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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California • Page 28
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California • Page 28

San Francisco, California
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vvv" xv v. v.x iS, v.v.v v. -7 .7 7 -J .7 .7 7 .7 B-6 Sunday, February 22, 1998 SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER A miitm of the San Fim Ut SumUy RMmiiw ik) Chtonkle TYSON from B-l can's software. "Net Money" is the goofiest of the four books. It boasts that it will show you how to obtain the last will and testament of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis so that you can "compare your assets with those of the former first lady or check to see if Jackie 0. left anything to you." While "Net Money" discusses financial software along with Web sites, it suffers from a lack of informed screening and quality control. The laundry list of sites in each section includes little evaluative content. Rather than spending as much as $27.95 for one of these four soft-cover books, those who want to learn more about how to use the Internet as a personal investor's resource should look at the Web site Investor Home sites and services and is fairly well researched. However, it focuses too much on individual stock investing and provides too much information on sites that investors avoid, such as commodities, futures and options. "Cyber Investing" co-author Brown is the CEO of Telescan, a stock-charting information provider. The cover of this book says, "Includes today's most powerful investment software." The book tells how to select and trade stocks using charts. It encourages a trader's rather than a long-term investor's mentality. Brown's corporate affiliation is poorly disclosed, and the free trial software that comes with it, not surprisingly, is Telescan's. Those who part with $26.95 for this soft-cover title are paying for a lengthy clandestine infomercial for Teles- stein and Flory's professional background is entirely in the health care field. Goldstein's previous book was "Managing Physician Organizations under Capitation." Wondering if the wrong authors' biographies had slipped into this book, I called the publisher and asked why these authors had written this book. "That's a good question," an acquisitions editor said. "They worked on a series of books for us, including two health care books. Our previous management thought that this topic would sell well." Farrell, a former investment banker who runs an Internet news service called Wall Street News, has the most relevant background as an author, but his "Investor's Guide to the Internet" lacks an authoritative perspective. It covers the major Internet Therein lies the problem with finding good investing content on the Internet. Entrepreneurs like Karz who are more interested in providing good information than making a quick buck are a rare breed. There aren't enough good investing Internet sites to fill an entire book. Most of what's out there comes from companies with something to sell. The trick for people like Karz is to figure how to make money providing content on-line. In the meantime, surf and choose your sites carefully. Eric Tyson, author of the best-sellers "Personal Finance for Dummies, 2nd edition, and "Investing for Dummies" (IDG Books), will teach an eight-week money