The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1946
Page 7
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MO'NDAY, DECEMBER 30, lo4C CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Mrl'lous"'" P " ""* (0r WSMCUtl « '"• Minimum Ohaife _ JJQ C 1 time per Hot " ~ 16c 2 limei ft, Jlac per diy ' ~~ li'c J times ]i«r line per day J Be 0 limes i.<r Hue per day I.I. 7c U times per Hue [ier d«y Gc Month jier lino SOc Count rive iveraje words to Oie Hue. Act ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the ad all- J>ear«d and adjustment of till made. All 01»ssltU.l Advlrtillue copy, sub. • : .fteii by persons residing outside of the •Tuy must £ e aci'ojiipcnied by casli. Kate* may be easily computed from the above ulle. Advertlslni! • order for irrejtihr Insertions lakes the one time rate. 1*0 responsibility will he taken lor more than one Incorrect [nscrllgu of any I'laulNcd «J. • For Sale Xlttl oil birr-l r«e»« chine Sliaii. 0.11 ma Services Tractor, .repair* and . EJectrk ,nd « c «tyi«t« welding. DUckrimlth work Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. 3-lD-ck-tf W. r*p«lr .11 r,,,,.. K»,i,i n -, K ,,ki,;,, rtx»rcJlrrj> o ( k |,,j „, C0ll< im oll Allll »V i "'rf. '""• l' icv "l' ""-1 ilelli-i B],>U,.i!le MiclllIB Bbou Inlrk u . . MONEY TO LOAN Do you heed a loan to repair or rem.odcl? No down pay- merit, no mortgage, no ri'd tape. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 2031. Lynch Blrlg., uiylheville. "liitPM bo lit Vcnettvi Ij.lLdt—ll t»p» effort. 'J'hr««- w»»ki d«lLr«ry. D»il'J f*'»t > W«l]p*p«r tloie. lon-ck-lf *J*T« buyer for yor.r koma. H. . 0, HI' ttevillf kl _ _ _ ^ „,„„,. ,,,. r ,d ry . ,„,,„',. m ~.,,..~^ ( ~,i. ti " l!ll >' wnslimi! ri,i, K l> dry ,ir fiicishr.l. ' ''". '''"""' v 1I1J (AUK.) COURIER NEWS STOP! fni-UHus mid Kjui, . t a l.jr ri[ INK your \VnnL wuHliinj: iniirl: <'.>lii|il,-1v Kl.ick ../ r,'|,lj,TiiiprLt ].• I'roini.l ninl rdL-lrnt curvirr. KJ. ivfirXliiansliit.. M.irilKiilnciy \Vut,\ ., IV lain rl-.-ll | < [cjtis good enle. I'hun raBH uncl leji^tileza 8<i9. I 2- 1 l-|>k-l| 1 1 ' tosi Double t,'i> r i*x L '. ttlj -' :i %';r,-(..-. i ii,> — i-«r n,ii,,,i-u T lu-nnlidillvvlili I he ni-n- X •ll.-:iK I'uinf .V Wulliia) k up. » I I lilfuliliraliiin liriiri-ti-l Mill, I,:,.:,, (!,„• Aniihi.ui-.'. I tli.n lluniiLim'k K,-w:inl Pl.-.n,. -M-I7 I21»7-i-k-:il I . . K'!27",.k:il )'n . Kf bit,I ,!»>;. ri,.,i,,. • nl. ll:21-rk-:il i;'27-'i'k-l!27|l7 I •«•«)-, slip j:ick Mill, luiiinU "Kc WficTK^rr^'Sale; Itrand ^^^'^r^S' ^H^.^ l 91". t.'i ri-wanl fnr lack. »i..'.l) • Jiflii'll.-. Jl';L l ;t'|,(;.:tl . new Schwab Off ive Safe. Never Used. C'uii lie .seen at lO'J' East Main Street or call J. Mell lirooks. Jr., at telephone 811. ili-28-ck-lf Truck Tor sale: ton ;md a half extra duty 19-12 Chevrolet. lit .(iericcl con ; (lit ion. Will sell cUeap. Can he seen by. . appoint mi'rit. teleiihonc .Sll ov 21-17. _ _ Ili-fl. trailer willi clnlliis nn.l |i r ,^ i tnnilwil will. s M us!.-; 1 IJ.ri. Iruc-k ),<-,!. slnc-k and low »id,.|,oanls S.. RI.III Klc-c-cl. l,,. ac l,vil!c. e Jlnn^c. t)u,> yiiin-rllj.rile riil .jui-lj. Cnhin.'t. Tnlil,. iici.I Uo older »rllc-ll-.s. I'hoiiv 12[27-|ik-3l Bvorn Irarlnr ciillivnlnr Illllill,'. W. I, I'llL'll »,J,'.I -Mi,. 12127-1. 'K: l>ro|iHiii- n»« hi-«lliiK-nnil« for limn.' nncl ,.m<-C'. Cull Rrlirrkfnl- <> Jl; K. Huinnu :,t - JL4^ Con>|ih'le ,-,. t'.-ail iriolnclm 10(1 K »l. l^uk. -I floor tic-Blnr wiriiiK iin.l tutrinx. [)he Cushm?