The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 3, 1952
Page 3
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?AGE TEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION fetll; raM p*r Vat k*c ««fc»tc«tlT« J tin* ftr MB* ...'"!!.*.'.'.*.'.''!.'.'.'. IS* 2 11 MM p<r li»c per t*j 1?« 4 llw«s per lime ^r d>r .'..'.'.'."'.'. Tc 11 ttarK ixr lint per d*j ......... K Month prr line He C«u«f fJ« arerxft wordi f/i (h# If IK. Ad ordered Jar throe or ilx tfmri nnd ttopptd before Tplraclos will fcr •pptirtd and atijiinmf ru of bill mA<lr. All classified adYfrUsiBR cupy i»b- IXf tlty mutt be accompanied by oath • itri m*y #.i*iljr bt computed from Ike Above Ublt. Adrcftlfinfl ordered for lirreitUr !•• **rtlo»j tike thft one llrnp tafcle. S*o rrspnn»lblltlr will b? takcR (or nnr« lhan one Incorrect Inifrlion t>l All id* are FMlrlttcrt to lh<-lr piopei Ccurler Sewi ifsfrrei Hie il«ht to ullt • r rtjert »«j »<i. TiLYTHEVILLR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS » MINCTl moTOSTATIC REFT[Cl. O'BTBCN'a BTUDIO lift IV UA1N 13 < ck U .Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-Day nertLre on Jewelry—3 dsjB on *»tche* *nd clock i Gnnmntri'i! noik don« bf «ip*rt rppAlrm^n Lf>w*sc "PAT O'BRYANT Main 4 Second l».3 rk tf for Rent For Sofe, Misc. hod, with ntcr^pnn^ n lifter «lx. 7 Riorkllnr bAby und wattTprool 12000. 2'J8 K. Davi , pk 8 4 nn. apt. Ph. 4224. 3239 ..... ____ ?-room spt. nicely rlRltlalrc THIIltlPS. *8 100 W MS H»ar 72 pv. I WO FrlcirJaltf — ?,xfplJ(»ni rnndlUoii COfiiftpi i^rft. Trlre, Apt 33A flil'-k;i- fiftw Courts. 7 3 ]>R 11 CUy Fish MKt A; fjmcpry 6T2 South Franklin buff MOP, harhpr'iccl por^, li.irtM ntr'l ^ Jr/erB aurt haihrc\icri rum. Plinur 0717. I !*.!!' f lanri ' rnn- [ In. Ark by j 6 2C pic I 11 I Cypress Tl/i cvrn mllr •nhcr nn !00 Arr nrth of 1!1« i l^irl «, f3, Cnstnpr Mati 5 i J\ily rirBt. . room rurnlshpd ap^rtmriit NPWIV j Comc-to-nnw Fish J,Tkt. foi rlrrorntod. Private hath, Ph. ^4^? or j -Inly rm ll*h. We will have; p! 1 2 rk tf i rvrryhody. No order loo ' |.Short !tn«f. half t>lork rnst nlshftl N'P*' ' I'LirvP. Dfty, phone tm$R N'U'l-.', i>li Kv St. S 01:13, fi^J |>K 72 |lk G 12 pV. 1 12 of Oat » for ?0' r > , Tdhbit.s. dr.--.i^p(l fryprs. 5 rftom furnished «p* r t m Mil pli l rnok Plionc 2050, RiishlnK 3576. 72 pk 10 ! -•- - - - __ : Ne* p and \i-ert plunihlnR (tictiir'-.i nn rnntrrlnl W<* have IntRir ' Two room f\irn. apt. ing w. Ky. Ph. 3ifig. , j r 4H K-i black 2 fu toilet. In fl 7,0 pjc 7 S 3 rm. '.mlnrn. apt Newly tlec. hot water tieaier. Ph. Unf. 3 ronm apt Cherry. 8.21 ck 721 nt 112 E 2 nwm furnished apt. Newly d prorated. New floor covcrlnRS. H09 W. Ash ' 1 room unfurnished »i»artmcnt. Close . Phone 3505. 