The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 28, 1946
Page 6
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Clicks Advance To Cage Finals 7 Vlefonr Oxer SmaHt .fits Bfytfievili* Boys Against Leochrille ,h»ndln« the S«n»th, Mo, qu|-,,t *« to 32 defeat yesterday utter- 2~' the Chick "A" eagers nd- JJgc«<l to the finals of the Leiich- *»» Hi«h. School holiday tounin- »nt wliile the Blythevllle Girls •ejtet was eliminated In semi-finals *«y,by losing to Caruth, Mo,, Glib t* to 19. ' rjronlght at 8:30, the Chicks will J*et the Leachville quint in the «n»l game to determine the holiday champions. The host nvc Into the finals by oulshou*- the Cooler boys 19 to 53 in a Three Giants Sign NEW YORK', Dec. M. — <UP)Secretary Eddie Brannlclt of the Ne»- York Giants announced today that Johnny Mlze, Bill volsellc and WJIlard Marshall all had signed their 1M7 contracts. scoring tilt last night. Coaler — turn, reached the semi-finals by waning Caruth 39 to 21 yesleiday morning. The probable starting line-up to.- tl* Chicks to the Blylhevillc-Leach- W te trophy play tonight Includes 0»y and Stafford, forwards; Hardy Winter; Poster and Caldwell, guards. > In the girls' finals tonight at 7-30 We. Caruth sextet will meet the Cooter Girls. Beginning yesterday Bjorning, the Cooter six nclvnnc»d V> the semi-flnals by defeating I>«chville 31 to 24 In first round pi*y, then by nosing out the Se.ialh Otrls 34 to 30 in last night's scrni- »lndup. k Marlon Gay, stellar Clilck forward, led scoring by a heavy r.iar- £n, amasslng'25 points In the s-inl- mal tilt with Senalh. Harden, Senn»th center, was runner-up with 14 tallies. Stafford and Ha'-dy dropped through nine apiece for ihc Clucks. ' Blythtvilk Girls Eliminated , The Blytheville Girls held ,1 jow 15 to 13 lead at halftimo, but the Caruth Girls passed them in the last half to ' - Newcomer, Al Szosz, on Wrestle Card A pair of Welches, Roy and Jack, will clash with Buck Lawson n:id Al Sznsz in the weekly lag match Monday nighl on the Lcclon Arcin mat. Al Szasz (pronounced "Zaw."i will b= making his first appearance here In a number of years. He is toul-d :is a man of considerable hulk capable of scientific wrestling but wilu n knack for utilizing rough and tumble procedures when he find? them necessary. Buck Lawson returns from la.-.t week's card. At that time he demonstrated a clean brand of grappling throughout the matches, outclassing his opponents. In lm -.i cnleh-as-catch-can skirmishes, however, Lawson has shown a compar- Football Fans Select All-Time Eleven for Blytheville High COURIER NEWS ,mi While both roush have appeared '' " eare Individually since t hcn ' p ' lt „„".. about , two months S | nC c Jack mid Roy Welch have appeared here on the same card. In his lust two appearances here. Hoy Welch Ims ucm- onstarled a proclivity to take things lmnds m tlle i m A le e:lt of ba t e. And what he lakes Into his hands Is usually something with which to batter his opponents A couple of months ago it was u< .T-l't 1W " bottlc c ™ tc '"at lie wie Wed. Early this month, Roy took to the ring unla BB cd, brandishing flBhtr f* M*" Shocs ' Ho ls " ' fighter of the rougher variety Jack Welch, however, tends lo school Here eleven up chosen by eilti falls- Ends—Eiweiic Black wo! I (19.1436) and James Roberts <!9M-J7), Tackles — John (Do) Coppcdgc O938-40) and Robert Grimes (1922). Guards—J. 13. Whllworlli (192827) and Calvin Moody (1035-^7) Center—nil] Godwin (1033-391 Quarterback — Alfred (Slick) Mcrcdltli (1035-37). •Halfbacks — Horschcl Moslcy (I334-3G) and Norman (Monk) Moslcy (103S-40). Fullback-Eddie Saliba (1034-35). Balloting which nominated several players to different positions marred their chances of being awarded a specific berth although voting Indicated