The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1946 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1946
Page 15
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1946 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION _„_ *_ — 1M * laur !*• ir «•? . •« .. Cjnut fir* >T«W« w*lib U <k* Bu. >» «td«r«4 fn UIIM M dx •»•« u4 >*H^4 kMon u»Mtln «U1 W ekui «- (or ti. BixWr of HBM O« > of MI] iud*. »obit tk« by cuk. •on tku OD« tacomet UMttloa •( uj BLITHEVD.LB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS For Sol* One eleclrfc cliurn. Cull 2807. 12,18 ct-25 The ideal Christinas gift for that boy or girl. Just received a shipment oi Cu&hman Scooters. First come, 'first served while they last. Your Cushnuin Motor Scooter I)e:i(er, Rlylheville, Machine Shop Fhor* 2828. 12-21-t-k-tf KloclrK- llolrjoliii rantc In jiooj coiull- tioij. Call uao^. i-Jl^i-i-k-a. 1 ; Itnrn. te. SI) 5 refritffralor; divan: IH KnM. 2ml lions,- For Safe H;«l oil b«rr«l rtcti. BlylktiUU I cLiue Kbop. O»!l 2828. 11118-clftf '>»«» bill! VuiIlM k|lu<*—11 up* wlora. TfarM w««mi d*U<r«r7. D«aV* ralat * W«l!p«p«r Si or.. 10|7-ck-tf *•*« fcay«r for Oa«pb«u. Pliun 120 Boctk . B, 0. IO. Offl« 10|l-ek-l« eVe MbUiny the new foam cleaner, Kiiia r'oiiii like noboily'H buBlueia'. D<al'» >'»int-»' Wlllpaper 8101-6. . ll|» : l.|2T town, must B*ll — Home kol«l also furniture. 605 Cblek. All kinds of fireworks for Christmas. At Buchannn'b j. Grocery, North Hi-way 61. V liMO-T>k-25 HJI} tons KIOI] graaa ani & lespedeia hay fur .•»!„. 1'liune HU9. 12-1 l-|jfc.l|l 1 Business lot 127x341 ft. South Division. See H. C. Campbell, 120 S. Second. 11-22-ck-tf 1'AiiM.s KOH SAM; I'^0 !>cres K boit MIII,! fa nil lO.'i serfs riilllvalion, 2 IIIIIIM-S, 1 j-r,jt,m. 1 .i-rooin, tarn ur.,1 oi.lhnil.lln,.,. ,Vne- *il. Oil Hn-y. U7 six miles [Mini Oirn- ins. Hm iir'..l scliool l,us l,y <l,,<jr, 1CKA iiriillalilf. !J(JO Ix-urini: frnJI I n-r-i.. Tills (»nn Is ..xeclleui [001,110,1 imil in fine coiiitminit)-. Onlv $7",00 Ku acres eteellont vund fui'u,, 73 acre* rnllftvalinu, 1>7 acres ori'linnl. .Ml Slurk trees un,l l>earii>x. nunu over -six yeai.s ,il,l. (loiKl lionsn, l,;,rn nn,l unlljuiMiiiim Fix mil,, (i-,,,,, fuming 01, IB wii-eil nti,l tins KV:A seivi'.'e. Hl-'ll ir. s. .IOH^SON On Mi^hwuy C.JrJilii);. Ark. 12121 -IA..V. Services anil papfr liJinj;inj.'. .1. t!. Fret- iiuilB 243-1. • 12112.pV.1112 PAGE Tractor rciMlni and Electric and acetylene CHRISTMAS GIFTS GALORE: Luggage, Glassware, Electrical Appliances, Fountain pens, Ven & Pencil Sets, Killfolds, Radios (battery & electric). Guitars, Mandolins, Harps, Accordion^;. Combination Sets, all kinds of favors, Clocks. Smoking Sets, I,amps, Chinaware, Ladies Purses, Traveling Kits, Ties, Gloves, Razors. Toilet Articles and Sets, Silverware, pictures and Frames, Novelties and Most Anything you want k at J. Mell Brooks J., 109 E. r Main St. Phone 9«6. 12-13-ck-tf 'rixiilairr-. r.-iilio. l.renkfnst si-l. 21'^J Carolyn Kl.. 1'riilc AiMn. rj|l tl-pk-2' SO 'Acres -near Paragould, on grave] highway. f>-room * frame dwelling, large barn. level land. Price 55000. 