The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1946
Page 5
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1940 Arkansas Safety Record is Good Magarinc Compiles Data on Fatalities In Southern States Southern states. Including Arkansas. Louisiana and all those east of the Mississippi except Florida, have iicc-idenlal death records ^'Uial to or far belter Ilian most y-TOT sections of the nation, according lo an article In the February issue of The American Magazine just published. Rhode Island is Ihe safest state in the union, according to the innnazine, with "a rale of 5-1 fatalities for' each 10,000 people lasl year. Georgia and North Carolina "•jink second n nd third with less "'an six accidental deaths for each 10.000 inhabitants." A map Illustrating the article shows that Florida, with 8.2 violent 'tcalhs per 10.000 people, accorrt- ">K to National Safety Council figures, has the poorest record of all states east of thc Rockies below "he Mason-Dixon line. "Winter visitors to Florida are lo blame for a lai'Ke proportion of the traffic "filths that help make thist state a 'lark spot on the map," the mac- "'))>e explains. Hanked next to Georgia and "Oi-ih Carolina among the south- er)) states and the number of ac- c '< ent fatalities per 10.000 inhabit• "is are Mississippi and south .Carolina, with 0.1 each; Alabama, r»-J: Tennessee, e.:i; Louisiana, 64- Arkansas 8.7: and virgin!.-, s.g The raic in Texas jumped to 76 and to 73 in Oklahoma and Kentucky Nevada, the riskiest stale of all is three times as daiiRcroiis a place o live in as Rhode Island," the "Mgazme states, addiiiK: -You are lost secure from accident it you l»e m the South. Next i,, orrte , J of safety are the North Atlantic si-lies, followed by the Great I,akr-s )i an". "» C1>St ° f thc Missiwip- <'>e MlSipp'lf u£ 0 bceome? Sf ,,-o f pressivcly. more haLrdo'us^'reach- BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COUBIER NEWS Tugs Presidential Finger «^ s r^±^ °' lly Spa Policeman, Friend of GIs, Loses His Job HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. Dec. 30. > , (UP)—C»r)tain Jerry Watkins—nationally known member oi the Hoi Springs Police Department—today is wondering why he was dismissed from thc force "without cause." Watkins slid yesterday that Safety Commissioner Weldon Raspberry informed his Thursday night that he "wouldn't be needed after Jan. I." Watkins indicated that his dismissal came atoul because of his friendship with GI candidates in Garland Comity. Patrolmen O. D. Griffin and J. H Biyant of the Hjt Springs department were also discharged 'Tor the good of the department." Watkins said he was told that his dischn.-pc c amc about under orders from Mayor Leo McLaiif hliii "I asked Rasberry if he had any complaints or charges against me nnd he said he had none" Watkins declared. ••They gave me no reason lor my dismissal. I am not a drunkard, pa ymy dcbls and hnv e tried at alt times to conduct myself as a gentleman." "The only reason I can ascribe for this action is a conference I fieri with Mayor MrLaughlin last July when he c.illori me into Ills office and told me he had heard 1 was lor thc Gl's in the election 1 lold him he could hear anythinr .hoc." Walkins—one of eiuht city police officers selected to guard delegates io the World Peace Conference in San Francisco has solved numerous major crimes and has arrested several well-known criminals who lied fled to the Spa for cover His latesl publicity arose from Ihc solving of ihc S54.CCO Eskny Art Gallery jewel robb-ry in H ot Springs within five hours. Argentine Ambassador Off for Spain HUENOS AIUES, i>e. 30 iui>> — I ui- new Argentine nmbassndoi' lo Spiiiu win as s im !e j,is post in Madrid despite Ihc unll-FriuKo resolution passed b v Ihc United Millions General Assembly, it w,ia disclosed officially today I*. Jose Arec. who 'headed thc- AtKciillnc delegation to iho ussmn- ' After being advised In flight to Kansas Citj from Washin e to,, of the presence or baby month-old son of Columbia Broadcasting r,vs'- m Conciliator >•.' • Adams, a- Presidential Press Party plane. Preside. Truu,,, ~ n « ^ \^ ^ I' thl'"^' ^'^^ ,f both planes h, Kansas city. Mrs. Anl . UB . wlro HC :„„„„,,„«, „„ hllsta ,, (i „<„„, Jl)Ul . e us M "«,rl rruman. who met her falher at the ai n ,,r, ,,„„„•« the child. President 'ri,,' n n,u ,1 - t 1 c " :np home to spend Christmas with his family. . Nf v\ Telephoto , l 5 Qthman Hates to See 1946 Razzle-Dazzle Give Way to '47 Veteran Baptist Minister Plans to Retire Jan. 1 T , 7 ' CT SPRINGS. Ark.. Dec. 30. 