The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1946 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, December 26, 1946
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUB DQUINANT NIEWRPA PVTO n» wrM»T«rvA jRT ADKTA*ICI*O ...—-* «^._ ^^^.. VOL. XLIII—NO. 234 BlythevtUe Daily Ne»r BlytbeviU* Courier Two Priests Killed In Fayelleville Fire; Holiday Toll Heavy BlythevUle Htr»ld Valley DOUniANT NEWSPAfER Of NORTHK&BT ARKAN8A8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Bl.YTHKVlLLEj ARKANSAS, TIIUHSDAY, DICCKMMKH 20, 11MG SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS By United Press four ]H!i'sons died violent deaths in Arkansas mas holidays while over the nation ilie by the United PrcsT ioda >l^^"« to "uryoys made I-'ire striking at a Catholic roc- I _ _ _ lory in Fayetleviile early this jflll /^LllJ—.-. morning took the lives of two y\j\j (^\\\\fj^[\ Receive Gifts Kiwanis Club Works With Jaycees to Aid Underprivileged Nearly 300 underprivileged Blytheville , children had a merry Christmas that started Tuesday morning when Santa Glaus, aided and abetted by the Kiwanis Club and the junior Chamber of Commerce, sent them away from the Jaycee club rooms loaded with toys and wreathed In sThlles. More than 3000 new and renovated toys were given to the eager Kids who passed through the club rooms. Greeted by Santa at the door, they were admitted In small groups into the main club room where they passed a large and ful- At least (luring the total was 2 two One was Father Chailf.s A. McCauley of Fayelleville. The other was Father Francis X. Dollarton of Litllc Kock who had assisted in (he Christinas services. Fire swept up from the ground floor, trapping the two priests .in their bedroom. A housekeeper and her daughter escaped from their downstairs apartment with minor burns. Norman Hughes, 14-year-old EOH of Mr. ami Mrs. R. c. Hugncs of Biscoe, died in a Little Rock hospital yesterday after n hunting accident near his home. He was shot with a .22 caliber bullet while he and his two companions were hunting Tuesday. Bowie. Tex., county officers today were holding five men in T-jxav- kami for questioning in the brnUl bludgeon slaying of 63-year-old I. W. Waters, Tcxarkana night candy watchman at company. He tr ee as they collection. was clubbed to death with a' piece of Iron pipe, which officers have sent lo the Federal Bureau of Investigation laboratories in Washing- Iy lighted ton for analysis. Twelve sacks of sugar were looted from a nearby warehouse. The night watchman had been dead about five hours when the body was found, :jffice-s said. 266 Die in U. S. The Christmas holiday over the nation was marred by the violent death of at least 286 persons, a «ur- all vey showed today. . thanklnit Accidents on crowded streets and : someone 62PersonsKilled B * lb ° May Cause Embarrassing President Draffs As Fog Causes 3 Planes to Crash Tricky Weather Over Shanghai Area Gets Blame for Tragedies SHANGHAI, (UP)— Chinese Dec. airlines 26. of- - ficials imnoimccd today that persons injured were killed and seriously when three Chinese airliners were trapped by fog and crushed outside Shanghai within three hours last uijrht. A fourth Chinese airliner carrying seven jwssengers was missing and was feared to have crashed. Capt. j. M. Greenwood, Austin, pilot of one of the crashed the only American Rolf Brandt Proas, Moments to Other Legislators By JOHN U CUTTKK Unllcd Pr«w SUlf Correspondent WASHINGTON, Dec. 2Cf—Knends of Sen. Tluwloro 0. Jv , ,. D '' Mlss '' suul today that lie is ready to fight "oust Bilbo ctforts with some of Uic most cmbnrrnss'in K «r K ii- ments the Senate ever has hoard. Bilbo was reported getting to answer both: , 1. The charge lhal his re-election In iflio was Invalid bec»u*c Negroes were barred from the July 2 Mississippi Democratic primary. 2. TJIC charge Hint he Us guilty of "moral turpitude" because ' Tex, planes" was killed. Cnpt. and trimmed Christmas headed for the toy "They were, solemn, shy, eager and meditative i n their selections. On the way out, the youngsters had candy and nuts and fruit added to their armloads O f gifts. Outside, they congregaled on the sidewalk, comparing gifts, and in highways accounted for 183 deaths" Highway traffic was reported the heaviest for a Christmas holiday oil record. '•-.