high opinions on Players' ubllitles, Byron Wa.::er was one of Ihose grldmcn whose apparent versa tlUty cos hl m a berth on the "AlUT i, e Chicks." He was nominate/"^ honors as a tackle, guard, cSiter quart e ,. bilck atl(J f ullbBack ^ tc 'j 'led np plurality for any oh e S)) o t Hie «„„« thlng i )ay , )p en C d lo Mayflcld (Sonny) L!oy d,' Herschd Calclwoll and Pete Craig "„ linckfleld. Heaviest ballotiiiB r 0 r a illon wa s dlrcc'lei ." Blackwcll, end; Herschel and Chick Coach B Godwin, center , " al!ou »8 heir T C , S t thcli choices, M Ugljt during tl al fam Sllbt "'t c n was too llal , o warrant the selection or a Vivacious Sisters Help Uphold l-atmly Honors in Cage Tournev WILSON, N. C.. Don m <r-.,_ .. * WILSON, N. C., Dec Even spectators at family basketball touri It hard keeping their ball, not national in I found —u*i*ni_ jjmi iuuuwCQ OV niltlllrr thr* \ vfniKlv tlio4 V, oiiuwil |llf.- *^^_»js!»« ^ Wv;fe ^inn^m^,^ K: 4 Beginning with the last" half"or £rst round play, resumes of other fames yesterday follow: L *» chv »'« Girls vs. Cooter .The Cooter sextet came from behind to win 31 to 24 yesterday morn- jflg. Leachville held a seven-point Jead at halftime, when the score s\ood at is-8. Eastern of Cooler «rid Parsley .of Leachville shared Wgh-scoring honors with 15 points each. Ladd of Cnoier was vuntiti-- BP With 12 tallies. i ~_ Caralh Boys \-s. Cooler jWorking from a slim 12 to 10 m.ftime lead, the Cooter rive -*«ked . ahead to down Caruth by a 39 to 21 count. Wagster, Cooter fore-ard, led scoring with 16 points. Dennis of Cooter followed "*is ? Ine - Hart, Caruth forward Tangling n 0 '"'••iitlon the opponents <? , Smitl } 11t <"V" «'"!* Wed two sisters with shapely legs. Mlpfn J."-'" ule Smith tea,n from Micro, N. c.. started the quartcr- Hoo, r0 "","| l ' rSt " l(!ht ^nlnst the Hcjod qiimlcl from Qoldsbof, v c Under tournament rules' cadi teain Is composed of members of qlmrtcr "Can I go in now, Pop?" a vivacious red-haired Pauline S J Ua t 1 0 , "Me, loo. Pop? 1 ' asked her 'c™ r " 0ltl 5i5tCr ' Vlrgil)la - " w c'H •But Pop wasn't ready for change yet. lie tli OI ig) it5 u ln ' t Hoods"" Ul ° C ° mt W01 " d When thc final whistle blew In score was Smllh family 36, Hood' " 00< continued to and Wagstcr followed with • 1 .»""''* nnd box scores for Dlv- thevllte semi-final games roiiow- Boys Game jSenmth <jiris TS. Ceoter the winner 1 W |n this scmi-imai ^Trailing 19 to 16 at the half, •{2*- ! ^h°ir er , SlX pushed ahead '" the M*t half to nose out Scnath by *•£ to 30 count. Laster of Cooter TOk high-coring honors with 18 S&SBL^j*!!^ wi run- 'Ing with 12. Stafford (9) F ' Gay (25) . .p' Hardy (9) c Caldwell (4) G Foster "n' *, , , ' "h 1 ", K'nS, ... Nccly (3) 111 there and hold Wilson (2) Hardon (14) i (4) (7) i' utions: BlytheVillc-Jerni- mixed ; "• "ij tuo iiiu—jerni- iinxccl gan Duclos. Mullen, Smith. B. El- points i ,' .^""th-Cuck (2), Haycraft Anshultz, Phillips, young. <5lrls' Game l ly Ba e n"n 2 f' S* C)lruth <«> WidZ ("f .;-.F Brown'(14, Wilson <3) .. p W. W|enhunt G\ E. Overman L. Ovcrmrl • ••<3 '" G Kendrick (5) .... Webb <4> Jones .... E. Webb McClain •„".;••••'"•' '" ....... McClain Siibstitulions: Blytheville B Wi- f vely one-sjded tree-scoring tilt. Leachville «P 79 ' points to overrule •OooterVtotal of 53. The host quhit» «m»ssed a safe 53 to la halltime' WthAn*" 15 ', .^"hviHe forward, I Ml the the wicker for 22 points and Wgh-sconng honors. Close behind Sf.