The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on February 24, 1982 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, February 24, 1982
Page 3
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1982 PAGE THREE rBriefs- Court avoids giving answer WASHINGTON (AF)The Supreme Court left communities nationwide still struggling Tuesday with the question of whether children have a constitutional right to be the space invaders ol shopping malls in the pursuit of video life, liberty and happiness. The court, calling the constitutional question a "nov,e|" one, avoidec supplying an answer as it backed out a Mesquite, Texas, skirmish it previously had agreed to resolve. By a 7-2 vote, the justices sent the case back to a federal appeals court They asked the lower cpurt to explain whether federal or state criteria were used to strike down a Mesquite city ordinance banning such game- playing by youngsters under 17 not accompanied by a parent. Tuesday's decision offered no guidance to numerous local governments around the country that have taken, or are considering, similar measures. Such guidance from the nation's highest court may not be available for at least another year, if ever. Americans spend an estimated $9 billion a year on coin-operated video and electronic games, three times the amount spent on movie-theater entertainment. Industry estimates indicate that between 50 and 75 percent of the game players are under 18. Jesuit leaders gather GROTTAFERRATA. Italy (AP)--Onehundred leaders of the powerful Jesuit religious order, which Pope John Paul II has criticized for political activism, cloistered themselves in a rural villa Tuesday iur an unprecedented meeting to near the pontiff's complaints. "It's all in the pope's hands,"- said a Rome- based Jesuit who asked to remain anonymous. Summoned to Rome by their administrator, the top officials of the worldwide Roman Catholic Society of Jesus are to remain in seclusion at the 18th-century Villa Cavelletti until March 2. hearing John Paul's policies spelled out by his personal delegate and working out a response to thepope's views. The only scheduled interruption of their deliberations at the Alban Hills estate is a trip 12 miles north to the Vatican on Saturday for a papal audience. The pope has publicly criticized the Society of Jesus for spurning tradition in theological doctrine and for becoming too secular. The pontiff's comments indicate he is particularly upset by Jesuit priests and monks who have played an active role in politics, according to Vatican and Jesuit sources. The Rev. Robert Drinan. an American Jesuit, resigned as Democratic member of the House of Representatives from Massachusetts after the pope announced that priefts should not hold political office. Bush meets with leaders PEORIA, 111. ( A P ) -Vice President George Bush said Tuesday the essence of the Reagan administration's '-new federalism" is to "bring the local genius to bear on local problems." Bush met with a group of 21 community leaders in the Peoria City Council chamber shortly after his arrival, which was met with demonstrations at the Greater Peoria Airport and at City Hall in downtown Peoria. At the airport, a small cluster of men chanted "Hey George, how about giving us jobs?" At City Hall, members of the Asbestos Workers International Local 17 greeted Bush with a large sign proclaiming solidarity through unions. . Inside, Bush answered questions from eight community leaders, including John Gwynn, an official of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Williams says he is innocent By LAWRENCE KILMAN Associated Press Writer ATLANTA (AP) -- Wayne B. Williams angrily turned back attempts by prosecutors to shake his story Tuesday. loSuuig Out at lti$ aCCUScfS tifiu uedcirilig. I ill iuiiuceiil, and that's all there is to it." "Did you experience any panic at any point during the time_you were killing these victims?" Assistant District Attorney Jack Mallard asked the 23-year-old murder defendant at one point during the afternoon cross-examination. "Sir. I haven't killed anyone," Williams replied. "Isn't it true you killed them?" Mallard asked. "I'm about as guilty as you are." Williams told him. "Now if you killed them, that would make me guilty. So if you didn't kill them, that means I'm not guilty." At one point Williams said he could have been a victim himself in the string of slayings of 28 young Atlanta blacks that outraged the nation. "I'm 23 years old and, who knows. I could have been one of those persons ending up dead out there." said the defendant. "Heck, anybody in Atlanta could have during that time, and I'm not sure that it's over, to be honest with you." Williams also said that policemen threatened him, that eyewitnesses made up stories and that he feared for his life after being questioned last spring in the series of slayings. "I haven't done anything. I'm innocent, and that's all there is to it," Williams insisted. Jurors furiously scribbled notes as Williams, who was dressed in a dark three-piece suit with no tie, testified for more than four hours Tuesday, his second day on the stand. Cross-examination is to continue Wednesday. Williams, a black free-lance cameraman and self-styled talent promoter, has pieaded innocent to murdering Nathaniel Cater, 27, and Jimmy Ray Payne. 