The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1946 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1946
Page 10
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(ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1946 Wape-HourAct Revision Urged c. of c. S«*s N««rf for Overhaul In Woke of Many Suits in Hollywood Lad's Speech Is Restored By Kind Deed D«' 2*—(UP)— •h>e U. S Chamber of Commerce, iurred by mounting claims against Sdustry'fw bullions of dollars' of •orta!-tc~portal pay todav opened « campaign to revise the wages- iour act and forestall future suits hy organized labor. >t Patently admitting thai little obuld be done. to avoid industry's obligations to settle" back poital- to-portal claims, Vie Chamber poll& its 2,050 member organizations for suggestions on preventing additional claims. J Tlie Chamber said the Wage- Hour act should be "revised so as to remove ita uncertainties and in- eVjultieg and to,make definite the areas of its 'applicability." r labor unions have filed suits throughout the nation to collect qiore than f500,000,000 from employers for portal-to-portal pay under 'provisions ''of the, Wage,J^our a,ct Unions have been upheld ty th*,' supreme 'Court Un ttielr contention that,»oikers should be rfj'd from the time they set foot oh company propsity until' they Iwve'.It. • ' •",.•• . t The chamber recommended to the'membership that four amend- ihents^be made to the Wage-Horn act. The chamber said the amendments would: 1.—Remove "present uncertainties" as to hours worked In computing overtime pay. Ix«al practices - or agreements governing hours in particular Industries would be recognized. 2—Halt the "progressive extension" of provisions of the law to industries' not engaged in interstate commerce. (The Chamber said that should a window cleaner wash windows of a company engaged in Interstate commerce, the \vindow vvasher also Is considered to be engaged in interstate commerce.) 3.—Eliminate double liabilities against employers, when they ore found guilty of unwitting violation of (he act. 4.—Authorize employers nncl em- ployes 'to reach compromise settlements where disputes arise over interpretation of the Jaw. » The Chamber said that courts do not now recognize the validity of compromise settlements. It said that it also would upon Congress to ma ke "u rough study, of the entire law its economic effects.' 1 Shippers Ask ^ End of Abuses By Railroads WASHINGTON Dec. 24. (Un- American shippers told Co igrcss yesterday that 'abuses practiced by the railroads thi|<tened to drive the American/shipping industry i n t 0 bankruptcy Their case was outlined m •v 20 page brief filed with the House Interstate and Foreign Commerce ComlUee by the National Fcilera- tlor j\ American Shipping. It sig- nalled the start of' a battle to be waged before Congress, and the interstate Commerce Commission next The.'federatlon snld the railroads month. KATTMSBURG, Utaf, D«C. 24. —(UP)—It won't be such an unhappy Christmas for the 12 chil- reh of Mrs. John D. Oirdner of {atllesuurg, after oil. Several weeks ago their father as killed in a car accident. W. II. herrill was convicted of man- laughter In connection with Ills oath. A sympathetic judge here ave Sheri-IU the choice of .support- ,ig the ' children or going to jail. :herri)l chose to support them. Three-year-old Robert Gardner ad lost his power of speech more hnn <i year ago following a head ifectlon. Eight of the children, shoeless nd Ill-clad, came to Hattlesburg fter their father's death. Robert, at silently in a shoe store. A clerk I Robbie Jean Frnntcs, of -Anllm? Okln.. a secretary in publicity :lc Bailment o[ paramount Sl'.ulin.s Hollywood, calif., received nn unexpected break when she vlsitec the set of ••Di'r.dlock" on n. routine errand. Just as Hobble walked the set, director Byron Hnskin, who had been discussing the p.ii't -toi ti cute commuter In the plctir.e spotted her und e>:cliumcd, "That'r the typs, \vliy not gel ncr.»" A test was made the next day, ant now Robbie can forget about hoi lyi>ewrlter for n more proini.