40 Acres near Mariik. J. C. Chapin, Manila, Ark. 12-19-pk-27 SOiM~FOUNTAIN FOR SALE Litjuid Carbonic with Carn )x>nalor, ten pumps, twelve y foot counter and nice ba^ck har. Will sell at a bargain Call 96(i, Ulythcville. 12-12-ck-tf S.roolil fiunse. Can Ije n)inrlm#nt3. Double gal nade i[Lln two nye. G05 Cliick. I'Yamc dwelling anil lot in .Manila. Price SI450. J. C. Chapin, Manila, Ark. k 12-'20-pk-23 TRUCK FOR SALE Kxtra duty 1942 Chevrolet, tires on all six wheels overload springs, heater, spare wheel, fog lights, insulated body 12'/ 2 xG'/ 2 xf;'/> feet. Perfect condition. Cal 2147 or 966, Blytheville. 12-12-ek-tf if interr l.l.irl. v Kollisnn 'tili-li ainl Clock rc t l>Mir. .laeksnii's -lei W.-M Main Slfwi. elry Kl. Rlackftmltk work. Delta Iraplemenl Co. Phone 8(54. 8-15-ck-W We repair all tri>M washlaK HMBln^a rfiiar^leii t>t kind of condition. Al«o Blrt!»<llle alackint Stop. y,7 rl-u MONEY TO LOAN Do you need a loan to repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no rod tape. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. Mnx Logan, Realtor, phone 20Si. Lynch BWg., Blytheville. 9-23-ck-tI Your Car Deserves A Gift Too! For all the months of loyal duty to you, your car deserves a gift in that it should be cared for properly . . . you'll find that a little care now will save you costly trips back and' forth from the repair department. Bring Your Car Home, to Phillips for Proper Care PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blythevllle, Ark. Tel. 453—3721 >lnllo» mr-u w.inild. MUII li« ,.,,,.,^ (]„„,, „.,)„,.,.. J.,,1, u »,,. i Dltirl.ixl Scrvii-o Sileflf Mi,. ' ' ^"•"u""!!«."''w '" r y ""' <v " rk "'"' '-"" k ' tinu.e whli "ii'Kl'i\«"fr«" n "«»oil Wtai'y V' r ',,* ' l I'Tly. t'ontael L. 11. Pl,>trl,- Token Up >iti>il -IL...II,. .....I ^in ,,(,0,11 IIUI UK A/most a Daily Double With Ambitious Hen WASHER SERVICE rbJUip I'rcl •«••» Olwun, l>u«, IIOM u4 laui »pplUn«« Kfalitd ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. M,r, 20«.0» W. Kill. — N. y (U.i 1 ,) — »Mrs. Mny Harris boosl' nil ambitious white Leislioi-h hen wliidi •Inys nn o(r K wllhin HD oft iilino!,!, every nlhcr dny on ht'i- iii-mliy fii'rin. Olio such iMfif nicnsiu-js (\vo ,in<|, me-f|iiniU'i' liichcB In Uln'iU'tfi.' rn;t iboul iliree uiul onc-qnirti'r .tndi- v )S long, insldo (lie Inruc L'BB WHS i full yolk line) while, pliis i\ com- )lclc full-sb...^! OBII. For Rent Wonted to Buy room ;«t' : rtiil. I'fiOiii Home 1 lannilry. qnills. nij;s. fir. \v-.-islu-il. Sillily wn.sliinj: rough dry or rinisln',1. llso nioiii for ilryinj; clothes 1112 <n. I.^ic. Willie Hell firfi'n. Weather stripping. Save fuel by having doors and windows weatherstripped. C. E. Wiggins, 512 N. 10th Phone 2293. ll-26-pk-\2-2f J Washing niacliine re-palrfni?. Complete faeililieK Lantl e>iili!j)llienl [or repair- irijf 'yiln'r \^rrl wn.sliir,^ innc^inc*. Cnmplete sli,ck of repliircnier,l j,nrls. Promin an,l -effieieril service. Kxpe-rl Lost of Fir*[ llnnk. ilitiM'ii. !