The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1946
Page 4
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(AMD ooinun For Better Farming FMt»n4 For This Section's Pro• crasiye Fanners. NEWS-FEA1 tressed T» Ctoefc Cholera in Hogs Hot „ cholera frequently breaks out in pig heids in enilj fall, and authorities i,) aiiimnl husbandly Kirn livestock men to vaccinate all Pitt against the disease early. Usual siftis of infection aje revci. of appetite, ana weakness The (disease can be.spread hy direct I Inttliect contact with ihe nffecte ,?'*• I Nelghb6rs should be warned n oiice If cholera breaks out In herd in order that proper prec.iu tlonary measures may be observoi From U'o weeks to a inonlli o quarantine is the minimum rcconi mended for <my new stock brougli to the fahn. ' FRIDAY,. •fiiKCBMBEK -21, 1040 - Published Every Friday in the Interest of Farm Families of This i Agricultural Section. By The DelU Implement,Co, BlythevlBt Friday, Dec. 27, HI46 No. CO That mystic tfood feeling of Christmas still lingers wilh us, anil we feel sure (hut (his true iils<i «i(h <nir icadeis. Theictoro \vo lire not in (he mood to write ii|t ni\y more Hews items for this column. We lust •hope that all nf you had a most enjoyable Chris!mils ami will wish you ninth piosneriiy and happiness for 19.J7. ' " DI . . Hear America's favorita tenor If you luiven'f. heard International Harvester's "Hsu-vest of Slurs", time in (his Sunday and JAMES MELTON 'U- Every Sunday on the ff 'program . . HARVEST OF STARS;;*;;,,:"::;: with Howard Barlow • . L and 60.pie« Orchestra !"* """ *"' !"' lyn Murray Chorui *" y " K°° rt if Distinguished.Dramatic C«l» story or hvo. Special Musical, Guests . | f with PURINA HOG CHOW Feed with grain... makes pork quick and thick! Supplies what your grain lacks. Try it! Birds of any age may gd "off fe«'d" for one cause or •mother — the weather, a tnild epidemic of colds, or JJ*^7 may be lernporarily - tired out." Help lagging appetites, help get birds •ating the feed they need |b g»t back into condition With Purina Chek-R-»on. RAISE BIG LITTERS £f •**•. Come in lo- 4ay and ask for f PUIINA fNEK-R-TON Yes, Rabbit Chow is built to help does kindle big litters of husky rabbits...then grows'em fast to eating size. ~ RABWTOKW Ashcraft Co Paved Roads Pa Farm Dividends Automobile and True Maintenance Costs Figured by Experts WASHINGTON, D. C., Dec. 27.— Dirt roads from farm to town ai inking $144 out of n fanner's pock ct nnmmlly for each tnr anil true lie ^opcratCM. Charles M. Uphtin engineer-director or Die America Road Biilltlcrs' Association, point out In 11 statement to county high Way officials here Icxlny. As proof of (lie actual dollai fliHl-cent.s value of lielte; road Mr, Uphfim elte.s an analysis o Individual car expense accounts o 300 rural letter carriers drlvin more than 3,000,000 miles In : srouji of Mlrttlle Western am Southern slates.' . , In this study, equal distances o laved, grnvcl and earth roads werL li'ftvcllwl. four elements of cos were considered—gasoline, oil, tire. ii(l maintenance. "In Mississippi, a typical stale nc cos! of gasoline In-driving 12,00 miles over ])aycd roads was HC or 1.25 cents a iiillc," Mr. Up- snld. "Over urnvel ro.irts. Hie cost was $168. or 1.4 cents a ille. while over earth, it was $102, r 1,35 cents a mile. Oil consumu- ion was .11 cents a mile on pav- d roads, .15 cents ;i mile over •nvol and .2] cents a mile over Gravel roads took the greatest HI In tires with .44 cent.? a mile gainst .27 cents a mile on pavement and .33 cents on enrlh Mnln- lennncc cosU were In direct radio lo the quality or th c surface—.10 cents a mile on paved roads, 50 enls a mile on gravel and l.oi on earth. The lolal or' the -'four cost Hems is 1.7 cents a mile' for pavement. 