The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1946
Page 6
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, Moody Wn Tag Match Wr*sMmg, Less Fegtures Legion Arena Event In n tag match that wns nearly all wrestling with little time spent in 'slugging, Buck Lawsou aiul Jack Moody emerged winners niter downing Red Roberts nud Bill Canny In two consecutive falls last night at the Legion Arena. AH four men wrestled their way through the falls without attempting to hammer their opponents through the mat and even Battering Bill ^.canny kept his freewheeling fist under control. Jack Moody and Red Roberts met first as the opening fall got underway. They, tussled evenly until. Canny entered to establish n lend.' Roberts returned to be sent sprawling twice as Moody butted him by bouncing himself o[f (lie ropis. Lawson opened his evening's ivork by flipping Red across Hie ring twice. When Roberts jumped him, LaVi'son saved himself by using I lie rojies to drag them both into Moody's corner. Heallzitii; what he was hearted for, Red took off for safer territory. llater, while actively convmcinij Roberts that he should break, Refer^ Mike Mcroney became sandwiched between Red and Moody in a neutral corner with confusion (ind Hying bodies resulting. Roberts Tickles His Way Out Moody's next effort was a bear hug with Roberts on the receiving end. Roaring ns the pressure was applied, Roberts went |o work on Moorty's ribs and tickled his way out of that squeeze play. Red battled both Moody and Lawson until he got the upper hand and he and Canny took turns tying Buck's jcft arm in the ropes. Lnwson col himself untangled and retaliated with a vengeance, pounding the mat with Canny and working Bill over 111 general. Moody took over nnri a five-man free-for-all resulted •when Referee Meroncy tried 1o break the original pair. Somewhere in the mix-up. Roberts sunk his teeth Into Mike's foot and precipitated a brief "skirmish between them. Almost immediately another Big F i vc rtlsasreemen't broke out. when the entangling alliances were unknotted. Roberts and Moody resumed two-man operations. Moody took a brier lead but Roberts slipped in n drop toe hojd and converted it into a leg 'Moody slipped out and slapped an arm stretch on Roberts, but JBLYTHEVrLLJB (ARK.i COURIER NEWS .'And He's All Mine' Chick Cagers Enter Tourney At Leachville Leuchvilli? High School's holl- day ur.*l:cluall lournament will get imdei'.vay Thursday night with the oiir'ninu (fume slated to start at 7 o'clock. Chick "A" tcnm cngers and the! Girls sextet will participate in UIK tourney, with Ihc distaff taper.; ap|)cariii[r i n | llc 0 ,,_ cnlng tilt. Other hi^h schools represented liy entries so far Include Carutl', Mo.. Hcnrilh, Mo., and Cooler, Mo. Other entries ine expected prior to tile tourney's start. TVo|;lile.s nil! lie awarded i>v l.incliviilc nig:, sehool to winning teams In both iioys and girls play Schedule for opening-round play • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2-1 (Baseball Players Bare Heart • Of Gold QO This Christmas Eve By QSC^R Ilnlleil I'rcss S|>orts NtW YORK, I3«c. 24.—r(a«t)all writes Its own Christmas Carol 10- Mlslit. | Three boys and two girls will have sparkling eyes and smiling faecs a cold, lurd i.;-(;«n- l/filiiiii Is sliowhiff its lieari 01 (.'old. 't l hat heart Is concealed ordi , Neither will Manager Mel Cole, .who left a two-inpnths-ald ««•>• Kentucky Cagers Trim 1'^ „!,»„ Kni"!! Baylor Team 75 to 34 '»»'• «>» TOM»,S 75 to w K ?.™!f- K >'-- D "-- 2 <- < UP) i '' Kcntu'etv'l™!!^ °[ ®. l | f .,. follows: Thursday night 7:00 -. [eacliville "IT Hlytheville Girls. oirh vs ,>i,,, ' ' RiBhtocn-ycar-0Id Charlotte Arlnec Jones of Denver Colo nil " i-ini I ovv or? ° . '7 '«'sl«>iHMo-l> c ; wresltcr Mill-tin t'fi -limp) Le^, ^^^^foi'^lhcM-^Dallas wedding. The• rolm he latter soon reversed the .slum- | evenly pitched battle. Moody look tion to put, the smile hold on the first lead by applying -i k- Moody. At this point, both the olh- j grapevine and jeg lock on Roberts cr partners were doing their bit to i Canny charged in untaggcd ami push the advantage one way or the temporarily removed Moody, but other by shouted words of advice Retl didn't move fast enough and from their respective corners. | Moody repeated. Red squirmed out Seconds later, Law-son rcentercci a 't rt ljoth B>'«l>plers. Incited each and was body slammed by Kob-,° ''' lcl cutic:a! leg holds until ;> crls. Buck refused to slay slnmmed,' s alon " Ue "-'suited, however, ami recouped' by cala-j Another :i!l-hands skirmish broke pulting himself off, the rcpcs Into ollt vv!lcl > Mike I tied to part the Roberts. Buck jarred Red twice and ^"id-locked pair and during the before the latter could recover, '» c!