Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 4, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1891
Page 7
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^:^^ How's Your Liver? Is tlie Oriental salutation, / knowing that good health cannot exist without a healthy Liver. Whentha Liver is torpid the Bowels are sluggish and constipated, the food lies in the stomach undigested, poisoning the wood; frequent headache ensues; a feeling of lassitude, despondency and nervousness indicate how the whole system is deranged. Simmons Liver Regulator has been the means of restoring more people to iealth and happiness by giving them a healthy Liver than any agency known on earth. It acts with extraor- dinarypower and efficacy. NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED. FASHIONABLE FJREAK8. Eo-ward Fielding Views Some Curiosities on the Avenue. The Celebrated Long-Waisted "Woman !• Jfow on Exhibition. Also the Hljrh- / Born Lady with the Striped Hair— Stray Fashion Xotw. [COPYBIGIIT. 1S31.1 This is the day when every fashionable woman in Xew York attends church, arrayed more gorgeously than Solomon in all his glory; but the contribution box cannot afford a new coat of paint. Therefore the fashionable woman regards it with a cold, unfriendly. stare, and thereby she is for once in accord with her husband who accompanies her to the house of worship. His own attire excites little or no attention, but he can breathe without tuning- afraid of bursting- his surcingle, which s more than his wife can do. He sees hundreds stare at her and he reflects .. __„ «»*.., UAIU^ v*oc t cvuu nave never been disappointed In the effect produced • it seems to Tie almost a perfect cure forall diseases of the Stomach and Bowels W. J. McEiacoY, Maco'n. Qa. For Old and Young. . ly on tin child, the delicate female or Infirm old age, as upon the vigorous man. one to the wcnh dtomach, bow. kidneys una l>lm|.|er. To tbcse organs ftheir Ntrungrtlienin^ qualities are n-oiidcrrul, cuuslnp ttiein to perform their t unctions «i in youtto. Sold Everywhere. Office, 39 & 41 Park Place, X. T. c Ilttlo fortunMhtivebeenmadPti rk for at, bv Anna Page, Aullln. U-IB«, mid Jno. Dunn. Toledo, Ohio, S*p cut. Olhermiri-dolnpiiinvrll, Why uot rou? Saint eitn over f 500.00 « '«™>., Tou «ndo ihn .vork and llv« l h»me, wheirviT you arc. Even bc- lnncin nre eailly. c.rnlnf from *5 to *10 » dny. All « B n. 1\> .how yon how and Rtnvt you. Can work In «rnrn time or all thr tlmo. I)I B mon.i- for work""• T-nIliM nnknmrn nmonfr Ihrin. tSan a modest man cau'follow it. even Jn print. The idea lends itself cheerfully to the purposes of robbery. A milliner can now include so many items in her bill that a man with heart disease could aever live to reach the total. So far as I can judge the fashionable color for hair continues to be that of old-time molasses candy, slightly overdone. If the gentle reader'who has not' the advantage of living in this center of fashion, desires to know whether her hair is the proper;shade all she need do is to boil some molasses over a slow fire, whiten it with a little soda, and then wait till it begins to stick to the kettle and smell badly and get streaked. These stripes of a. darker shade seem to be essential. I walked up the avenue the other day behind two ladies who were decidedly in the style. I couldn't help noticing that their hair was exactly alike, evidently the work of the same bleachery. -It must be a great satisfac- MOOO.OO lymr is bfinf nude by John Tt, C5oodwIn,Yroy,N.Y.,ol work for u*. Header, you limy not tnMkc as .nuch, but ve can teach you quickly how to rum from Vfi to $10 a dny ut tli&HUirt, and moi-o an you fro on. Both uiiies, all open. In nny part of Amcricw, you can commence nt home, tfr- infr »H your tlme,or»pflr« moment* only to the work. All li new. Greiit pay SCKK for every worker. We start you, furnishing uverytlilnp. EASILY, 8PE£DILY leariml, 1'AK-neULAKS F11KE. Adilreu at onco, ST1.NSO.N if to ...."