21. two of 28 young blacks whose deaths over a 22-month period have been investigated by a special police task force. No arrests have been made in the other cases. Williams testified Monday that he never met Cater or Payne and did not kill them or the 10 other young blacks .prosecutors contend were, linked in a pattern of slayings. Mallard asked the defendant if he thought all the witnesses who testified against him were liars, and Williams replied: "Some lied, some told half-truths, some were mistaken, and some outright lied." Castro may support Mexican peace plan Nation - World Domenici unveils plan for economic recovery HEARS TESTIMONY -- Claus von Bulow, a Danish-born financial consultant twice accused of trying to kill his wife, listens to the testimony of Dr. George F. Canill Tuesday afternoon in Newport, R.I., Superior Court where he is on trial. Cahill and Dr. Donald A. Holub both testified that both of Martha "Sunny" von Bulow's comas were caused by insulin injections. (AP Laserphoto) U.S. has destroyer near El Salvador MEXICO CITY ( A P ) Cuban President Fidel Castro, in a letter released Tuesday, said he will go along with a Mexican peace plan for Central America if the United States "promises not to assault its neighbors" and, stops "its continuous threats." Cuba's Prensa Latina news agency published the text of the letter from Ca.stro to Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo in which the Cuban leader also said he was "ready to offer the fullest guarantees" that weapons in Cuba will not be used for aggression anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. The United States has accused Castro's communist government of channeling Soviet-supplied arms to left-wing guerrillas battling IT.S.-backed governments in El Salvador. Honduras and Guatemala. Washington claims some of the arms move through Nicaragua with the knowledge of that country's leftist government. Castro did not elaborate on the arms guarantee, but said, "These arms are here solely and exclusively for the defense of the fatherland." ,He was responding to a three-part peace initiative outlined Sunday by Lopez Portillo during a one-day visit to Nicaragua. Lopez Portillo called for a negotiated settlement of El Salvador's civil war, a non- aggression pact between the United States and Nicaragua and U.S.-Cuban talks to reduce hostility. Daniel Ortega, leader of Nicaragua's Sandinista junta, endorsed Lopez Portillo's proposals, which also would have Nicaragua scale down its armed forces in exchange for U.S. promises not to attack Nicaragua and to disarm and disband Nicaraguan exiles that the junta claims are being trained in the'United States and Honduras. WASHINGTON ( A P ) The United States is keeping a destroyer equipped with sophisticated electronic gear off the coast of El Salvador to listen in on radio communications in the area, Pentagon sources said Tuesday evening. Defense officials who asked not to be identified waved aside suggestions that the warship was meant to be a show of force. A single destroyer does not pack enough combat power for that, they said. Although intelligence gathering methods are closely guarded, it is known that the destroyers of the Spruance class are fitted with the most advanced equipment for what is called communications intelligence. The Deo. on station in the Pacific off El Salvador since some time in January, and the Caron, which recently relieved it. are both of the Spruance class. It could not be determined whose radio traffic was being FURNITURE STRIPPING AND REFINISHING H M A S U K MI THOI) mrxss roppEit KEFIMSIIIXC; ANTIQUES j Mil.- Virlh i.l I.IPM.III Si| en Altfrn.ilr Runt.' I S li Complete Line of Antiques ~ Call 334-4146 AUTOMATC $A¥E AUCTION 50% - 80% - 70°/ c On ALL Fall Winter FASHIONS THURSDAY, FEB. 25 K 50% OFF FRIDAY, FEB. 26 K 60% OFF SATURDAY, FEB. 27 X 70% OFF THE BIGGEST SALE OF THE SEASON EVERYTHING MUST GO! "For Fashions You'll Love" 30 Baltimore Street Gettysburg, Pa. But the ship a position to intercepted. would be in overhear communications among guerrilla units in El Salvador and between those units and supporters in neighboring Nicaragua. The sources said the relief of the Deo indicated the intelligence-gathering mission would continue for the indefinite future. The United States has been supporting the Salvadoran civilian-military government of Jose Napoleon Duarte with military advisers and technicians and , growing amounts of equipment, but so far has not engaged in overt military action. The Reagan administration has accused Cuba of supporting the Salvadoran rebels with arms shipments funnelled through Nicaraguan and Honduras. By DAVID ESPO Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON ( A P I The Republican chairman of the Senate Budget Committee declared Tuesday that President Reagan's big- deficit budget "threatens to crush any hope