The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on May 26, 1962 · Page 73
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 73

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 26, 1962
Page 73
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1' i t v ft i i $ 1 1, it I6- , By DOUO PATRICK . These days 'when spacemen with their rockets, sputniks, satellite and orbital capsule get daily headlines, mail by : rockets may seem timely. But to stamp collectors, tb idea of mad ent by rocket ia an old ana.' ,-. . , , Fnedrich Schmiedl conduct-ad tba Brat rocket mail flight oa Feb. 2, 1931 tram SchoeckM Mountain to Radegimd (a an Aaatriaa valley. His racket, , called the. V-7. carried, 102 . BMcca at matt prepaid by over-pruned Auatriaa (tan pa of the 10- groecbsn denomination. The everpri at reads la four lines: RAKETEN FlugDost , SCHMIEDL XX 1931. , 'A Oermaa experimented with rocket man to the earne year. ReuihoM Tiling -And a 11- foot rocket carrying- IM pcsKcarda from tba iring stand - . T' '. . i : - ' '- The symbol of "built-in" qualify RUG and FUnNITURE U mofii kr yettr UPHOLSTERED i FURNITURE i! cImm, and chlrvtrce' li tt ttw 2riect Set $18.00 " 3-fiec rugs r ir bo mb stic : aaraMTAi.. $7.55 10.CO e n. las aa. n. su smm rvtxv ' ' fHsimaa) .s saavtca rasa PMav and mm S sMvsis aakssra, I . SsskMaa 1 suss. Ililani 1 I M1Chsm aniiii at Dielineen. On April IS hia rocket eoared 5.000 feet and landed near the Bring point, Great Britain and Australia both experimented with rocket mail in 1934. Australia trad 10 rpeketa contsining mail be tween Dec. 4. 1934 and May 10, 1937: Herr Gerhard Zucker a German rocket experimenter , fired rorkeu arith mail in : Sussex. His rockets Bred on June 6, 1934 merely want 900 yarda on one night and 900 on 'another.-1 . ,. '.a-'? ' The idea soon spread to The Netherlands. India and Italy in . 1934. and by I93S rocket matt was being carried in Franca, Belgium, Switzerland,' Luxero- bourg. Yugoslavia and the United States. The first U.S. rocket mail flight took place In Sept. 1939 at Holmes Airport ta Astoria. Long Island. Two rockets Bred , . ; SINCl .947 II JMt "Thar it HO rututitutt for rrotuionai rag cleaning" "T'i: VZl ILSt 11 U Uamber if " ' " THE TV JOURNAL MAY 28 - JUNE X 'ffiJiTtf. ' I.-. J .t-2war IPbSM t Lttil . Men OPEN AJN. TO PJs, DATS A WEEK oa Sept 22 both exploded, one at launching and the other in midair. - Spain and' Mexico experimented with rocket mad ta 1930 a nd Cuba followed in 1939. Denmark had rocket post ta 1940. Stephen Smith experimented with rocket mail m India from 1934 until 1941. Ha numbered his rockets and gave them anusual names such as Boomerang. Dick Turpin, or Gertrude CoMinSL On July 24. 193S be made a faultless flight with hia rocket, Rowland Hill that carried 194 cards at AU-pore. India. Mr. Smith's final rocket-eenHaloft on Sept 26, 1941. Future mail by rockets will likely become as commonplace ; as airmail if today; time will tell. v Gag Bag Tennessee Ernie Ford had Just finished a song when Pat Battram observed. "Era, you're Just like Elvis Presley the oaly difference 1 when they swoon for you It takes them -longer to get up." .