-» - FINE PAPER HANGINGS IHIERIOR CURATORS. FRESCBUB CHURCHES, ..fE RESIDEHCES, JC. We invite visitors to call and inspect, Correspondence solicited. W. P. NELSON & CO,, 193 WABASH AVE., CHICAGO, ILL,' FATHER IS GETTING WELL He had such an awful cough. Doctor said he Had consumption And could not live long-. He took Dr. White's Pulmonarla and Began to get better at once. He is now Getting fleshy and strong, And will soon be Himself again. Such testimony as this Is nothing new for this medicine. It Is performing wonderful cures every day. It Is entirely harmless and pleasant to take, and Its action Is simply wonderful In curing a cough. Three sizes, 25 cts., 5O cts. and $1, and larger bottles for the price than any other, and every bottle warranted. oold by B. F. Keesling- and D.E Pryor. DON'T BE S WORM! Nature Intended y.ou for a Man: It you arediseas- •d, one will heip you. and bv using propermeans you can Ret well ar.clStny well. ,We cure Wont Gu« or 9Ien'» WcatcncMcit and I nlllt urlll '" TOUR NEW - TJIE r.vSSISG OF TIIE 1V1NTER OIRL. with pain that if every one of them had to pass him one dollar and a half for an orchestra chair to view that dress, h would be no more than even on it. approach of this beautiful reh ival moves me to jot down a f e\ 'ashion notes which I have gathered in ;he course of my strolls on Fifth avenue ^ always stroll there; I never ride. Col Shepard's stages may be valuable re ormatory institutions, but I am one o: those whom mere physical suffering- can never bring- to a contrite mind, shall try to report the result of my observations so plainly that my fair readers outside of Sew York will be able to deface the image in which they were created almost as well as if they lived on the avenue. This new fashion in waists seems to me a good thing. It gives one his choice. This impartial mode makes a woman look four times as long-waisted behind as in front. Those who like her the one way can stand in frpnt of her; those who like her the' other way can stand behind her, and those who don't like her either way needn't look at her. Was there ever such an accommodating fashion? But I must admit that to walk up the avenue behind one of these waists is much like visiting the freak department of a dime museum, J ventured to hint as much to my wife when she showed me her Easter gown. J said in a gently critical tone: "My dear, no animal but a whale had ever a back as Ion" 1 as that." Then she looked at me in that peculiar way which she always assumes when it is necessary to set me right about matters of dress. "So you prefer the bustle, do you?" she said. How exhaustively characteristic of the feminine mind which knows no golden mean! She must have either a bustle in the small of the back or a waist that drags on the ground.- A woman to look just right in one o'f these waists must be laced by machinery. When Maud was encased in her Easter gown she couldn't breathe hard enough to move the second hand of a tion to a woman to know that the color of her hair is regulated by a really competent authority. These two, for instance, when they passed a couple of natural blondes, could not veil their contemptuous glances, for- the poor girls' tresses were in plain colors. 1 am a little new to the writing of fashion letters, and perhaps I'm "not putting these valuable facts in a way to be most useful to women. I used to have doubts as to whether fashion letters really served any valuable purpose, but these idle questionings were recently dispelled by a conversation with our cook. I detected her in the act of burning gas at two dollars and seventy-three cents per. thousand feet, in the chilly March midnight, wfth her feet on the kitchen range, and a paper n her hand. What is it, Bridget," said I, "love or ghosts?" "Kaythur, ;iv ye plaze," said she, "it's fashions, so it is." "Are these fashion letters any use to you?" 1 inquired. "Shnre, an' they are thin. Orm t'inkin' av havin' a new gown raeself in a wake or two." "And what were you reading about?" "Och, bless me sowl, Oi was r'adin' av thim iligint gownds from Paree an' the lastc av thim wud cosht above free fousand dollars. T'ink o' that, noo!" , 1 could say no more. If Bridget was going to get a new gown it was only natural that she should wish to know what other people were having. There must be'many others in the same need of useful hints, and therefore I will add a few notes gathered here and there. Mrs. Gordon-Jones is having he: teeth filled in pale pink to match the NOTICE. T.) I lie Voters ol' tin- C'ilv )><>rt, Jmliunii. thereof, to a point opposite Tenth street •] south crossing said river to Ilace \t-Mt r west along the north of Baee str'ee't to F;i/ T'lv^S? 1 ? SODtl) ^one the wast Nne of Etf M«m i H| K. h * l , reet ' and thence west jSoiiF norm lim* nt Hio-h Ki-ivmt t/i 4 *,«.., !