/„ ]<iu Thriiln-. - I-Wily -,1,-n j:iek \^illi iniKnh "F.d." Virt-il Fi>l,-y i-.l fur inrli. $2. ertr-v row .with l.liirk far, ,-^lf. X miles west of Cain 11. A. Atkins. C.iMN-ll. Cucnftiber Gnarrl.s So highly regarded were cucumbers by the ancient Egyptians tluit guards \verc posted in booths in cucumber gardens to protect Hie prized vegetables from prowling jackals. WARNING ORDER Armn Campbell is warned to appear, in the Chancery Court for the Chiekasawba District of Mississ ! !>i>i County, Arkansas within - 30 (lays from the date hereof to nnswor a complaint filed against him by Paulino Campbell. Dated this 21st day of December, 1946. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk By Mary Lee Jarratt, D. C. riv:iti> Office. iK'hk. pliuiu\ list.- of r. rt-ption rounl in •.1,-iun lii> ;l li-.l i.ffii- I250 acres -'o'f good cotton. corn and btan land OH grave] roafl, near Hlylhu- ville. School bus. Call or write E. B. Gee Cotton Company. 202G or (i4f>. ' . ' _ _12-9-ck-tf fMo« ^IWM for reel. Entire'' tecond floor fii; iaa -B. M*En' t*rTtat« en* tr»oc«. ««o*tUn fcTInda. l v hop« 801. PONT TAKfc. A LOSS. (i. r the tup price fur your car or truck from I'HILLIl'S MOTOtt CO. Today. 6-3-ck-tt — : i •____ Loans WANTED We Repair All Make Radios LOY EICH Chevrolet Co. Phone 2882 for A Taxi O. K. CAB riin SH N. Oth. riion<? 2,1^8 •"ltMO-pk-131.10 :l-™»in 1 sr Ic.r rcnl vrhli linlli Ci.iiijln • inly. I'lioi,,- :i91fl. ll!i'j;l.,,-..2l 'SALESMAN. WANTED Automohilc Loans . Convenient Way to Borrow •• ' COMPARE OUR RATES , • Personal Loans : For EDUCATIONAL EXPENSE, TAXES and Insurance, Doctor Hills, Accumulated Debts. QUICK. Confidential Service Universal C. I. t. Company , 11G N. Second St. Blythcvillc, Ark. ' GATEWAY SERVICE CO. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lentz : Dub Sizemorc IF YOU NEED— Walk In Boxes i Dry Coolers Ice Cretin Boxes or Any Heavy Refrigerator for Immfdhilr Delivery CALL Stectc 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE KI.MS I'OOI.K, Owner ft Mcr, lllsliway Cl Nortll ul I!OU,\NI>, MO. USED CARS TRUCKS ANY MAKE OR YEAR MODEL Lot Toddy We pay off finance company and pay you your equity in cash. LO Y E ICH CHEVROLET COMPANY Texaco Gas & Oilf 301 W. Walnut S7B I VVAXTKI>: .1 ironi! rtliali nly <'iisliuni'r« wild l(n« Found "Pt«- An«i-l Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adam*. Mjr Phone 2071 20«-i» \V. Main in limtse wilh shower linth, ^he,l. \ nn nnisl see II,is li_... ^le.l before yon buy. Kwy IS. si or iVabrrn Kiore. t). s. Marcus Evrard, Atty. for PHf .i:tun at 12|24-31-1 'i-!4 1(1 »S Oliltmobil,-: I9n7 Do.lec 1037 Fonl ronr>\ Allen's .Slalinn. 119 K^sl M.iin. |ilin Scilan: .SVrvirc *3!l t'onliar clh>> r< lirf.b, Nice mnl cl. St.. I'ri.l,- A.liln. e. r. an,l li, Goo,l . LMI 1 Mark-nerile 1941 Fiinl Sti],,<r T>el,ixe. lour door se ,lnn. H. nriil II.. n,.,e (ires nn,l motor. ilto nii.l' 1.])'(,'„,, i-.l {7.-.. I'lmne N'MAS KI'KCIAt.S .1,^1 rrr.-ivfil — Meal for Xnl.l.s presen :l Bnrekn Vanillin ,-le«iiers ((Jnir: tre,l lo elenn.) r, dew Silex romuir.Alion eUclric s sleflin irons (two ill I', porlalilo electric liealer.s tt $10.45. U ttre^snro cookers. I rpiart t.