The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1946
Page 9
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\ TUESDAY, DKCKJ1I3KU 2-1, 19-10 BLYTHEVlLUJ, f (AUK.) NKWS Governor Backs Board Members Hospital Controversy Gets Attention of Pulaski Grand Jury LITTLE ROCK, Arlt,. Deo. 24. (UP)— aov. Ben Laney said yesterday he would not ask the rcsigna- • [ion of any member of the board i of control of the State Hospital for Nervous Diseases unless he "finds something concrete that, would Justify such a demand." Tlie governor described as "honest but, generalized" charges made Saturday by the Pulaski County Grand Jury." He indicated, however, that he will continue his observation of conditions at the institution and will make no board changes unless he finds definite reason for dismissal. In a scathing denunciation, the Brand jury demanded the resignation of two members of the board —The Rev. Mr. Harold Sadler of Risen and L B. White. Benton newspaperman. Lancy said he had no right as governor of the state to overstep provisions of the law which require that no board member shall be dismissed without .cause. He indicated that he would have given the grand Jury's recommendations more consideration if it had Pointed out definite reasons .behind its allegations. The governor said he will appoint in the near future a fifth board meiitber to replace Henry Donham, Little Hock attorney, who resigned t some time ago. When Miners Strike, the World Suffers GREAT tklTAIN-U. S, cool Krikt compels continuance of bread rationing. Lock of coal lor refueling at U. S. ports hits Britain's vital ctporr buiiiusi. DENMAKK-R*. tits an U. S. lor tva-Huritoiktt cool. Kiev ratio* i*f cufe comvMp HouWlMrf ping itrikt <«t Oc c nwiit to U. S. ion* to 50,000 to«. Coal itrike furHur 4*cr*aits iliip- mnr. Feor wid«- •ptoad induitriol unrnt. FRANCE-Lock of normal 500,000 tons a month of coal from U. S. dtols French economy crippling Mow. r ..wai importer of coal from Germany and England, Italy has been getting 70 per cent of her supply from U. S. Feor long U. S. coal strike will bring chaoi. Cape Cod Tower Honors Singer Jenny Lind TRURO, Mass. <UP)—A Cape Cod landmark is the Jenny Lind Tower. In 1650, the famous Swedish singer gave .two concerts in Boston's Depot Hall. The • hall was in the Fitchburg Terminal, and when] that railroad station was razed in, 1527. one of Its four stone towers was brought here and erected as a lasting memorial to Jenny kind. ' nre at least 10 times that num- l)cr, I Tims far the lobbylnc *ct has. npr..ircnUy had the elfect o< •»>?, ing many pressure groups U1J !*»*'£ Washington "legislative repr««*ntr atlves" to "stay a»'ay from 'Congress." That's all to the good. The obuylng act was not intend*^ however, lo curtail the rl*ht o! fre*. nor to prohibit lobbylnc .bj( making it a crime. All that the, law requires Is that lobbyists ret- Ister and report. Tlie crime Is fall: »re lo register and report. FILLS THE BILL The act defines a lobbyist as »»y person whose principal purpose is lo aid In, the accomplishment of any of the following: "(a) Tlie passage or defeat any legislation by the Congress of the United States. "(b) To influence, directly or directly, the passage or defeat o any legislation by the Congress o the United states.' 1 The job which Stasscn has cu out for himself fits all specific* ons. He says he wants to Republican Party along the pat f Iruc liberalism." He says he»'( onfer with .senators and congress ncn. Individually and ill groups ie .says lie wants lo Influence lu h o u s 1 n Illlcnl parly. 1 Slivssen's backlnit as a I'ro.sUlcnl- Ia] candidate comes fvcm the Minnesota RepnuHcnn Campaign Ucn- al Committee. A drive In raise 00.000 lo support, the Stamen iiididncy has been started by tale Chairman lit'rnhard W, I.ev- ulcr of St. Paul, Senator-elect Mwiml j. Thyc and Uoveinor- tcl Lullier W. Yoniw.dalil nn> onorary co-chairmen, AH con- rlbulions will be gratefully recclv- ti. MISAKKAKS1NG NO KM) It Blassen can operate as Wtish- iglon representative and front the Minnesota Widespread suffering and dangerous discontent in Europe nre direct echoes ol the U. S. coa! strike. > Not only Is coal withheld, but lack of coal for ships delays transportation of food, clothinc, steel and other vitally needed •.WASHINGTON COLUMV BY I'ETliK EDSON NE.\ W-.isliiiiBlun Correspondent WASHINGTON — (NBA) — Republican Presidential Candidate Hiirolci E. Slassen's frank statement that he will open a Washington of lice and seek to influence legislation before the next Congress raises the nice cmestion of whether he will have to register as H "lobbyist." Tlie question is raised here now Fireworks Blast Causes Heavy Damage CiiinpnlKii central Connniltce, he not have lo register as a obbylst. How ho will yo about disguising himself to look like a man ho Is not seeking lo inlhicuvc Klslntlon Is another matter. The whole raic.sllon may lie neiul- nlc, legalistic and silly. It's one ol those things lawyers love to ur- gue. however, causing Plenty of fun. Severn! connressinen. Ihouuh not wklilni! to lie drawn Into (]>e argument publicly, nevertheless give mi off-lhc-reconl opinion that it looks as If Slnsscu will hare to register. 