The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1946
Page 7
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^TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1946' 1LYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURtER NKWS Georgians Face Political Battle Dispute Rages Over Who Will Succeed Late Gene Talmadge 11V Kit BRIDGES United I'ress staff Correspondent ATLANTA, Ga.. Dec. 24—Political hatile lines shaped up today •''r Ihe gubernatorial post Ihe late j'vov. Elect Eugene Talmadge lost through death. Tlie spollglhl was focused on two Pc'.verlul forces in Georgia politics: Gov. Ellis Arnall who was -scheduled to vacate tlic executive post on Jitn. 14. Supporters of Herman Talmadge, father \von election oil a white supremacy plank defeating James Carmichael, Arnall's candl- datc. Tlie first blunt statement on the controversial i.s.s»ie came fro;n M. K Thompson, who was elected to serve under Talmadge as lieutenant I'.ovc-rnor. Thompson said that voters "ex/'Ocl me" to succeed to the vacan- "I hope tliat no one will dare ri.vui-l to i trickery or legal technicalities lo thwart the expressed will <)f the people," he said. Thompson declared that .the electorate knew their choice fpr lieu- , li-siant governor "would succeed to tlif 1 vacancy in the event of the .'leutli or (Usability" of Talmadge. ^ Word circulated on capitol hill Hint Arnull was drafting a statement clarifying his stand in a poll! ira] problem which all -sides a;.;rce is headed for the courts. Arnall Is expected lo hold onlo Hie reigns of Ihe state government beyond hi.s legal term until .the Saw determines hi.s .successor. Maneuvering- Starts Karly N'o .sooner was the "sage of Sugar Cieek"laid to rest than Tal- niaclge leaders started a v.-hirlwind campaign to have the -stale legislature elect the 34-yenr old Herman lo tlie governorship. Under Herman, who -successfully maneuvered his father's campaign, writing- and delivering skecrhe.i, they hoped to carry on the principles which Talmadge won office, including his pledge to restore a white primary. Rabid Arnall supporters contend lhat he should carry on, citing a constitutional section keeping him in office until his successor is "chosen and qualified." To this iiroiip ihe word "qualified" means inaugurated, and -since Talmadge tdicd. expression is that Arnall le~salty can hold over. But to Talmadge forces the word "chosen" in the same section is interpreted to mean that the 257 members of the .state legislature can "choose" Arnall'.s successor. The legislative line-up shows strength for Talmadge's son. Neutral observers feel that Arnall M-ill remain in office possibly Family Basketball Tournament Brings C)ut Variety ot Teams . RALEIGH, N. C., Dec. 24. (UP) Junior, grand.oop and even sis arc eligible to play in the unique r.r.- llonal family basketball tournament at Wilson, N. C.. this week. In fact, the entire family can pltiy in ihe tournament, even" mom and pop, brother, and if she's agile enough- grandma. The family lournamenl is being revived this yei,r after its discontinuance in 1041 due to the war. The 1941 event was won by the .six Loltis brothers of Durham, N C., who buck to defend thcli' title. Their ages are from 20 to 32. I And not lo b! counted out of the favorites' list Is Pop Henson and his six sons from Snow Hill. N. C. Pop. who is Hearing his Mill birthday, sparked his team to lournainenl victoiies in 1939 and I 1940, but in 1941 his club was ousted in the final moments of play by the brilliant i, 0 ftt s oulfli. largest family leam entered J-s the 10 Winstead brothers from Nashville. N. C., ranging from 13 lo 31 years oi a ge . And a good tlaik horse entry is Horace (Scrap- peri Moore and his f, u ,,|i y () f wil- son. Moore. 45-year-old athlcli: director at Aiiantk- Christian College, is supported by his pretty 37-year-old wife, (wo tcen-tigc sons and young daughter. Pom-teen iranis from three stales have already sent in their formal entries, promising; one of the blggeM fields since the tournament was originated The tournament, sponsored by the Wilson Chamber of Commerce, has no restrictions, txsept that the teams mus t b{l ]nlulc of , m im . mediate family. There is no age __ luiilt or sex barrier. Champion Cardinals Made Few £ rrors While Battling for Crown H.y.Mil/I'*)* iilCliiUAN , i,, addition, the nrnbh- e Umlrd P« SS Sports writer | longated Olant sho,-isi,, broke •NtW YORK, Dec. 24. >«.P.)