Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 19, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1896
Page 8
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&>',:'. I'; 1 - fft' I Great Remnant Clearing Sale Commences Monday July and THE GOLDEN RULE such unheard of prices has never been your good fortune to behold occurs once in years. For particulars and pnces SEE OUR LARGE POSTERS. LOST TO THE KOKOMOS. Otto's Let That Team Beat Them In a Hot Game. the center on first and second floors. & HEINLY. Tluit Kokomo 1)0.30 ball .(cam \\-Jll prove ii inl-gh:l:y iintaroslliig argument in the new State longno.'i They will be to this len-gnic- w.hat Hie CJiToiauiati Reds ;u-o to the Matronal orpniixatiou, and it is. no cinch for the-Ottos to pull out ahead. This is proved 'in tlie fr.nnc yesterday at Kolctwio.-wheu the Ottos were beaten by tli-re- -close -.score of 0 to y. O'Connor fi.u.l Byors were in the points for the Ottos, ami Hawkins raid Gai-vcy tor the Kokomos. Following is the score by innings:. Loga-nsport 0 2 ; 0"0 2 0 0,0 1-3 Kokonww 1 0 0 3 0 1 1-0 0-G Aiwl CLEVELAND. 'LOST. So DM Ciueiinnmi, So It Standoff—Tim Score.?. 'Some Special Soaps fe - '•"i±;i Chillis irlntit slippers >!,.* Hi "<" • ID' "' l-'OIIMHIi ruicE. [105 Liidlcs dcimolii KIU oxfords^ iirnl Into, very iliio i ll -' )l) 'iiOC Slime In MIIITOW siimire top. sljw.-iSuni, Ato K S-" 1 ' .-'D263 Ladles linn KriMieli iloORulii, Prince Aibn:ls 3 -°° .-1720 Ladles b.-feht I'ongoln UJ ox- ^_ fords, patmt tips low lievls.... s "° '.1177 Lsilics tiin vci, polntfdlouox- lords, a to B, slz* 3V:! 3 - s " ' 3117 Lmlla.H tun ojtonls, most nil slwsand widths - J " 'ill I Men's WnsbOBs.vlcl.clotU top lace; n v shoe.., ° 1 ' . •- 2M7 Jli-us Hn.-slan calf, tun, Uu*: _ ^ ^_ Xa-ll LAI! les white canvas oxrorils .'-.•< -:wnl princes "- 00 JJC 1775 'Mlntes iloncolii oxfords, t>lzo 11 to 2, c, d.uud e.'. 1M ' 0} '"131 Ii nmw red strap s;liH.ors, nil PiJUng. Tl.e»«hoo in-iu. is ".Kvc your trade .and we have goocis at prices to suit you all. -•"' ' -412 liroadway. TxMTMtkSDOvt, Intl. 105 1.15 K 1 II. S. FU-klo is lu-thc city the* 1- -- BO! -relatives. p- ' Will KlrifJ & SHE RETURNED HOME. Miss Emma Schwitz Hard Luck. Was in CORRECT. visiting .Take Byei* is spomliug a few days, Viishiug at Mud Lnkc. •\V. F. Peale-r of Marion is visiting in •Sine city for a few days. 'Newell Mct-/ger of Anderson is visiting relatives in tlie city. - .Hem-}' Heidcn, jr., has returned from •atiMlKon college for vacation. !J ' Ulrs. Henry Kline of Wabasli is tha •guest of her parents in- the city. V howling success—those sample -waists ami parasals.-Trade Palace. Herman Warner of Seventeenth street :<js visiting relatives at Toledo, Ohio, • ,j v. Dllloma-ii, clerk at the Bates, 5bouse, Inaia-napodls, -is at the Barnett..;. Lev'i Means has retui-ned to his horrit .-at -Peril after a visit with Logausport . Misfits. Haniruili and MoUio PJercc are frcim Kokomo for a visit .with Mr. a'-nd Mrs. Krcd Six are spending Hhe day at Pern, the guests oC Miss Ed- ••fla. Boxartli. E<1 'Cleiiowortli has returned to his "-(tome lit filwood after a visit with T'fr-ierirls In the city. .•.Tosqni' Hf-riiiati aiul sister of the "^Soxiihs'Utc-, are entcrta'.niing MM. Henry Brolttsiifield of Harva-rd, 111. Otto Curtis of Franklin college Is the •Kncsi ocf friends 'liere -for a> few clnys. He -made the trip on Ms wheel. JTurt half price on mohair coats and -vests. Alpacas and worsteds at our closing out sa-le.