^i.ij career. (NBA Tclenholo.) cail tho- nnd despite - their "ile.sperjxie need o revenue," still were maintaining depressed pre-war mil rates where ever rni] nncl water shipping wer< compctelivc. It snid tlie railroad tlius were financing their "cam paign to destroy water competition with revenue from high rates it non-compnUUvc areas. "The r/ls apparently have com to the conclusion that their Ion struggle to ' eliminate and destro water competition is approa'cliln success." it said. Tiie federation said n. stron mercliflnt ninrlne was vital to th nntlou and demanded that the "uu fair practices of the. railroads b condemned and discontinued as tin lewful nnil contrary to thu untlona P011c\ •' . '' .' i shoes he'd ever owned. The child smiled nn ( | wiggled his toe's wjt^ dellsht. "Do they /It you?'' the clerk asked. Then came nohert's Christmas present, out tumbled the first words he'd spoken in more than a year. "Yes, ma'm." Byrnes Takes Vocation WASHINGTON, Dec. 24. (UP) — Secretary of Stale James F. Byrnes will luke a. few days' vacation this week—his first since taking oyev the cabinet job 18 months ago. >• •Uyrncs mid his wife will leave here tomorrow to spend the holidays with Mrs. Hyrncs' brotlier, Charles W. Busch. In Alken, s. C. Looks Aheid 1/3NIXJN <UPI — Dr. John W. Dunworth, attached to the atomic energy research establishment at Harwell, snld he believes It will l>e another 15 yeai's before atomic en- can be used fur driving auto- Aluminum to Ease Shortage; TODAY — Brins Ut Your • Poultry Hens—25c ! Cocks 18c Geese 24c | Ducks 24e Large Hens 20c! At Our Itcgiilur 1711 W, Vine I W. T. DAVIS j Houses like UiJit pictured above,- built of prefabricated aluminum >,^nc!s, are being erected in Akron, Ohio,- by Die Goo'dyeur Aircraft to. hxlcrior surface is sheet tiluminiim atladicd to wood. Between ti,.- ouicr i;hcll »nd inner libcibonrd linish Is layer of aluminum foil, :,..iVinti a?; insulation. Si(Jc:i and ioof art* coaled with phistic paint, i-.-JiJiC^iiiiVoti %vi;h osbciitos. Upiier sceti'on of house shown above Vi, ui ».'onct. in d^nionstrafe vitrifly possible \vil\\ OILS lypo of IniUdiiiti. Ills feet into the first pair of mobiles or rnilwny locomotives. Uir ies' legs are used to mamifac- thc false cyclnshej fnsliion- uith women. The coins of many foreign, nations fiT'e manufactured in the United States at cost. '• *'>>>y>!>VXX>"O>!>!>l$X>'>>^ -COAL- i • • !*1 Deep Vein Illinois Cool $ 100 Lbs. or Carload — We Deliver | PHO 3780 0. W. COPFEDGE GIN i .Plaintiff WARNING OK I) UK. In the Chancery Conrt, Chkka sawba I)f5tHcl,^MIssissiiipi Count 'Arkansas. Robert Wrlahl : •Vs. No. 03»3 . Elvira Wright • DcfenOcnt The ctefentinnt Elvirn Wright i liereby warned to appear wl'.hlr thli-ty days in the court named. In the caption hereof and answer tilt complaint of the plaintiff notwi'l Wright. Dated (his 26 day'(it Nov., 1918 _ HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk By Mary Lee Jarratt, O. C Percy Wright, Ally, for Pltf. II. O. Partlow, AUy. nd Lttcm. 11'-- Mere^words cannot truly express the feelings of genuine friendship vhich we desire to put inio tnls Christmas Erecting. We want to thank yoi: for your good will and patronage, which are highly valued by every member of this organization. We want to convey our thanks for the heart-wanning welcome vou have c-irtended to the first post-«ar Buicks. Above all, we want to renew our pledge to do everything in o'ir power during the coming months to bring you the motoring satis- iaction for which Buick has always stood. M»y you have a truly merry Christmas as a sparkling prehde to a New Year of greater happiness for nil mankind. IANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Blytfitrillc, Ark. PEACE ON EARTH GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN And may the glorious' light of love, peace and joy shine upon each of you as we celebrate Christmas in peace. We feel that we owe a great deai for their loyal friendship and the cooperative spirit they have shown us during the past year. We wish to extend-our heartfelt thanks to every, one of you, and to our friends and customers ^ourwish is that yours will be a Merry Merry Christmas W ADE FURNITURE Co

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