The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 28, 1946
Page 2
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" LYTIIEVILLE . (ARK ' ) COURIER NEWS Mr, -,af>d -Mix Jam** Ttibmas Feterso* announce Lh« marriage of Uhelr 'drtHfter, Mitt Carolyn Ann Petengp, 1 : to Hertfcrt N swear- engfn^r^tat^ of Mr. and Mrs JJer- bert nv;«w««reugen The wedding was scMSiuied Oct « at Hernandg Miss. .. .' Mr. ^ ferearcnten and -.ite , bride are rnaklag Ibelr hojne, »t pr«e.nt, *lth tor parents at 200 North Twentt "first, until he retntfrs college, j?. The -«bride has" received numerous hon&fs both in ichopl and during the, past year whue il home She was Senior Q'ueen before gmd- untion^ from Blythevllle High School, and while attending the University of Missouri for a jear she sened as Maid to the Engineering Queen and Maid to the Agricultural Queen. Selected b> a Junior Chamber of Commerce committee to represent- Blythevllle as a Lady-"In- Waltlng at the Memphis Oottpn Carnival earlj last Suinjner, she later was chosen^ by the local Lipns Club as Its entry in the contest ,to represent Arkansas at the Option states Jubilee In Philadelphia She »on the title of 'Miss Arkansas in this photographic contest, and represented the State of Arkansas at the national Lions Club convention last'July The bridegroom was discharged In October from the Army Air Fpices, in which he served 19 mon'hs Stationed in Japan 12 months, their marriage took place while he was home on emergency leave Upon his return there he was discharge^ and returned immediately to Blytheville,where he since has been making his home He was graduated from Blythe- TTnl *h gh Sch<x>1 and «y«nded University of Arkansas, Kyetfe- \ille, two sears where h e became n member of pi Kappa Alpha national social fraternity r ,\ ' * * * Christmas Dinner Party Qiven For Grandchildren A, Christmas dinner party, wltl all the turkey thej could eat, was the -. treat for 65 bojs a.nd girls enteVfained Thursday night by Mrs Cleo Langston in compliment' to four, of her grandchildren because it was the ninth birthday of Man Ahcs Wroten Sharing honors with" Mary Alice wetf Charles I/ingston III, Glenda Lee foeiz and Anita Elizabeth ,Wro- tcn£ at this outstanding event of tlmi rff ** * e?k f& chud r en *' The affair-was at''life Wean's Club, where holiday' decoraitons nrotfidpri n /»r»ir\ffiii ..«! + IM« *.J T iTr Bridal Couple Honored At Firval Social Affair •the final *ff air planned for Miss. Margaret shaver and Joe P Pride-Jr., prior to'tlielr wedding this afternoon, was the supper partj last lilg'ht glveli by Mr. "»d Mrs J. .Kavanaugh Francis of Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Mr. and Mrs. Blan S. Healli. The 20 guests, were most intl- mite friends of the brlde-cleci and her fiance who ' had a steak supper at Rustic Inn before going to the Health home for dessert and to spend the evening.' Thf supper table was gay with white tapers, flanked with miniature brides aiul bridegrooms and (he Heath home decor-wl In n white theme' with narcissi and chrysanthemums arranged In attractive bpuquets. Included In the guests was Mrs. Odell Sanders at QreenVod. Miss.. IjP.usfcjSUest 'pi. Mrs.'M. O. Usrey and 'W.l'y- •'- ';•'•••-.' ., Dyes?, Mr. and " and Mrs. - , r. an MI Clyde Newman of Jackson," Tenit , - •••••• . TO 'A, son was bprn • ?. Mr. and'' Al night . Th« ba l.