„„„ _«i .rr f* . Or UR. Cliun-e !„ tlie JKountlarU-* ofthf Vot/ii" Precinct* «!' Said FSmfnt 1 at ""' to< * Cf " ce W<^ « «* J^' 1 !" No. 2,-Ail that territory embrace! "•"- -nu bounds, to-v ' Seventh and 1 Hi I the south line Tl itlsir<:h HONESTY TOBACCO SOO|V FIND THAT IT •• I I I \ I : LO|\'GE^ ; TASJES TR TH|A(\i OTHEI^ TOA,ND WILL PLE/\SL rOUR DEALER FOR ' IT 'NSIST ON GETTING T pL.dc STAMpED Ll!(E The i,GUTS or the Uiy of Logiinsport. Cass C'omi j.lniliiinii. will hereby take noilce that the following order was made by the Common Council ol the (-It;, of Logan.-purt. Cass County, Indiana at their regilur session, -Wednesday evening, March IS, Election precincts as formed in the City of 1 o- gansport. Indiana: In accordance, with an act of the Legislature of tin;buneof Indlaiia.-approved MarchG, IS.") it is ordered by the Common Council of the (Jlty of Jo- gansport, Cass Comity Indiana; and they 'do now I''"i] and adopt the following voting precincts In ^several wardsoitheClty of Logansport. jnd. FIRST WARD. Precinct No 1-AI1 that territory embraced within the followlngmeies and hounds, to-wit: Comnienc- higatiheuortwi-stcornerof Sycamore and Otta- wastreets, thence running west along the uorth line of Ottawa street to Vine street, thence south along the west line ol Vine street to Miami street thence west on the. uorth line ot Miami street to P mn stieet, thence north along the east line of Plum street to Bates street, thence west alone the north line of Bates street to Holland street thence north on the east line of Holland street to the north boundary, line of said First ward, and thence east along the north line of said ward to Sycamore street, and thence south along the west line ofSvc-t- inpre street to tin, place of beginning. And '," ™ 1(J r red tbm llle decflons In said precinct be held In house on Ottawa street on the southwest wrier of lot HI. In D. D.Dykenian'sist addition 10 West I oc-rin. In said ward. Precinct No. 2-All that t;rrltor.v embraced within within the following, metes and bounds" " , uns o.w strwt tlltince north on th street to Rate s • s second addition to Loga ; i c Ju ",HD ABOVT CUJ. west on the north line oi Chippawa street to Plum street, thence soiitb on the west line ol Mum street to usage .street, thence west on the north line of usage and Wheatland streets to the Chicago branch of the Plttsburg, Chicago, Ulncinnatl Jc S. LOUIS Hallway, thence south along the line of eald railway to the. Peorla branch ol'.sald rallwuv. ihence A west following the uorth line ol said Peoriabranch' ot .said railway to the west • limits of said ward thence north lo the line of the Wabash and Frle canal, thence, east along the line of the Wabash and hrie canal bed to Holland street, thence south along ihe west line ol' said Holland street to Ba'es street, thence east on the south Hue of Bates street to Plum.'.tree!, thence south ou Plum street'to Mam street, thence east along the south line of Miami stre; to Vine street, thence ' " river on : Sixteenth street..^ le of tilxtfwHi* •-** «j^^$:*^$F^. thence running south on east line ot'aixteeui-S^ i^U)Marketstreet^hence easton'noShlSje^ .line ol .Vine street to Ottaw cenoithontheeast .'a street, thence east-on BROS,. f,niiisiri!ie. Attractive and Promising Investments In CHICAGO REAL ESTATE TURNER & BOND, 102 Washington St.. Chicago, III. Established 18J5. Reference IstSatl. Bank, Chicago . , south line ol Otiawa street to place of beginning And It Is ordered that the elections In said precinct be held in thebuldllngon the sou hwest corner of the school house yard In said ward PreclnctNo.3— All that territory embraced within the. ioHowini? men's and bounds, to-wlt- Commencing at the southwest corner of Sycamore and Chlp- pewa streets, theme running we.-t on the south line ol (Jhlppewa street to Plum street, thence south on, the eit-it line of Plum street to Osage. then west.on south line of Osage street, to TV heat Commencing at theTeorne,] andPadlii " along said c _ 10 seventeenth on east line ol Sixteenth"»tr4t o'ilarke^ H enee_»ast on- south lineof Market S™ IS£ ^f,'.".^ 1 ™?'. pence south h line o sutn line t .