•''•.'' The National Safety .Council predicted that the autqrrioblle : fatality total eventually would reach 300, Including persons who will die in -..the .future, as a'result of injuries. 73 persons were killed' in>'misceIU- neous accidents, fires -and shootinks At East St. Loiiisl, 111.; police were called to the hoinc-bf Benjamin Dennison, 40-year-old laund-y checker, and found smashed toys and the Christmas tree toppled in a corner. Dennison, who had been drinking Christmas Eve, 'stabbed to death his two daughters, Leanna Marie. 8, and Loretta May, 6, then shot himself to death. Police said Dennison argued with his wife v.-hcu she said shc 'wanted to take of the children lo Christmas church services. California one Eva rcporleu 45 traffic totalities in. the 36-hour period from noon Tuesday to midnight last night, with more than 30 of them in southern California alone. Los Angeles officials termer! it "the worst traffic night of the year." Twelve Missing in Plane Twelve persons were musing aboard a Western Airlines transport believed to have crashed in the rugged mountain area east of San Diego, Cal., on a Christmas Eve night. Fog and intermittent rain hampered rescue cflorls. Highways and airlines were jam P ro b a b i 1 i I y, subconsciously their lucky stars that m to it that they were not forgotten at such an Important time of year. • Many of the toys given were those repaired and made like new b^ members, of the Future Farm- of America jn their workshlp v, ii..,- 'Vocational,. Agriculture building on the high school* carn- _Thfs was the fourth annual Christmas party for underp'rivil- eged children #ven b y the Kiwan- lans and Jaycees.- Jaycee 'committee-men working on the joint project this year, were Freeman Kob- mson (chairman), Ji m jSmother- mon, Jimmle Sanders, Clair Miller «• B. Goodman, Bob Burns H L. rh'foJ 101 " 50 Harp ' oth °' st »»- fleld, Charles Staulcup, Ben Henderson and John Burnetle. Kiwanis commlUeemen B. H. Ford (chairman), Stewart Freeman, Fred McOhco, Sidney Thomas Bell and John Minneapolis, pilot of a second plane was hospitalized with injuries of undetermined extent. NO other Americans were involved In the crashes, according to the best information available. Twelve persons were killed in the first crash, Including all eight passengers, three crew members and a Chinese peasant womar> whose house was hit by the plane. Nineteen died In the second crash and 31 in the third: All three pilots fought desperately land Iheir planes safely after to being caught unexpectedly by fog and rain. They could not turn b?ck because the field they had left lacked night landing facilities. Their fuel supplies were exhausted while they tried to make blind landings at Shanghai. The three crashed planes were en route to Shanghai from Chung- king. Two belonged to the China National Aviation Corp. ami one to the China Air Transport Corp. Thirteen passenger planes were converging on Shanghai at nightfall when the weather closed in. One landed safely at, the Klangwan mil- itaty Airdrome. Eight were believed to have turned back safely to other fields. '• ' . All three doomed planes made brief stops et Wuchang on Ilie Yangtze River, received favoraile weather reports and continued toward: Shanghai, Dense fog with zero visibility enshrouded them, but it-was too late for the three -to tur lux-cptcd gratuities from Mississippi con true tors whom lie helped ' get government jobs during the war emergency. Sen, Elmer Thomas. D., Okla., a men-.bcr of the Speelnl Senate Coin, mitlcc which Investigated the eam- ixilgn charges, reached tha conclusion Hint the Inquiry failed to produce a valid cnse against Bilbo" ' And. Thomas reported, Bilbo is preparing heavy ammunition to fight the war contractor charges. "Bilbo has been invrsU(»Un( the relationships of other tent- tors wllh war contractore," Thomas told reporters. i ,. "" C1w °"' t Give up wllh'oiit a fight, in tact, any attempts to oust him on such grounds may produce the most embarrassing debite in the history of the Senate." : Thomas