65 ck tf Uodero 3 room fur apt D> 7395 i M«5 2.M ck Modern apt,, 3 rooms and. bMh, nrw- decorated, good furniture, en cqulp- •Mnl. ph. 3313. r. Simon. 9,31 ck tf Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Heclrooms |4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. ' 8-4 ck tf 3 room Bpt. on Hmm Street, close *o school. Scrrrncrt tn h^ckporch. bulit-In cabinets. Ne.rvly decnrnlrd. Hot water. Ph. 25S2 or 2344. 6 2fi ck If Auto Supplies and Services fioo't endanger • your fumllr with Hulty Mre*— BUT Lrz TIRES CHAPMAN SKRVICK STATION M»ln »nd Dlflalon Phone 25fl3 n : 13 ck If Need your radio repaired, oil nrri Walton—83\8. DlFRblcri veteran repairs rstiiop st home. 313 N. 2nrt, 7> pk 8 2 >. R Alley—AJr conrtltlonlng rcrrlR- wntlon ser?Ice. Ph 2418. 103 T. MM- •ovirt. BlythcTtlle. Ark. fl;« pk 7,0 COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION CO, Air conditlnnln?, commercial nncl household refrlt;eMt!on service. Mnur- Icp Santlcr*. Mpr. phone 8391 dnv 3175 nleht, 416 E. M»ln. 625 rk If Moving & Hauling Van (nicks Stife— Depend Able Experienced help « W, Bcrkham 117 W«» «os*. Phone DrtB. «;•> pfc 7-S Plans-Estimates for new eormnictton remodeling or . TJI.A. OR a. I. LOANS WO OBL [CATION Phone 30G4 Frank'Wagner Builders Supply Co. J-H-U REFRIGERATION nnKBURN SUPPLY. I91K 350R. > nml Save Money Wlion You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8-3 rK ll TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. SAVINGS ! 1949 FORD $1095 1949 Chevrolet $1195 Hero's a n[<p lildp C'luh Coupes ynil'll Ilkp. Mnrfion finkh. radio and hcatrr. Trade riKhl jt J'Jlil- lliw Molor Co. Is tills the l:ite imnli-1 car you're H-.intcc! A liclit blue I.door SP- il.'iii p(|ulp|>nl Hilh botli raillo i ml healer. .Nice. 1950 FORD . $1195 1947 FORD $645 Come In :mil ilrivr Ihis Tuilor "C." Trst II ynnrsrir—you'll like IK fasl l-'nrd pickup, Heater, grey color. Tills red pickup has jnorl lircs —comes rrjiilpjjcrl uith heater. Novi's Ihe lime to trade for Ihls Irurk at Phillips. 1948 MERCURY $745 1950 FORD $945 ('nine In .mil lakr a drive In Mils Mercury "8" l-door Sedan. Al- Irarllre gray color. Ktinlppcd with radio and he.-iler. This M;ick F-l I'irkup «|1| be a mn;ie,v maker for you. Come lo l*hi!li|<« .ITotor Co.—your h'ord dealer in lilj Ihcvllle. 1947 FORD "err/s a his 2-Ton slinrl whrrl- IMIC Truck al a real liar-aln price. The lire* are very gnoil, too. Trade Ilils ueek. 5395 COME FIRST TO 300 BROADWAY 300 Broadway Phone 4453 rrionr 3MJ Plenty of Parking Space Lucian Games Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. 1 will also buy your old furnitnrft. Farmers terms [/•> down, balance in the fall. Formerly Arnold & Gaines. - Ph. 6357. 4]17 ck H 4 burner oil slove. Phone 202^. 6 27 [»k 7,5 Fire and butKlnr proof sntea. All F\/.