- of Twelfh no R -,fo n J? mb< r I ' 0 5 do8lnlble flrst mortmieJoons for sole, drawing 8 per cent sonil-annnaflntereBt Among Special Bargains in Acres wo Ouole: lucres at WashinRtonHeights,$1,750neracre 30acresatHlnadalo.«OOperaCTc. P 40 acres nearSontlj Chicago, I2,000per aero. InsMe Income-Producing Business Properties. Era 00!™ Offlce 6ulIdln B inlle »rt of the city. Price jugi^W^aschold in growing retail district. Price, K0 ' 000 BuUjUo,.\.y. .bverytblngconfldentlalaKvaysl PONT BE A FOOL! THE GIP.L WITH THK LOX8 BACK. shade of a new ball dress 'which is being designed by Unrgess. The latest thing in shoulder puffs is hydrogen g-as. It is much more stylish than the wire springs which were formerly employed to make the puffs stand. These dainty little shoulder ballons now come above the tips of the ears. The newest ornamentation consists of imitations of the smaller vegetables, such as peas in the pod, beans, pumpkin blossoms, etc. At a recent society wedding the bride's maiden aunt wore a g-own trimmed with sprays of lettuce and slices of boiled egg. Her resemblance to the ordinary commercial cliieken salad was intended as a hint that she was still young, but it did not deceive us. We have been in the restaurant business. Mrs. Judge Van Pretzel will wear today one of those narrow hats which are Cheap Lauct.s K.IK! Homes in Keu- ARABIAN toe of lie BEST MEDICINES eyer iiratet mro & iKttu mr IN w or PAIN AND .INFLAMMATION, both Externally and Internally. 'It is Safe and certain in its action . ForBums, Poisoning 1 , Erysipelas. Inflammation of the Eyes or Bowels, Earacnei Deafness, Rheumatism, Pains in Side, Back, or Shoulders, Piles, Sore Throat, Croup, or Bronchitis. Price 25 cts. and Si. at all drannsts C. MORGAN & SONS, Proprietors. PROVIDENCE, R. X. «"""•"' "I GORDON. LaF*ycttc, Ind. For sale byB. F ILeesling- NOTES BT T.HB' ABTIST. gas meter—not even the petty larceny hand, that little one on top which run; around anyway, whether the gas is burning or not. But she didn't want to breathe. She was sustained by something 1 more necessary than air to a true woman. She expressed it in her final answer to my criticism: "It isn't every woman who can make herself look like that." 1 have seen several of these dresses in millinery establishments. They are made over skeleton wire dummies which are fortunate enough'to be destitute of internal organs. : But form is only a small part of dress nowadays. Color is becoming more and more bewildering all the time. There are. any quantity of new shades^ and no end of new~names for old shades. .Harmony in color has become a matter of .prayerful consideration. A woman's i.at, and gloves, and hairpins and handkerchief must be of exactly the same shade as her dress. So must her stockings, and her stationery, and her cough medicine; and, in fact," this harmony in color is carried iniich. now so much in style. It is made of I yellow gauze with a little point on top like a handle. Perched upon her plump round face this dainty hat looks delightfully like the cover o'f an old 'fashioned •'pnnkin devil." These rustic and reminiscent effects are much sought after nowadays. HOWARD FJELDIXG. At the Oattlo Show. Cattle Show Official—Excuse me, ma'am, but are you looking for something? Old Sirs. Jaygreen—Yes, young man. I've been looking for one of those comical-looking Irish bulls -that I've heard so much about, but I can't seem to find one,—Jury. ctn:k.y, 'remittee, A LA BAMA, Mississippi ;iudLouisiana. The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. • un the line of ttie ijnri.ii & Urnscent Sonte can be found 2,iiiw.uwi acres of-splendid bottom, tip. land, timber a>i i\ .stock lands Also the fines! fruit and mlm-rul lands on-tno cijntlnent for sale on favorable terms, FARMERS! wirh-all thysi-ttliiKe«<i H- home -li the sunny South, where blln/aivfs and Plains are unknown. The Queen _&- Crt-soi.ui, Route IB SH ' Miles ami onMtr!st Line ill .Ice clflr ilong snid railway to Market street: the™ ,„ ^ „„ the north line of Market street to Eel river thence easterly along the north bank of Eel river with the meanders thereof, to the place of besi'nninE And It is ordered that the elections in said nreclnct. be he.id at the engine bouse In said wurd Precinct No. 4—All thatterritory embraced wJIMn thefol owlngmeles and bounds, co-wit: 1 Commencing at the westend the offit.1 river