*"- OJftal \ *V. J iljr I JAethpdlst !jps),)!al. ha s bcin ' '" , , Albert Kindred Taylor '"Jr., hiis ^a^ Marclle, -'^ix y'.'a'is ot Good CiUzen o'clock f ,r ightful affair, from 5 until 1 3D the hostess,were her sess, viere er daughters, Mrs Cecil Wroten and Mrs G O Foetz, her daughter-in- law Mrs Charles Lancston Jr , and.Mrs J A Wroten, grandmother of Mary Alice A Her dinner, Mrs Charles Langston Jr, became a "fortune teller' for 6 game of. "forecasting the future; and. Mff Ann McWUUams sister of the hostess, pl»ed C/risl- S 1 ,"" WUSls '° r the ch "dren to D °* " * ' Rec! Peppers To Honor Alii Former Members Tire Red Pepper club of Bljthe- Mlle' High School will have a mornmg party Monday I n compliment to all former members, along v,ith_present members The affair, from 10 until 12 oclock, ,,]] be at the home of (he president, Mi« jtilla Ann Wo<xt- * i i RHative s Visit Here Mi -ana Mrs Earl McGregor had as thejr^guests for Christmas a rhTcUy*, 1 * 1 *"™ 5 Ilom ° llt or parent* '£r ClUded Mls ma ^°^ min M / nd Mrs A A New - "f"' Mrna »d Mrs Page Newman amil5 '- a!l °f RIle Tenn Mr - ey, enn . _" Pans > Henry O f Memphis the ...,-„ t ..uo v ,i,, iM opny. ion:i Slmnk.s lylpr, who Is wjl!> her. will I"'" 1 Vaimey Whltlcy for the flnnln ill Memphis to accpmnuny, M'P'» which tli e faculty m::;l« (hi, yipr' aiid' 'son home with i-selection. ' set for, ''' T»f;>- Mr. Tay)pr, remain In Vlrs. Taylor Tuesday as' ae se o dlsniUsil from the'hqsj' 'l.^'.' Fqwlstpns Have Payg^ter A daughter was born early today to Mr. irid Mrs. paltbi\ O. Fowl'" Vanney Whltley. dau b li(cr of Mr .'•]<! Mrs. joe Wh|Uey, ims been chosen for the Good pllmsnshij). Award p'r [he clmrlovi/v Cuiplei-. ..., of the Am.iiicii Re volition. .pile of six seniors scl.'cte;! bv -he BlythcvilJe High soiioal Sui- lenl Council, other.s wer (! Mnry -04 Swoln, Uiurii Swain, Jull a Ann Wocxlson, iiuih S( .., yi OJ<ln shanks: The stu(lent body, from Ihcso chose Ruth Spay, 7or,:i Slmnkf. __ At This Hospital* BlytlievJHe Hospital Admitted: Mrs. E. W. Haller, Dell. Mrs. George Johnson Jr., Artno- Mrs. Allen Redeker, Cedar Rao- Ids, rov,'a. . • '• Mrs. Mildred Walker, Etowah. Dismissed: ' . Mrs. Vance Henderson and baby, Charles Edward Hoover, city. Walk Hocpital Admitted: Bonnie I.on S.hcpi)ard, Roseland Mrs. w. M: McFarland, Senath Mo, ' •Mrs. M. Cohoon, Holland, Mo Wilma Jean Avhmore, m. 1 cHv Ella Mug Collins, Hollnnd, Mo. Born to Mr. iinrl Mrs. Palton V mor i CltS ' " dall 8li'cr this Dismissed: •Mrs. Charles E. Abbott, Rt. 3, -- .... ~~.,j.s, city. T. M. Lewis, city. • •;,,, --•-r>...»«.«, OH.-UH.-, Mo "...i. Mils Burnett and baby cIL ncrnie Hall Flowers, Deering M Jp.vnn Piillerlon, Stcelc, Mo.' sister, Mrs. B. B, wljson, and family several days. Marcla Lou McOregor, daughtfr »i Mr. and Mrs. Earl' McOregor, has gone to to spend a week with the Rev. and Mrs. Hal Gallup and family. Dr. and Mrs. I. R. johuwM Old Mrs. Clare Davis have returned from San Antonio, Tjxiw, anrt Dr Johnson has resumed his procure following,a recent ll'liis'si. Mrs. Edgai- Ktacy «n;l In'ant, son, KAfnt ^lleii Jr., relumed Wednesday f v o;n Meint;l:h Methodist Hosiiilal "niid are :it 'their Ulnnfatipn hnnic, Sla-:y, near ni'll. Officers Are Installed By Masonic Organizations At a joint Installation held In Csceola last night, officers of the Masonic Lodge and-Order of the Eastern star took office to serve for 1047. O.E.S. officers Installed Include: Mrs. Riitli Ragsdale, worthy matron; jnke' Thra|lklll, worthy pa- ll'OJi; Mrs. Mary ' Pprd, associnln matron; Chaille JMrd. aMOclato patron: Mrs. Irma ^andy,' sccrc- tiii'v; Mrs. Elizabeth Raines, treasurer; Mr,s.