<-K at factory prlcen Vault Doors. Freight ••"'(J. rtione 4097. <j,[8 ;>!« 7JI9 CLoset SJ1.05 up. usp<l tub 417,50 up Used Lnr. »mJ sink 15,00 up, J^ OftH* pipe 15c. »i C. l\ihlnR 20c. Orsburn Supply Phone S208 627 pk 15 TITUKSDAY, JULY 3, 1951 . YOUR BEST BUY! GLEANER SELF-PROPELLED COMBINE Hlvlheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 Notice Kl'LLKH Hifl'.SlIKS i Ph. 6303, 8:31) am to 4:30 p.m. .James Lijjhty 7 2 !)X » 2 I Instruction I Cfach piano, accordion. Phone 3734 Mrs c. Jolmson. 6 30 pk 7,15 Fishermen! We have porkmc-lt.s Bi-.d • ahrlrnp. I.utlrcll's HnrkoL, 610 cl:U-fcft- A-bN. 6 21 ck 7 24 Kn ami Doc's Boat Dock '1 mi. \Vest ol' Cosnell Hai'k of Green's Store ' Good Pishing — Picnic Area; Boats — Motors — Drinks • Plenty oC Minnows & Worms j G 27 pk 75 Thrre ore mate than 30.000 kniwn ; flisfasos of plains. Sfo/i> and si: •Stall" I.lnf. 3 Phone RVOS. oratrrt nt riti.Tiioii. 7 3 pic a 5 for Salt, Real f state Real ESTATE Farms—City Property LOANS DAVID KKALTY SPECIALS 2329 Kenwood Drive—$rj;,o. down 2124 EclwnnJft Airline — (/-,{;(), f | Ow . u 2303 Kticli Avenue — $«30. down UiuiKiiEtLly nice a-hrdrcmm hnrnp lo- r.-ut-u cm Hi-hu^y 61 North in rxtrlifMil This home, lins strain lie; double Kit in if c mid servant.': Shown hy nppohniucnl only. DAVID KEAI, KSTATi? n. M. lif:ck — Snm Godwin Fn. 269J Ph. 4124 7;3 ck 8 Comfortable 3 bedroom house 3 blocks from Main ! Street. Tin's house is in very [ good condition. Can give im-j 3 roo mediate possession. Sec or call MAX LOGAN, KKALTOU Lynch K\dg. I'll. 203.1' 7i« ck 11 For Rent .1 man first St. rurnlshfrj hosi e nrirl b.iiVi onlv 512 S ' housf Rntl hftth .122 N 7 2 cX 6 use. 512 Enst note pt, 6 3^ pX 7 14 on, wllh buth tine! lUchrn Phnne 3734. Mrs C John- C 30 pt. -, 15 __ 3 room house, i'hone 3734 Mrs Johnson. 6 3n plc 4 rooms nnd brut) upsiah.v J20 M month Cnll 8845 6 jj Shetland noulfs month. DelU^ry'U. ph. 370C by the day, wpex or firrtce John D Mr. 6 5 pi 7 f. nlshpd 5 ronm house ha]! and cn-:;.. decorated. Immediate n-.s- Phone 6419. 6 27 pE 4 2 ))p<)rooni modem linnie, located r-in" choice residential I 3 rm. house, pvt. bath. Ph. 2023 6 27 rt r 5 house Modern convfnl<>;if?" tlulpt location. 1. G. Thompson 6^1 N. Frnnklttl. |>h. 2]51 627 c>- tl /nsurance ^ ili.strict." 'Equipped with Vc- 1 aotiiiti blinds, nUic fan. l.o- Noble Gill Agency fen-"" S| " tciot ' s lot Can ijc INSURANCE Glencoe Bklr. Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection Iipert Berries SelrlgerRtlon and Alr-Conrtltlonlns. AppHnncci Bill acres of ctxolcc Trmiscot Priyfu InntJ nrai Number N'Jno iocoted »n SPC. an. H«p ifl EUni;e U <nn'.vn r,s ncci TeeeUioff Mid Harry Brooki Phone «9E8 U no iinswtr. CM1 80IM. BROrr »IFKIOSRATIO« CO.. 2337 Birch. 