1[ Stasscn lakes tho ensy wny out and registers as » lobbyist to N. (-'., Dec. '24. U)P>—Co-owners of n Ihowoiks .store here were Injured Kcrlously today when n flush explosion rip- expenditure of over $10 there must l;o a receipted hill, lieporl.s must he filed every three months. l-'uv lalllnu lo vcttl-sler nnd report the fine is $5000 or n year in prison, or both. Similar reports must be mndo under the I'Vdcrul Corrupt I'rac- llci's Act, w> repurilng under the lobbying not really Involves no cx- lr:i burden. None, that Is, except Hint It -Aoiitd be ralhP.r embamiss- hig for a eiindlrtale for high public office, npe!';tllne. out In Ule <: as Ktajisen is. lo .stand up and be counted with (lie tobliylsts. pcd the place to btt« and da mated Percy A Wright. At^jr. I wo neighboring (tore*. [H a, Partloir, Attjr. it rireman said Ernest Little and 5 -i' > -1 1'cnton Matle, Joint owners, -»ere ^-4—i- Injurcd wiien fire of an undeUr- KOTICB Of VBQMrTC mlntej ovlgiii Ignited the (Ireworlrj! Notice Is t*n*f srrtn tfcs placp. iiolli men were taken un- lut will ami Wv*fnit- ol ia* conscious to a Roanoke Rapids lie Smith, detested, r-**' liospllul, . in common form,!n ths „ A Negro girl, Henrietta .Vliuon. Court of Mls»tj«lpp* County, > wlio wn.v walking past the store CM,' Chicku*«b« DMrtet, on' itxi UM al the time of the explosion, 5 uf- 30th day of November, fcrcri Injuries. Firemen said the cave-In ff the walls dHinageil Ihe Howell Furniture company and Williams F)ve and Ten Cent Store, both adjoining Iho (Invjorks stand. / end the consrovcrsy belove U bor ICBlslation first, icallh. and small business icglsla- sturtcd, he will have lo do a num- , Ion secondly. _ I her of thliiBs, Rcglslrnlton There Ls one "out" by which i a painless— Just n matlcr of fililiu; I •Stassen might escape (he Ignoml- out a form. Hut information i (1 be ' ly or having to register as a, lob- .'ttpitllert inclMdrfs nn exttcl ac,- , jyist. The law exempts from rt«- countlnR of all money received. istratlon political committees as immes and iiddresses of everyone defined by the Federal Corrupt contrlbiitliig more llian $500 all Practices Act, and duly organized expenditures and nnnics and IK|stale or local committees of a pO- rt«s<ies of persons puld. For every HunKo COOKING FAT J>/i Wonderful! Whistles combat Crime CHICAGO (UP) — A series of robberies and "ther crimes in a s o u I \\ .slrta neighborhood has prompted the residents U) equip themselves with whistles which will Klve Ihe signal for everyone to rush to the casque If help Is needed. An *pp*»l' from ntcb • probate n be effected only by Bllog », fUUon, »t*tuig tb« iriiuada,,*T such appeal, with this court wtthln six months from the date of tWa notice. ' ' • •• -i , "Witness my hand and official >eai thl< »th day of December, IMt. • -, T. W. POTTER, Ct«*,< By Elizabeth Btythc, D. C. UjIO-17-24 Mmlctil excrelsc.s nnd dtnclng nre .said to be, very beneficial to pallcnl.'i In menUl hospitals. WARN1NO OKDER III (he Chanrerjr Court, Chlcka- s»v»bn UUtrlct, MlMtulppl County, Arkansax, IIavti-1 Zclmnc Plaintiff, vs. No. 8426 Rolwrl Xeltnar Defendant Thn defendant Koberl Zelmcr la hereby wsuimi to appear within thirty days In the court nitmed in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff H:\7j!l Xohnav. Dated this 20 day of Nov., 1948. HARVEY MOHRIS, Olork By Mary Lee Jarratl, D. O. not in any effort to put Stasscn on the spot. But it points up the fat, that the lobbying regulation law in the congressional reorganization act passed by the last Congress may require a little fixing. To date fewer than 200 persons and organizations have registered as lobbyists with the Clerk of the House and the Secretary of the Senate. It Us common knowledge that the lobbyists in -Washington ^ 'Wfcv- CHRISTMAS GREETINGS HOLIDAY GREETINGS In this holiday season, we pause to express our gratitude for the patronage that has been ours from our many friends and customers during the year 1946. May we wish you just an old fashioned Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy Hew Year. JOE ISAACS, Inc. Serving Blytheville More Than 40 Years l j hone 3331 223 West Main St. A very real wish for very real friends—our f * loyal customers. May 1946 bring you joy and happiness and make your every wish come true, v » , The relationship with our patrons during * 1946 has been pleasant. We are looking forward enthusiastically to serving you in 1947.

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