*^ .teammate Scolt with 20 tJMesi... East, Cooler forward, -led : mat, team's scoring with IB points Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. L MABRY 423 MISSOURI ST. PH. 36i7 "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious 300 BONNEE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phone 3647 r oc '« TODAY — Bring Us Your Poultry Hens — 25c 18c Geese 2 4c' 24c Leghorn Hens 20c t Our Residence, 1751 W. Vine W. T, DAVIS It'll Pay You to always follow the crowds to The Home of Famous Brands PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 Wert Main StPhone 515 Australian Weather Halt Tennis Play Until Monday MELBOURNE, Dec. 2«.—(UP) Rain put a stop to the complel rout of the Australian Davis Cm cam today, but local tennis circle buzzed with these development after postponement of the flna Pair of singles matches until Mon- 1 — Announcement that Tet Schrpeder would forsake big-time ennis in the future to devote h time to business. 2—Decision O f the Australian Davs cup leaders to plot an Immediate rebuilding of (he 1947 games. Humiliated by the sound trouncing handed their team by Schrocder an c i jack Kramer, who cllnch- the pare away the S," Itn e' "a, at '7 A"' —' 'he end of the third quarter the , ," 1C CU " by wln >"»g both the Smith's held a two point lead 30 to' f" B , s nnti tllc doilblcs matches in 2B. the first two days of play, the Aus" ' ' Irallans planned n complete don't lose." "All i ( 3 ' J' ou let us go in we're going to ight, shuffling for next year. It was announced and Walter Pnle, that Kramer cap- ho s/ilfi. "Get -""n-i j int.-, nun-inlying cap'«'«." t!>ln of tho U- S. team, would leave >er. The I for San Fi'anclsco by air on JarV. more two-1 5 with the trophy cup. They re'- Ihe consent of Holcombe Ward, president of the U. S. Lawn Tennis Association, (or the cup to be transported in that fashion. TIRES Truck & Passenger Car also Implement Tires We hove just received a Large Shipment in All Sizes Including 600 x 16 We hive recently added lo our staff a factory-trained expert on f«m machinery. If y ou find that you cannot brin K your tractor or Implement lu us fur repair, we shall be glad to tall and make estimates on repairs without obligation. Have your combines, ftm-lors ami machinery overhauled ami checked NOW for uso in the spring Wo are cquppccl lo handle all lync of work on all makes and models. Dodge & Plymouth Cars Dodge Trucks Complete Line of Parts We now have on hand a Rood'supply of ALMS CHALMERS 1'AUTS. Call „„ IIS fur uny ,, a rt« you may need for your traclor. louis George Motor Co. Phones 610-611 -.'• Osceolo, Ark. Sugar Bowl Net Tourney Moves To Semi-Finals NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 28.—(UP —Top-seeded Eddie Moyian , »a plltetl against Jack Tuero, Tulanc University student who was yesterday's "hottest" player, in the fenturc semi-final singles matcl loclay in the sugar Bowl Tennis Tournament. Moylnn, the nation's elglith- rankcd player, wo n twice yesterday cllnilnatlne Wn<Ic Hcrren of Tii- lanc, ti-2, 0-2, and Herb* Plain of Ix>s Angeles, G-2, fi-2. Tuero's game was at a peak as lie UJ>set Frank Guernsey, G-l, 8-1. In the other semi-final today, Seymour Greenherg of Chicago was carded against Ernie Sutler, one - time Intercollegiate champ. Circcnbcrg cbat Dick Moutcclous of l-os Angeles, 8-2, 0-2, and Buddy nehrens of • port I,auderda!e, Pla., 6-4. (i-4. Sutler ousted Harry Likas, by 6-0, 10-8, after an easy triumph over Earl Bartlett of Tulane NOTICK Notice is hereby given that L T Campbell, 312 East Main St. has tiled an application to operate n car For-Hlrc on thc streets of Dlythcville. Any protest should be In wi-tiii" TIK! filed within ten days in the office of (lie City Clerk. Frank Whitworlh, City Clerk. 