The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1946
Page 6
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Aiofesn "•V* i"* •' ^* • ental Policies Indergo Change t Newly .Converted Units i: To Cost More But Will .11 Encourage Construction & , ^WASHINGTON,. Dec. 30. —(UP) -[-The government, anxious to see unuse<l housing • space converted ic[lo apnrtiiients for veterans, is n,u(horizing. landlords to clinrge litelier rents Tor newly converted idhlts. iRei'it experts Of tile New York Office of Temporary Controls rc- vjjalecl today'{hey have boosted the iijai'Elrt .by which rcnli on nc\v con- wrslons .chn-exceed ceilings In the community generally. ,H \vas learned at the same time •feat the Federal Housing Administration hopes to take administration of rent ceilings on future conversions out of OTC's litinds en- -.This could—but would not necessarily—lend, (o even higher ceilings. iBoth moves were described ns efforts to encourage the Inci't-.-is- iljely-high investments that ape required to make over old houses, attics and basements Into separate Housing units. ;f,C)ose to 75,000 accommodations have .been provided for veterans this year through conversions Housing officials hope Ihi 5 record w(ll be exceeded in 1047. je During the war liovertuncnt- eponsored private conversion produced 250,000 housing; unit s for war workers. This heavily denied the supply of available buildings. ,,.The rent experts said ceilirj[r s on converted units now can exceed community levels on comparable Hre-war quarters by $1 per $1 000 building cost. The margin previously had been raised to $3. ;Jhe usual conversion cosls several thousand dollars., Thus landlords are allowed n bonus—perhaps m to $10,per month—to off-set splraling construction charges ijlvan Carson, OTc rent director, soid he had received no proposal lo .urn over the conversion ceilings JJ,£_A. T ' was learned elsewhere, ' 'he move Is bcinB (ARK.) COURIKR They're Top Bridge Team - - _S ! •.--"-'"T .t --•-•' Laney to Send Tax Proposals Before Voters LITTLE HOCK, Ark.. Dec 30 <CJ.P.)— "Oi'nei-nl (nx- wbjcJi proposals wbjcJi .-DC siKjccssrHi in , riti thvcngh the Arkansas G wi'u / B jvinbly. can expect ,-0114:1 «„!„,; ni the hands of Gov. Ben La-icy .'Hi? c'hii'f c:xccnti/ d .'etl'are'i lie would u/J)iotd |.|s pn-vj-juslv ;u-.nounccd policy or J>HIMI>< ' |)001>lc Pi-Hi lc-r ^Jn'Hi" ''V McK , e "' Ic y. lefl - W-A Service brldfie editor nn.l executive Ecci-ctary of the American Contract Undue 1 ciifluc me*™', trophy ,«, n Jay Becker, of New York and S^ney Silmlo, , - ,• of Philadelphia. -Hey won national ope,, pair rlinmpioiislijp c «n- tract bridge contest at I lolly wood, Flu. Appearance of Bogus $500Bills "ails to Alarm Agents of the FBI 11Y I,,UIKY DA1.K iVnitt-ii t'rcv. Staff Currcsnondeiit) OPrAnLO'lTE, N. C., Dec. 3D — F.'deval Biueaii ol Investigation officials rto'.liUccl today that appear-1 nn:e in North Ciirnllnn of three! bof-un S5CO )>lll.s ivliicli were passed I In Siuxli Arabia indiralcd existence! of a new intcrmi'ional counterfeit-' ing ring. The iilioncy federal reserve bunk notes, received by ,-i Wiiiston-S.