course at the San Francisco campus of the HQ-Berkeley Extension starting Tuesday. Created by Gary Kara, the site is the most authoritative guide to the best and most popular Internet investing sites I've seen. For now, at least, the price to peruse is right: It's free. It also lacks advertising. In addition to links to the better investing sites, Kara has drafted much of his own content on various investing topics. Intelligent and knowledgeable, Katz has great investigative skills and instincts. Karz, who holds a CFA and has worked in the brokerage industry, splits his time between working for a small private investment bank and maintaining his Web site. He hasn't figured out how to make money from the site yet. "I may try advertising, but I like the fact that the pages load up faster on users' computers without it," Karz says. Northern California Auctions mm Q. I am enclosing a photo of a glass vase that was given to me by my grandmother on my wedding day. old." Needless to say, I treasure it!) It's 13-12 inches high and has no marks that I can see. Can you give me some idea of its age and value? LP Oakland A. Dear LP: Your lovely vase came from a glass-making firm one of the best of the late 19th century which specialized in high-quality art glass. This Austrian firm, which operated under the Loetz name from 1836-1939, won prizes for its wares at the Brussels Exhibition of 1888 and the Paris Net investing books of little help Guide to Personal Finance and Investing," the bulk of which is devoted to one-page reviews of various Web sites, I couldn't comprehend how the authors selected those sites. With mutual funds, for example, they review small Gabelli and behemoth Vanguard but ignore Fidelity and T. Rowe Price, two powerhouse fund companies with good sites. The book's retirement section includes none of the best sites I've seen, but it has reviews of commodities and futures sites, two areas investors are wise to avoid. I found out why this book was so poorly done when I read the "About the Authors" page. Gold "What's It Worth" is a regular weekly feature that appears in BEST BID. If you have collectibles, antique furniture, paintings, prints or other personal property and would like to find out "What's It Worth," send us clear photographs of one or two items, including size, markings and any background you know about the piece, plus your name, address and phone number to: What's It Worth? Attn: Dennis Flottman, San Francisco Newspaper Agency, 925 Mission San Francisco, CA 94103. Your questions will be answered by Stephen Turner, who is an appraiser and auctioneer with Harvey Clar's Estate Auction Gallery in Oakland. We welcome your queries. Meanwhile, good hunting! Q. My item is a eel from the Disney animated film "101 Dalmations," with Cruella De Ville as the subject. I purchased the eel at Disneyland in the mid-sixties. If eight inches high and ten inches wide. On the back is a label that says "This is an original hand-painted celluloid drawing actually used in a Walt (Aw International Exhibition of 1889. Its fine reputation was due largely to the creations of Loetz' designer, Max von Spaum, whose introduction and use of iridescent glass at that time rivalled the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Although not marked, your vase is characteristic of the Loetz style, with its thick, solid body; peacock blue iridescence; and somewhat controlled network of trailed-line decoration. An estimate at auction is $700-900. What a wonderful gift! Stephen Turner, Harvey Clars Auction Gallery. This Tuesday, February 24th at CARTESIAN by order of: 480 PORTRERO AVENUE I AffifflMHBHnBB I PUBLIC AUCTION Marble Granite I nit' -itntie Slrtlf' Fireplace IVdt'ftaU Coiitittrtii Urns Rune lieu bf much riliicli more Entire Inventory tn Auctioned MarJi 7. I W8. 