'UP>-Dr. W. J. Kinsley, pastor of the Second Baptist Church and president of the Arkansas Baptist Convention, today is preparing to retire from thc ministry after 18 years .ol service. His resignation is to be effective Jan. 1. Dr. Hinsley is a native of Arkansas f.nd spent his entire life in this state, holding pastorates at Gurdon Dardahelle. Hooncvllle, Arkadelphia and Hot Springs. BY FREDERICK C. OTIIMAN United 1'ress Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Dec. 30. — (UP) —Only one day more of 194G Is left to go and I must say I'm sorry; I doubt if there ever has been a '.vilder-eyed Washington year than this one. It had its tears.'of course, but it also provided more than its share of smiles and belly-laughs. Here's Father Time, with a chuckle in his whiskers, functioning us the best Bag-writer of them .ill: Thc Public Land Office investigated the possibility of deeding a segment of thc moon to Bob Burns and his Uncle Fuddy. The Con- gi'c £ slonal florisl personally pinned nn orchid on the cliest 'of Jane Russell; I never saw a ncrvouser horticulturist. The British Ambassador imported a private bag-piper. The Russian embassy called a press conference, which revealed among other things that the envoy from Moscow likes garlic tn his stew. The six restaurants In the Pentagon, biggest office building in the world and now perhaps one of 'he emptiest, baked their bread |n ,'rivc-sldcd loaves. Thc Army bought a jet plane to demonstrate in Washington, but at the lasl retraced moment discovered it, had forgotten to bring along the kerosene. Old-fashioned gasoline won't work in the newest aerial scooter. Two Mississippi politicos s;ol into a fist fight in the Senate caucus room and smashed a senatorial cuspidor on the red velvet carpet, [•'red Orsingcr placed on his Commerce Department wall a stuffed fur-bearing [rout [leopard furi to prove there is such n beast. The government came lo thc official conclusion that the two-pant suit is not a crime. The surplus properly boys sold SDGO.COO wortli of new machinery • or junk; turned out they peddled il sight-unseen because it was slor- cd on a vacant lot. it was raininp and they didn't want to get their shoes muddy. A sunny day might have saved them some, embarrassment. Anguished cries echoed through lh^ marble halls when Rep. John Taber. the economical Republican from New York, said he intended io fire about 1,000,000 federal clerks. Fur coats got , so cheap that some, ladies or fashion rcluscd to wear the common things. The man Bilbo's scheme to build a capitol stadium with a collapsi- WHY SUFFER From Cold Weather? When you C :m simply call 597 and Imvc your Rroccrics and meals delivered free by our new f-tl SCOOTER DKLIVEUV. We guarantee you must be satisfied wilh our selection. Fresh Dressed Poultry daily . . . Mcadowlironk Milk. ' 61 Highway North—Phone 597 CECIL LOWE Grocery & Meats b!c root collapsed. The city fathers poixlere ( | unciv means Ut'to proof the local jail against escaping prisoners armed with bed sheets and butler knifes; <i>> to rid Ihc town, and in particular ihc Treasury Department, of a couple million starlings. Toy baloon.s wouldn't scare the latter; neither would 40 strategically placed Klaxons.' 'Hie Treasury Proeurenu:..!, Division placed a larger order for lape. woven, cotton, red. The publisher of nw social register had to print a hurry-up supplement, eliminating the names of numerous Democrats and inserting those of newly fashionable Republicans. The U. S. Spruce Corp., a federal agency organized to help win the first world war. went out or business 28 years late)-. Striking pilots of TWA said theirs was not. cither, a gold-plated, emerald-crusted labor dispute, ''an Aiiici-lcan Airways inaugurated Trans-Atlantic, movies; i observed, tne..worjd, premiere 'of same six months ago and only now do I find it amusing. Delicate members or Congress Installed for themselves an ultra-private restaurant, uhcre they can down the CO cenl special lunch, insu.'nted from Ihe gav.c of hungry constituents. And so. . . . farewell. I9IU; 1C47 may bo as funny, but I doubt Little Rock Mayor Names Acting Chief of Police r.ITTI.E ROCK, Ark., Dec. :iO. iU»''). Assistant Police Chief J. I Steed today Is preparing to take over in Ihe capital city ,-is chief of police, following his appointment yesterday bv Mayor Dan Sprlck Steed will succeed Chief J. A. Pitcock whose resignation becomes er- feclive next Wednesday. Appointment of a regular chief will be delayed until the stale ICE- islatnre has had an opportunity to consider legislation which would lal:e thc police jcb from under civil service. Thclma U-iir Juckson PlalnlUI vs. Nu. 89UU l-'rank Jnekfion Uefondaiil, The defendant l-'rnnk Jackson is hereby warned to np|)eiir wllliln thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer tlic complaint or ihu plmmm, Tin-linn' Lear Jacksim. Dated this D day of December, 1IAIJVKY MOIlUIS, Clerk C V. Cooper, Ally, lor l>tf. CK-iie I-:, llrndlcy, Ally, ml iM sm . i iv would not carrv out the •oroimuendalion approved' In New York on Dec. 12 . 