conc-cdcil that he Personally did everything h c could to help his own constituents' share in the defense and war programs and suid hc wouldn't be the lea,* by anything Bllbb bit embarrassed turns up. "I left no stone unturned to get my state military establishments and I favored Oklahoma contractors over- outsiders," Thomas said ' I made It an Issue in my last campaign. A senator Is expected to be a servant of his state and If he here ton' 0 "'' ^"^ 1>C lloesn ' t ' 1 W ; On that basis. Thomas doubted that Uic war contractor charges against Bilbo can be Invoked as an argument to deny Bilbo his seat ' As a member of the committee which heard the charges of racial discrimination against Bilbo in four-days of public hearings at Wilcox, Simpson. Manila Child is Injured Learning to Ride Bicycle Getting a bicycle early for a Christmas gift was wonderful to w!v,n ar ~?' d Baibara Holsclaw of Manila, until s hc tried to ride. She broke her left arm, below he elbow. Christmas Eve in a fall from the bike near her home T.^i er i parents ' Mr. and Mrs. 'odell Holsclaw, removed her lo Blylhe- ™™.™ "".irecedented-vofume l^iK^™ H « "«' good. It was expected home today. 12 Missing In California SAN DIEGO, Cal., Dec. 26. (UP) —A heavy fog blanket over the towering Laguna Mountains today, hid the fate of 12 passengers aboard a Western airliner which disappeared on a Christmas Eve flight. Chances for survivors among Ihe nine holiday-bound passengers and three crew .members appeared poor. Ranchers and ' three high school boys reported they saw a flash and a fire in the mountains 11 included minutes after the two-engined DC-3 made its last radio report, and a housewife who also saw the flash said it was followed by an explosion. . • Coast Guard Pilot Lt. Ira McMullen reported he saw a "silver tall throuuh the overcast" 10 miles east of Mount 'Laguna and other wreck^ee scattered over a wide area. .Visibility was 1 so iwor that, searchers were unable to identify the wreckage definitely. The rugged Laguna mountain area has been the scene of fre- quenl plane crashes, including tnat of an American airliner last March 3 with a loss of 28 lives. of holiday travel. Indiana had 13 traffic deaths, Pennsylvania 10 Illinois and Michigan eight, Ohio seven, and Georgia, Maryland and Wisconsin six each. Several persons, particularly children, died or were seriously burned in Christinas tree fires and at East Hills, Long island, Harold C Vaughan, Jr., choked to death on a piece of turkey. Fire gutted a large section of the six-story Lanier Hotel in Muran Ga., on Christmas Eve, miraculously sparing between 50 nnd 75 guests. Nine hundred guests were routed from their sleep early today when fire swept the Concord Hotel's Cobana playhouse at Monticello, N. Y., but no one was Injured. Living Costs Soar To All-Time High In United- States WASHINGTON, Dec. 26. (UP)— The government's cost-ot-Iiving index hit a new all-lime high in mid-November, topping the previous peck set in June, 1920, by 1.5 Per cent. Spiraling food prices were main- j Iy responsible for the new record. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said its November Index stood at s described as shc would go Smartly Dressed Woman Robs St. Louis Bank ST. LOUIS, Mo., Dec. 26. (U.P.) —A smartly-dressed woman entered the United Bank <fc Trust Co bank here today, polnt-tl a gun at one of the tellers, scooped up $582 and calmly warkcd out the door. Bank officials said about V) customers ^were in the lobby 'at the time, unaware of thj holdup. Injured in Accident Theodore Brewer of Joiner, was trealed at Walls Hdspila] for lacerations on his face received In a collision between a car in which he was riding and a "2100" tail last night at the corner of Second and Ash Streets. He was dismissed Ihis morning. No traffic charges were preferred against cither driver. N. Y. Stocks 2:M p.m. Quotations: A T and T ... Amer Tobacco .. Anaconda Copper ;Si; compared with the prewar n"«.unua 1935-39 average of 100. This was 2.2 1 Beth Steel per cenl higher Ihan mid-October. • Chrysler The BLS index is based on the' censes of. moderate income families in large cities. BLS said the index jumped 17.3 £" ce " 1 '" <•« 12 months ending M i- ^ ur J" B that » eri ° d Ioo<1 tcms climbed 34 per cent, clothing 134 per cent mid house furnishings 140 rose 188 per cent. The index per cent between Juno and Novemoer. Renls showed only crease, Ihe bureau sairt. slight in- while gas , . e g and electricity cftsti dropix-d about two per cent, Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward ... N Y Central Inl Harvester Norlh Am Aviation ... Republic Stec! Radio Socony Vacuum Studebaker Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard U s Steel 167 1-8 82 40 1-B 91 3-4 02 140 35 5-8 53 3-8 61 3-4 18 1-8 75 3-8 9 3-4 27 1-2 9 1-2 U 3-8 20 3-4 68 1-4 60 3-4 6 3-8 11 5-8 "I heard nothing that convinced me Bilbo should be refused his seat."i . : Raises States* Rights Iss»* •As. for the Seriate displacing BU- 30 .on such grounds. Thorn: that racial ,dis'crimlna'tion limited to' Mississippi alone Displacing Bilbo, he added, open the way to destructior.^.- states' rights. / "There are about 11 or 12 stales n the South where the Bilbo prcblem is the same," he conUTmeS "If it is to be government policy to declare that the Mississippi prl- nary system is wrong,' it must therefore be government 'policy to say what is right. And, it Sitist apply to all Ihc 48 states equally. "It means lhat the government must Impose on every state a Uniform primary law—Including those itctes which now nominate for oublic office in party convention. It means a uniform divorce law. It means that many other facts of the publi; welfare must be handled Planes Crashes in Quebec MONTREAL, Dec. 26. (UP)—Two survivors of a crashed Quebec Airways plane were rscued by small boat today from a drifting ice floe in Ihe St. Lawrence River, airline officials announced. The two men who were marooned on the floating ice since the plane crashed four days ago were taken to Petite vallcc. a settlement on the Gaspe Coast. ^ The rescue, performed in blinding snowstorm, was made .*d- ditionall v hazardous bv drilling \z in the iiver which threatened to upset the rescue craft. No report nn the condition of the men was available immediately Funeral Rites Conducted Here for Wm. F. Hallmark Services were held this afternoon, 2 o'clock, for William Ellis Hallmark, 74. who died Monday at Cardwcll, Mo. The Rev. E. G. Brown, paslor of First Baptist Church, conducted services at Holt Funeral Home with burial at Memorial Park. Services for the former loca landowner followed arrival of several relatives from dlstanl points. Infant Ball Dies . Sen-ices for Kenelh David Ball uifant son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J Ball of Blythcville, will be held tomorrow afternoon at i o'clock Ir MonetU:. The child died at birth at, 6:15 this morning in Walls Hospital Burial will be at Monctte cemetery with Holt Charge. a national rather basis." than a state Holiday Adds New Donors ToChestFurid Contributions lo the Blylhcvllle Community Chest over the Chrtst- mns holidays brought the tolal to $0185.22, it was disclosed today by Worth Holder, secretary of Ihc fund, who also l s secrclary of the Chamber of Commerce. The new contributors includcy reviously reported . $0013.: New Sugar Deal Sought by GOP Larger Allowances Are Urged for All Housewives in 1947 WASHINGTON. Dec. 26. <UP>The House Republican Food Study Committee, renewing Us criticism of Ihc administration's sugar program, demanded today that any hike In the sueur ration hi 1911 be given exclusively lo housewives. The committee suld !n n report to GOp House Loader Joseph W. Martin. Jr., that Industrial users all during the war gol more thai) their fair share of sugar while housewives, because they were easier lo regulate, "received the short end of the sugar deal." "When she had coupons," It ,-ialit, "her grocer hnd no sugar; when lliere was plenty of sugar, shc had no coupons. When Ihc bcel sugar warehouses of Ihe west were bulging, the store shelves of Ihc cnst were bare." As a result Ihc committee said It will insist "with whatever weight il can" lhat any increase In the sugar ration In 1047 go only lo housewives. Sen. Hugh Butler, R., Neb., after reading the committee's report, said he would mnke sugar a "big issue' 1 