2.65 cents a mile for. gravel and 2-0 a mile for earth," Mr. upham continues. "U therefore costs 12 cent.-; a mile more to drive over dirt roads and 0.85 cents more over (Travel than over pavement. There- lore If a farmer operates only one cur and one truck, an iinsurfaccd rond to mnrket costs him $288 a year Even If e ,avel has been add- Mftd if? ' S "" " nr>1 " 11 " uc t'o of ^«4. It Is a cost he cannot avoid long „., his outlet highway is m paved. But It ls „ cost he can ) d r ° ntls he tlrlves OVEr Douglas DC-3 Serves " To Transport Livestock Converted.,Into a "flying barn" a Douyla s DC-3 was used recently to carry te n Ayrshircs from New York city to Medclin. Columbia, boulli America, in 2 0 hours, as comparert with the 39 days required for rail n nd water shipment and nt no greater cost, according to the uuycr. Picnic lunch, served cnroute was one bale of hny ror lll( , lci ; Poultrymcn Urged toKeep Best in Flock; Sell Rest Poultrymen.can cut down their ying losses by "keeping the best and S ellu, B t |, B /rcsr accorc|1 , 0 expe.ts Only healthy vigorous ds should be selected to go into ™? In5 '^ 1h <"'»c-tho s c win, well- balanced head, bright eyes, short 'vcd beak, wide back and deep Cody. Weak, lalc-malurlng birds and those small In size should be discarded. H Is possible for chine], bugs in all slages, to live ror 12 hours under water. tftf, BURTOI^ WILLIAMS. Rat-Proof Com Crib' JT PAYS to keep rats o,,t ot the corn crib. Losses to stored corn in farm cribs sometimes amount to us much as onc-llnrd of-the ^^"inter carry-over. . An economical melliocl of protecting the common slat type ol crib is tci line thc interior walls to « ticiRht of two foct with wire woven to two or three moshes to «ho inch (15-gnirc material gal- mo,r Ti tC> ' v }' cnvi "K is generally used) Then place n 10-inch band of asbestos cement board around the exterior of the building, as shown below. on ?i »« »nab!c to gain n footing on its h.rd, smooth surfaces, so the »ar»stos board strip nrotccta the portion of the buiufin? K L C ,*'' e sl ) oul , d bc '^'n to butt the strips closely togcllier at joinh mul " r S lhe m » l ,«-f»l «''oun<f botl, •ides of doors anU door j»,nb- -out/on is Advocated in Handling Cleaning Fluid Home dry-cleaning with flam- able cleaning fluids has disflgur- I or fatally burned many persons, as burned houses to the ground demolished them by explosions, unnnercinl-dry cleaning is more rfcctive anj much safer, the Na- onnl Safety Council has pointed it. i Miss Cora Lee Colcman. home cmonstration agent, reminds urth iMississippl County hume- lakcrs Hint home dry-cleaning lishaus Increase during the win- :r months when the activities are lore confined to the house. Miss olcman encourages housewives'to clse necessary, precautions to ;riid these accidenls this winter. Soles RetiecMock of Durable Goods Price of Butter Takes Sharp Drop In New York City ! NEW YORK, Dec. 27 <UP) — i The price of first, grade butter ; dropped 10 ccilLs in the New York I wholesale market yesterday witb an increase In production and reported withdrawal of market support by heavy buying interests. Production for the week ended Dec. 12 was four per cent greater than that of the previous week and 30 per cent above the same week of 1945. The butter volume is being swelled, it was reported, by diversion or milk from cheese and cream production. Dealers said uterests which hud purchased on estimated <00,000 pounds of butter in recent weeks had withdrawn from the market. A Bouniifuf Supply of .lusl received . : . n nice shipment of Radios including tMMU.'O, CLARION and FADA, Also a complete slock of Radio Hallcries. Hurry and set yours