—TTa.rry Frank. The greatest sale ever liclcl in Logansport is now on fit the Bee Hive. Go down and sre wluit bargains you can buy, a«d pruts* on the wheel. All prices di.'-eoiuited this week at the Trade P:*lac<-. Waists. 10c to $1.48; 'au-ck suits. 9Sc to !?2.-30: porcare drosses, --9Sc; chlldiren's lia'ts half price. • No matter what you buy, save money. "The Loganisport VTull Paper Co. In their -clearance sales at choap wall paper. "'••'WiC will not disjipixvitit you. ; Swcirl.scr Sun: ML<s Cora Bragg 1 Sj ^.LogivnspoTt feJlow made her (\\i\to a -•visinast week, and the joke of it was '-.Bhe'cUd -not know ho was coming. You -BMist'to-p belitc-r posted, Corn, or Iherq, T tnigli'f 'be a collision sonic night. : Mr.'P. J. Kluuey, the veteran ealcs- •:-ma,Ti of flic Trade raVaco, leaves tomor-r "s-oV'iviotMrnc 'tii, company .with M-rS. " Kiruicy 7oT a week's .vncation on tho Umiit two months agii." says the -.:i Chruiiieu-. "Miss E-mnia Sciiwi-lv. u-f Ldgaiisporr i-aiuo ro the city and was io work at llui l-'-nrror hojel. She was dL--appiii.iili' 1 d in no-1 sci-urin!,' tlie position. ••It was not invi'ssai-y ''oi 1 t-his si-vi.-n- toi-n-yi-ar-old girl to li-ave home to se- c-ure'i'innlr.j-niei;!. Ker ravher is t'o'.'e- i'J-i'.iii of tho I'an-haud-Ii! ronndhousi; in I.oeinsport and i.s al'le to ki' l -'P t'.ie girl well dressed. After leaving A. good liraiie anil coining -to I Iris city slio was Inot iiuxious fo-r her parents to know hei wliereabdiits. When she wrote, wl.iie.li was not often, she never gave tin-in tho same address twice. At li'/st she gave them 1112 South Branson Street, another 1000 South Ada-ins. and then 911 South AVashlnptou, Her reason far giving these different addresses was to "load Jicr -mother astray it-' she should come to look her up. Tlio mother timiicltt that itll was not right and.dc- cided to v-isi-t the city and see her daughter. ' She arrived this morning at 0:OS on the Panhandle, ,iccn.mpa,n,i.ed-by Miss Bc-Ue Dlickey, an old friend of tiie girl, •''••Oflicer l-Tii'inllton, who I* stationed ait f.h« depot, auxl Pan-handle Detectlvo Briggs, were questiioned by the niothor iif iiley had seea or beard tell of ..the (lausiirter. The oflicci-s gave a negative reply. Tlie officers agreed to accompany the two ladies to the various numbers given .iin the. girl's letters and see 1C any information conccnnitig her could bo found. "Much to the surpi-bso of^tlio mollier and friend the girl had never been at ! aiiy of the addresses given. A trace 'of"her was found. She bad washed dishes -for one week at the Overman restaurant near the P;ui-hau.dle depot. From the restii.urant she was traced until site was found.nt Golilrich Bros.' junk yard", on South McChire slrcet. She was not keeping books nor rmuil.ng a typewriter, but was im the bade room smiting old rags. She'was poorly clad. Goldrich Brothers state that she had been in t-hdir employ about four weeks. When they paid her off this morn-Ing $2.15 was the amount for four days' work. - '-The mee-tuig of the mother and daughter was very sad. The mother forgtviug'and forgetting tho past, while the daaightoi- was much affected. "Mrs. Sch-wiiz and daughter and Mis.? Belle Dickey left this afternoon at 2:15 for choir homes in Logauspor-t, where tlie daughter will be taken back into the lioane, n-nd vri-" aoed to P lck ™ ss no longer." . ' Tlie family of Scliwi-tz are respectable people. The young lady -has always been associating wiir.h the best of people and was never known to do anything' out of.the way. Doing ns she did was quite a surprise to all who knew her - The action of tlie daughter Is incomprehensible a,nd is not susceptible of any reasonable'explanation. Is the Journal's List cf Sound floney Democrotic Papers -The Proof. Tin. .Tuiinial ini-lil-islii's a lur.g list ot Oi-mocraiiiv ne\vsi)a[H-is which it claims n-:'i>-.i- losupiJOiri. Hie Iii'mo!.:ra.tic tic-kL-f. Among oi-iwM-s It innKUms ihe Lafayocru .tuiiriuil. the Winamac I.U«mn.ci'a-l:c .Journal and thi! \Val.i:is'n- Twin-s. Thr-oU pap- I.M-S are or. tin 1 I'ha.rus exchauyL- 1'^t ami all o.f them aro snpportin.