in the new Congress. "I have serious doubts Hint ivc should continue.the federal control program we have followed for several years," he said in a formal statement. ' ''Removal of all controls would ultimately Increase both the acreage of sugar beets and sugar cane. Possibly what we need is Just a plain old fashioned tariff lo protect this Important Industry." Anderson's -Figures Challenged The committee challenged Scr- retary of Agriculture Clinton P. •son's estimate Hint the Indl- sugnr ration could be In- only five pounds per pcr- April. This would bring the .Jjasic ration to 2o pounds a It said the sugar supply outlook warrants an Increase of nt least 10 pounds per person with tr|C possibiillty that rationing can be dropped entirely later In the year. Anderson also said that Industrial sugar users probably could be boosted from 60 to TO per cent of their prewar consumption. The committee conceded that individual Industrial users apparently hart been held to 60 per cent of their 1941 base use. But It snid so many new firms arc recelvire sugar lor new purposes that In- dusrtlal consumption this year will tolal 2819,000 tons compared with 2337,000 tons in 193D. Industrial users In 1939 took about 34 per cent of the tolal sugar supply while 66 per cent went to housewives and Institutions. This year industrial users will lake W >er cent, leaving only 48 per cent "or housewives. Agriculture Department reports show that soft drink manufacturers mrt bakers have received the biggest sugar increases on an industry- wine basis, apparently because of he large number of new firms. Three Messages To 80th Congress Stare of the Vnion Report Will Be First of Throe in Single Week WASHINGTON, Dec. n, <UP)~ PrrslilcnL 'I ruuuin's slntc of tl>u union message (lcfli)ltely will go to Congress on Monday, Jan. 6, Ihe While House said today. •Press Secretary Charles Q, Ross said the clilef executive's economic message to congress probably would BO 10 Cnptiol Hill on Jan. 8 nml the 1(1-18 fiscal year Budget Message on Jim, 10. 'Ross s«!U Mr. Tnuium's message probably would take 30 to 43 mln- uutca to rend or deliver. Last year the reading clerks of the House and Senate needed more l)ian Iwo hours to read the President's combined state of Uic union nnd budget message. Mr. Triinuin returns trom Missouri l) v plane laic lodny uml Is expected lo Iniut at Iho Air Tnins- lioil Cominunrt tennlniil at 1 p.m. <EST>. Tito President's flight back to Washington will b2 somewhat faster than his trip out to Missouri because of prevailing 'easterly winds. .Faces Busy Week Upon Ills rc'tiirn Hio Prwlden. will devote himself almost entirely lo Hie preparation o( the slain of the union incssiiKO. In this message will l>e Incorporate!) Ihu ml- mlnlslrallon program which, because of Ihe results of the November elections, must be submitted to n House and Senate controlled by Republican majorities. riles to Missouri President Truman spent a whirlwind holiday with relatives anil flrcnds in independence, Mo. For 24 hours ho put Ihe affairs of slule behind him nnd celebrated nn old- fashioned American Ohrlstmns. H3 war. joined by Mrs. Truman his daughter, Margaret, and his 04-ycar-oul momcr. Among ino Christmas gills Mr. Truman bought In Washington was nn ebony cane for his mother. Mr. Tntman planned n second Christinas dinner with his mother voslertlay after eating with tils frailly and In-laws, but she surprised him by arriving at the Little White House for the. family dinner just. as-. his, automobile ,.<lrovn .up from the -slrjwrt. The President carved a 35-pound turkey for 'his KUOStS. Planter Offers Site And $25,000 Toward Hospital at Osceola •South Mississippi County is to have n hoapitaHocated a Osceola ,t the Keneroslty of R. C. Bry.h,'. pUiftallon owner ami business, man there, is augmented by other con— +1 rihiitintui * Scout Leader tributions, Mr, Bryan has offered * sJt* for the hojpllal uut contribution «f 10 per eent up io StM.Mt, a* nueltus far a fund expected to b*' r»ls*d early In the new year. " The generous offer was made at a meeting of the Osceola Rotary Club, of which Mr, Bryan Li a member, and this civic group has taken Hie Initial step in the