-J . " t - Sam K off man Insists that a woman la someone who would charge that another driver ran into bar bumper with the side : of his ear. i -.- :. . -. ; ' Lee Lye: If brevity to the soul of wit the new bikinis are ' enough to make a guy j die ' laughing." . ; ; - Peter Jennings tells about the ' .pretty new eteno who said to .-an office veteran: 1 have a problem. The efficiency expert has given me the eye. Should ,1 look busy or interested? "Only a woman can ieal . the .wounds a man baa rs-. ceived from another woman. ,. From which one' may deduce that the remedy Is worse than . the illness.' Reverberations of the" tragic Paret-GriffUh fight oa TV being felt ia the Britiss Isles. Reac- . tioa is spearheading govern. meat Inquiry tata violence en British TV screens. CLEANING 4 RUCS picked up, Komg Set $22.00 WAU-TO-WAU CASPH ClErVCT - m your home or office Work Guaranteed Done by. Experienced Workmen cum sub ud soma 1 tL 'n Malta lala STAMP COLLECTORS' MARKET PLACE sum sou wo arAatp iwvBSTiuurr iwiiiny. my w p w saarcn. lat-i M aUasie, Ot as. IS. WM A VI MOVXD TO A NEW slant knatkM at ata Bask as. was cans ana Sump tueje, sal aaaa , cas-aus. - - CBSAM OP TUB CBOP VSKO ararWwtaa. huja values at M aSMount. Bcotri ss aatalseiM vshia SS SS, 1S satalaaaa value Mas. trial wul aoaviaea raa. Baturaabla U aot astlafaataty. WUMaau, lakster PO, Wlaaupaa, Heaysman's Stamp Shop teilwllH First aay oavsv aarviev far Joaa Taloa oaiawioraUra. Stunp as be tame Juaa IS. smm ar plate block. Ju arriiraa. SaSOS eflsru4 eat- atawpa asM aUujtp. bp saw. 17 MURRAY STREET neat Sussex ." , CE3-9157 mm comtTow wum f so rtofrr it rtukn o vouif aoarr-e as sat mba l "VAU FAIADC : 7. a-jS" vm win, u ww nana aw ajrll Ohiihiim noas, Sou) ciaoswa a Ij' rkkraa, tab aa CaV m I al Asa- C ' S1 s. if. It-Liil UM: ika sadaaftWiaal (bkcanJl 4W as vakrv aasm. rasiawr. rem asff er4ew err.Mvab pf mMvfw-4h, W,KTU fpb Pat M aaaa) TaTttX a n st errrvtl -' juaa tMssr a alojri rot just ii no Frtuk Co, Whits naios, ML Y, i comr WAMTBD: MSS kTICKELB, PAT . aia each for alas aoaiaa. othsv : sunllai kisa arKaa pale. Ma Uoaal Capital CoUw, tee Sparks, above MatrapoUtaa Store. aa ardar IS-S or PAS-aau oro. CLBP THIS AO CASH FOR YOUR COINS We pap a pranili aa all CENTS '- I from 1858 to 1939 also 1948 and 1954 - NICKELS from 1923 to 1939 also 1948 and. 1951 DIMES f 1948 paying $4 each 1954 paying 20c each HALF DOLLARS 1931 to 1939 also 1947 to 1948 SILVER DOLLARS J935 to 195 Write aa pawae as tt pea have . sot of Ske aaave sniai. aw prefer kwse aaaatutas. Coin Catalogue, only 25c PETER DEGRAAP $7 Sunny side Av. Ottawa 1. Ont. CE2-1S19 : CUP TKBt AO sum uoux Tt t"mf OlAlaaessstasaaa STjai:? stu:::s Box 208, SUtton A. Ottawa t Stanbridge Bros. PhilateUst Buyers (stamps-coins) sellers Wholesale Retail groNtoM or Chelsea Stamp Museum Waflorom wantbd ro atnr. ami. pa sse eeek lot old oa valutas ae lolaod axters arlia Csaaaa alaasas aa ttm aaio afore js7t, asp auanUW. tana tot ramlttaooa o Ooe. K Scott, nil ratiaaht Drive pj.B. aotaaas tlrsuus. CE2-I5SI CENUINE CANADIAN-MADE GIFTS and SOUVENIRS mt mvU M eicitlnr Item from Britain and Eurwp VISIT THE GIFT SHOP NOWI L JL DOWNTOWN

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