-. two fielding marks for his' posiiion Manager Kddie Dyer's champion K " *""•<••'>:" -•St. Louis Cardinals added another blue ribbon lo their 194C collection by leading all National League 'clubs In fielding with nit ;i)ipres- slve .980 percentage, of':eJ;il sia- tistics revealed, today. The Cardinals committed HIP fewest errors of any club. 124. Bloomer Girl . . mid ed the Chicago Cubs, who finished second in fielding, witl -97U average. Pittsburgh was loosest fielding unit in IK.' circuit with a last-place mark ••,<; .'J1Q. St. Ixinis, the New Yoi-; v Ciianls an<l Cincinnati Keds ea«:o boastea two individual fielding leaders while tlie Cubs. Braves rmd Phillies each contributed 0113 player. Second baseman Al (Heci) Schoendicnst and third baseman George Kurowski of il> 0 worui champion Cardinals tunpc'l all candidates at their "positioivi. Schoendienst had a mark of .934 and Kurowski's was .9GG. The New York Giants' tv:o representatives were onnielde;- Sid Gordon and Shortstop Joh'i (Buddy) ' Ken. Gordon had Ilu best average of any flychnsov in the league, .995. and Kerr was ihe best defensive shortstop with a .982 percentage by finishin,; ih e sea:io,i with consecutive errorless gamci MO successive faultless cliances. Kcrr's first accomplishment broke I.PO Durocher's mark of 51 games without an error while he was with Cincinnati, and his latter ieai. erased Eddie Miller's man of ')5i chances accepted .without.- an erior while serving with the Il.'ave'i i-i 1940. He has a chance in rxlen.l _ . tne bolli marks . were sentenced to serve '20 days each In tlie -workhouse. The three men were arrested it sUovl lime before itlic bribery scandal broke, but Assistant District Attorney George Munutjhan requested their sentencing be delay- .„„,,, , I'd pi'ndlni; a check lo see If they tlofman were connected with Purls. Hofman told Ginsberg today tliat he VMS 'convinced the latter "ran the of- flre" opi'inlcd by Par's, "You were- pioBo'nt when the •MX' was hatched mid In that very room you used Uite telephone," told Cllnsbcrg. "Although not Identified with UM were bli the iH.iYlfltii It fore difficult f« lie U> b* you line* nothlni »bout . view, of that an< your part vlclldns, I am oonttoccd that knew Kbttiethhif Mewl It,' < HEW JEEPS! -\. season. Cincinnati's lop two fielders were outfielder Daln Clay with a .flKK average, and catcher Ray Mueller who .showed n .994 percent:i|;e. Bv catching the Reds' first jiame'i in IE-IS. Mueller extended his national League consecutive [amo record to 232. Mueller stnrtcd his skein on July 31, 1943, n , K | lin _ Ishcrt it on May 5. 1940. Frank McCormick or In? PhiPies created a new National League, standard for first basemen with his .9fl9 average;'ek rrrerl only once while acccplm; !.?(j! chances. thereby lircakinrs 'he .097 mark posted bv Wilt?" iiolkc of the Braves -'n 1921. The Braves' Tommy Holmes won the third oiitfieltl post with his 9.B7 percentage and Johnny of Chicago led tl-e loop's with hi.s 1.030 by handling -'I pitchers until the state Supreme Court rcn- romhilerl dels a verdict, otherwise stepping flawlessly, .aside for Thompson. Georgia's first lieutenant governor who Veteran Tennis would have automatically stepped, I f" If. ' ,. into oftice had Talmadge died af- Protests His Exclusion Betty rtosL-nqncst, ranking tennis player., passed 25 yards foi- tirsl touchdown ;ind punted well lciidin t ; Kappa Alpha Theta fiorruiiy io 1:1-0 victory over Kappa Kappa Uam:na in Winter lark, 1-la., Bloomer Bowl lom-h football B amc for Hollins Col:M lege chanipion:;!iip. — Georgia Bulldogs Get High Rating !n New Orleans NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 24. |UI>> Canal Street handicappers were quoting Georgia's unbeaten, untied Bulldogs u 14-point favorite over North Carolina today, as New Orleans hauled out the last mile of taunlinf! and ran u.i Die final flags in p:epi.'vation for the annual Sugar Bowl game on New Year's nay. Confidentially—and this comes from one of the b?sl "spurts centers" In the city Georjji.i will murder North Carolina, lint In the name of all that S,s Proper, the boy- who mal:-j Ihe book said the Three Sports 'Fixers' Given Terms in Jail NICW YOHK, .!)«'. 24.—(Ui'l — Matly Cjlnsberg, slL'p-uncle of Alvin J, Paris. Broadway chtiracter chai'ned with uttfinpliiiji to "fix" a profcs.sional football game, was sentenced yesterday lo serve six months in the workhouse on a R Bainb!lii B fhai-Bc. Judge Alfred J. Hofnnin, hi passing jenlcnce, said it wns "(llt'llcull for me to believe" that' Olnsberi: i fiS>'~ would read North Carolina and II. Anyway, that's how it looked on i.