of economic recovery" and proposed an alternative that would trim Pentagon outlays and boost some taxes. In the sharpest defection from Reagan to date by a GOP leader. Sen Fete V Domenici also raised the possibility of delaying completion of the president's basic, three-year income tax cuts, and suggested the elimination of a year's cost- of-living increases for benefit programs, including Social Security. Domenici unveiled his counter-proposals after he and other senior Republicans met with Reagan at the White House. He said the chief executive had shown no interest, however, in scaling back or delaying the three- year. 25-percent reduction in income taxes. But "To say that a three- year or four-year plan is set in concrete, and that a five- year approach would be entirely unacceptable is silly." Domenici. R-N.M., said. "For the sake of prudence I believe that we can do all the good things the president wants, and that I support, and yet do them just slightly more slowly." said Domenici. who earlier told Budget Director David Stockman that he hopes to lead a "bipartisan coalition" in drafting a revised budget. Domenici said that the deficit in Reagan's budget "threatens to crush any hope of economic recovery," adding that a stalemate between the White House and Congress "could push us to the brink not only of a serious and prolonged recession in America, but of a dangerous economic slowdown throughout the industrialized world." Coming on the heels of a proposal floated Monday by Senate Republican Howard Baker for an income tax sur- charge. Domenici underscored the extent to which Republicans are determined to redraft the president's budget Reagan, meanwhile, discussed his budget plan with several Republican leaders at the White House, and his spokesman said the president opened the meeting by saying, " We don't like the deficits any more than you do" Domenici comments were drafted for a speech Tuesday night to the Conference Board in New York City. They were released in advance in Washington. In discussing, before he left for New York, the possibility of a delay in the tax cut. the New Mexico Republican conceded Reagan had shown no interest in entertaining a delay in the tax plan -"none." Among Domenici's prop-, osals: -- Reductions in Reagan's defense buildup of $20 billion to $25 billion between 1983 and 1985. -- Eliminating cost-of- living increases for 1983 for benefit programs, including Social Security -- Raising taxes by $122 billion over the three years. -- Freezing federal pay raises in the 1983 fiscal year and limiting them to 5 per- ^ent the following two years. -- Freezing spending on hundreds of domestic programs at current levels for three years. -- Limiting increases in Medicare and Medicaid to the rise in the Consumer METAL SANDCLEANING IS A SPECIALITY at Codori Memorials 400 W. Middle St., Gettysburg 334-1413 The family of Troy Eckert wishes to express their sincere | thanks to friends, neighbors | and relatives for prayers, cards - and many acts of kindness during the illness and after the | death of Troy. The Family CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH NURSERY SCHOOL NOW ACCEPTING REGISTRATION FOR 3 4 YEAR OLDS FOR THE 1982-83 SCHOOL YEAR Classes Available 9:00 to 11:30 A.M. Won. thru Fri.; Mon,, Wed., Fri.; Tues., Wed,, Thurs. Tuition $55 Per Month for 5 Day/Week $34 Per Month for 3 Day/Week Clip Return Registration To: CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH NURSERY SCHOOL 44 Chambersburg St. Gettysburg, Pa. NAME OF CHILD PARENT'S NAME ADDRESS PHONE CHILD'S BIRTMDATE S10 Registration Is Required with Form. $10 Fee Reduced to $8.00 If In by April 1st. Price Index, saving an estimated $22 billion in three years. Even with that, he said, deficits will be $90 billion in 1983; $65 billion in 1984 and more than $55 billion in 1985. Reagan's plan also calls for a deficit of $91.5 billion 1983. but Republicans and Democrats alike say it underestimates the actual red ink. Even by Reagan's figures, the deficit would decline only to $72 billion in 1985. In outlining his proposal. Domenici said. "In Congress, the president's 1983 budget may never get to first base. Congress just won't pass it in its present form." At the White House, spokesman David Gergen said Reagan defended his economic policy in the meeting with Republican congressional leaders. Gergen said the president said this is the first recession since World War II when have in place a plan that bring us out of recession without artificial stimulants that bring higher inflation and higher interest rates." Baker said afterwards he told the president "adjustments will be made in the budget." He added that "some effort may be made-and will be made, in .my judgment -- to try to reduce the size of the deficit." Baker also said he expects some reductions in defense spending but not "a major revision." House Republican Leader Bob Michel of Illinois said Congress' final budget be faithful to Reagan's program. HOT CROSS BUNS Starts Thursday Thru LENT Open 7 A.M.-5 P.M. 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