< *. Canny eauaged the referee Lawson pinned him with a double m a brief uis.sle which loft Rob- jack-knife. Canny Charges erts at nenls, Moody the mercy of both opo- encountered both Roberts sites ot grappling. - .,~.,,.i l>tl uubll I :Moody and Litwson, but made no' progress. All three followed B:00-Si-niilh Boys vs. Leachville 13 Boys. Fiiilay .Mo]iiiii K c . 1 "j* (; ~ I ' oa<rln ' iJIc C!M S vs. Cooler I0::!0 — Ciirulh Hoys vs c<x Uo\-.s Cai-iilli and Sennlh girls and "lythevjlle and Lraehvllle boys bye first round jjlay, according i 0 the present schedule. Additional entries woul r j bring sn mo O r all of these tennis into fl,.st round competition. .-emi-flnals u -i!l begin at 2:30 i- may afternoon and continue "OHB,, ha( cvenhiK. Pill als will SlVls' g'"nc "u'"''' 15 ' '" KlU *"" thC Duracher Questioned About Hig Dice Game ..J 3 !^, I ?. NATI - °- »ec. 2-1. , U P,_. "•™i):i!! Commissioner A B cir'ini l=r had n ",,o comment" toiiav (', tiicstions uewsjncn him aftl.',. lie revealed tliat nrooklyn V*i* fr Manager Leo Uurocher had bi-V-, questioned about alleged dice -imes "i his New York apartmenl. ch? ,"' nmsL Wcstbrook p fs i n ~ c s^iHV D Sl Irtlltcd to Uurocher fur (wo linuri ( ,n 'V. 22. but lefused any details missed nud Luiv;-ni> scooped tin the iu!vantai; R lo |: in Canny w h a do,,b:e Jack-knife after the last fall hi'.rt yonc 20 uiinutes. rrm. t(! ''. 1C . nu "- ltes of back-ai... ' tlll | snapping in the second prc- im bDiit, Roberts knocd Moody In the jrrom twice ».\ Heftree Men e;. cliftpiaiiried him, namiu" Mot Ihe winner. thn"n k , La ™ )u took H'c lead ,„ nv !: 'i'; lmi '' llui "inlntaincd it to o'..t-'.u-estle Canny nn ,| , v!ll tt . jti , leg and arm bar in 15 miming CHRISTMAS May your Christinas bc. bright as a song and radiant \vith the warmth of neighborly hospitality and joyous good friendship ! AND A . . . JOYOUS NEW YEAR VKOM TOM LITTLE REALTY COMPANY SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY RLAN HEATH AUTO & HOME SUPPLY BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY , Chris Hartjc, who „„>., left a three-monthoold dau^lirer Ibnck In S|»kaiie, b: rniie.'dVM-Vrecl 'Maitine/, who had a (la.igiiter ll'C same age. They died with five others in 1 the Ilrunhig wreckage, and six others were injured, most or them so seriously that iheir baj.eb.tll narily under a business exterior in visions were blasled into notiuiig- which sentimentality has no part Von produce or get out aj;;i friendships (ire based on a ninliini dollar. Hut baseball proves touiij'ii Ihal it has a memory—and a lieu.'. It didn't forget the night last summer vvhcii a bus 'cri-> ll <'d ovm ncss. And it looked like a blo-ik Chr:-:- mas for the tiny tots v/lu were asleep when their daddies <jicd That's when baseball stjpp-;d into the picture. Owners, managers and players opened tli'tr hearts and their pocketbooks. .•>. benefit ~ < - 11 ( > wwa ui i.*uru over n«m vnt.-ii puLKetoooKs. ?, uer.efi' Wiishlngion eliff an'd. r.iiir; men Igaine. was held and individual c'on- wont to their death. Pour r>f i.hem 'vihutions we're received were fathers, and ' •• ^~" was \vealthy. They were members of the Spokane Club 'of the westein Inter' noiio cf them it was new hope and the tune of $1H,B05. e'u lo Mrs. Betty Lydeii, who has two ?ons—one who wants to e "a pitcher like my daddy'—received nailonnl League. Hmnerton for a game. Most ot jjl'oob ^hS^irsTurru 1 ^ 1 * 1 *" coie •**"" ss - r'llmluT 11801 " '° Ca ' C ""' l " Plr ! M :; S - °'' ace Ha ''^' s d'»wmcr 0,rwa S a pitcher. OMW Ly- s^ SiS *^ ™ ^ ** ^d ^ ^^^\^:' 0 ^ — »«"«. >-,ved ,,"Dear Cod. please nuke me a 'other r-iinille^ ., , I ?K<r^nr£ ^.cl^^ 1 *?^ Allen still says the same prayer penses ?? lwi,».wi ex-! i-vr-ry night, but his daddy won't ' ever come home. ' no ..,i „„ • ., R5.ul Courier News want Ads To Save Lives Homes, Jobs --. STOP FIRE! l °' ono UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY A. V. niETRIOH, Manage PHONE 510. Over Guard's Jewelry store MERRY CHRISTMAS And Best Wishes For 1947 It is at this season of the ycnr u, al wc arp | )n)|1Bhl ,„ YcMw u , c m _ porlance of the pleasant relations we have enjoyed with our friends and patrons throughout 1946. Your fine spirit of cooperation i.s RCnuincly apprcciatcd. Wishing you nil the joys of „ RRAL AMKMK'AN CHRISTMAS and Rood health and happiness in the COMING YKAR R. D. Hughes <Sr Co.

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