-Geneva I.lovd'. condiV-- lre»s; Mrs, Ma'ttlc Shlppcn, 'asso- ciatp conductress. Mrs. Lorn' Colbert, chaplain; Miss Cora Bell Rogers, marshal; Mrs. Freda nlxon, organist; Mrs. "•'"'"- Amos, Ada; Mrs. Mildred Eva Holland, Luxora Mrs. Marv Kenney, Bassett. Miss Whltley, who his ,u,, KV i, aniona the top in scir.lnsilc honors since cnterliiB schools i^ president of the Nation?.] Honu, Society, vice president tr Bet i Club, secretary of Cnnior<\ Cluo and a member of Quill an<| Scra n society. na Holltngswo.i'i name chosen 'for ' their ' li the! By win »l')K this awnr.l, daughter, who has a 'sister, Pa,trl- cla, age three luul a half, and a ' ' nncl nwnr.l, plvc'ii ls s::l-.»!,'.stfcally l n • cxtrn-ciirrlcnla f.cilvllles second f01 ' a « irl who excels • „ , nlltl Is otiLstniullii(r In clim-ficler ... r .. v ,, Russell, age two!' l an< ! persdnullty, she v/jli h.-; dyl- ' Mother and baby are at Walls ule f °r the Arkansas .'lmw:ot' The Hospital. ... . g!r| w i, 0 j p 1)ftrno js ti]IVW)1 fc _ Watch Night Services Planned by Baptists All Wednesday ' night activities Of the First Buj)\lst Church wliil he held on Tuesday night In the' form of a ' Watch Night Service beginning al 7 o'clock with the Sunday School moiithly Council Supper,' It W'ns announce^' today. Presbyterians to Hear Nebraska Churchman ' Dr. ; * ft-ank G. Smith, Pastor Emeritus of th,e pi r st Centra) Congregational Church in Omaha. NebV., will be the spenker nt th« fit si Presbyterian Churcli tomorrow/ mornliig-. widely known in girl, ceives name is special nwiu-1. Student Night Service Planned At Baptist Church Members of (he First Baptist Church who arc attending 6olleBC ass^lcd -by others in High school here, will present a. Student Night Pl'osmin i,i (he First -Baptist Clnireh nt 7:30 p.m.- tomorrow, lay P«(or the Wcv.'E. C. Brown, nn- fiouncccl tpcfay. Tis scrinoVi subject for the night ' g 'Die profiraiu lias "round the theme: Cenlcrcrt ; — ..>*>. •«..£,. T, iwciy r.iJUM 11 in i ^^v i LIU i ni lil 30 ft] Hi Blythevllle, Dr. Smith has l»en' Dai tieipate iii ih c service speaking at the - Presbyterian Betty Woodsoti is I he moarjin. pnurch every year for opproxl- nl ' ""'' *"~ ' .:....*•- mately 10 years. Pilgrim Lutherans to Mcrnp/i/$ Minister been planned "The Christ- 3 students will service. , "^ program icaci- recto" M ' SS L "" 11 Willle1 "' ls rii Tho prayer will be by Guy Rod Kers. followed by brass choir mini °°" undcr u 'e direction of Knrl Wadenuhfuhl. Introduction to the lirosram will be given by Miss Woodson. and a quartet composed of Misses .Prances Shpuse. Joyce Mis. Doris Yancey. Joiner. Ronald' Driver, jplner. Bits of News The Rev. w. C. ^rucger of Memphis win be guest pastor of. ,--. ,„ 0 , lul ,su jovce the Pilgrim Lulhefnn Church to-1 Damon. Carrpll'Eya^TuV Carter morrow. The Rev. Mr. krueger, I I ' air w !» sing. Misses Melon. Walker Whose ministry l s unu^al in that """ ° '"' ' hl - congi-cgalloiiM consists" of pn- .: -" 0 -^o«.»