-,' thu Demo- ci-.-nic canilUla.to I'm- prcs'deut.—riini-o?. Are rhey'.' Well hero is what tin; Win- ii-mac Dc-niOL-ralai: .lounial says: ••Tli-e l>i'mo<;ra:l-.r.wiriial sfiimls KIUUIre- ly by it-s ri'L-O'i-d in o'piH)St!oLi to tlie fn-i- and hulejieiHlc-nt coinage of silvci; at the i-aiio of sixteen to one, believe that such a im-asii-i-e. if caiiTii-d to-a siw;cessi"ul issue, would bi'ing l.'a-ii-knipu-y-nnd financial ruin to llif county at largo." Ami hero i-s what the Wabasli Times "'•'•Tht- Bryan-Se-wall i>lai.fo-nn do- nouiK.-es in unmeasured terms, :',n.l in trite Popi|.ris!:ic-tirc-cabinig style,-'nlI monopoly, tn-usts a-nd money flfliubiinations, and inveighs against the jiciitioiwl banU- ,i.iu,' aysteni, as vicious in- practice and obstnictivo ot gowl government. It then proceeds to noiwiu«.tc tea: vice-pros•' ' ,1s, one, whose-- ' Cleveland dropped another game to Hie Bcaneater* I'M' 11 Boston yesterday. W-liH" the SpUtos were doing this, the OiJici-iiuaii Rods wove K-ttins Ibo Orioles have a game, so It is a standoff between I lie two"we.steim clu.1^. Following are the scores of the games played yesterday: . At Cleveland—Boston; 7. Cleveland .j. At Cincinnati—Bu:tim-ore 10. Cincinnati 3. , \ At ri-;t'sburg-Ph!Ia.delpliiii 3, F:'**- b'nrg S. Af-Loui«vJllc--X«v York 4. Lonis'- oiiU—Brooklyn -1, S:. T,ouii? S. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Clubs Oiiac'ninat.i .. Hsilti.morc .. Cleveland -•• Boston Chicago Plttsbiu-p; .,. Brooklyn . . - rii-liladelphia. yv.-ishinirtou . \<;w York ... Won .47 .4-2 A'', .40 . .31 .31. .21 ..IT Lost PerC-t. 2.7. -079 2-1- .007 25 .050 32 .5GS OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank has ever originated and carried out, this one will surpass and will positively be our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you an idea how extremely low we will sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and 5.50 Doeskin 2.75 Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots- • 2.25 Our $3 and 3.50 Fancy Cassimeres Our$f and 1.25 Cotton Worsteds! Our$l Cotton Worsteds Boy's Long Pants 43c Childrens Pants 14c In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country an opportunity to help themselves. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street.; Sfi 3-t. 40 •11 5"' 53 .541 .-107 .401 .450 .431 .270 .213 1.75 75 68 hlonr, in the fuc-o o-f ai •whale busiincss -liite hns boon dcvolod to the upbulWiivg of monopoly in its worst form; and who'today is-rxrttmsiyely ln- icr^ted In every piwuiimMi-t, business mcinopoly hi tlie state- of M-aitie, He owns a naifcionhl bank 'm.BatJi, his native town, IVIK! has, if th;' cljarge made by the plntiform bnKder' bo triie, mnn- a'awl l» squewe out o.f Tho'pcople, by i-«iKomi«f ills coumoctfan wMi such In- s(-,itiittons, the sung fflitlc fortune'o£ ?C,000,000. Consistency Is li-ndced a jewel, but the Altgold-Tiili-mnu gang are, evidently, not -improssed with the logic of hho ad-age. Tho iiomtaiition> v of tbo notorious Harry Hill, the bloated saloon biuiii of "Five rotate," Now York' City, to hoad tho prohibition, ticket would bo qulite as cousiston-t as tlie sftloction of Mr.