2,21 ct tl F I ed In See (,v call Ph. 68681 -MAX I.OGAN, RKAI.TOK t;30 ck it [ y yncli lilritr 'rii. 203.1 7:3 ck n Hor*r 124 W AM. Wanted *o Buy Gunranteed piano umlris ftnd re- p«tr. Call 2071 days, 2059 nights. 5 35 if this pl ,, bit!* to B, F. Rhond.1 Jr., HotUc No : Box 362. BlvtbCTtlle. AiK. DU!s will ht arceptctl until 12 o'clock noon Jkily .S inS3 firllrr i OJICT-TCS rlKht KI rrjcr.t ny or fill bUU Tcrtns'wlll on completion . of legal requirement.*. j;iu pX 7,6 CITY PROPERTY WANTFO Want to f,c\\ ynur cliy proprriy? Nice rfKltlrtire, homrA. snwl) IHMMPS and ra- cant ints. \V C »rr having call^ for them PIAI.KS I.ASD CO orilce acrops *trrrt trorn Oily Hail 2262 — 3322 — 4130 6 J7 ryprr.=5 timber 7 tut N . .1. F. Gctlrlon. R. for :,nd tiiri<; • ' iiium-,>. ^:IIKS. itrifl I'lni ijs <,1 P^ 7,4 i ,,iy p i9 La ^y Main, ph, 3203. LAND FOR SALE 40 nrrrv nlco fi-ronm <lrr.s-!rd lumber pretty fhfuiy ynrcl. This 1 of Iruul fnr F.omrhoth Trade For Your Truck In Air-Conditioned Comfort M9 Sn : I)KIJAKi;ii $f)!l5 Pi -Ton MYB Truck with hoostrr hmkr. hr.ivy-rtuiy FroTit A- rcnr sprints. "TifKlO (ires likt i\?\\. \.n-x miliMpr. '10 S'LTIIKIiAKKK SSH3 Hcrr's s .'-Ton L\VB Triirh wilh a icrnmliltonrti mot or. Rnn^trr brakes, he 111 -Hull front A sprins. 1 :. Sir>v^0 lircs. '4S n.MC ..... ... 87 This !>_.-Tnn I.H'B TrurU > hny. In cvrrllrnt .«ha]>r, it a linoslcr br:ikp nnd S?5v30 lircs. S.-iv,- now. Is ____ Thp tir-s arc likr npn nn (his J-Tnn MVB Truck. Sirr S?Sv 20. Twn.^pccjl avlc. Cnme lo R^ilroiul .V Ash. .Vn« here's a rr^l hny in a !»!» Slurtcbakcr i.;-Toii 1'irk- up will) Mirpri.'incli 1 l->n milc- J?c. f.rfrn color. Come to Ch.imlilin's. Authonztd • 2 Big L*fs »t 'if! DOIX;K siir. C^ct yourself ;i l>.ir^:ii[i . in (his I'.,-Toll Stnkr Body Tr'irk. \(\ a E)>1H ] mlr _. in ,i prkrd In si'll at nnt.v SI1S! '•!!• CI1KVUO1.KT S7!I5 Tills ',-Tn,i 1'irkup has rv- (•rvlliins inrluilini; riulio and hr.-trr. Tr.ulp now at thp Sfvlflvikrr jil^rc — ^ Avli. '17 SiTDWUKKK Sf' 1 .'-") H> invilr «,,i t ,, rtri,,. |],i s pckxiv inc( find out linw clo;\tt it R 1.117 SdKli-h.ikcr '--Ton. Tome ilmvn tomorrnw. M!> STl'DKHAKKH S7i:> roini- dnun and lonk nvrr this VTon l'irkiii>. Niro .mil rlran and nicrly prirrd. too—J715, Look fnr t>ir lirojin orip. Mr, niKVROLKT §505 Vmi'll savr vnursrlf ^ornp nT.itnlrnniirr rxpcii'-c by rhoos- ine tliU ' 7 -Tnn T'irkup lhal hern complrlrK ovor- haulrri. New blue pnlnt CHAMBLIN SALES CO. DtaUr I [»1rrc of in ml fnr F.omrhotlv I tinjnp TTns J.T.OOO Inni* HmV Osb-irn Sup. 5 20 EX T 4 • jfl.Srn), You'll hnvp to srp thp on this place to approclntc St K1ALKS LAND CO. 7 1 i fc 4 Modern and extra roomy, •i rniiii] IIOIISR and l>ath on pnvTft street nt 805 N. Franklin. Tills liinise is in tiptop condition inside and out. Kx- ! tra large kilchen uilb lots of',u i-aliinots. l.arj'e lot. Jl/JoO' 0 ' 1 cash, ? 