11:00 am ilJ'revieiv: Friday, March 6tli, 9-4 pill FOKHIGN TRADE ZONE Pier 19, San ran into Ion mniiviult'rj, wri)t rum Foa City Diner) 90,000 SqFt of natural stones from 1 2. conn trie in many Ik'AmIiIiiI, exotic colore in all available tizes. Granite Coniitertoits, Hand Carved Marble Fireitlacw, Fountains, Italian Dining 'I A U. V. Hellene, I Jrn fa Garden Ornaments Don't hum thi one time event HI )i niA mi IMPERIAL worldwide liquidator of natural it one l''ia, Mantenard, Difcover, Cash or CafhierChi-cUto; Impf rial Design Group CI I ARYN AUCTIONS 10 Premium $300 Ca-h Refundable Deposit Delivery Avail Pic It up: After Auction to 5 pin, Sun Mon 9-4 H. af1 WEB SITE: www crrysearch comslocrorynauclkws aa9 Bu'ers Premium Applies vixvmasivijatuiuiM.uvt;i a Udsti Hlveuieu 9799 Premm 9AM Momma ol Bom Sate MIIIWrlK.M Ordered by OEM Distributor COMPLETE LIQUIDATION OP A HIGH TECHNOLOGY CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS AND FACILITY ELECTRONIC TEST AND MEASUREMENT: Featuring Control Systems, Time Interval, Network Logic Analyzers, Bgitizing Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes, Digital Signal, Function Waveform Generators, Mulitmeters and probes from Tektronix, Hewlett Packard, Fluke and others! Including Tektronix TDS744's TDS420S, TDS460's, 2467b's, 2252S, 2465S, SonyTektronix AWG2C41 Arbitrary Waveform Generator. PLUS HP 3589a 's, 81 75a's, E1 421 bfc, 3563a's, 1660a's, 1631d's. MORE, MORE, MORE! EXECUTIVE OFFICE FURNISHINGS AND WORKSTATIONS: Over 30 Haworth office workstations with work surfaces. Executive office furnishings, conference tables, filing cabinets, bookcases storage cabinets. Plus copiers, fax machines, overhead projectors, TVVCR combo and more! OPTICAL INSPECTION EOUIPMFNT- 7win I aoor IntorWrnotar r-uc Reach over 1.4 million readers throughout Northern California in BEST BID. For advertising information, call: Dennis Flottman 415-536-5161. a ili GL1000S Gram Load Tester, Guzik Tester, Optical COMPLETE CHINESE Tft CTV r- RESTAURANTS, BAKERY I Of ScWI FranClSCO 2700 TAYLOR ST. SAN FRANCISCO MARCH 2ND 11:00 AM (90) Metal Cafe Chairs (24) Laminate Tables Hobart 30 Qt. Mixer Traulsen 2 3-Door UC Refers. Wolf Cooling Equip. SS Work Tables Smallwares Much Much More! Lomo Microscopes a lot more! PERSONAL COMPUTERS: Over 300 Personal computers from Acer, UMAX, Apple and many others. HP Plotters, Laserjets, deskjets, Epson lasers and scanners. Notebooks, Monitors and 100's of peripherals. OF SPECIAL INTEREST: Definity Telephone system. Call for configuration. FACILITY EQUIPMENT: Emco lathe, Fume hoods, Blue Oven, Flammable storage cabinets, stools, workbenches, tods, to much to list. Preview: Monday, February 23rd from 9 AM to 6 PM and morning of the sale from 9 AM to 11 AM EQUIPMENT LESS THAN ONE YEAR OLD! RAVIOLI'S Fast Italian Foods 3333 ARDEN WAY SACRAMENTO MARCH. STH1 1 :00 AM (2) Blodgett Conv. Ovens (2) Keating Pasta Cookers (2) Amana 2250 W. Microwaves (2) Traulsen Refers