- Sowall, on rlie platform adopted at. Chicago." . ,-. . The La.fa.yctl.0 .Touinitil is not at hand but as it .is a progressive paper the probabilities arc itet It hasn't gone liack on its honest oon.vJct.tons. Louisville .. - The gains -today .with. Councrsvillo ousth-t t° I'amJS'li some exciting play. Tlie ComiersvLlle-txam has defeated Kokomo twice, and has been defeated by them twice, . If. Is tJioreforo certain that Hie team- Is a very, even match for tho OWos." Loroy Hackci-t, who played such good ball wiUi the Ottos at first- base, aud.le-ft.fMd,..i-s with tho Connors- v.ille team for tlie games today and to- •nioi-TOw. Ho ia a member of the An- -de.mon team, but is playing with the : e«>npiBv.i1tes- for those, two games. There are many J-ootws who lilcc to hear •-.Twikines" coach. THE DETROIT RACES. Coleridge Was Fourth in the Free-For-All Pace. One heat of .the ivec-for-al'l jjac.c at Deli-ait, l,n whicli Coleridge is 'entered, was paced yesterday, W. W. P. winning in the fast time o£ 2:05%: '. The Logansport lioree was fourth, ta the 'finish. The finish of the race is laid over until next Friday win-en -the grand, struggle will t,-i ke place. TWO THOUSAND. Lon Saxon Bound Over in That Amount. .yesturtlay'iiioi-uiin! in the Mayor's court-rx>n'Saxqii, who is charged with assaulting Hfe Florence Morcfou was ;wraig.ual. The council chamber which was used ns 'a court room was packed to -its utmost and. a number of people were turned n-way for lack of room. Saxon waived prclitauiiaiy. exajn-iuati'on. and was bmiiid over to appear at the SL'i.rtenibeFter.m of court .in tlie sum' of ,f2000. Tlie State was roprcvseuted by p'rosftiitor Hale, Deputy Gamble and J. C. Nelson-, while McDonnell & .Touk- iineis'roprescat Saxon. The aonouut of the bond is very"suggesiive of a quiet restful summer 'for Mr. Saxon. Clothes up to Date . . Have been in great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one has a finer line of woolens and worsteds to select from than ourp. Important Features ... in the make-up] of our clothes work their superiority. We are not ther.cheapeE^tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 3" Market Street. LOST $15 $100 for your bicycle when you can get OUTINGS for l $6 f We \L an Jsortmcnt of SECOND HAND MACHINES which must be SoIJ, Call and make an offer. CYCLOMETERS ' OLD TIRES Mad, 0«4^ New ZINN & COMPANY. a fine oinvas. canoe l expects 'to qvj^s Hie pi-cater part-ot ''das t.hwe'ia rowing. His friends trust "Colomel" will return, much POPULISM. Democrats are Getting Straight Goods From the Pharos. The Pharos Friday evening published a "colu'inm and a half of political matter fj.-c.iu J. Y. Powell of Missouri. Just to sco what sort of stuff It was feeding it* reader's Tho Journal investigated the matter ami found, as it-suspected, that Pharos readers miist henceforth, read pure Populist matter. Here aa-o tho. •facts: , ' "Ohillicotlic, Mo., July IT, 00. "The Journal. Logansport, Intl.: j) 0;lll . sir—Your tologram received. ,T. Y. Powell of this county "was elected- ' THE CHILD IS RETURNED. Deputy Sheriff Shie-wnion., under orders from the ccmrt, captiired the n-lue- yeair-okl da-irghter of Sch-uyler Lease, taking it -from its mother's arms at her home neair Maranont, where 'she 'had taken It after forcibly romoylng jt_from tho liomc o'C an aunt 'Mrs. .Rockfleld. Mr. Lease has found (mother suitable 'hoane for this daughter, but .It -Is not probable that the divorced mother will. cease In'her efforts -to regain; possession of tJio litflc one, althougli t-he court's decree is against such proceedings.. i -NOTICE. -.