\fi-. . IKMe innilel anil consoli' r.nlios. • • 1 Volnrnln milninnljltc r».lit>. dimnltlc. .' | limilalio,, nil !,„,,,„ (s.mjll »n,\ *>rRe vnrs.) . •cntw * ---. - home frcc*rr. Sfflni: i'- iM-liiivinc mine- ii ville S.iles (N>,. 1^8 _;n<,\ Main's*.. l"l"l.rk-:S ri. tr.Til-r. !•: Ply lir . . r IVrff-i tr.iil^r xvilli ,lolli, s n^, ,"'. ',''"' ""'til' "tliv V h-il MKi-lf »n.l ]i,v s R.ini Stcpil. l.rnclivillp Sm«ll -- nnriclit Mn.lir, piann. Oontl i •". CA" K" , &<-en nl -112 >". ILivls. Phnni- ^M7. i;i:.1-k--!7 . Th^«- MM. V. O. 01, rhono 3101. rj.;. S RU-r- 15-21-ck-3 WHY SUFFER From Cold Weather? Wlim you can simply call r>97 and have your groceries nni! meats delivered free by our new fast SCOOTER DELIVERY. We guarantee you musl be. satis- fied with our selection. Fresh Dressed Poultry dally . . . Mradowbroolt MMV. ' Cl Hishway North—Phone. .',97 CECIL LOWE ' s Grocery & Meats COLD WEATHER AHEAD! * Check Anti-freoze * Check Radiator and all -hose connections * Check Battery * Check Oil for proper winter weight * Check Lubrication One trip service to Langston-Wroten is your assurance . of worry-free driving this winter! Langston-Wroten Co. Give Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. S:ive Money Tiiihiy, -Ally Day STOP AND SWAP l-'.I.HKKT HUFFMAN'S «1 E. Main Phone S3!l You Must Be Itapny nr Nn I)t'»l RADIO REPAIR SERVKfE Any Make or Model 1 (<> 2 Days Service \Ve Call For anil )>eliverl PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan! MOTOROLA Sales ami Service 10(5 South First Refrigerator Service F O R S A'L E Concrete Culvert Ti(o Sizot 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb-. IIwy. «1 lit Slulo Line I'luinc itlyllievillo 7M PRESCRIPTIONS ' f r*Hh Slock Haul Kirby Drug Stores Fred Lawlcr ADAMS APPLIANCE 7 , CO., Inc. 1'linne 1!011 I. W. Ailiimj. Mn ZOC-M W. Mala W. J. Pollard INSURANCE ' , t Gfenco« Hotel Bldg. Phone 3541 Safes— BU ICK— S«rric* RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (AH Types Except Canccrl ' DRS. N1ES& NIES Clinfc 514 Main, rilsllirvlrlt, Ark., I'hent 'a-.\ D.ON EDWARpS Th* Typewriter M» B - KOYAL. SMITH. CORONA r>4 REM1NOTON FOKTABLS HO H. SBC6ND ST. PHONK MM (Every Tr«n*aotlon MUST Bl BATWrACTORT) Announcement — V/o Arc Now Equipped to Give You Complete B *mu REPAIR UlWl SFRVICF ^ -^^ ~ Jl-l\ T l^rfl™ Welding - Glass Installed - Painting City Garage & Welding Shop .•):« K. MAIN James Russell PHONE 874 Dan Russell KKKUKLKS AND HIS FKIKNUS Revelation BY MERRTIL FLOSSED <t » \ VT- MOW .MUCH Dlt> YOUR HfirORV I EIGHTY- \IHt BV-A.-4C6 Of= CLASS RAISE TOWARD PAYIW& FOR. / Tvvo \ S4I8 WAS sewr TM«.T P/MMTIN!& 1 DID? /—.-r-^ BUCKS. . IM evsoMeesooy •*V;vX. MR.'f=ROSr' / WHO StGNED ^ ,X HIMSELF*PU6LIC- U -S. WKBCUOI 8ERTK9.I • ,,* -•;, '-"' MAS THIS PUBLJC- jfir.lTKO Ciri7EM •Of.'ir_u.!cjeb /\6our iHf Pf.TURE LOOX.- IMG- Lt.--:fr HILDA? HlS WANAE |S FROSf. XUAll AND HE'S AM ARTIST/ I -J\JU -/\ ? ... -, %?f -- ' ^ - % S^r=>"'' ' ' <rS H •' ^-\^-^ . J .- 'r r?o O J5 -, 7 --^~^s^A ix./yfoV ^1

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