project by lUklnif the Kiwanh Club, American I/eg [on post and Veterans of Por- clgn Wars chapter to also appoint meii'b'M to a general committee to work out the proposed Plan. This committee Is expecled to lie appointed Immediately. The federal government,' under certain conditions, will supply as much as one-third of the amount needed for comntunlty hospitals, and n substantial amount of hospital equipment also ml«ht be available, (vt'a .fraction of cost, If the hospital wai a ' ccrUlnty before the surplus v.'ar commodities- are disposed of, It was pointed out. M-kw "Firx'ble" site Offer The site offered by Mr. Bryan h located on the Mississippi River levee road, Just-outside the city limits of oweola to The East, but If Dili location docs not suit a majority of tlio Intercsled people, ho wlll-donulo n stle on his plantation, which brains sllfjhtly more than iouth of Osceola on Hal A. pUrlck, war vol.orun nn;i graduate of Arkansas Slnto College, jonesijoro, has been employed as field executive for t.lie Eastern Arkansas Area Boy Scout Council, Uo" miles and will hnko his headquarters' In j Hir'hwny 01. Blylhcvllle on his return from Uic Amount of Innd donated was National Training School forScout not stipulated with Mf.-Brvan an- Executives. The training school will (i|»n Jan. 6 In Mcdlmm, N, J. Mr.'ixit- clck Is a former Scout. He was educated In Jonesboro, iind during World War il served ..with the 'oast Artillery and spout 11 nonlhs In the Aleutians. Luler he was transferred to the Air Corps ind became an Instructo- fov pilots of B-24s. He held the Irst lieutenant when he was rifs- churged from: the servico in 104S. He hns a wife and » young daughter who; »'|!l 'loin him here i __ Mrs. Annie E. Branson Peatody Hotel Hubbnrd & Hokc ......'. H c. Khappcnberger Mrs. R. L. Loggins H. C. Hoover <B & H Cafe) Ralph Hushing ......... L. K. Ashcraft &. Co Jack Thro Ross Slovens ..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. J- H. Smart Orsbiirn Plumbing !>• A. Smith .... C. V. Sebaugh Cecil Love .. Playmore BilllardParior $0013.22 10.00 2.00 25,00 25.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 25.00 10.00 10.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 15.00 10.00 10.00 Total $3183.22 Taxicab Driver Faces Charge After Accident Hearing for Roy O'Baruion, driv- Funerai Home in Hear freezing Again Lowest temperature reco during last night was 34 according to Robert E. Blaylaek, official weather observer. Mlnlm«B lemperalure during Tuesday was 23 degrees. n!|h« cr for the "2100' Taxi Co., on clinigcs of reckless dr'vmsr was continued until Monday following his arraignment in Muiilcloal Court this morning. Tile charges grew out ol an Accident late last night on Hiahway 18, three miles west of Blvlhevillc. Officers said that when o Bannon attempted to pass a car driven by Curtis Duncan of Kc\incU, Mo.. tfct car's bumpers locked and *•*!> were thrown out of control. ; Duncan's car turned ever ;ina\ tfct taxi \vas thrown in^o a ditch, Jttjcers said. Both drive-is were scd and shaken up as were Irene Majors and Alien Grlf- both of Ml, passengers in an's car, but no ln|nrios re'<!, officers reported. Santa Delivers SAany Gifts in Blythevile Area Santa Ciaus found it necessary make his annual visit to Blythc- ville and Mississippi County this year minus his reindeer and sled uut never-the-lcss he came and quietly departed leaving behind an array of gifts for young and old. (Merchants, too, reported that business proceeding the holiday was one of the best ever with sloros crowded early and late with shoppers in a spending mood following bountiful harvest, one of the best the county has known. There were no special religious services in Blythcville yesterday but Hl-Y boys and girls earlier had made rounds of the city on caroling mission. Students of the School of the Immaculate Conception caroled Sunday night, following services at several churches, and Monday night the Junior Fellowship group ol First Methodist Church visited a number of homes ol older people and where there was illness. Christmas Day was a quiet one in Blythcville with practically al places of business closed as people gathered for