12-20-114 NOTICE Notice is hereby given that John Ft, Crosskno, 411 West Ash St.. Bly- hevllle, has made application to operate n car For-Hlrc. Any and all protest should be n writing and filed in the offic" tiie City Clerk within ten days Frank Whiwtroth, City Clerk. LSU Tigers Make Ready For Arkansas BATON ROUGE, La., Dec. 28. - 1 (UP) —Louisiana- Stale's Tigers were scheduled lor a .scrimmage today, their last at Baton Rouge before leaving for Dallas, Tex., and the cotton Bowl game with Arkansas. Conch Bernie Moore said lie beloved his team would be in good shape for the game, although guard Wren Worley had a bruised shoulder and end Mo Richmond fav- cl a sprained ankle ^SATURDAY, DECEMHBU 28, 1<J4G Hear America's favorite tenor NOTICE Notice is hereby aiven that A' P Chancy. 3M W. Ash, 1ms made ap- )llcation to ojieratc two cars for lire In the City of Blytheville. Any and nil protest should IK in Tiling and filed withi,, ten day n tlie Office of the City Cleik Frank Wliltwortli City Clerk. North and South Renew Hostility On the Gridiron New Theater • uTWte anttho*Uh- **«»*• «««f met today In thc eighth annual Show* EVURy NIGHT B!ue and Gray all-star football' Matinee Saturday 4 Sundar game, with the Dixie soys hoping' •" Open. Week In,, ? :M j,_ to avenge last year's 26 to rj upset S»t-Sun. 1 pja . c«nt. Bhovta. loss. A red-hot passing duel was , ___^_ expected between Pennsylvania's ~~~ ~ Carmen Falcone. North 'star la S»t,,r.t., year, and Alabama's Harry Gilmc &»turB*y 'Stagecoach Outlaws" Also 'i . Serial and Selected Shorts ' J 1 CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Cost So Little" WEEKDAYS Box Office Opens 6:43 p m. 8h»w otarU TiM pan. JAMES MELTON Every Sunday on the HARVESTOF STARS with Howard Barlow and 60-pie» Orchestra Lyn Murray Chorus Distinguished Dramatic Casts Special Musical Guesfs Rill NBC NETMU • 1»2.« P.M. CST INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Last Time Today 'Lone Rider Ambushed' with «eo. Houston, AJ (Fuzzy) St. Jolm Serial "Manliunt of Mystery Island' Chapter 12; Also Shorls Saturday Owl Show Starls at 11:00 P. M. "Canterviile Ghost" with Margaret O'Brien & Robl. Vo herial'; "1'urple Mnnster Strike Chapter is Three Stooges Comedy Sunday A Monday "Diamond Horseshoe" (In Technicolor) with Dick Haymes, Betty Grabie News and Cartoon BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA ^^^^^^^^^~ ^^^^ •^^™- ^^>^i^^l^ ^^I\bl^>^ - • WRESTLING 8-OO n m °' UU P ' m lTax In elude BOX SEATS I6c EXTRA TAG MATCH ROY WELCH and JACK WELbH _^ versus BUCK LAWSON and AL SZASZ 2 1-FALL 30-MINUTE MATCHES Roy Welch Buck Lawson vs .... vs Al Szasz J ac k Welch FLY °" d IME Save In the /Vew SI/PER CRUISER To- , Passenger Hot Springs 35.99 Little Rock 27.00 FayetteviHe 4s!oO Memphis 9.90 Nashville 32.09 St Louis ,. 35.99 Kansas City ;....... 55.00 Birmingham 45.99 New Orleans 85.00 Louisville 59.99 2 Pas'gcrs 40.00 32.00 50.00 12.00 37.00 40.00 60.00 50.00 90.00 55.00 Time 2:00 1:30 2:30 :30 1:45 2:00 3:15 2:30 4:30 2:45 Get Your Private, Commercial, or Flight Instructor's Ratings ATTENTION VETERANS! FREE! HOOD FLYING SERVICE Municipal Airport Former Army Air Base Owned & Operated by Gene Hood & Ed Stewart SATURDAY OWL SHOW "THE BOWERY" with Wallace Beery Also Short Subjects Sunday and Monday "COURAGE of LASSIE' Selected Shorts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today 'SONG of the SIERRAS" with Jimmy Wakcly "Zorro's Black Whip" Chapter 3 Also Comedy Saturday OWL SHOW "One Thrilling Nire" with John Beal and Wanda McKay • Plus Cartoon Sunday and Monday Tuesday BAD MANS RANDOLPH SCOTT ANN RICHARDS GEORGE'GabbyHAYES 3 t, MT HtU.fl.rKW f ItKO News and Comedy Open 6:30 p.m.; Show SUrto 7 fjm. Last Time Today "CARAVAN TRAIL" (In Technicolor) with Eddie Dean, Al I.a Hue Serial: "Sou of thc Guardsman" Also Shorls Saturday MIDMTI; snow Starts 10:15 p.m. "The Crime Doctor's Warning" Warner BaMcr, Jolm i,ii c ] hiinrt Subjects Sunday and Monday "KiTTY" c odnrrt, , !a} . lMni . ln( , Paramount x cws and Shnrt

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