- ...uj,:, wlll > l "° v '' nilc whiskers an'l ml average. I "dtled. was not the best time of chances Frilzius "FROM ME TO YOU" Harry Fritiius —On Earth Peace Many who read this have witnessed both World War I and World War II. TO the next generation World War I was recent history (but WAV. II was very real. And now again there is I PEACE. TJ be re it is an n.i- |easy peace, There 'arc many duubt- tltl issues at -stake. Neve r I h ele.s.s T HERE IS PEACE. Ana. per- .ps more imprjr- nt there is :i I young and vigorous UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION which seems, with all it's laults and imperfections, to lie feeling it's way, .sometimes ciiuti.msly. .sometimes clumsily but always tit now seems) determinedly FORWARD! CHRISTMAS! PEACE! AMKK- ICA! Those three words! Do you realize what they mean TO YOU and TO YOURS? Suppose that last word was not America but GERMANY, or JAPAN or ITALY or even PRANCE or CHINA or - - yes even ENGLAND. Yes even England reaching towards an unknown nnd untried system with one hand and grasping frantically with the other at those old and tried democratic ideals that have made England great. CHRISTMAS AND PEACE IN AMERICA. How many throughout the world would give their all lo be able lo pronounce those magic words of themselves - - of their families. With all her faults, wilh all her imperfections, with all her failures, her weak politicians, her tyrannical labor leaders, her foolishly made labor laws, yes as even with you and I of whom she is made, M-ith all her sins of omission and commission, with all these, America remains - - - America! To other less fortunate nations those everyday blessings which we have come to take for granted seem distant, unobtainable luxuries. We still worship as we please, we still say what ^.ve please, write what we please. ^•iid what we please - - - we '>f all Ihe world are and will rcmahi --free men and free women. Our sons and daughters continue lo have the blessed privilege of choosing for themselves their futures Food? We have plenty. Clothfnij? We complain of times when those of more unfortunate nations would give thanks. America has not failed! America will not fail! As others look to us this Christmas as on example and as leaders, may TVC appreciate all those blessings which we possess and take for granl-d May we not be selfish at this Christmas lime but very humble and vciy thankful and may we before the world emulate that lowly one whose blrlh we ter the inauguration. Arnall might consent to maneuver Thompson in office without waiting for a legal interpretation 1 . The lieutenant "governor once served as Arnall's executive secretary and is believed t o have political leanings more in line with ArnaH's Policies. From Davis Cup Team the ye:;r to get n straight estimate abilitv. MELBOURNE, Dec. 24. .Veteran Tennis Star Frvn fcci- protested today lint Pate immediately counleivd with the statement that no "(icr.^onal- ities" were involved in the refec- tions. With the opening nntoi'e-i bc- [ tween the Americans r.u-J ihe n.p.i-j. Australians' scheduled 'or Tlinr-;- •"<- "••••i,"'- Par-tday, Parker apparently w-u chop-i (Enthusiasm ran almost as hlnh is far as participating in I nnioni; the 121.COO persons who JUST WHAf ALWAYS WANTED! If yo We walking lit wrirk (hcsie tn\A it's yonr own fittilt . . . you could jtifct is wij'i ho rldihfv in it jci'jt of your owh— ihc tth>' ybu'H always (Irc'iiiiieil of owning. lifer* sit 'IMSleJa'rid you'll find llml jei'|> itild can drive it liiiiiife of you wish. Co hie inloday aiid look 'tin civ«^. f AKfeN NOW 6N THE NEW STATION WAGON JEEP! '.* (Weekly Deliveries) IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ON STANDARD JEE^S knew notliiiig about the attempted bribery w ltli which Paris Is churg- Cd. Oinslierg's co-dcrendanl.s, Israel Grccnbanm and Philip Oorfman of Cie situation liere. 'S]K-. illation on the ouleome~ol tl:e • :>atlle of the Charleys" namely. Charle v Trlppl ol Georgia anil Charley Justice of North Car- o|iiKi—had become the chief con- ver, i .ati(m piece, almost to the polnL of crowdini; out the old gentleman oq iu5pn i; 'ipii[,v, 'j,\'.| si:iins-i.iuri prills who will try chimneys for hi.s ex- ped cold ns elusion from the American Davis the Davis Cup play is c.mrmira Cup Team was due to a whim .)f Pate was said (n be sivnMn.. Him S-Tiiad Captain Waller Pui... nn.i on climinatiiiir Parker an had nothing to do with hi.; own competition ' won't see the ., .. . . i r.i.tM who col ticket.'!. ELLIS POOLE, Owner and Mahager GI NiM-tli »f Holland, Missouri . 0 Gome All Ye . . Hie soul-stiiTinsr loveliness that is Christmas Day, find tlio i Halisfaction of persona! participation will make your Christmas a bonuli- ful one this year. \Ve at Phillips ^mtoi- Company hope it proves to l,n the merriest of all, and h 0! )c, loo, that 10-17 will bring move to everyone that wants and needs! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY I fr C Wi 16 1 Christmas Greetings And our sincere wishes will not come trun Unless 1947 brings happiness to you! E. C ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY ^. .,Vim.,*v

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