The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1946
Page 9
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27, 10.16 BLYTSEVILLB, (ARK.) COUBIBB NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ->«ili rate per Una tor coastcutlrt !»• uttffM: KfniHutu Oh*r( »ra«a jit* • I6c llm per day lie pvi llua per diy _- . 9c p«r line i* r day 7C ucr line o»r ii.w r,i> J <lw«« p«r line i*r day 7C 1- lin>«« per line uer day ._ DC Monjh n<c line ,__ - 90c Count tlve average words to the line. Ad ordered for three or six times and 'topped before expiration will k« charj- id for the nuuiber of tluui the ad appeared and adjustment of kill wade. All Classified Advertising cops' '»*• uiltted by peisons resldlni outside of »lie :lty mutt be accotnuanled/by cash. Rate< tji$ easily computed from the above ' ^»v«itislug order for Irregular Inser- Hoti» takta the oua lime rate. 1>« respoiislbllity will be takeu for niore thau on, Incorrect Iniertlou of auy classified ad. For Sol* Bleel oil barrM rac«i. BlytaaTlllt M» ckme .Slop. Call 2828. ll|18-ck-lf 'tiitra bulll Tu<Uw blUda—11 Up< colon. Ttrx weak* d.UT«i7, D»l'» Fain * WaJlp.per Wore. 1017-ck-tf »'• koyer («r yom kuai. H. O. OamplMll. Pk«u 4it — IIIO. Ofde. JiO Haul. BeooaJ. 10l>.«k-lf I.favlnif town, mtiat aell—Houaa kold Koods also furniture. 605 ^h!ck. 12l2-ck-l|2 He/p Wonted Service station uien wanted. Mull be experienced. Oood aalarjr. Call or ai>- ply la Dixieland Servleo. Hteele MLi. tourl. 1'Uonv Bieela J7F22. 12| Man and wife for yard work and milk one cow. Woman for homework. Oood house with It^lilA fri'e. Good salary for ri|[bt parly. Contact I,. U Fletcher. QMeon, Mo., iilioue Tofcen Up At lily [a vlllo.' ~ of oii.l :i . . KluiM*. Wrix'tlt nl;»ml HID Hi* fm-h Jimmy SrnnlljcrniDii . |,l,o,,,. 2(1)4. Services I'nlnttng and jiaiitr hanging. J. 11. Kre,>- ...... . 1'liotio 2431. 12112- |>IM|I2 \VBlrh and Olork rc|i:iir • — Quick ri" nuii'. J;icl.*un'* ,K'\vi-lry Slur.-. UJ17 H ml .Main l'J|:'.|-]ik-l!8 Tractor repair* and eerriee. Eleetrie a»d acetylene weldiflf. BlackaBatth work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. a-15-ck-tl 1 — W» raptlr ill tjpti waiblnj ueal re«trdl»ia of kind of «ondltlo». Alao bar t>B< icll, pickup and dfllvtr. BlytUxUI* Uacaine Shop. e|T-ck-U JOO toni icood K r Mt and lespeder* hay J*ir Ktlti. l*hoi.«y<fl». 12-ll-p.k-ljll -'IT Sale; suile. 150.00; o»« Tiarinr IjrciikEiig plows — new and. used. K'-v Konnfr at Oijlo Ciin. Jlonllu. Ark. house. Can ba made into two tmentB. Double garage G05 Chick- Frame dwelling and lot in Manila. Price $1450. J. C. Crispin, Manila, Ark. l'2-20-pk-23 TRUCK FOR SALE Extra duty 1942 Chevrolet, tires on all six .wheels, overload springs, .heater, spare wheel, fog lights, insulated body 12!/2x6'/ 2 x6'/. feet. Perfect condition. Call 2147 or 966, BlylheviUe. 12-12-ek-tf X.'w 'iR iunili-1 IMiilco ( rnoilct nii- toinntii- radio arnl iilionograirh com- liiiu-U. I'rii-cd $75 I'l.oiiti fl7(3;i 12|21-|)k*2B C'-H, (rniipr with Jollies iiii.I tires; 1 1:unlc)ii M'ith fitnuBHt axle; 1 It-it. iriu-1. ded, siocl: and low fido.iOAnU. Si-*- Ram Steed, Lenchville, 13.23'iilc-lir. drip '.ritull new su],er_ (lame — for or II rooms. .With cabinet. CKi.