Hoshizakl 600 Lb. Cuber True 2-Door Pizza Prep Tables Cafe Chairs Laminate Tables Metro Shelving SS Work Tables Smallwares Wine Much Much i .7 Disney Production. Released exclusively by Disneyland." I have long been interested in knowing the approximate value of the cel. DR, Novate A. Dear DR: It's been said, "It all started with a mouse." Behind that beloved mouse -known as Mickey to his fans worldwide was the genius of one man who has been the single most important influence in the history of animation -Walt Disney. With the animation art market continuing to grow at an astounding rate, it was not a surprise to read your inquiry. First, let's start with a description of the term "eel," which has come to mean a clear sheet of plastic on which an animated character or objects are painted. Your example appears to be a "production cel." These are rare, one-of-a-kind, hand-painted pieces actually used in the making of the film and highly sought-after by collectors. The value of a production eel is determined in large part by its image what is the character doing, are the eyes open or closed, etc. Your eel is quite a gem: it's an original from Walt Disney Studios and showcases one of the film's "stars" its famed villain! It's interesting to think you own a small image of what many of us grew up with. An auction estimate for your piece would be $800-1200. Stephen Turner, Harvey Clars Auction Gallery. (415) 566-6464 (800) 788-0211 S.J, (408) 971-6464 FAX: (415) 753-6464 3 FOOD PROC. FURNITURE ot Sele: 25 (Cash or Certtled Check) at sale time. IS IN thhtC I. 1 I Directions: Exit Mathilda Ave. west, off Highway 101 323!!.!:!:!:!.!!;!!!;!!, I I A DY I aT aa) aji arakk Vr1KT IN A I UP AUCTIONEERS APPRAISERS 1 800 UHci 827 VISIT OUR WEB SITE AT httpM A txtyerls nremkn mH apply at this sale. BOND 146637301534 INKJET PRINTER CARTRIDGES Auctions Held at: 2581 Spring Street, Redwood City GENERAL ESTATE AUCTION Friday, February 27th at 5pm Preview: Fri 227 12noon to 5pm Retired North Tahoc Motorsports Inc. Sat. Feb. 28th at 1 1AM. Inspection 9AM to Sale Feb. 28. 896 South Wood Blvd, Incline Village, Nev. 702-831-0472 1985 Ford Box van 350 cid auto. Cat Forklift 40001b, Gas Electric Welder, Shop Tools for Yamaha Kawasaki, Track Skis, Motorcycle Tires, Lifevests, Clothing Accessories, Parts Accessories for Snowmobiles, Watercraft Motor Cycles $100,000 Worth, additional service shop Tools Equipment, Office Equipment Furniture. Alternate Date For Auction If Snowed In and Road Not Usable Saturday, March 7th. Call Above Tele. Number. EPSON CANON COMPATIBLE Current Product Epson Com 20025, 20034, 20036, 20047, 20049, 20089, 20093, 20097, 20108, 20110 Canon Com BJI-201, BCI-21 "nalialll1 DATA SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA Comparator, Nikon, Olympus and Bausch right on Maude, left on Portrero. Watch for signs. EITIERALD I A 9 I MINIOIMIN1 uccasionai laoies, Uookcases, Sony Trinitron Pintum uirmra amnc Currency Collections' PLUS MUCH MORE! 461 Ndo Street SjnuCUra.CA BRiXWRKS HibHLibHTS: San Mateo Guardian and other Estates include: Cherry Dining Room wlable a 6 Chairs, China, Base Side French Mahogany Bedroom, Cherry Drop Front, Oak Kitchen Set, Oak Auction: 224 2 PM Preview CA mTnTED ACCnriATCC VJW Wlvl LA I 11 Chk Mitimmm JjJ irapro gnosis a uiossers, Learner lop Several Other TVs. China. Glassware. Paintinns Sofai Chairs, Coin VEHICLE AUCTION Saturday, February 28th at Preview: Fri 227 12noon to 5pm, Sat. 228 9am to V1 Mllsublshl Montero LS 4x4, '92 Chrysler '90 Nissan Sentra, '93 Nissan NX2000, 88 Acura Legend Coupe. '87 Acuta Legend Sedan, '89 Ford Probe, '90 Mazda MPV, '90 Plv Colt 90 Dodge Daytona '88 Ply. Grand Voyager, '91 Chrysler LeBaron. '89 Honda Accord, '88 Toyota Celica '89 89 Aerostar, '88 Toyota Corolla, '89 Nissan Sentra, '91 Ford Escort, '89 Mils. Montero 88 Olds Cutlass. 