'The anll-Frnnco resolution calls U|»n UN member slates to withdraw ihelr to,, diplomats from but does not compel Ihem to do so. U was passed by n vote 1 ol M lo C. wllh Argentina. Costa | »!<•». the Dominican Republic. Ecuador. El Salvador and 1'cril easting Ihc negative votes ) I Arcc said that the new innbassa- »<"'. Pedro Radio, who sidled lor Sp«lii Mst simday, would KO ahead! and present his credentials to' Generalissimo Franclsro Franco I He termed (he resolution "su! ratercd down" Hint the UN delcca-' t mis knew It would not clmnuo the situation In Spain. WAUMN<; In tin- OiHiu-eiy ('ouri, ciih-ln- »iwt«i IHstiM. MhKis.,1,,,,1 (.'outilv, Aijiniisiis. Allwi t "'"HUPS ........... 1'laUitllf VS. No. !l«81 . Mni-li) Phillip., ......... Defou.l.u.l, Iho defeiHlnnl Marie Phillips h hereby warned to appeal' wllhln hlrty days In the n m n named In Ihe i-aplioii hereof und muiwr the '""' "' lhc IJaied this aa day of November I'flO. 1IAUVKY MOHItlB. C'ler!; C-. I''. C.'ixipi'r, Ally, f,,,- j>if tiem. 1-;. llradley.'Ally. ml 'l.llem. IfYmirChiUHasACoU Distress While He Sleeps AT UOTIMI rub throat, client nncl back with soothlnu Vicks Vapollub. Ils relief- brlnglnff action starts Instantly . . . Invites restful, comforting stocp.Thon It... B«il-!<nown horn* r«r m!s«r!ei of cold* wouts KW HOUU to brins relief during the night/ Often by morning most distress of Hie cold Is *;one. Try It! ... Get • Vlcks VupoUub today, itdy you can UM to ralbv* warming VICKS VAPORUB Lcpanto Senator Favors State-Owned Stores For Wholesaling Liquor LITTLE HOCK. Ark.. Dec 30. (UP)—Efforts to place Arkansas in the wholesale liquor business ijaimrt another supporter today when Sen John S. Mosby of Lepanlo told United Press that he would b.vl; such a ineasurc. His announcement came -ifiir Sen. E. J. Duller of Forrest Oily said llwt he will introduce a ,iro- Dosal into the 1947 General Asvin- bly—the object being to place the slate In the wholesale Honor business. Butler docs not favor taking OVTI' retail stores and Mosby has ru;-o voiced his opposition to such a ;lrrn. Only one oilier senator lias indicated support of the proposal and lie has refused to be quoted. Five senators have expressed themst-lv^s as opposed to such a plan nil five told United Press they were undecided. i . Roosevelts Return From Russian Tour NEW YORK. Dec. 30. IUP>—Prc- [tnici- Josef V. Stalin looked "«- |1;-emcly well" when he visited him I last, Saturday, Elliott Roosevelt snul upon h!s arrival here from a six weeks' .tour,of Russia and Poland Roosevelt, thc second son of the late president, and ID'S wife, mnvlu actress Faye Emerson, arrived at La ClHauiiii Field yesterday. "We visited Slnlln In Moscow rm I IDS birthday Dec. 21." Koo.wv-11 said. "We had a very nice Him.. I I can say very definitely rcwdlnc Ills health that he looked extremely well." RoBsuvclt said he would continue to oppose certain foreign and domestic policies of thc present ad- ministralion and said he Intended to lake an active part in Ihe 1910 election. Asked if he had made a JcHu'lc presidential choice for 104(1 h- replied: "Not yet." Thc Roosevelts will make I heir headquarters at the family hoin- at Hyde Pju-k. One-half of all truffle deaths ccl "' (lurhiB dusk or dnrknc.*j. would enable him to "toss away his crutches. , • To aid the youth In his new am-1 billon, Gov. John c. vlviiin ddlv- i ered a piuolc to m-arten's hospital! bed on Christmas Day. i nradeii has served the (jrciiler i Part ol the past two years in pen- itcmlitrlcs and reform schools from i Co orado to Texas, but it was not until n few weeks ago that he consented to the operation which may eriuc'l " '* *"' k H8 "'" wluwnt He decided to enter the ministry DC said, to () .iy [or the kindness shown him and to help other prisoners who had "Bollcn olf on tho wrong foot." NOTICE Notice is hereby given timl tho City of Blvthcvillc. Arkansas ha; I for lease up' to 2000 acres of lanr. I suitable for pastiirnjjc or criiiiliiit purposes. , Any and all bids should be In writing and filed In the Office of lire city Clerk, on or before. December 31, 1M6. E. U. JACKSON, Mayor Youthful Desperado Wins Pardon to Begin Study For Ministry in Denver DENVER, Dec. M. (UI>>— Nineteen-year-old Jack Br.-uicii. whose life had b=en marked by a series of crimes, arrests and convictions, was paroled today lo the Denver B.ble College where he will study for the ministry. Braden. a reformatory inmate, who has been crippled for 10 years since an attach ol infantile paralysis, announced his intention lo forego crime for thc ministry alter an operation which doctors said WOBBLER? Does your tar wobble like :m overworked iin^V tf so, you pnilmbly need to liuvo this wheel* ilignorl. IIci-c :it Shclton Mot in- Company we are specialists in this type work. 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CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2612

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