*. Jut 1 FlorfiiCf Katifc, One Si.iiprll:uuc oil fie.ilcr. C.iiirh. CaLhuit. Tali Us unil i-lmir^. Ainu other aril firs. I'homt mill. Phonp 2330. XOTK3K: Propanp f^s lifatiitfi iitiils for HIP licimc mill olfirp. Cull Kriin-xBnl niivr I). K. llerfiiTi nt 3U3. Cojii]ilel [irlfp $250 ilH'lu.le* 10D ^\.- tntlk. 4x4 flnor lit'alor ^'iriti|j anil tubing. ^.<j iustallt'd. . r2|27-|>k-31 One Cushman Motor Scootei with windshield and accessories, inA-1 condition. One new 8 foot stainless steel, dry storage drink box. E. J5. Gee Sales Co. 12-27-ck-7 liirjrO rircn oil tu' nil li.-fller and '2 IVrfecl condition 12li7-ck-2« "liristniss p n p p ! e &, Cockers. Hpiti. Ohnws, Mrs. X. 0. Jerutnc. S Hlwy. Ct. l'hon« 3101. 12-21-ck-SO Iflt. size 50 limu- 2291. ISO. 221 K Mo St.. !H I "Olilsinoliilp. '^8 Plj-mtmtli two clnor. M7 Ford. 4 door. Ml F(>r,l 4 •liuir. ':t9 I'lyiiunith. '2 .loor. Allen's .^•rvifc .SI.itFun. I in :K. ilaln T]i.nn> irftnt Io(s. suitnljlo for Imil.lmy homes. CliVnp. SOP Oxrnr A.exnmlcr |il«mo fllia. 107 West Main Sirec-t ' 5 ri>om hmiRO rinse in onrt\ P,'i> AlflxsiT lott.i- rrxiiforl* r.i.tiTc fonV; p.ove. Tli.rn a it.! Mill,-. Good ron.Tition. Sec Oscst ATivxnnder. 107 \\*. M.-yn. i>hoiie 83n MONEY TO LOAN, Do you need a loan to repair or. remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no rod Upe. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. Mai Logan, Realtor, phone 203 i. Lynch Bldg., BlytheTllle. 9-23-ck-tf lome laundry, quilts, ruga, etc-, washc'l. Fati.Uy tYA&hiiiii; rough dry or fjjjislii'tt. Also room fur dry I UK rtolhc*. ill!! fin. Lake. WJIHe Hell -Grc*-n 12|19-|»V-1|20 Weather stripping. Save fuel by having doors and windows .weaiherstripped. C. E. Wiggins, 512 N. 10th. Phone 2293. ll-26-pk-12-2S i'*KbIng ni&cltEne repairing Coinplcto fncilItTe.s prul equipuicnt tor rciiair- ln(j.' 'your Wird w.<shinK iiincliltio. Complete stock o( replacontent purts. Prompt »nd efTicierit Eorvice. Kxjicrt worliinansliip. Montgomery Ward X Co. s. 12|LL-ck-3i £0<"l l.odnk pirhtrrs KernI your film.* rul noiralives to TJio .\toiK-l Stuillw M Wnljnilii AYC-, ,S(. Louis, J2 >[<i. e sn;irantre |>tum|>t <,-t>rvirt>. v Wanted to Rent STOP! Is Your Car a Menace? Don't drive a car thai threatens your life and others, loo! Briny it by Phillips today and trade il in on a later 1911 or 1<M2 model. You'll ride better, feel more comfortable and be safer . . . plus that you can depend on Phillips to give you a fair trade! WE BUY AND SELL USED CARS PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD md MERCURY DEALER Walnut ml Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. Tel. 451—1721 Lotf Hlacl, „„,„ c ockl , r „,,„!,! „,„„„),,,,. . llc'i'iilly irliunu'd, uvrrilin rullnr wllli f" 1 '" IHR. Uln'inl rownnl /or renirn • '" l>r. M. I/, SV^Hl'r, (ilioju. 2BUH. . I'lliT ulr^l dot;. Ptiosii* I'wuy M#i. Jack willi iixlllnl, "F.C. 11 J"' II, liciwfcii Klrvt I.