The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 28, 1946
Page 5
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1946 BLTTHBYILLB (ARK.) COURIER U_HfS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Da^ly rat« ftr lino f« t coorieulire Ju- Mljiiuuui Cfeftri* _ _ ___ _ GOc 2 tltMfl i»« line wr d4T____ l^c •J tliies p»r lin. i«t lay J So 8 tlm«> p*r llu< ixr 4ay :._ 7c 1'J tini« ji«r Une per day - &c Moolh tiat llu. BOC Count (lie a<«ra|« words to U>« Hue. Ad orderad for tbEM or six. times and stopped before' •iplrallou will bt charg- •d for the uiiiuber of times the ad appeared aiii} adjustment <!i' Wll tuaiU. All' Classified Advwtlilng 1 copy' submitted by persons raiding outside of tue Wty must be accompanied by cash. Rates *»y fe« ea)ily couiputed frpro. tbe above table. ' ' AdyerUitoj order for irregular, insertions take* tbe otit time rate. No myoualbluty will be ukt.ii for more lia'tr out Ihrbrract Insertlob of any classlile.4 ad. For Sale For Sale 5 rejoins an(l bat h orii \V. liayis. Needs minor repairs. This Jt»use ciu» ]>« niadc into nice home. Large Kar : den spiice and ^ootl scrv- a^f hyuse. Modern homo, "> -vnnms and W h - ¥ f \"iPp«<| \vilh altic fan, hot w>(er (mitti, automatic f!o«r fin'na.e. Im- me<j|iate grocery, fruit stand, and meal market, we'll equipped ;md doing line business. Pi-iced to sell. See or vatl M-ix I.OKiiii, Realtor, Office in Lynch g., I'hpne 2();M. ' 12-23-ck-l-l Bleel oil turn I r»c»i. Bl;tk«Tlll« Ua chln« Sbop. C»ll'2»28. "ll|l».ck-lt •••aim boll! T«utlw e«lon. Thra* wMka P*I«t » W»l]p«I>er f UP< . D«»L'a 10|7-ck-tf «*»Ya barer for yoir hoaa*. H. O. CaactoU Pkoiu «4« ~ J9SO. Olllca 120 Boat* tXwiai. 10|Z-«--lf I.eBTtng ' town, muPit iell—Tlouae fcolJ »ooJ« alia furniture.' 605 Chick. . 12l2-ck-ll2 100' tfiin good .'grBB* anil leepedeia bay _(ur «al«. e^onojCS.- . _ 12-1 l-(iV-l|U oil! liou,-,. Mil)! 1,1,11, (•!„,,, i,,. IW. Or win,],| t i,,i,lil,-r ,,.|lin t . • uilljinir lu|. Wrili. Illx 7011 nriiT .\4-ivs. l'_>;L'K. r .li III 17 Services Painting anil paper bangliin. J. II. Kr, _m;irl. I'liunii l'4:ll. 12|IL>-nV-l|lS W'alrli .111,1 (^lotk rcn );»[,• .Inrksiin's .Ir _^rst Muiil Hire,-!. i- (Jokli vlry .Slop'. 1!H7 rJ!-' I -|iV- !]•! f'4>t Sale: lle^rorun sir Eliile $.iO.OO; ' Trurlor ),rralil»K plnw» '— ""S anil ineil. . Ki-n Tliiniipr 'al Dixie Oln, .NfaiiLlii. Ark. Can be ina^B inlr> 'Double »at'aii«: 02p mc !: Ctu-vrolr;t H ll[i: —- .car lifnllr "illi '!"' s I'aLnl i Wallp (Tffice "Safe ffl. new Schwab Office Safe. Never llse^. fan he seen at 1()B Bast iVliiin Street or call J.' Mel! Brooks, Jr., at telephone 811. Truck for sale: t(in and a tialf extra duty 19U Chevrolet. In iierfect con : dition. Will sell cheap. Can lie seen hy apiiiiinlment Telephone 811' or'2147. 12-^8-cU-ii 10-(I. Irailfr wilh ilullica anil tires; innjfin. viilh slraifljt aslcr 1 1 truck Ijp4l, stoi-k nn.l low siileljoa • Kre Saw Slpeil. l.i-acliville. ' ^_ 12|23-ijk One fuiall TrieTi- SU|ior" flann 1 — (or 2 or : ;i" rouiiis. Vfit\i caliinpt. 0'ia^ llriiclit.''l'lroil4J 2"it5y. ' 1^'27-Jl One r'forfnce iriin^i 1 . One SuiXTilliini 1 l-'onleV. Coucl]. Caliinet. Tstle an' timra. Also ulln'r ai'lictps'. ' I'lioui ' 1 A Jolm Deere Iract41r. SVi anil''(•o]nl,iiip'. \V. !