«.i . ijvusisis ui pn- tients in Memphis hospitals served the Pilgrim Church In the ab• - « -... "...., t-ii ,|| nn; Hi)— |ncc or a resident Lutheran pns- 99*1 Citizenship Girt Winner is Announced read ...' ---- Q. "._»*. ,Jl_,J 'IVIt Rosnnna Cleveland will Ecrlplurc lesson. follcwiiig 'n duct by Misses Wllln y sses n gcno Da\v s and June Poscy Clar -— . beei, ^ select id" as" U?c Oood Citizenship Gfrf for 1946 or the cnce Johnson will speak using as his subject: With Christ Through thp Student Union. Miss Odie Rice tfso will spenk n «d' her subject will be: \yilh Christ in the Pro- fessioiiiil Life. .,± T !?1.^°- VCC °{|c"s"b-ect- 0 Ch*' Ct cs nt College and interviewed Include election "w^"made !S by ^""o't ihe '^"!, V i Etlds ' W^'cnKvcf^a »„!„. ..... : . . »* Bins 01 me jack Hood. Miss Betty Jcnn Hill will sing. Other students In (he rhoi r will '";.'..', s " mrl - Miss Danun Wunri- n. Carl Hood. Miss Virginia ""us. MIS JJ Bjlli( , Suc ]J ^ |rks id M|ss Jesse Glenn Touilin. Ushers will be: Chris T'hompklns class, members. assisted "by faculty 'the award, which , American RcvoH.tlo, ? Mi" Burch will become a candidate for a -trip to Washington w 1,1 the irst Continental cS igrera pi grl - ia «iage is made i lCr ^ " nrris Hllllt ' A - °- r - 9 lnrlcs Wright. Ricl,- Cavson. Juno Admns, (laughter of~i i(J1 Rose Adams of Osceola, will be the overnight guest of Maureen Norris Mr and Mrs. Frank Whltworth nnd Mr. and Mrs. Fred Flee'nmn vent to New Orleans today for the Gor | <i-Nortli Ctirolinu football enme \Vtdncsday. Mrs. Blanche Foster and daughter, Hrownle. of Dyersbiirg, Tenn., Jjrc visiting thp L .T. Moore family for a few <lays. • " • • • . Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Gouncllle will go to New Orleans tomorrow to attend the Sugar Bowl'football finnc Wednesday. Mr. atul Mrs. Ross D. Hughes end Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Leech will attend the Cotton Bowl football game \g dnesd;iy In Dallas, Texas B°ni(; clown for several days Tlay. Mrs. vkla Lucius, wlio underwent a major operation 18 days ago ac Walls Hospital, has been removed to her home on North Broadway.' Although much Improved she is not. yet able to be up. Mrs. Lucilc Pipkin Iras as her guests, her daughter and son-in- law. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard' R. Phillips Jr., and her son,' Fred Pip 1 kin, all of St. Louis, who plan' to up l^ere for a month. Miss Emily Wixson is spending the weekend in Jonesboro. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Russell of Arlington, Vn.. have arrived to visit her parent* Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wroten. They 'win "be here until Thursday. Miss Ruby Brown, who has undergone two operations since entering Memphis 'Methodist Hospital n month ago, relumed home yestcr- <tay. Much, improved, she is at her liomi-. 12! Wrst Missouri. Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Ltummn and son, Pete, of New Orleans, ore r-pendinj; several days here iis guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Moding- cr t\ml family. Jpiltl Bruce Wilsnn line! n= his >*' , Es " lc1 '; Mrs. Olqdvs Burr, Martha;, Mrs. stclla Head, -Hecta; Miss Ruth Masscy, warder- w E Head, .sentinel. ' Officers of Osceola Chapter. No. •". Royal Arch Masons, ' iiftlalled »'«re: George cone, high priest; i- M. Dial, king; Charles Ford U'l'iue; J. w. Thrailkill, treasurer- E. R. Bogai), secretary; A. ' M. 1 finer, captinn of thp hnit- T?