*kp «itd )Hy- »["'villi s j nt k luiidlt) •Mw.'PH.TlU mill KioAdwHjr utt Mn|ir. Virull Vot*r or P^'«;«- 916. ffl rownfd ,y" ^ck, K.60 •iM »n1cl, wUJ, ilijt -li,-!. 1.0*1 T..o«ilay' l |il^lii".'"iti-wiTru! calf II n,il.-» II. A Aikin . NVllK Imhy 1101 ihl IOVI'0. I'.'ii!l-Mk'in for Rent 3-rni>iu iiiifnmi.ii]iGit n|>artntonl or honso. IVrllliiiu'lll reliilcillji, Cull SSI>. / 12]57-iiV-l|2 !>. WASHER SERVICE , PUlUp Frcl MBKK Ot«*neri, Faaa, icons ud 3m«' AppUancei Vep^lced y ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. >. W *-)4MS MIT. 9«i> »11 108 08 W. Hair \ We Repair All | Make Radios I LOY EICH: j Chevrolet Co. FARMS FOR SALE Possession now h.irn and out liutldin£S. a very fti)i> lJI>e ol loam soil, on gooil ro;iU. \'i mile of Cunaloii, >lo. price reduced (r ^11,000. Is now tlO.SOO. Ual( lion: all convrnivncp. jronii 4-rooiu home, grows cation, corn, li.-nns. any kind <>r Hay, trice 412i W r lien'. This is :i fine home silp. SO acres five room house nn«l barn, |:r:ivel road. In^'h linv, school hus.'lwo iiiilrs from I'ftscoU onu of the bt^t 30 noisily new l:m«i, 12 acrc.s limber Imi will ^irnilncc two hales to ncrt- nny Kiiuil .season ivilli cnllivrilion. This i» !> "IIIA.MON'D IJt TIIK HOUOH" nn.l is'ehi-:i[t nl Ilio liricw ?1I7.">0 l<er 411 ncrei south r>f 'Xnnib one IIOUSP .tin! hsrn, 3k very fine iiiere of Jiin.l. I'ri.-p II75.CO lior acre. 4<> arres near Kriser willi 4 room >irniiieil, ami ftne 3»n,\ lonm Koil. Tliis i* iirictil low al fl2:,.00 lift r.ll ften\t willi f>0 open l.^nil near Tomato for JGn.Ort onp K ftll| l crop will |My -ill expenses niul laml. ^'l «fre* near Tom.ili> nil in timber, l>nl Hood hud for <I7.fiO per ncri' W. M. UUHNS. Re.illor room for rcni. 1'lionc 2fi7. r i. 1JIL l-],t-MM Ifflea jp«e« for re«i. Kntlrfl atoond fjoor at 33B E. Mala. Private mi- tr«ne«. Ttoetlac bltadi. Paona &U1. 9|8)-«.-tt Quebec's Breweries AUlioiigli only eicht of HID 71) breweries in Canada nre located in Quebec, this province produces I pt-oximntcly one-half of the total output, ol tlial Industry. . 1 Wonted to Buy DONT TAKK A LOSS. Cf*t .the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. / 6-S-ck-tf Cash fur \vrcckert or junk iiiiloimi.jiles. We'll i-iime nnil gei i(. Wade Aulo Salviifte. North Hlwy (il, l>H(iiie 11785. 12-2(i-i)k-l- assuring yourself of rfe« servicing . . . wherh«r it's overhaul' or simple everyday Reilroom 514 N. 0th. Thorn 2338. Ill30-t»li-12|30 pliono 2020. l.i|;]il liouso kroptn^ llcdraom. or as nprirllnriil. Ountlcnii'ii proffrri'd or cou|i]e. 817 Chlekns.iM'ljn. iai2Ci-|.k-2» Wanted SALESMAN WANTED MAM \VAXTK1) to surcpc-.l f) Kirjimnn fur lf>00 funnily Knwli'i^h UuslnOKK in South Dnnk'liii Cotiulf. I'roilnrls n hilsMor. Writ*- kii\vloi{;>L'.*. AICI,-27-123R. >(i'iui»his 'I'cnn i. (', Cnllins 111 I K; Vino SI. 1'lvlli. NVAXTKI): A Bond relinljlo man in |ily cii^loiiHrr.'; willi Ravvloit;li I'roil . s ril>|)l. AKL.2T-I2V, Read Courier News Want Ads. Loons Automobile Loans Convenient Way to BOITOW COMPARE OUR RATES '• Personal Loans For EDUCATIONAL EXPENSE, TAXES nnd Insurance, Doctor Bills, '• • •'•" Accumulated Debts. • •" QUICK. Confldenllnl Service. Universal C. I. T. Credit Company 116 N. Second St. BIylhevilie, Ark. "Kit- Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams, M.T. '' Phone Z071 2K-M W. Main GATEWAY SERVICE CO. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lentz Dub Sizemoro L O N G E R CHEVROLET PARTS If you own a Chevrolet cor and find it in need of parts replacement... bring it right down to Loy Eich where genuine Chevrolet parts are handled. You see, Chevrolet parts are precision parts — made for your Chevrolet car. IF YOU NEED— Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers Ice Cream Boxes or Any Heavy Refrigerator for Immediate DeHTery CALLSteele 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE ELLIS POOLF, Owner & Mgr. Highway. «l N«Hh at HOLLAND, MO. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL ANYTIME Day or Night 2089 ANYTIME Day or Night 'The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ Your S«re« .f PETROLEUM ncptndable Service PRODUCTS Office UK at Cherry How's Your Car Calendar? You may have winterized your car ar the start of the season, but has if been serviced since that time? Why not bring your car in to Langston-Wroten today? ... See if the transmission grease is at the proper level, check oil, give it the proper grease job all over . . . it'll run better in appreciation! Langston-Wroten Co. RECTAL DISEASES (All' Tyiws El« I Salei— BUICK— Servke Give Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. j LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Save Monr.y Today, Any na STOP AND SWAP ELBERT HUFFMAN'S SWAP SHOP 481 E. Main Phone USB You Musi B« Happy or No Denl RADIO REPAIR SERVICE Any Make or Model 1. lo 2 Days Service We Call For and Dellve PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan MOTOROLA Sales and Service 106 South First DON EDWARDS -Th« TrvemMn Htt- BOTAL, SMITH. CORONA *M1 »EMINOTOK PORTABLE 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONK ««J TnnMctlon IIUBT M aATIBPAOTORT) I ™»i»a»»»4 Refrigerator Service) FO'R SALE •. ' . i Concrete Culvert Til* Sizes 12in. to 36 in. A. H. Wclib Hwy. 61 at State Lin* Phone BIylhevilie 714 » m ^ mmmm »a — PRESCRIPTIONS Prwh Stock Gnu-anteed Bwt PrfeM Kirby Drug Stores ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. I. W. AaluM, Her. * Hwne M71 "^ W. J. Pollard Gbnco* Motel BUg. Phom 3545 Announcement We Are Now Equipped to \ Give You Complete REPAIR SERVICE Welding - Glass Installed - Painting City Garage & Welding Shop BODY 328 K. MAIN .lames Russell PHONE SM Dan Rossen' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES •Tendcrfool TftKt XMAt C»aftB-» DOMIN -VO rAt > PV,t>«i'. "!. BWCHPv tWM »OY OlON'T HPME. ^»o^H^r4' TO oo ~ OUT i BY EDGAR HARTm. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIRND3 ^YOU'RE A SIGHT; WHAT w IHEAVEM'S NAWE HAVE vou y .ON MY The Proof U. S. Tirei W«>n»rt ft Broadway Mofcilgat and Oil TttevkoM KM WELL,GUT our OF THOSE DIRW CLOTHES R IS NEARLY READY .' BY MERRH V BLOSSES ~ „„. AND i PRESTO.' —MOM WOULD ; HIP THE -EIL1UG- tF SHe (WEW -^^ HOW OIRTf i VMkS/ y

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