>.' l'n«li. Ityule " SVWe.' "lAa. •"12|27 ; pl''» IT*""* ' ' i« . i .it :i!4:i, ConViil.-l 'le!* -1011 'yal. tank •I X '-I floor Hpaier wirliiif atij tutiiii}, 'ins'lillril'. ' ' i2)27-Ii Mive '!). 'K. j>rii-e ' Cine, "G^si^rqan". MQtor Sc pole ^'ith windshield anrt acres sorie-s, inA-1 condition. On new 8 fftql stainless stce dry storage drink liox. I B-'Qe? Sales Co.'l2:27-ck- One liirye rircnlalor nil lipnter antl •im»H oil "Waters. I'crtitl' (-oiulitioi ' Chri.= lnia» puppies. C^ockerii. Spit Clidivs. Sir's. N -a. J frame S Hi Cl. I'lioni niGl. ' ' l^-2]-ck 150. 221 B. Ho. Kl One lot. 5|ic r.O plioi,,, 2J.I.' 194l'"E)iil^n"ol>ilor 'IIS'i'lyiiinutli I' ,l.inr."'!i7"Vonl. I door. • l\ Vonl. door. 'II9 l'lymrml.1'. •> door. All.'r Sorvirr Klaiioh' 11 '.1 R 'Main. l'M> (123. r>|:<;-i>ic- Varan't totft. suilaMe for Luit.linp he ('liea]>. O.soar AleMMjilr r. | Srir', 107 West Main Slrcel. I2p0 rk-2 i roorii honRt' clnso In'. one.*. Sv« Oscar Alexander, 13I2G-C.V2 fnmp coiiifiirt r.iiiii* rook s(f>v(>. Bur Vornl 4>'r rnnl. Willi liot ' walor liai ariil 1nriV. '(lonil con.littlin. y«i- Osc: repair^ and k "\ n d mcetyS«ne w«ldlniT. Blacksmith work. Delta Impkment Co. Phont 864. 3-16-ck-ti We r<p«lr all tyji*« r«/arj;eaa o( kirji] of conaillun Ain T and aell. pickup and d'ellvr 'Lit.«ill< UxiklTir Hlinn on..».. MONEY TO LOAN o you need a loan to repair or remodel? No down pay- nicni, no mortgage, no r«) tape. FHA approved rate 5*. Ask l*or details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 2034. ILyncl, Bldg., IJIytheTilte. 9-23-ck-M tame, lauinlry. iluills. nif«. Me, wnsliuj. tnlillly wasMliis rou B h dry ur fi'nislnMl. Alio rpviii lor Jrylnj; 4-lullics. 111^ So. !.:itc. Willie Hell {!re,.n. VashiriK inacliirin r4"p:ilrln^ Coinpliao faullilits and cgi]i|.iriDiU for rfunir. trig your Wllril waslilrls macliliif. (.urnjilcte sluck of ri-|il:icc'iiii'iit [mrls t'rorupl ami rlflm-iil B«-rvii-... Ksuert -i,. rkiuansliip. Morilsuini-r)- Wnr.l * ' ' STOP! Is Your Car a Menace? Don't drive a car tlnU (hreatens your life and others, too! lirinjc it by Phillips Imhiy and trade it in ^in a later 19-11 or l'.)12 model. YonM! ride better, fee! n\»re conifortalileynd lie safer . . . phis that yoii can (le- pend on Phillips to (jive you a fair! WE BUY AND SELL USED CARS P HI L L 1 P S MOTOR. COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheyllle, Ark. T«L 465—1721 tort ^iluo over coil tit* 42. Hu- iiU'WSy Klorc No. '£, 1'li'iumcMloil l,c:,c,,],.[ wltli !iani» II, ii' 'Lou llaiiuuock. Itvtvnti). I'l ..... « ZliHf »u,a.' n' . . _ «i.|io'r llrd "SO or I'lSD. •«»)• .(oi> >fk will, Inllhli VK.d." ui> II. Wlni'Mi r'lit ],akn anil VI) ilviillc. |arl linliillo b«l«i*'ii 7lh uiij KrnmlKar 4in M*!n. Vlrjh' Hu1.'y 01 j'U«ii.' U18. «5 rcivnr.l [or t«i-V.' I'i.M . n wi-lxt 'vva(\'h »vitU wlillf I'MKiiiKloii li.llicl. I(»1"|'J o.rjual al»l jl'il -lial. 1-ui.t 'Vui-iluy'iiliilil! Ht«-«i;i. !('"•> K'tt vvilli lilacl lacii. \Villi luiliy "1C. :i iiill.'v won ul Ciilu'iiii i 4i.i lovin'. 'I. A. All.lm. llusiu'll. l'.'|'J|.