--- Cl\I^ni p c; /-i lc '. l '. v , v Arch Captain; Wade Qb>n! -of 2nd Vail; E. C 'WJUIP Master or 1st Vail. M s M.IS CHUCK FIRST BAPTIST Walnut at K. <'. Brown, pastor Sundiiy School, 9:40 a.m. <3" Morning Worship, 10:55 a.m. Baptist Training Union, 0:30 ]>.m. Evening Worship Service. 7:30 p.m. (Special Student Nlgl\t Sevv- iccl. TEMPLE ISRAEL l)r. Alfred Vise, Rabbi Woman's Club Sunday School, 1:30 p.m. Services, 3:00 -p.m. Rabbi Vise will preach a pre-Ncw Year sermon on Dr. Florence Mary Fitch's book. "One God." . FLAT LAKE METHODIST' a CHURCH Kay L. McLester, Pastor Breaching Services, 9:30 a.m. Sunday School, 10:30 PROMISED LAND METHODIST (JHUKCII Ray L. McLester, pastor Sunday School,' 10 Preaching Services, 11 a.m. ''Youth Fellowship, 6:30 p.m. VARBRO HIKTHOIHST CHUKCII Ray I.. iVIcI.ester, pastor Sunday School. 10 a.m.' Preaching Services, 7 p.m. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Harvey T^ Kidd, pastor Sunday School. B:45 a.m.' Morning Worship, 11 a.m. Junior Choir, u a.m. Supper for Young People. 6:45 p.m. Evening Service, 7:30 p.m. 'Ister, Miss Jnnc Foster and Bobby Wnddell. all of Jonesbpro.' Tom A. Tinin of Linden. Tenn.. will arrive tomorrow to visit his SERVICES I M .^»^ Clubhouse, 1416 \V- "ain I , .°! 1 !' 1Tstl « n Science" is the subject l ° f , 11( : ^f "-Sermon which will b e . '• '" "" cl H>«hcs and Societies THIS DAT . . . DAILY' BREAD •' A thousand, thousand milts oread-seekers roam For bread are weddings and sermoM said So The lady who kno\ys her smart ness depends upon gpgd groom ing and . . . her grodrning de pends upon her dry-cleaner The BLYTHEYILLE Laundry - Dry Cleaners 210 South Secomf St. ^SATURDAY, DECEMBER of the Chyreh of Christ, Scientist, Sunday. ' ' - ' 'The 'Golden Text Is: "Ye an; n chosen generation,'a .'royal priest hood, an Holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of Him who h«th called you out of darkiiess,into His marvelous light." FIRST MKTHOUIgT CHURCH Allen I). Sl*i?art, Paitor Sunday School. 9:45 a'.m. Morning Worship, l'0:f>'o a.m. Sermon by pastor; subjept: "Christ or Chaoa." Evening Worship, 7:30 p.m. Choir rehearsal, 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. Junior Fellowship, 3:45 p.m., Friday. BAPTIST CHAPEL Mlly .Street 1). B. Bledstfe, Pastor Sunday School, 9:40 a.m Morning Worship. 1P:55 a.m. Sermon by pastor; Subject: "Victory Through Christ." Baptist Training Union, 6:.10 p; n Evening Worship, 7:30 .p.m. , I AKK KTKEKT METHODIST «HUKCII Hev. II. II. Blevlns, pasUr Church School, 9:50 a.m. Alornliig 'Worship, 10:50 a.m. Evening Worship, '1:30 p.m. Methodist Youth Fellowship H p.m. • Prayer Meeting, Wednesday 7 p.m. IMMAMIEi, BAPTIST- CHURCH A. M. Houston, pastor Sunday School; jo a.m ' Morning Worship, li a.m. Training Union, 7 p.m. Evening Service, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night prayer service, 7 p.m. .' •••-. PIPST CHIVCH or taf: NAZABENB F. W. N«»h, pallor Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship, 11 a.m. Young People's iBeetlng, 7; 15 p.m. Evening Worship, 8 o'clock. Wednesday prayer services, 7:39 FIBST CHRISTIAN CHPRCH R. S. Balrd, futar Bible school, 9:45 a.m. Morning worship, 10:50 a.m. •• Evening Training for all age groups, 6:3p p.m. Evening Worship, 7;3o