bridge onMarket •sti-eet In said ward, thence west along the north bunk of Eel and Wabinh rivers, with tSe meanders thereof, tn the. west limits of said ward, thence north to the south Hie of the Peorla branch ef the P., C..C. iSt. L.Hailway thence east alone/the. feorlubranch of the P.O. C. & St. Louis Railwav to Market street, thence east on the south line of Market street to the place ot beginning. And it Is ordered ihat the elections in said preclct be held In L'hl's coowr shop In said ward. . ' " SECOND AV^KD. Precinct No .1—All that territory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wit- Commencing at Eel river on Fourth street, thence rumiine south on tbe west line of Fourth street to Eel River avenue, thence southwest on the north line of Eel River avenue to Third street, thence nortli on Third street to Eel river bridge, thence northwest on east line of Sycamore street to the north limits of the second ward, thence along the nortli limits of said Second ward to the west line of Stevens, Mobley and Clary's additions to the city of Logansnort thencenorthalongthenestline'of said additions to the north limits of said ward, thence east on the north line, of said wai'd to Clifton avenue thence south akmgthe. west line ol Clifton avenue to Hanna street, thence southwest along the north line ot Hanna street to Pontlac streetthence south along the west Ihieofl'outliii! street to the north batik of Eel river, thence west on the north bank o Eel river with the meanders thereof to a point op poslte Fourth street to the place of beginning And It is ordered that the elections In said precinct be held at what is now known at Schaefer't. cooper shop in sf.ld ward. Preclnct No 3.— All that territory pinbraoed within :he lollowlng metes and bounds, tu-wlt: Commenc- ng at Eel river on Fourth street, thence runniii 0 - outli on the east H-ne of Fourth street to "Broadway tivet. thence east on the north line, ot BmidwaV treet to Fifth street, thence sonth on east line o'f 'Iftb street to the Wabash and Erie canal bed, tienceeastalong the.north line of said cj'nal bed o Seventh street, thence north on the west line of eventi) street to lltph street, thence west on the. uutli line of High street to Sixth street, thence orth on the west line of Sixth street to Eel river, nd thence west alone the south bank of Eel ilver Hi] the. meanders thereof to the pla e ol" begln- Ine. And It Is ordered that the elections In said lireciiicl be held at the North st.eet engine house In said ward. Precinct.NoJt—Ail that territory embraced within the lollowing metes and bounds, to-wit: Commencing mv the. south bank of Eel river at the Iniersec- tlon with Third street, thence runniii"-south to Eel Elver avenue, then* e northeast along the south line of Eel River avenue to Fourth stieet, thence south on the east line of Fourth street to Broadway street, thence east on the south line of Brandway street to Fifth street, thence, south on the west, line of Fifth street to Market street, thence west on the north line of Market street to Eel Hiver avenue, thence, southwest on Eel Elver avenue to the Wabiish river, mid thence northwest along the south bank of Eel river.-with the meander? thereof, to the place.of beginning. And It Is or deretl that the elections In said precinct be held a the township trustee's office in said ward. . s ered t] ? ith ' JIleand ers thereof, th «"<!e.north on eastlJne place of bediming- elections In ra d I , n ra pci Tto Twelfth .to Seventeenth street, tuaiuesoum on west nno-nr -v~ ^S^ff^SS^ 1 ^^^^ le County ol Cass, the City a ?|ll of the proceedings of the Conmou"'- li Ci^-oi-jtoranspprt, IndJana"™™?-^ ^S^^&^K^^^^ n(:lYi;j •icl'hii ufm^A „„;_, >_ _ _ ?, . v . : - 0£ . T .-v-- uerk City of logausport, Indiana; Ladies $500 mall, post-paid per box S3.00,3 boxes C «2 EO' : "'--^ Moka ;M*dIciiic |Co., XoJed<^ O. '- ' ^ " Mention paper. INJECTION] B _ _ tH£6E»TLEI»/IK'SFIiJE«0. Onr Malydor Pertectlon Syringe free with ior It. Sent to any '6 JOSEPH filLLOTT'S STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, PAftls EXPOSITION, 1889.. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. •tt Cinciflat! to New Orleans TIniH 27 Htmr.H. Enure Train*. Baggage- Car, Day Cqaclies an sleepers run through without change. 