89 VW Jetta, '90 Hyundai Excel. '87 Acura Integra. '88 Mazda PU, '91 Ford Tempo '88 Isuzu Trooper. '90 Nissan 240. '87 Volvo 780, Ford Taurus. '91 Honda Accord, '91 Suzuki Sidekick 4x4 V1 Suzuki Sidekick 4x4, '90 Aerostar. '91 Chevy S10 Extra Cab, '95 Mazda Miata wide PLUS MANY MORBI -UP TO 30 MECHANICS SPECIALS -ALL VcHIL-Lbo SMOG TESTED! Twiti 10 Cath Dpott on winning bkL Balanca: Cash, Cathwr Check, ATM, MC, VIU, Dtacotm Financing Amiaoto OAC. Call for Pra-Appmul Monday thru Wednesday mm HI PG E. PACIFIC UUUNIY Oh SAN Sale 1. 24 at 11am COHEN INDUSTRIES. 45383 Industrial Place 4. Fremont. jrt MENTO, CITY OF LOS ALTOS, BART, VPSI, SPRINT, AIRBORNE EXPRESS, CREDIT UNIONS, BANKS, wvlYO It vUO. MINU KJ I rICno. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18. 1998. 9 AM SHARP 10XO KAISER NAPA, CA 945S8 Vehicles, Tools-Equip, Cat 5000 Forklift, 88 Chev 34 tn PU. 88 Chev 1 tn PU, Barth 32' Motorhome, Powerhand Tools, Welding Eqp, 5 Vehicles TBA, Chop Saw, Air Compressor, Work Benches, Much More Sale 2. -Tuet-Mar 3 at 11am THE RICHELIEU HOTEL, 1050VanNess, San Francisco Classic Historic Hotel Remodels, 170 Rooms, Antiques, Marbletop Furniture, 300 Queen Ann Padded Chrs wCane backs, 100 Headboards, Victorian Chairs Settee, Gilded Mirrors, 170 Rms of Carpet, 170Ref Mini Bars, Marbletop Dressers Desks, 250 Marbletop Nite Stands, 390Table Lamps MOKE Sale 5 at llam-DOBBS INTERNATIONAL CATERING CO, moved to 29300 Pacific Street, Hayward, COMPLETE AIRPORT CATERING COMPANY Inspect from 9am morning of sales call for free brochures INDUSTRIAL AUCTION CALENDAR D.E.A. SPECIAL INT. VEH. TOWNCAR. 1989 CHEV BERETTA. 1988 WGN. 1996 SATURN. 1995 FORD TAURUS NISSAN 300ZX. 1991 GMC XTRA CAB PU GRAND PRIX SE, 1990 CAD SEDAN DE IKIITC Trt a 1 nn jra a i i CARS, VANS A TRUCKS: 14-FORD iiioo ri nrirvucri ac-v, lay IUYUIA VILLE, a i P.O. BOX 22129, S.F., CA 94122 California Bond Number 7155149 Turs.Feb M. Eagk; Bindery Systems, Inc. MODERN BINDERY PLANT umo jiwwt orunia UIIL vtn, 1MMU rLYM VUTAUhn VAN, 1991 CHEV LUMINA 4-CHEV CHEYENNE UTIL, 3-PLYM ACCLAIM, 1990 GMC SAFARI CARGO VAN 1994 DODGE RAM 350 VAN, 10-FORD LTD CROWN VIC, 1992 FORD RANGER UTIL, 1990 Noon 471 W. Lambert Brea 7l4t9Sfi.Q777 Only Full rymm in $200 Deposit Cash 3 BELL. US MARSHALS. CITY l-HANCISCO. TY OF SACRA- EQUIP: 1990 NISSAN MAXIMA 1QQ1 i imp CAD EL nriRArm 100 porin tai ioi 10 19R8 RMW sozir- rnwucDTiQi mnn 199? FORD AFRn.QTAO uaw iau dowt 1991 FORD EXPLORER 4X4, MORE TEMPO'S, 1993 HONDA ACCORD LX, 1987 AVALUN XL, 1986 TOYOTA PU TRK, 3-1991 ilvAliiJO HWY 14- BROCHURES: 707.255-1404 INFORMATION: 707-255-1766 CONSIGNMENT: 707-255-5850 5v- I Assets formerly of WM. WRIGLEY'S JR. COMPANY by order of WESTERN BUSINESS PARK, LLC 2801 Mission St. Santa Cruz, California Thtus, Feb. 26th- 320 Florida 16th 2nd Ft AMe.Inc San Francisco, CA COMMERCIAL SEWING CONTRACTOR JukiTakatori Bucket Machine17) Juki Model DDL-55V4 Single Sewing Machinevjuki