The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1946
Page 8
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PJiGB lUHT BLYTHKVJLLE (ARK.) COUIUKR NEWS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1940 Hotel Operators Face Indictments .- Three Men Accused •y Grand Jurors in Atlanta Disaster ATLANTA, Ga., Dec. 24—(UP) —Operators • o[ the Wlnecoft Hotel where 121 pmum died in a fire; Dec. 7 were Indicted Uy n Fulton-county grand jury yesterday (Hi thieo count's 'charging them with involuntary manslaughter. Al. P. Geele, Sr., A. P. Gecle, Jr.. and R. E. O'ConncM, lessees of the properly, .-.vere named In Hie They Have SpcWjr Court Out Seattle Wty SEATTLK. (U.F.)—Rr.xi J. John- soli sw««r» he'll never approach s stray cow »f«ln. Deputy sheriffs rtxw.A Johnson after « healthy Holstein haa dragged him more than a mile down a highway. I Officers corrtled the animal midf Johnson explained: I 'Almost hit her with my car and stopped to ll« her up to a fenes iwst. She took off with rne holding the rope Only weigh !50 pounds and was 'no match for her Never realized a cow cculd travel so fast." Heods UNRRA "a flrctvari". They were Indicted on one felony count charging involuntary man- j i slaughter and on t»'o mlsdcmean- indictments. They were accused of j or counts, "willully and wantonly" operating convlctl CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Costs So Little" WEEKDAYS Box Office Opens 6:45 p.m. t>b*w oUrfe 7:M p.m. Tuesday <'Billy the Kid" 'SANTA FE" Conviction on the felony charge could "ring a jail sentence of from one to three years. Conviction on each of the misdemeanor counts could bring up to 12 months in prison and a fine of $1,000. Solicitor-General E, K Andrews selected at random the names of three victims of the fire tor the indictments. The lessees were charged with negligence in the dcnths of Dr. C. c. Rasmussen and Virginia- Toibcrt who were burned and suffocated to death. T!'e hotel men, the Indictment charged, also "did unlawfully and without Intention to do so" cause J. R, Moody to fall to his death In an effort to escape from the burning building. Maj.-Gen. Lowell W. Hooks, above, of Walla Wnlla, Wash., succeeds t'ioiello LiiUuardin iis director general of UNiiliA. lie had been cliief liquidating olli- cer for the Inlcimilionul relleZ agency. racks thill gave him u chance to, lor men's clothing and especially Ilnd his own talents In oils. | for shirts and underwear, Holland Peterson gave his first; Wise shoppers will buy only what public showing of oils and charcoal they need and nol (jrab U> sl<Kk drawings and was commissioned to UD 11 goods not absolutely rc'- Illustrate a children's book, al- (julrcd. thoug)] he had no formal education In art. Pctcrsson, for 26> months an instructor In the army's Infantry training camps, began puttering with "oils as a ho'oby. Upon his return to civilian life, he enrolled In an evening art class and now Is on his 'way to a new career. BABSON Army.Life Makes Artist Out of House Painter ROCHESTER, Minn. (UP) — A former commercial house painter and Interior decorator hris discovered a new vocation as a result of long, empty hours hi army bar- Continued from rage I. cs may bo eliminated altogether. The Federal Debt will be decreased during 1947 and the Federal Budget may be balanced by June 30, 1048. The cost of living will continue to rise during 1947 due largely to the 'lack of Interest in their work by so many wage-workers. Providing Jobs for returning soldiers at satisfactory wages will be a big political task of 1947. There should bs Jobs [or nil, but not at the wages desired. Retail Sales The total volume oi all rctai sales will ba about the same as in 1016. Poor quality goods will suffer, but many items now unavailable will be purchased. The total dollar value of all re- wlth Trade Tlie United States will own over EO per cent of the world's shipping in I'J47 and foreign trade will increase. We will continue our policy of making fore-leu loans, provided the borrowers will agree to spend a (air proportion of the money in America. Both the Empire and Rus- .1 will keenly compete for foreign undo during 1017; hut cartels and government monopolies .wilt Ire frowned upon, Throughout 1917 war lalk will t'ontiiiue, the thought being that, sooner or later, Knglami•- who truly is in a terrible predicament—will "shoot" to stop further Russian aggression. Even President Truman's "eighteen and one-half cents" will be Iru-ROttcn during 1947. The year svill Ijc noted for threatened strikes and labor disturbances. Industrial employment during 10<1 could b3 up both in hours and in pay rolls, l^.hor leaders' discouraging ! atiiludc notwithstanding. ' Many industries, now operating ou a 40-hour week, svill return to a longer week during 1947. There will he no wage reductions and some further advances. The Government will try to demand hotter management and clos- tall sales should exceed 194G , ..