informal observance of the holiday. Six Persons Kurt In 3-Way Crash Six persons were Injured, one seriously. In 11 tlircc-car accident late- yesterday afternoon on Highway 18 near Manila. Mosl seriously Injured was Mrs, Zella Hubbnrd. passenger In n car driven by Raymond Smith of Mu- nlln. Mrs. Hublmrd's right foot was tilinnst completely served at Ihc ankle, she was removed lo Walls iospllal where an operation was erlormed In n n effort to save hor ool. Her condition remained scrl- us lodny and It wns known tlcfln- tcly whether or not her foot could o saved. The other five Injured nersonE were also removed lo Walls Kjspl- al .for treatment. The Rev. T. M. Lewis, 58, of lily- hcvlllc, suffered several fractured Ibs. Ills wife, Mrs. T. M. Lewis 8, was Ircnlcd for shock. Mrs Raynond Smith of Mnnlln suffered a mclurc of the right leg below Ihe <nce. Raymond Wrlghl of Manila, drlv- of one of Ihe cars, wns '.renter n Lcachvillc for head Injuries. Roand Franklin Smith, four-ycar-3l< son of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, rcwivwl cncsl Injuries which were not b". Icvccl serious. TFircc Cars Involved The accident occurred at 5:45 yis- tcrday afternoon as the car drive: iy Raymond Wright overlook th ( cur driven by Mr. Smith. Officer snld that Mr. Wright was driving al a high rate of speed and th« mpacl of Ihc collision threw Smith's car Inlo the Ihlrd cnr, driven the Rev. Mr. Lewis. Smllh's cm- was apparently ovcr- A. M. Usery of Steele, Mo. Who Lived Alone, Dies . Services were held Tuesday al Stccle. Mo., for Alias M. Uscry of Stccle, who died Sunday at his home there where hc lived alone He was 84. The Rev. Marlln Niblack, paslor of Ihc Slcele Methodist church conducted services at German Fun- ernl Home wllh burial nt Mount Zlon cemetery there. Born March 4. 1862, hc long h!U resided at Steele. His only Immo dlale rclalive Is a daughter, Mrs Ru'jy Wright of Cam.thersvlllc on-JiUi return (rorji, t.lta Scout-load- criT Iralrtlhg 1 school," •—••-•"•?-•• •-.'•'. Fire Routes 900 From Big Hotel MONTIOELLO/N. Y.; . Dec. 26. (UP)—Nine hundred guests '•were routed from their sleep early toduy when fire of undetermined origin swept tlie Coward.Hotel's Cobana olnyhousc. Police said no one was Injured. The blazs which started shortly after 4 a.m., spread rapidly through tlie Cobana which housed the hotel's theater, night club, and bar. Firemen from Montlcello and nearby Fallsburg and Hurleyville brought the blaze under control within two hours and Iccpl It from the hotel proper. The hotel, Ihrec miles from here, was crowded with holiday guest;;. Police said all. rooms were occupied. Early action In discovering Ihe fire and arrival of fire fighting apparatus kept Ihe blaze limited to the Cobana room. It was levelled to the ground police said, while the hundreds of guests looked en. he wnuld contribute all tli" Hind npcHcd- N:xl steu,to..*a taken will be securing services of medical authorities whn/cnn ascertain the size, nnd kind of hospital needed for South Mississippi County, The • hospital would serve the southern half of Ahe county whlsh never hat had ,» hospital, It was pointed ou,t by'-the Rev. 1. T Law- runk ot | ,:„„,:„, pastor of'^he Osceola Pres"""• •""' hvtdtlen uhtirch. and who was p-ar- tlallv/ rerponslble for the • latest . Mr. Bryan's offer ,wa«, a surprise Vil&,&B_»rmcwrfemttit made »t n m«tln«««< jlie Rotary 'dub In a routine discussion Rare "It is Time to Act" "I think It li( time for us to «et If WR want a hospital, Vhich *e agree we need," said Mr. Bryan quietly bcfpre mating, the offer of the site and a contribution up to Immediately, the Rev. Mr, Law- renc#\slaried, letter -writing concerning'" aid from the government and negotiations are expected to stnrt Immediately, Mr. Bryiuj, whose generosity is rxuectetl to'.rcsul^ in erection of the hospital,, long has been Interested In business nnd' elvtc undertakings of South MlssIsslpplVcounty. A plantation owner, he also owns a gin and alfalfa dehydrating plnrit and Is interested In : Ihe canning plant Home Oil Co., and Delta Products Cotton Seed Oil Mill at Osceola. ; by turned by the Impact, officers said as the top wns damaged. The front of Ihe