11.(W total montlilv - ]>aynients. Vacant. Move in tomorrow. .Moilrrn 5-fooin !IOII.-T and Imtli on lavpe corner lot on Adams Street. Attic fan. floor furnace, disappearing stnir- »ay. li;i rd wood floors t)ir<injrlic>tit. Si.800 cash, niay- lie loss, will handle. ?M..VJ t'ltal monliily payments. Sen or call JOHNNY MARR K on I tor 112 ?>o. 'Jnd. Plione .IIP. Residence ['hone ^."iOR 510 ck If HIGHEST PRICES PAID Far tin, wire and all kinds of scrap mrt»l. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdwny & Mnultvie Drive Phone 89!')2 4'15 ck tf «i u»in. "* '* " 4 room 3im:«p ni ilo^n nn<l rn.^ n T r<',!2 C Ahralinm ' S 3(1 ck It Persona/ FROZKX CUSTARD i\tt your own Knr r^l! drt^1!n pr* K V.. Van F 1 O HOT 56A. Phone «300, Blyt For Trade Good Ficn ro-piMtns ouifii. will rad« tor good motor. 7(1 ck 7,£ FOR SALE f'nijcrele culverts. 12 Inch lo 4* inch, rilnin or n-cnforeed. .Also Concrete nuililln; IllorVs cheaper tliin hnntirr for barns, chicken housp.s. pnmp houses, tenant houses, tool slicds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. RENEW-RESTYLE HflLTCRS. >UflL(TY SHOC SHOP III W. MPIKI ST. KILL JOHNSON GRASS . with Sodium Chlorate, 99" r pnre! Fine Irc.itrd for dry application. $12.50 per 100 Ibs. A. H. WEBB CtlhVKUT TILK CO, Hi way fi|. State Line— Phone 8114 DANCING NIGHTLY! 24 HOUR SERVICE! FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE HOLLAND 3241 or 9411 COMPLETELY x CONDITIONED ALL BRAND CIGARETTES SI. 60 CARTON All p>paa~' .iTi-tulj. n: dial? it j«:>j'iiiL: jyttifK j'j^rs, wines, gins and cor- HUBERTS CLUB Hubert Ufley and Wert Akins HIGHWAY 61 HOLLAND, MO. ATTENTION GINNERS! pTv.r-.-t. v, -.i «e rrtll. KU, i »nd hirt i rj, :.:r is.;:*..-., f. •:i'A hav« the sam« -,: jv;.- -(.:.:.. : .i j.«p,a!r needs. ta.i: r-SH »n<] halinre brushe*; ,-K »( Ti!»n s!l>o» n i( rom j]" U a;>>t, t !ri . ,,l b.inn f » for jnor fix. -_- •.-,-.. -; v, rrmt your Rlnnln? Joe Atkins Machine Works S. Highway 61 Phone 3142 Night 6153 LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING COLD STORAGE FOR FURS ..WOOLENS AND BLANKETS 4474 PHONEr 4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANER We Glv« Ea^le Stamps WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL HOT or COLD! A Slice or Trucklood! SPECIAL PRICES FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Mam Slreet July Is License Buying Month Sullivan-Nelson's Trucks • CONDITIONED RIGHT • PRICED RIGHT • SOLD RIGHT 1950 CHEVROLET i/.-Ton deluxe cab Pickup $Aft C Truck . . . with very low mileage ........... JfJ/D 1!M9 STUOKBAKKR li/ 2 .r..n L\VK Truck ? with motor overhauled . . . and it's priced to sell 19)6 CHEVROLET 1 !