«h Motor Scooter Vvith windshield am! dcces- sories, inA-i condition. One new 8 foot stainless steel, dry storage drink box: E. B. Gee Sales Co. 12-27-ck-7 ' Htm lol. .I.Iinn.^ IDir. -l-d 1!IJ1 Kiii-i r;,,lia com,!' 11M7 Kurd. 4 .l.ior ia:m I'lyi.icimh i ,l,,nr 19.1S ll,,i^k. 4 .lour Al.liKN SKKVICK STATION 119 K. Main— ('all !I2S I iun,l,.| .Inlm Do.-ro tractor linnet,. ilU,- |.l.,.,l,.r. rulti. niun-or. J. ('. HIII-III. l.uxora CDA1; ,il lllj-llicnillr Citi Co. 12|.in-rl:-l ir, 5 rooms and bath on W. Davis. Needs minor repairs. This house can, be made into nice home. I.arse garden space and Rood servant house. Modern home, f> rooms and halh, equipped \vilh attic fan, hot water heater, automatic floor futnacc. Immediate |K)ssessiriii. Combination grocery, fruit stand, and meal market, well equipped antl doing fine business. Priced to sell. See or call Max Logan, Realtor, Office iti Lynch Uldfr, Phone- 2'0:U. Wliil.. Cnifh vrist ,valr ,\],Kii-iiiu I,:,,,,J. }(»i,,. .lot Jial ; Tli.>>,ll,y S.'V r..w will. M:irk J.'icr With c-.llf. II mil..* M,-S[ til <:n]unun .it, J It. A. AlkiiiN. Cio«;j,.ll. I^Hi Blaek male Cocker Spaniel! named Hex. Recently trimmed, oversize ci)ltar -.vith rahic.s taf;. Liheral reward for return to Or. M. L.' Skaller, phone 2.>;jli. I Is Your Car a Menace? Diiii't drive a ear thill Ihrcalens your lift- arid (itiu-rs, too! llnii K it liy Phillips today and trade il lit on a later 1'Ml or liM^modol. You'll rid* holler, (Vel more comforlahle ami he .safer . .' . ,,] lls that you inn do- pond OH i'iiiitip.s to ,jivo y.iti a fair (hide! WE BUY AND SELL USED CARS PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—lijytheviiie. Ark. f«l. 453—J721 For Rent U '*VIKI); MHvr , ' ••'. »'iii fnii..»iiii: i,, t;.,,i,,;, v ,"""" 1 •'<»-!"m. Illy v|||,. a.,,'1 ..;• ..L-,,.,1.1. A.l,,,li-,. ;„„! M,,,,,.!,!,. '• Hi.— ,,.. r.v,-,.|l..,n . ll ,, lll ,.|, 1 , li , v f( .,, '. •'''• '"'I". »'ll II [,miwi. x i,.irki'r. ""•• K"N V , .. C..m'li-v N,.«. U :n> |,k IL' 17 '-'•"' Sllll:.-!- KlM Sifivli-,, null™, i. i M... I. „,•,.,!, (i,;, 1 ,',!" i^'bf'y.", llv I,, l)KI,.|.i,,,| s,.,.,.!,; f ""r,. I'li.Mu, Slr.-lu 17|':>;. Ml. ml I -' V7-[il. :i I MM.I l.c I'jlll lit All Mi,, rk II ,,,| in k. tl. Wanted to Rent nl. I'lionp 'JU? rll L 1-j.L 1| I Us Help You— ! STOP DRINKING I I 1 There is no medical remedy forji drink . . . but we can help you'f resist its iuiluence! No cost to yon t —only co-opeiation. ' JUST CONTACT J Alcoholics Anonymous ! Box 873—lllyllicvillc, Ark. J We Repair All Make Radios LOY EICH Chevrolet Co. 700. "Tramp" steamers work harder thnn nuy olhcr type of oceaii-go- lii{! vessel. Local * Long Distance Moving Competent Help and equipment. A<le- «ii«cly Insured contract a"<I Misc. Sorvlccs. HOIM Service k Storage Co. . Phone 2SD1 IF YOU NEED— Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers Ice Cream Boxes Home Freezers or Any Heavy Refrigerator for ImmeiUatc Delivery CALL Stecle 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE EI.LIS I'OOI.E, Owner * _M C r. Highway 61 North at HOLLAND, MO. >fflc« /Jour « for rent.* Entir i3a E. ftliJn. I' second Q« H')L. 0|li l-f.-lt l.iltlil In Kyoi t I'jiH \\", 12^7 |.l.-:tt Wanted liilrr. I.. ).<.i A.>|!.-1,- C.-i'if. film iv t>M>ri» .11. llyi-J. iii'l'.'.l LIU." r ]„,„«.. r^.ll SS2. r-VJV.pv.i!; IllllUllV'I.S of tllllt'S. l';u'll I'Otl- luliilti!! » st'inirutc iicivi'. mul:o un eucli lool li of t|u> Afrlciin ivtuil- VII! k. WASHER SERVICE riillllp frtt spnn. C"««. FlUI, I'ou. •»« 8«>ll Ayph»ijc:eH Fcualred ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W A.JAMM M|I. Phone 2882 for a Taxi O, K. CAB .lurk, Ownrr Taken Up Loons Wanted To Buy OONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. j 6-3-ck-tl I Cash for wrcfkctl or jtmlc automobiles. We'll come and jfct it; Wade Auto Salvage. North Hi\vy 'il, phono .'J78S. 12-2(i-|ik-1-2{i 12 2C-pk-l-!