Md MH-IH1 Sinjde Needle Sewing MachinesKansai Special Md. Juki Twin Needle Sewing Machines(2) Union Specials Multi Stitch Sewing Machines(9) Juki MO24O0 Series Juki MO2400 Scries.Yamaio Md IXZ-361CD3, Union Special Md. 5930OW Safety Sewing MachinesBlind Stitch MachinesBar TackciVButton Sewing MachinesFabric KnivesSupplies and General Equipment MATERIAL HANDLING ELECTRICAL vncv oLMieri D-lsoa U-ILV II UNIVbnoAL BODY, MORE UNITS TO BE ADDED PRIOR TO AUCTION. HEAVY EQUIPMENT ft TRAILERS: 1987 CAT 5000LB FORKLIFT, YORK FORK-LIFT, FORD F800 AERIAL LIFT TRK, FORD C700 HYD GAS CREW TRK, FORD F350 FLATBED TRK, TRLR MTD LINC ARC WELDER, STAND TILT TRLR, TRLR MTD SUL-LAIR AIR COMPRESSOR, 2-ARGO ATV'S, MORE UNITS TO BE ADDED PRIOR TO AUCTION. VACANT LAND TO BE SOLD IN ABSENTIA: 2-CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE (SAN BERNARDINO CO.) 2-OREGON REAL ESTATE (KLAMATH CO.) JEWELRY ft PERSONAL PROPERTY: SAT. FEB 28, 1998, 9:30 A.M. PARTIAL LISTING TO INCLUDE MEN'S LADIES WATCHES, RINGS, EARRINGS, NECKLACES BRACELETS, FIGURINES, BASEBALL CARDS AND MORE. muco, MISCELLANEOUS: CAR COMPONENTS, HYD FITTINGS, VALVES, ELECT PARTS CANNON PLUGS, WIRING LOOMS, CONNECTORS, HEAT SHRINK TUBING FASTENERS, RUBBER TUBING, MOTOROLA 2-WAY RADIO CHARGERS, AND MUCH MUCH MORE TOO NUMEROUS TO LIST. ELECTRICAL- Cable, Conduit Wire, Transformers, Switches, Exploslon-Prool Lighting, Controllers, Sodium Vapor Lights. Assorted Motors to 150 HP. etc. MATERIAL HANDLING: Overhead Hoists, (26) ForkliflTrucks; Platform Scissor Lifts, PalletTrucks, Floor Scrubber; Hand Trucks, Scales, Carts, Plastic Pallets, Skids, Pallet Racking PROCESSING EQUIP. PALOJA GRINDING SYSTEM BULK SUGAR UNLOADING I HANDLING SYSTEM MOTORIZED CONVEYOR SYSTEMS; HOPPERS; BLOWERS; VACUUMS; SILOS 1 This group of equip, has been professionally deinstalled is palletized for convenience LAB OFFICE EQUIPMENT BUSINESS MACHINES Fit, Feb 2th- WW Middle-field EOn Entertainment Online Foster City CA ON-LINE ENTERTAINMENT PROVIDER (2) HP LH Fro 6200 Nctscrvcrs with 1 28 MB.8.0 M.f)(1 2) NCA Pentium166 MMX PC with 32 MB, 2 1 HDA2) Gateway 2000 Pcntlums166 PCs with 64 MB, 3 2HD(10) Gateway 2000 Pentiums166 PC's with 32 MB.3.2 or 2 0 HDGatcway 2000 Pentium133 PC with 16MB, 12 HDMcridian MHX24-l)STclephone Systems with Model Ml 2X0 Add-On Module, Star Talk Voicemail SystemExecutive Office Furniture Equipment and much more! (3) BRUNSWICK SLATE TOP POOL TABLES MEDICAL i FACTORY SUPPORT EQUIPMENT bupKtion: March 4th. i am to 4 30 an 4 morning ol sale A lU7o BUT tMb rnbMIUM Terms TERMS: 25 CASH OR CASHIER'S CHECK UPON AWARD OF BID. INSPECTION: THURSDAYFRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH 27TH, 1998, MORNING OF SALE CAM. FOR FRFR Norman levy Associates, Inc. BNS-1364355, Auctioneer Richard Rubenstoln 137151900345 Call or Fax tor a Complete Free Illustrated brochure. Brochure Request Line 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days a week (248)208-6520 Internet: aa i awap zjl aaaaiaBaaaaajT ASHMAN COMPANY AUCTIONEKRS AND APPKA1MKKS, INC. INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL AUCTIONEERS 1415 Oakland 200, Walnut Creek, CA 94596-4349 Jfct'fl flT ITl JUCnON SYSTEMS (SIO) 250-8111 (5101 2M-8436 Southern California (714) 7fis-7S07 ViaiMonrrawyWiarWrtatailiaMnac 9 CB 1 100377 1010 KAISER ROAD. NAPA, CALIFORNIA 94558

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