|ik.lil Hlack m»U- Cwkvv Spaniel i)iimud Hex, Itefonlly Iriin- iiii'd, ovc'rsi/.p' volliiv wild rallies din'. LUn'vul rewiird I or |-i't\ifn to Or. Si. L. Sfciiller, plinnu JSll For Rent Crniiftirtiililo rootu for rcnl. riinni- '21175. »ir]s v tr> train, (n lonci^'sou inj- at r oxpi'ii^i- lii'tViTf.!! nyfi n'f 2"» tuid 't. Sin^i-r S.-svini; Mnfliiju>. lervice Rial Ion men »-«nlci] Must lie experlencied. Good salary Call or ap- |i)y lo Dixieland Rcrvire Ht'«elo.' Mil* totiri. I'lmatj y\eeli> I7K32 12ll7-ck-tf ftn and wife for yard work and milk on« row. Woman for liouspVork. Ooo.l housp wiEh lifibts fret;. Cipod salary for riirht jiarty. Contact T.. ». Flelcli- «r. Qiilcon. iTo,. jjlnme 418.^. l>ist.ince Moving l-ocal & Competent Help and equipment. Adequately Insured Contract Hauling and Wise, Services. Home Service & Storage Co. Phone 2201 We Repair All Make Radios ! ftte« ior real. Enttrft B<eori\l flitur at 338 B. MaiQ. 1'rlTal'b en- tr.oc«. Ttnellac IllnJi. faouo SUt. "• " ' ' ' -- Heilroom %14 Wanted to Rent •riiiiin iiii[iu-ui:<la<i! ii|i:irnni'iit dr ]IIIII!.L lVnn:iK.'jlt 'r.'i.iil.-llls. (';ill SW'J. 12127-lik-l! WASHER SERVICE FhlUlp l'rf| Txaiai OlMiiri, rui. I'oii »« Appllaucan Vt;aU»l ' ' ADAMS CO., Inc. J. lOU . K|r. XOII-nil W. Main Phone 2882 for a Taxi Q. K. CAP Jurk Mitrsh, (>\)'riyr Taken Up W4irkin K itirl I. sliai r l.nnc llracli. Cull «:!.'• 0. Wanted to Buy ILOY EICH Chevrolet Co. IX)NT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or track from PHILUI'5 MQTQR cp, today' R-3-ck-tf Cash for wrecked or junk .''automobiles. We'll come • and gel if. .^\':ulc Auto Salvage. North Hiwy (•!, phone 3785. 12-2(i-pk-l-2B W ( .i|!ln alin .Siiiiillii'ininn " ' Loans Antompbile Loans Convenient Way to BOITOW COMPARE OUR RATES Personal Loans ; For EDUCATIONAL EXPENBE, TAXES iind Instivftncc. Doctor Bills, Accumulated Debts. QUICK. Confidential Service. Universal C. I. T. Credit Company I1G N. Second St. Blyfhevule, Ark. GATEWAY SERVICE cp, BuiMers of Guaranteed Generators and Starters CARS L A S T L O N G E R When you bring your car to toy Eich rolet Co., you're assuring yourself of Hit very best in car servicing . . . whether it's a complete overhaul or sintple evcrya^y needs. So, with this handy service at y«A|r finger tips—why go eUewhere—bring your cor tp toy CHEVROLET PARtS If you own a Chevrolet car and fjncj jt ir^ need of parts replqcernei\t... bring |t right down, tp, Loy Ekh where g«nuin* Chevrolet parts are handled. YPM see, Chevrolet parts are precision parts — made for your Chevrolet car. Phone 983 J. O. Lentz Dub Sizemore LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Wqlifut Phori. 579 "IPlff™ An^rJ Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams, MIT. 12-26-pk-l.-2K Phone 2071 20«-»g >¥. Main ' ' FARMS FOK SA1.B" ' Pns.seirsibri now • 80 acres, nice ?fsvcn ' T-oniy Itonip. good 1 b&rct JUH. oul IjiilltUtijin. a Vt-ry Una tj'iie of loftiri <oil, on gooil roAil. \,'r in it* of CAnaloii; >Io. price reJuce-1 ffom tM.OCJO. I's iVow 110.500. 'Jflii.f In l«)ti^ liirhi \nr\j\. 80 Hen's, on main rftrm*-Uuntersvillt> roil.!, r^foil Imid and y,-oiulcrtul luta lion"; all 'convfMiiencp, tjonil ' 4-rouin ho 1 !ne. grow.'