>C Automobile Loans Convenient Way (o BO-TOW COMPARE OUR RATES Personal Loans For EDUCATIONAL EXPENSE. TAXES "nil Insurance. Doctor Bills, Accumulated Debts QUICK, Confidential Service Credit , Universal C. !. T. Company IIS N. Second at. Blylhcvllle. Ark. _ _ 12,3-,-lc-lCJ "Pit" Acjcrl Radio Service AtiAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams, Mjr, Phone 2071 206-08 W. M.iin GATEWAY SERVICE CO. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lcntz Dub Sizcmorc L A S T L O N G E R you bring your car to Lby Eich Ctiev- rbier Co., ybii'r* assuring ydurtelf of trie very best in car servicing . . . w he trier it's a complete overhaul Or simple everyddy needs. So, *ith this handy service at your finger tips—why go elsewhere—bririg ybiir cor to Lby Eleh. CHEVROLEf PARTS If yod own a Chevrolet car and find ir Iki h'ecd of ridrts replacement.. . bring it right' down to Lby Eich where genuine Chevrolet parts are handled. You see, Chevrolet pdrts are proeisiori parts — made for your Chevrolet car. LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Phohe 578 KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 ANYTIMR Day or Ni^ht "The Old, Reliable" ANY11MK Day or Nighl G. O, POETZ Yonr Scarce ol Service PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Office n at. Cherry ME* How's Your Car Calendar? You may have winterized your car at the start of the season, but has it been serviced since that time? Why not bring your car in to Lang- stoh-Wroten today? ... See if the transmission grease is at the proper level, check o'it, give it the proper grease job alf over . . . it'll run better in apprcciutren! Langsfon-Wrofen Co. Salei— BU1CK— Service U - S - Tirei Mobilga. and Oil TtfephoB* 1*1 Give Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP J21 W. Main St. Suve Moury Toiluy, Any STOP AND SWAP Kr.BEIlT HUFFMAN'S RADIO REPAIR SERVICE Ahy Make or Model 1 to 2 Days, Service We Call.,For. and Deliver PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan MOTOROLA Sales and Service 100 South First DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Sr^n" IM.VA.I., SMITli, <:oil<»NA :in<i KMMINOTON 110 N. 8KCOND ST. PHONE (Evrry Trnnsnclloii MUST BE S,\T1SFACTO11Y) FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tilo Sixes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. 61 at Slate }Ant> rturne Hlytheville 714 PRESCRIPTIONS FY«.h Stock , Gunrant«ed liaot Prlc«* kirby Drug Stores Refrigerator Servfci ^' ''red tiwlrr !j ; ADAMS APPLIANCEif CO., |iie. I; ^• t w. *£««•.'. &&' Phone W. W. J, Pollard INSURANCE G/enco« Hbte/ BWj), Phone 354i Announcement — ' We Are Now Equipped to Give You Complete DAIW REPAIR DUUT SERVltE Welding - Glass installed - Painting City Garage & Welding Shojj 328 K. MAIN James Russell S74 Dan Russell ROOT^ANTt HRR RtmtlfRS 10 Not Tliiil, »avy PRtTW SooM & OO^^VN W&H 5CWJOV C0\.tt&ti ftMO ' BE FRRCKLES AND' nrs F-RIRNDS f WlWTAKB'OO UfS AM E*TRA\ ' I OOIM& WITH THAT/ For. POP-.: Hot Stuff / CARBUREriOM! I I BOOOHr (IA PEEL'S (WO L'i^ft.ij.K^ i YtAM--MQ. f=ORA CARBURttoR.? I PEEL hlAD .. -, 'One. FOR. W / SIX BfTS.S'ir \ I I'D RATHE R.PAV I |\ MORE AND <iEr \ x QUAt-ITY.' cjs ANS\VER. To JET PROPULSION/) ~^w^r °~o n BLOSSE( .O)i A :

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