-ilein firm whose name was not disclosed In payment for goods, nppenred to bi part of a series which origi- nuted in GcKnim-omipiod Prance in 1841. u was recalled that duri;ii; the war the Germans printed billions of dollars in counterfeit allied currency. ' Their aim was to break down ni-' lied money, destroy faith in it, pay undercover agents, pass it in lieu-' Ira! countries, and create it general > nuisance. Many times during the war .swasllku-maiked planes drop-: peel thousands of live pounds (Sau) notes on British soil IUH! in order' for a person to cash a real one In Groat Britain he had to endorse' i It wltli his naino nnrt address anil,' if he w;is in the iirined foives, with his seiial number. Vast quantities ol this bogus currency wen- ruptured by allied troops i" Ihclr march across Europe An pni acciil who did not 'wish his rmme used said it was quite possible these bills which recently tinned up In this state had been carried Into Saudi Arabia by someone iviio had pnsse<l through Germany duriHH the wav after liostil- itlcs ended. U was conceivable that they had changed hands many times as paymem without those handling- them knowing they "-ere counterfoil and thai they j,, st ,,ow were being; "returned" to the United Slates, "Or if someone wnnls to say Hitler escaped from Germany nnd went to Rand! Avnbln with a wild of them there's no one who ("in ' prove it isn't so," bo said, adding "ni least nut right now.": i Kai Ascnl I/jiils D, SoL-oy saidi I he did. not )j|| e vc appearance of the three uo.-tbteis notes was -niiy- 1 mini! to p,i-t excited about. 11 -These bills were not pai'tlrnlai-iv' Mod" Socey said. -They were printed on mi inferior grade of na- per and the v.-oifojiansliip i ras nothing extra. They had the picture of William McKinley a , U | Lh( , Imprint r,i the Federal Reserve Bank of Nev.' Yo:k. They've shown u-j in several towns in the United Slates In recent years but not in any great quantity. "it's relatively easy to pass such bills In foreign countries. I suppose. because foreign bankers nrcn't .vo familiar with our bills." ' n new tux or Incrcasm;; .-xidtliM' levies. liy general tnx the governor said he meant a " l-'.x" an in- crcnsc In gn.sollne tax, 1 hike l:i llu- .sales tax or any l,.v.i wlilcn ivould bs bumc by (.v: 'uin iorliy of the people. "I think It is up (o t.'ic people in say whether o,- not tlinv want !•) pay inon; taxes anil before m-y !)••«- (jcn'waj tux is lcv|..-J / Jn'- li-nd to put Hie qucslii.i to tlic voters," the Governor .I'tit^d. Lnncy iiidlcated that lu- d»..- s not, ii/'Hide. a las on aviation luel or iiiiv rlhej- "specialised" (:,\ ;, s f. gesiei-al tax—and said In probablv would not oppose such in \ -.siircs.' IH'dlani Made 1'leasiint SOUTHAMPTON, Mas.s. (UP> — Residents ot Bedlam Street have '.von a long fight for a leess embar- rassing iimiitf.' They persuaded H>e ' town fathers to change ih e mime to Pleasant street. J\tONDAY, liKCRJVrHK'U .To, 1D!G H'--nd Ccuricr News Want Ads. everything In 'UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY ! »er Guard JewHry S| o re •; A. F. OftTRICH, (Mg f . .. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEYEtlNG PRIVATE RQA&S OR ANY EveryMiiriig Ybii Need! Furniture is a Sound 'Investment in Comfort! floor Lamps — Table Lamps Innerspring Mattresses — Box Springs Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 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PALMETTO \ MD.riLPEEDIT / MAYBE Hf\V\ JEXCH BEFORE VOUB\ BftCK TO 10U / GOOCT Neyv = - ^£°)!!? ™f!* NP AA.T ONCE/f FO*VOU WEN IHERE /s^s^^^\ IREIURN, TOMORROW! f)) './ Trt>; OWUER' OF A UT SOON A CA6 ARRIVES AND 115 OCCU RED RYDKK (^-"it "^ FKWO FTARMAN <• ttci} men i c^ss c-a -->,-• L ASAl^ST THAT i",CjV J- t~-?7?r~* —^--—1«. i^^f tfk .,„ f'VE OF 'EM... "\ PROBABLY HEADING FOR ^ ^°^, M , L ,IKELV in 1 WASCAL RIVER TERWIOR-?,. T BROKE Jc'MON, MEN, THcV'VE ONLv M,^. OTHER / GOT A TWO-HOUR START.. NIGHT A WF'LL SMOKE 'EM OUT ^•^^^^^M^^^^T^ MEV HIDM'T I GULCH SHERIFf-4 A LO! iL", UCH ATOUGH CUSVOMER Ar

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