•.:" We Avlll be compelled to make. some re-pairs on the male lino this afternoon at 1 o'clock. W-nlile we expect to' com : plcto the worlc before any -shortage of gas is noticeable' In iTogansport, to avoid accidents In case gas-slK.ultVfail to city, wo notlfv all canaumeis not to leave Y POWeli 01 tlliS COUllCy NVHC* ^iuv.i-i..i- *\u LL-WLI-L.T tt..^ x.v ik .v>»... v .^. —- - survevor on the PopuJfet ti'cket several gas burning in bu.Hdi.ng.7, unless there vo-irsVo and lias been a r.ank Missouri is SOOTe one on the-premises, -to turn off I-omitet for ten yen-rs. ' "' I.vaJvc-s to casegas goes out.-Logansport CHAIRMAN REP. GEN. COM, ' ['&, Wdbasli Valley Gas Co. -,- . KIND HEARTED STRANGER. Letids a Team andj Wagon to New Found Friends. A one-armed stranger reported to the police yesterday afternoon- that he had be-ou buncoed out of a team o-f horses tiiud a waigou by two men whom he supposed to bo quarrymen. .He lives at Georgetown 'and yesterday drove to Kenneth'. There -ho was accosted by the two strangers who asked to borrow his teara aincl wagon to conic to. this city and pu'i-chnse sonic groceries. The favor was granted but upon their failure to reuuim, -lit canue to .this city and notffled the pollt-c. They made a search of the city, but up to the, present writing nothing has been.heard or seen of the team or the strangers'." HE HAD ROLLED. John Murphy, who-lives near the arti- Oclal gas phimt, was arrested last even- i.n W upon the charge of intoxication, by Patrolman Burcli. He scai-ed a number, of the roshlents on the Northside by toockjiQB at trh-eir dooi-s. He was arrested In the back yard nt the hom-c of Davl-us Moraroc Surface. He bore .evidence.of having rolled in the gutter. BICYCLE FREE. " Every one can guess. •• It's free. The wivecl runs eight -hours evoiy day, and 'the person.giressing nearost to the number of miles it mms gets' the wheel. The Boe Hive's big upbuildtog and- bcueflt sile te now on and'has proved a. great SUCQOSS. Big. discounts in ev«7 depart- •m'ont. Tomorrow will be'a big dny. Straws That Show Which Way the Wind Blows 'Show that lit must have blown a tremendous gale towards Fisher's, for they have straws of all the new shapes and sizes, straws in straw color and any oilier color you wtsh piled OB their shelves and waiting to be called "tKe last straw" In the newest style bought at Fisher's by every pleased resident of Logansport. Light Derby's, light' nobby straw hats and Jaunty handsome bicycle caps are what w« have a Wg run on now. nORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. Invitations Are always appreciated and especially so when they arc tastefully gotten up. THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department is making a specialty of INVITATIONS, PROGRAMS, LETTER HEADS, NOTE HEADS. BILLHEADS,' STATEMENTS. CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC, ETC. Latest Styles in Fancy Type and Material, —^—^^^^^^•^^^^^^•^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^B PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. ' The well-known Specialists-ot New York h»w appototol D I HAUK assent tot tl.elr celebrated Spectacles vidlj Glasses, every pair guaranteed, T> \ HAUK has complete assortment and Invites all» ntl* themselves ol the gwat superiority oUhe»goods or« an y manalaotured,a>thestor*of. D. ACHAUK, Solea*»ttot Logansport Ind.

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