NOW! We have two Good, Used, Electric REFRIGERATORS FAIRBANKS-MORSE^--- WESTINGHOUSE A complete slock of necessary .supplies for all types of Klcclvical Wiring, including different gauge wire. Oil Circulating Heaters COAL HEATERS TIRES For Trucks & Passenger Cars All Sizes All Sorts of Plumbing Supplies See the New Bendix Automatic Home Laundry George Appliance & Auto Co. Phone 87 Luxora, Ark. Cape Girardeau Man Given Post With FCA Fred A. Groves of Cape Girardeau, Mo., has Iwen reairpolnted Third District dlrcc'tor on the St. Louis Farm Credit Board, by Governor I. w.'Dugean, according to P. W, Niemeyer, chairman of the board and general . agent of the Farm Credit Administration of St. Louis. His new term will expire December 31, 1949. Mr. Groves is an agriculturalist and business man. He owns farm land In Stoddard. and Scott Counties In Missouri and has had cx- lenslye experience in agricultural and business activities. In addition to his.farming interests, he is one oi the largest automobile distributors in tile delta -section Of MIs- iowf. Ills appointment as third district director was from nominations made by national farm loan associations In Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas. Read Courier NIews .Want Ads. "COLD BUG GOT HIM? HELP EASE. ACHING CHEST MUSCLES RUB ON MENTHOLATUM &&&/ W» have it in stock now "•"NEW rat killer Here's a new rat killer that does ! \\\ % C" a bang-up job. It'sAnturat^Dr.Hess product. It's tasteless-rats can't detect it in baits They cat it without being suspicious. Anturat is more poisonous to rats than other ammals. It's more effective than squill against the Norway or common brown rat It's been thoroughly tested-ideal for farm use. Anturat is least poisonous to chickens-it is not dangerous to livestock or pets if used properly, . • . Anturat is an. entirely new rat killer We f«el certain it is the best type of rat killer for every-day farm use. Get Anturat now. ' WOO D S DRUG STORE 221 W. Mnin St. : r>ri7 i When you take your John Deere Tractor out in the field after our' factory-trained experts have given it » "going-over," you'll say it performs good as new. Our shop- men ire experts. They know exactly v,-hat your, tractor should do ... •nd how to make it deliver a full measure of service. Don't wait for a breakdown. A checkup now and a few simple •djustments may save you', the ex penje and delay of more serious complications later on. When you bring your tractor in. tring in y/urr scrap . - . Keep both in the fight. Missco Implement Co, 08CEOL* BONDS • SAVE SCRAP V ' J-a .,1. ^ !* .-, the master! If you've never seen or worked with a Ford tractor, it's likely you don't know how really versatile it is. Why not drop in and see for yourself iust what (lie Ford Iraclor siands for . . . how much work is accomplished by such a small dynamo. You'll soon agree that the Ford Tractor with Ferguson Sv.stem is the of any working problem. ~ TRACTION and ECONOMY Traction is one fhinp (hal\ a tieRnile "mnsl" in baying any tractor. Ford has made traction Hie first of a long linn of Rood points about (he Ford Tractor. Traction plus light weight found in the Ford tr.ic- tor moan .less fuel consumption and greater economy. There are no ifs or tmls Abnnt Ford . . . it's the greatest contribution (o modern farm- hiK in n long, long lime. SEE DOUGLAS LARSON AT RUSSKLI, TRACTOR COMPANY Douglas I.awson will gladly make clear any q nest ion you may have about the Ford Tractor Fte's also anxious io help you in your other farmirt"- problems ( oo ! Watch for the opening of our new home soon! RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR COMPANY Biytheville, Ark.

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