! coll»n. rorn. Leans.' any kiiiit of li»y. Vttc.u 4'-» P« ! sicre. ThU Is 9 fine Ifoin'e' sile' 80" a^r^s" fiv^- roiW houso nn.l liArn. (rravol rond, litgh line, srln.n] bti*. two lUi]('S P«srf*l:i onn of the l^^•^t .^(1 Arrn farms to ' br Conmt an>-\v]n;r., jntfStly new lnn-1. 12 r.frci limljcr "]mt wfll i<niiinri> two lijlos lei Acre any Rtmil suniiin wilh ruUiv.ilion. Tins is R "I>JAMp.Vn IN* TUB HOUGH 1 ' nm] ic ^tieAp til' ihc [iricc f I 17."iO (.f-r PV'?40" ai-rt'5 aoiith n( ^^snil^. one rmini; «n'l >mrn.' A very fini? inri-e tn* land. Prirrt *i7o.(H1 ^rr Afro. 40 acres ' hoar 'Keixp'r " wil'i -t room •"mn^e. barn, and nn slitnip^. \voll drniiieil, and fino saml lo^nt roil. TKh" Is i.rie**l low At L $J25.00 i-ei acre! ' i • ' ' • CO acr<"n with 50 open land n«ar Tn- rrtiilo for 165.00 one K"i>d rn>j« will pay all ox|ienses tin] l»mi. ?0 ncrt-A nmr Tonialo all in timhrr. liut Kon.i hru! (or *17.r»0.,)or nrrc. \V. M. HUK^S. llfaltor , i Phono 3:t&l ' IF YOU NEED— Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers Ice Cream Boxes or Any Heavy Refrigerator for Immediate Delivery CALL Steele 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE F.LLIS POOI.E, Owner & MI Highway 61 North at HOLLAND, MO. Qiye Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and He«|s of finest Quality HALTERS " QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W, Main St. I ! Save Monej T«U:iy, Any Day STQf AND SWAP fn.BF.UT IlllFFMAN'S SWAP SHOP K. Main Phone lit You Must Be Happy or Nu 1>«1 RADIO REPAIR SERVICE ' Any Make or Model 1 to 2 I):iys Service We CqU For and Deliver PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan MOTOROLA Sales and Service 106 South First FQR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 \i\. to 36 in. A.H.Webb Hwy. 61 a ' 714 PRESCRIPTIOHS Pr«ah Stock Guaranteed Best PrlcM Drug Stores Refrigtratof Fn ADAMS INSURANCE G/.pco. Hot.! BM». KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL ANYTIME I)ay. or Night ANYTIMK Day or Night 2089 Old Reli G. O. POETZ "The Ol^ Reliable" Yo-r Source of Strvice PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ornce RR at Cherry How's Your Car Calendar? You may have winterized your car at t^e start of the season, but has it been serviced, since that time? Why not bring your car in tp Langston-Wroten today? . . . See if the transmission grease is at the proper level, check ail, give it the proper grease job all over . . . it'll run better in appreciation! Langsfon-Wroten Co. Salw— BUICK— S*rrkf U. S. Tim Mebllsat and Oil TtWyh A rinouncement — We Are Now Equipped to -J Give You Complete RfilW REPAIR 0UUI SERVICE Welding - Glass Installed - Painting City Garage & Welding Shop PHONE 174 Dan Russell ft Broadway EDWARDS "The KOVAL. SMITH. COItONA ;ui4l RKMINOTON I'OnTAIU.K 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 33B2 (Every Trnnsacllon MUST BE SATISFACTORY) KK K. MAIN James Itussell BOOTS AND HKR A_Sh:jri> I{cm]|idcr_ V.OOK PiT . frWi GtT «T, DfVOtV FRECKLES J»N1> HIS FRIENDS BY MERRHL BI LEFTVtT.' GET MVCAR STARTED / HENRY, AR^ YOU BACK ALREADY ? FRECKLES win. HAVE TO DRIVE ME TO THE OFFICE! „ HE'S M&Y66 I SHOUICVI (.epr Th'e DOORS OM~ its * t-irn-E ooujJ >..:.':.':.. ' TINKERIMS WITH HIS CAR'

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