110 Miles the Shortest, S Hours the Quickest Cincinnati to Jacksonville, Fla ' Time 27 Hours. the oniv line running Solid Trams and Throuj; . Sleeping Cars. ONLY LINE FROM CINCINNATI TO Chattanoga. Terin.', Fort Payne, Ala., Meridian Miss., Vickburg, Miss., Shreveport, La, 3) Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Lexington Kj 5 Honrs Quickest Cincinnati to KnorvUle, Tenn llfl Miles tae Shortest Cincinnati to Atlanta and Augusta, Ga. iH Mies the Shortest Cincinnati to Annlston Ala 2(i Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Birmingham Ala, 15 Miles -ihortest Cincinnati tp Mobile, Ala. Direct connections at New Orleans and Shrevepor For Texas, Mexico, California Trains leave Central Union Depot. Cincinnati crossing the. Fiunous High Bridge of Kentucky and rounding the base of Lookout.' Mountain Pullman Boudoir Sleepers on all Through Trains Over One Million Acres of Land In Albania thi future Great State of the Sonth snbieot to ; pre-emption Unsiirpiwdcllm.ite For Correct County Maps, Low-t R.IW"- due frill particulars iddres D 6, EDWARDS. ( T en Pawenaer & Ticket Agent. Queen & Crescent Route. ClRclnn;itl. 0. ���THIKD WARD. Precinct No. 1—Aii that territory embraced with In the following metes' and. ..bounds, to-wit • Commencing at' the corner.of Eel River.avenue and Market street, thence running east to Fifth street, thence southeast to Oak street.thence'south along the west line of Oak street to Canal street, thence westaloug the north line Of Canal street to Fourth street, tlitnce south on the west line of Fourth street to the Wabnsh river: thence west along the north bank of the wnhash river, with the meanders thereof, to Eel River avenue, and thence noi tb to the place of beginning. And it Is ordered that the elections In said precinct he held at the old brick school house In said ward. . PreclEct No, i—All that territory embraced within the following metes and bounds to-wit- Commencing a.t the corner of the Wabash and Erie canal bed and Oak street, thence running e'ist alone tile-south line of the Wahash and Erie canal bed to Twelfth 'street, thence south along the west line of Twelfth street to the Wabash river, theme west along the north banlc of the Wabash river with the meanders thereof, to ?ourth street, thence north along the the east Ine of,Fourth street to Canal street, thence ea-t on Ciinal street to Oak street, tbem-e north on the east line of Oak street to the-place of beginning And it is ordered that thee'ectlons in said precinct be held at'Ham Terr's office' In said ward. Precinct No. 3.—The third precinct of said ward s composed of all that part of said wardJvini* oat" or the Wabash river, Including Blddle's sland. It Is ordered that the election In said precinct be leld at Amans carriage trimming shop on Burl- igton avenue In said ward. I'OCTTH "WAllD. PreUnctNo 1 —All theteuirorj emburednl hi tlie following metes and bo indf.-. tu-wlt.- Com- lenclng at the corner of Sixth and High streets lence running nortli on .Pontlac sn-cet to Banna reel, thence east on the south line of Hanna reet to Clifton avenue, thence north 'on the east IIP of Cilttun .neuue to the word bonnclnrj line hen ( e ist vlong the ward boundoi} line lo east mils <•' said ward Ibenca southeast ilongthe nr ot said ward t» Eel., river, thence"West along e north bank of Eel river, with the meanders You fairest or —IN — •5=»Tooi<s, AND , business strictly en-Commission..'-Refer to Illir.aii Trust and Sav.ngs BnnK, Chicago. -' • C. A, WHYLAND & CpV JO .PaoiSc- Av-e. - ' Chicago, We send fre; of charge our Daily Market Report ' •ind Circular on application, . 'merest allowed on iiioatbly.balances. Notice of Appointment of Trustee. •; Notice Is fierebj-iglven that I have been (July an-- - r>ointed.Xrust<>e ol Hugh 31. lajidry. merchant ot. tlie own of Clymers In Cass Count?-,' Jndluna, tail.; thebeuelltofilscreditors. All persons ."bavins';-' claims ;u-e requested to file them lor aHawance ac-'-: cording to law, "•: GEO. W. FlINK, Assignee:-'-';-. marZOdStltawStw ' ; ICUREBITPTUBI DR,HOBHE'S ELECTRIC Have Cared 30,oon Ruptures in 15 Toars. 1 "I sulTorcd with n donDIo rupture 5 yp-in Tour El8(S r >" trie Truss cured mo In Stjz montlis .1 G P Sopt 2-1, '80. Chatfino 1 i l ?' 1 ?. <!n ««»> rnntiiro nf DR. HORNE, (NVtKTOB. 180 WABASH AVE,, CHIM ij * '- '

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