-. an Increased demand for woolen icr labor-management relations. Such and cotton textiles. | prospects are not bright for 1947; There will be a continued demand' taut Congress will repeal or amend some of the present labor laws which me very unfair to management. Inflation The inflation Era, which we have been forecasting for several years, will be In full swing; but the reckless printing of currency will not come until after 1950. The purchasing power of the dollar will continue to decline. •All 1947 wage increases will be Islinctlv Inflationary. Sometime during IS47 production in many lines will have caught up with consumption, people will have spent their savings and then there will be a surplus of goods. Tf Stalin's health continues good, he will be the world's most powerful man in 1947, even from an economic standpoint. Stuck Market The rails ni'.iy suffer still further declines sometime during 1947. Certain industrial manufacturing and other war stocks will further decline during 1947; but the Dow- Joues. Industrial' Averages wit register higher prices sometime during 1G47 than the December, 1946, averages. All,, depends upon ho\v labor behaves in America and how Russia behaves abroad and upon what the United Nations do as to dls- ur'mament. The safest stocks to buy—considering value, income and safety— will continue to be "chain-store" and "recreation" stocks, 1916 saw a large decline in certain stocks compared with the averages. Switching wll be the outstanding market feature during 1847. Specially watch for bargains In airline stocks. Tlic stock market will continue to witness creeping general Inflation mid no evidence yet exists as to whether the "communistic break" in I94S was the beginning oi a real bear market or only a reaction of a bull market. Bonds Although bank loaning rates should continue a slowly upward tendency, interest rates in general will remain low through 1947. The money supply Is now 25 per cent above normal and Government financing demands continued low rates;. Anticipating an cxi>ccted reduction In Federal taxes, 1947 should sec a further falling off In the prices ol most municipal and other tax-exempt bonds. Some high - grade corporation bonds may hold steady, but sooner or natcr will decline considerably. The Federal Government's 21-2's, which once sold above 106, will sell down to par or new 2 1-2's will be offered at par. Investors will give more attention to diversification and slaggared maturities during 1S47. More public utilities will be taken ever by Federal and other "authorities" during 1947. Wise investors will consider this possibility when selecting public utility securities. Real 'Eslate Suburban real estate will continue in greater demand with still liiRlier prices during 1947. City real estate may hold its own due to less available space caused by pulling down structures to save tuxes and provide parking spaces.—also to disinclination to build due to the present high in- flationary building costs. The fear of bombing—in case of a re-opea- ing of World War n—may also be a factor. Small subsistence farms will continue to Increase in price; but large commercial farms may sell for less In 1947 than In IMf. Building will show a considerable increase. Contracts will ijc up with advancing prices. The present scarcity of lumber, cement, bricks and labor should begin to case ur» in 1S17. Office and residential rents during 1947 ma v be expected to increase. 1947 will see the beginning of the real building boom which should have started in J946. Politics and Postwar Prate 'Mr* President Truman now has losVT r control of Congress and both parties will be playing politics in anticipation of 1948. Our foreign headaches will become worse and more frequent during 1947. What we are going through to re-organize Germany will bs repeated in other countries. The Latin-American honeymoon has passed its peak. The attitude of Argentina will extend to other countries. Our South American troubles will continue to increase during 1947. 1947 should see more religious interest, includinr more churchgoing, than did 194*. People BraJt- ually are realizing lhat -without a Spiritual Awakening no peare or other plans will -be much good. Nations cannot be depended upon to icoogerale and stick to thtlr agreements unless they recognize God as their real 'Ruler and Guide. Hence, what Kood are agreements with Russia? Bob Sleclc and ftl (Fuzzy) St. John Also Short Wednesday & Thursday "Meet Me in St. Louis" • (In Technicolor) with Torn Drake, Juily Garland "Zorro's Black WMp" Chapt. 8. Also Sliort RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today "MISSISSIPPI" With Bin; Crosby, Joan Bennclt, W. C. Fields KKO News & Comedy Wednesday & Thursday "Our Hearts Were Growing Up" With •Gail Russell and Diana I.ymt News and Musical .Short Open 6:30 p.m.; Show Start* 7 fJt- TUESDAY "SILVERNITE" "Foithfu! in My Fashion" Donna Hccil, Tom Drake Serial: "Who Is Guilty?" Also Shorts Wednesday & Thursday "The Bride Wore Boots" Barbara Stanwyck, Kobt. Cummin;* News of the Day Shorts New Theater Manila's Finest EVERT NIGHT Matinee Saturday & Sunday *« Opens Week Oafs ^•.¥^ p.m. tal-So. 1 p.m. Cont. "Lone Star Moon Light" with Ken Curtis Also Short .Subjects Wednesday & Thursday Ti« and Toils" with J)»n I>»ryra • " A \ Als» Slwrtf 311 MAIN STFIET - THK KSTA1H.1S1IMKXT TITAT PHOYIO^.S ALT, YOUl? APPAlU'f. \K KDS TOK lil'SIM- SS -Tit \VK.I.- K KC.K F.VHOX - .\I>\T. VH UK

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