in hand," Cernan said. "Now we can really sharpen ourselves, polishing the Wo Crochet set in easy shell stitch for baby's outings, visits to admiring relatives. So quick to crochet, you can have a set in time to welcome baby! Use 3-ply baby yarn.

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lot of changes at the last minute and neither does anyone else." The National Aeronautics and Space Administration said the astronauts would spend today and Wednesday attending a spacecraft flight readiness review. REHEARSAL PLAN Thursday and Friday, Air Force Lt. Col. Stafford and Navy Lt. Cmdr.

Cernan will rehearse their flight plan inside a practice capsule at Cape Kennedy. Gemini 9 is due to fly May 17. The space flight calls for a two-hour, 25-minute walk in space by Cernan, several rendezvous and docking exercises with an Agena target satellite, and firing the Agena's main engines while Gemini 9 is attached to it in space. The entire mission is expected to last three days. Technicians plan to spend the rest of this week checking electrical systems and radar communications.

Shredding cabbage for slaw? Quarter the head and a sharp knife. More Real Money At Chicago Track CHICAGO (AP) Counterfeit money passed at Chicago race tracks was only $625 during 1965. The Illinois Bureau of Race Track Police, a department of the Illinois Racing Board, said this is an infinitesimal figure when compared with the year's total pari-mutuel handle of $416,414,657, for 429 racing days and nights. The Secret Service Office In Chicago is immediately notified of the number of the bill and the city named on the bill and the bank uRon which it is supposedly drawn. This gives the service a lead as to where the "batch" originated.

The word then is passed to other localities to watch for the passers. Nationally, about $3,363,000 in contraband bills was recovered the fiscal year ending Juna 30, 1965. News Briefs PEACE FORCE TO REMAIN IN LATIN AREA CHICAGO (AP) Charles Yanofsky of Stanford University has been named the 1966 winner of the University of Chicago's Howard Taylor Ricketts Award for outstanding contributions to the field of biochemistry and genetics. Yanofsky, a professor in the biology department at Stanford, was chosen for his work hi studying the direction of protein formation by cells. CHICAGO (AP) The number of physicians in the nation has been increasing at a faster rate than the population, says Dr.

James Z. Appel, president of the American Medical Asso- DENVER, Colo (AP) more people are concerned about foreign policy than at any time since we were involved in a full-scale war, and yet few feel entirely right about what we'have," says the president of the League of Women Voters, Mrs. Robert J. Stuart. VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif.

(AP) The U.S. Air Force has launched its 113th Minuteman I intercontinental ballistic missile from this facility. COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)-Syphilis can be wiped out in the United State by 1372 if we use the medical and educational tools already available, says a U.S. Public Health Officer. William F.

Schwarts, chief of venereal disease education for the federal agency, said such a program of eradication depends on continued state and federal support. When recipes call for "large" eggs, use eggs that weigh 24 ounces per dozen; in other words, 2-ounce eggs. By ROBERT BERRELLEZ SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) Diplomats and other foreign observers in Santo Domingo think the Inter-American Peace Force may remain in the Dominican Republic through the summer. They said today indications are that neither of the two leading presidential candidates will obtain an overwhelming mandate in the election next month, ami the iorce wiii be needed to help the winner consolidate his position. There are 6,800 U.S.

troops in the peace force. The new president is to be installed on June 30. The observers speculate that the inter- American force may stay in the country until September. BOSCH TO WIN The general expectation is that ex-President Juan Bosch, candidate of the Dominican Revolutionary party, willl defeat Joaquin Balaguer of the Reformist party, bui that he won't get the 60 per cent vote he got in 1962. U.S.

troops fired on left-wing extremists who attacked a peace 'force observation post last Thursday after an anti- American demonstration in front of the U.S. Embassy. Six Dominicans were wounded. WITHDRAWAL HOPED But a general improvement in the internal political situation and withdrawal of the peace from the central part of Santo Domingo has heightened the hopes of some Dominicans that the foreign troops will leave soon. Officials in Wash- By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) Jumping to conclusions: Henpecked traffic cops write more tickets than those who are boss at home.

Bankers wear vests more often than the members of any other occupation. Kids and dogs today don't have as much fun as kids and dogs did 50 years ago. Guys with clammy palms al ways hold on the longest when "5th 1 his bride makes while munching her breakfast toast. There never was and never wiii be a wife able to eat toast silently. If you brought an uneducated I African aborigine to this coun- jtry, the only place he'd really feel at home would be at a college or cafe society dance.

You'd never guess one of the most annoying problems that faces a midget. It's simply mailing a letter. The color that turns men's heads most is pink. Any man will wheel and give a second look at a girl in a pink dress, no matter what kind of shape she has. Show me a fellow who always has a glass or cup full of neatly sharpened pencils on his desk, you.

I always feel sorry for people who go to a racetrack on a rainy day. They must lead sorry fives if they can't think of a better way to pass the time. ORDINARY NEIGHBOR Admirable qualities are always easier to appreciate at a distance. It is almost impossible to see greatness in one's next- door neighbor, even though the world should hail him. To you he is just another fellow who wears a dirty T-shirt while he mows his lawn.

We all salute the American flag, but not half of us can tell how many stripes and rows of stars it holds. The honeymoon is over when a fellow notices how much noise ington reportedly hope for a withdrawal in July. Neutral observers consider this too optimistic. They said although the peacekeeping efficiency of the Dominican armed forces and national police has increased with U.S. help -during the past six months, its real test will come when the electoral campaign heats up this month.

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (AP) A Denver, man said car radio was itolen last week in Las Vegas, but the thieves left the sound. Edward Doran said during a stopover in Grand Junction on a return trip to Denver from California that when his ear floes faster than 50 miles an hour he hears a folksinger's roice coming from under the instrument panel T'll iCiiVj 11 AAW isn't working very hard. If an executive has two secre- taries, you can bet on it that one will be" blue-eyed, and wfll be full-bosomed. To find out which is the best doctor in a hospital, ask the oldest and homeliest nurse.

The most frustrating thing about new false teeth is that WM. but won't let you whistle loud enough to halt a passing taxi ORDER NOW FOR MOTHER'S DAY Delight Mom With Ont of Our Orchid or Carnation Decorated Cakes SPECIAL FOR MOTHER'S DAY $2.25 WOLF'S DELIGHT PASTRIES 46 S. QUEEN STREET LITTLESTOWN, PA. buy Stroehmann Sunbeam bread just to get this coupon? HONOLULU (AP) A memorial to more than 26,000 American war dead, dominated by a 30-foot statue of Columbia, has been dedicated at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. Mother's Day Dinner (Fried Chicken) SUNDAY, MAY 8 CASHTOWN FIREBALL Serving from 11:30 Till Adults $1.75 Children 90c Children Under 6 Years of Age Free BENEFIT OF CASHTOWN FIRE CO.

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