p.m. CHUBCH OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Rev. B. FraiKii McIX-vltt, pastor Kev. Paul Bujankl, awbtant p«t»- Sunday Masses 7:30 and "10:3(1 p.m. ' •. Novena to our Sorrowful Mother Friday, 7:30 p.m. " ' Weekday Masses, 8 p.m. ASSEMBLY .OF GOD CHURCH L.C. Kamsey,'; pastor Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship, n a ,ni. Christ Ambassador services 6:30 P.m. ' ;. Children's church, 6:30 p.m. Evangelistic Service,' 7:30 p.m. GATEWAY TABERNACLE Howard Street Rev. L.' Gl Borah, pastor Church Service, 9-45'am. Evening Worship, 7 : 3 8 am Church Service, Wednesday and Friday, 7:30 ST. MATTHEWS CHTIRCH Osceola Rev. B. Francis McD«m, pastor KBV. Paul Bujarski, assistant Pastor Sunday Masses, 9 a. m. C50SPEL TABERNACLE B. R. Hartr.ori,' pa?Yor' S'jnday School, .n-15 n . Vl ' Morning Worship, tl i'" Young People, 6-4^ p m Evening Worship, 'i : Jo pm CHURCH OF CHRIST E. W. Stovall, paitor Sunday Schopl, 9:50 a.m. Worship Service, 10:50 am. Evening Service, a p.m. PII.BIM LUTHERAN CHURCH" Clh ana VVa'nut •'-, Robert Jkiejer, paster Residence: 513 North fifth Phone 27W Sunday School, 10 a.m. Worship Service, 11 a.m. NUMBER NINE BAPTIST CHURCH Howard H. Kin*, pastor Sunday School, 9:45 . Morning Worship. 11 a.m. Training Union, 7 p:m. Evening \Vorshlp, 8 p'.m. Wednesday, prayer meeting, 8 P.m. .... : There's Beauty for You a{ THE HRAUTY CLINIC 1st Nat'l. Bank Bide. Phone M74 PERMANENTS Oil of Tullpwood $8.5« Marcellina Creme .. .... Helene Curtis Cold Wives Dermetlc Cosmetic* The Beauty Phone 3202 Glericoe Hotel Blytheville's Baby Headquarters! The.. Tot Shop I-et Us Help You— STOP DRINKING There is no medical remedy for drink . . . but we can help you resist Its Influence! No cost to you —only co-operation. • JUST CONTACT Alcoholics Anonymous Box 873—Blythcville, Ark. A Bountiful Supply p/ Just received ... a nice shipment of Radios includ- ing PHILCQ, C[,ARIQN and PADA, Also a complete slock of Radiq^tcries. Hurry ahd get yours NOW! We hpve two Good, Used, Electric REFRIGERATORS FAIRBANKS-MORSE — WESTINGHQUSE A complete stock of necessary supplies for i|ll types of plectricaf >Yiring, includjrig different gauge wire. Oil Circulating Hepters £OAL HEATERS ; T i R i s For Trucks & Passenger Cars All Sixes Oet Your Willys Jeep here WHY SUFFER From Cpld Weather? When you can simply call 527 and hive your groceries and meats delivered free by our netv last SCOOTER DELIVERY. We guarantee you must be sa(ls r fied with our selection. Fresh Dressed Poultry daily Meadowbrook Milk. ' 61 Highway North—Phoiie 597 CECIL LOWE Grocery & Meats ixintinuous Shows Every Day .. Bo* Office Opens 1 :4l SJiow SJarts Z:»0 LISTEN TO KtOW" Saturday Down Missouri Way with Gene Tierney and . , Vincent Price Serial: "Hop HarrJBail" N o . 7 ;,„,, Short Cont'd. Shows Sat. 10:30 to 11:30 Sunday and Monday If I'm Lucky with Vivian Elaine and Harry James Paramount News ina Selected Short Caatinmu Stiowlni Sun. 1:1S U U B«z Office Opm S-4S ' " Opera Bimdar i:M; Mutt 1:1* " " Shows Sal, juii 'Bn. NltMiBzMH Jtooorta >a ——^2?T- See the New Bendix Automatic Home Laundry e & Auto Co. SATURDAY Galloping Thunder with Charles SSUrrctl Scriil:"Scarlet Horseman" No. 7 and Short C»fd Shows Sat. Il:3« to 11:M Sunday ana Slonday Something for the Boys '

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