/ 2 -Ton S\VH 'IVuck with S Matson Trans. 825x20 front tires, !)0flx20 rear HI IS KORI) i/ 2 -Ton 1'itkup Truck with holh 5CflC heater and defroster . . . it's a bargain .... DUD 1939 CHEVROLET I 5/2 -Ton SWB Truck wilh 'M>(iy ... see Sullivan-Nelson for this bargain 1950 CHKVROLKT '/,-T. del. cat, I'kp. Trk. . . . and it looks like a new one . . . only . . HUB FORD fi-Ton Pkj,. Trk. wilh motor over- $ hauled. It's a moneysaver at this price ...... EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, yo« can »|W»,TS de«l <t SULLIVAN -NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Bij Used Car Lot •• Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Rhone 4578 Help Wanted, Male Wanted *%?"& =^;r^ SHKr- r ^"' g^g. M u r. Mor.. g.^.., j,^^ ^!UST!S-|; Help Wanted . .-..-> nuu-.JL ynurspi: to The L B Merc. Co., P.O. Box 297. Jon Ark. Gciod Salesman lor U.S. Air Conditioning anrl Btromberg-Cavlson Television I Wonm Must rtlcu. i. Prlci 'sboro. 3 pk t Private Rooms run or „,„ time. Phone 2,23. «h«. 5 entrance. CONCRETE CULVERT TILE .Sizes up lo 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizn up lo 8i in. A. H. WEBB Artomalie Flood Gatm Concrete i Mtta] Septic Ti Sewrr Tile B»st Prices «> n e |i Highway 61 3 ( Slate line Phone 114 SPECIAL Watch Repair 2 Weeks Only Cleaned & Adjusted $2.50 All Work Guaranteed 305 S. 20th Street Phone S0!)2 Formerly wilh Thompson Credit Jewelers FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Staff" Phone 2089 Of f ice & Bulk Plant— Promised Land Horner Wilson On East Main — You* Truck Center t. '•'s C;MC $745 This !4-Ton flrkiip ri.-u stake t")rly . . . prarllrnll.v nrw tires, motor just nvcrhaulcrl. First flssi Kuar.inteerl condition. '<I7 DODGE $,195 A i-Tnn I'ickup wilh 'stake hndy. I>,i a | whrol^. Here's »n triral cnttnn or spvhean haul- inj truck. . . Trade now. 'J6 FORD. $145 Take a drive In thij b.irealn- priced 1946 Ford !i-Ton PJck- up. Has Rood lircs and molor. Come to Horner-Wilson. '-19 FORD S6J5 This 1'i-Ton Cah & Chassis Truck has gnorl tirfs and « rlarn K ood motor. Come lo the truck center on Knst Main. Mfi (5.MC $595 Here's a t'i-Ton Truck with both a ne«- bed and a new motor. Just the thlni for carrying solyoeans. .... .5595. '-IS CMC 3995 See Hits big 2-Ton GMC wilh » bed. H'.s a dandr for the money— Sflfl5. Equipped with find tires, too. Mfi FORD $115 That's » enod price fnr a 1!116 Fnril 1'<i-Tctn Truck with bed. 2-sn«fd axlr. Above average tires. Just 5445. T.O $995 tine of the best pickups we ever s.i"-—only SO.OOO miles on II. Brand new (ires. What more could you wanl? HORNER-WlLSON EAST- MAIN Rocket Olrismohilc — (;MC Trucks Phone 2056 I'sed Car Lot _ Phone S151

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