Kcv. Mr. Lewis' car also damaged, Mr. Wright's car was overturned, they said. • Oilier passengers in the three cars who were bruised and shaken up but not Injured included John Gbn, 6. and Donald Wayna, 2, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Smith: and Holland Knuckles of Lost Cane. Glcnnls Hill. 15. of Manila, n passenger In Wright's car, was (renter! at a Manila clinic for head and nose injuries, officers retried. Sheriff Deputies Ralph Rose snd E. A. Ilicc Investigated the -accident. They staled this morning that Mr. Wright would be held pending the outcome of the Investigation and the recovery of the Injured. Mississippi County and adjacent Pemlscot County, Mo., had a com- paralively "safe and sane" Chils'.- mas holiday with few arrests mid a minimum of highway accidents considering the wide area coversil. No falalllics among while iwopln were reported but in PenHscot July County, there were at least ihrce I Ocl. Ncsrops killed, II was learnoil. !l>oc. nlacon Fire Probed MACON, On., Dec. 20. (UP)—Investigators searched deserted corridors and rooms today for clues to Ihc origin ol Ihc general alarm fire which gulled a large sccllon of Ihc stx-slory Lanlcr Hotel on Chrislmas Eve. Between 50 and 'ft guests escaped wltlioiit Injury. The fire could have been disastrous but for the coolness of the hotel sloff and Lt. Robert L. Smithy, 34, of Roldsville, N. C., in guiding guests down elevators and stairways to safety. Mnrjorle Bishop, 30 year old telephone operator remained calmly at her switchboard warning . guests shortly before Christmas Eve midnight to leave their rooms. Elevator operators and bellhops pitched In evacuating guests with a minimum of hysteria although many.were frightened remembering Ihe Wlnecotf Hole! fire in Atlanta earlier this month. Miss Bishop said that most ol the guests were away from the hotel celebrating Christmas. Two Sailors Report Fire A party of six was rescued by ladder from the fourth floor when dense smoke birred their way down the stairs. Mijor John Rooney, on holiday leave from the Oliver General Hospital al Augusta, aa., and his wife, were entertaining two other couples when their Chrlslmas Arkansas Man Killed by Train In Cardweli "" Killed -hi; a pre-Clirlstmas accident was:Joseph Lee,Hall,[31, formerly of Lcachville-whose- funeral services were. held this afternoon [here. ^ The late • Cardwell, Mo.; resident wns killed Monday night at Slkes- ton, Mo. when his car was struck by a Frisco passenger train. The> Irogedy occurred at Ihe crossing In the business section of Sikcston. AfWr 'having been employed, at Sikeston, he was*en rou> home for Christmas. Reared in Leachville, Mr. . Halt carol singing was Interrupted by fire sirens below. O.ily then were they aware that flames were rag- Ing through the hotel. Minnies later firemen hoisled ladders and the three couples were rescued. , . . and his wife recently had moved to Cardwell where they owned a' cafe operated by .Mrs. Hall, while he operated a termite extermination business. •'-. ..... Besides his wife, he:, is survive!! by a daughter, Patsy : Joe; his mo,,? r ' Mr l>' . Ma S8le Keenc of Leachville: ttro brothers, Finley and Leslie Hall O f Flint, Mich.; a stepson, --Wayne Malcnc, and a stepdaughter, Vivian Malonc, ,tt;th of Cardwell. . :T.:. :..!;.; ... Services were conducted at the. Loachvlllc Methodist church by the Rev. E. H.lHall, pastor, assisted by Ihe Rev. R, E. L. Bearden; with burial at the cemetery there; K|i- ward Uundcrtaking Company was In charge. Pallbearers were Lester Wright, Tillman Young, Eugene Turnbow, J. T. Turnbow, James McHaney and Merl Maynard. N. Y. Cotton Mar. May P. M. Q«oU lions .. 3288 3361 3294 .. 3242 3399 3240 . 3113 3175 3107 . 2794 3312 3262 Kiwanis Directors Meet Members of the Kiwanis Club Board of Directors held a combined business and luncheon meeting Tuesday noon at tfce Hot*! Noble. Wenther to- sl%btry day, tonight and Friday. 3125 warmer to<i«y end,.ton%h«.. Cooler 2794 2MO 2788 2T90, Northwest ami extreme rtertti norV .1740 27SO KW 2755;il=>n Friday,: '-:*^:£r~vffj.;tf£*:i . \ . -V' .V-. \!'ti r^j '*v ;.>-Vt> ^M^&f»im&^i&

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