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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 18
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 18

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

-jdURNAgL QUEO TUESDAY. MAY 28, 1935. SHE OTTAWA JOURNAL' r. There Is Still Time to Rent a Nice Apartment Use Journal Want tv- ANNOUNCEMENTS Enraf ementa. and Mri.

ennnunre Ihe rniuf einrnt '-JJ their datuctvtci Yvonne, to Mr. Chariot Patrick Smith, of Cornwall. ion the Mr. and Mia. Toot' -1 5m.

th. of One a. ih marnajcr mi Make ptaff raily in June Death, ARB1C-At her tfuJrmr Ial- turn. o'i Kiitidev. Mav 21.

1M.V Chai fiend. irim 1 Cmrir A'hic. in her Him Cunml from the pa i ion of Ranne 1 I.imterl' 127 Ceoiff tieel, on Wrn- 1 rf1av. Mav 1 4A a to llu- Rati he "i minimi t'lh at hi oil'Hk luU'i nient at iVitiv lme cemeuj I RF( KtR -Al a I.c.' on M.r- I da, Kr eai aeconn dear, h-to i dauitntri- Mi, and Mt Jn i Betkei, Ca'tu'ettt freei. ftfirn the dhe adiiiew on the Jf'h )'.

i 1 am. lot leqiilnn hih' it St. Biik'id I'huich at tt I'flmlc. Internum At Dame enieifi. al Biiuiwh H.

on Sunday. 26, William Hampton Cn-Acli belived on tit Mi and William 41 William Met, wimioo-o. in ni sn rr. r-ineral from abor addrrwa mi Wed-, neda. Ma 3P.

at 2 15 in tin aei- vice in All Saint Church. Weal hot o. at I V. jntriinrnl at im- eter, EGAN-rAt a loral nnnitl. tin Tiie-; riav.

'Mav SH. Alberta iHetthai Cheviier. aed lil ear. deailv'h-I loved wife of Not man Ft an. 21 Haiel attest.

Funeral ioni MfEvov Brm riinetal Home. 471 Mailien tieel.f on Frirta. 31 mat. at 7 40 a fori requiem hif mii at renadian Madvta Church at orlntk in termml at Notre Dame cemetery. IAMMOND Suddenl.

at hl rienre, 21 "Fnint mttert. Udviille Hull, on Mav 21 Jame Ham- mond. in hi th rart. ruiteial nolle lttr. JRWKI.1.

At Cumberland- Hoapital. Brook Un, N. on -Saturday. Ma 34. 1M4.

Albeit J. Jeell. fnimerl nf Pembroke, Ont hucband of "Mar Carl le, Fii neral a he Id In Brooklyn hr uHeinterti took place. MADDRM At lb reawlence ol hor on-tn-Uvk. Joaepn Dtmatei X19 Powell avenue, on Mondav.

Miv n. IfclS, Maigaiet Banter, ated- eata. idow ol the Ute Michael Madden Funeral from above eddra on Wednewlav. the llh Inat at 1 am, for requiem higr mie al Blea-ed Sacrament Churrh at o'clock, i Interment at Richmorid II C. cemetery, FATTIHON On fUturdav.

Mav 5. 1Mb. Fred W. Patteraon Funeral aervlce and interment at Othawa, Ont, on Ma n. SMITH -At a local hoaptlal.

on Mondav, Mav 17. IMS. Manaiel Cuthbef-ofi. widow o( Jnaeph Smith and mother of Mrs Frank Butler. Can-neau.

Harvev t. ftmtth. Watertowii, Y. Funeral private, Inteiment At Bryeon. Que.

VEHClTOn Sundav. May 9. 15. at hit reatdence. Klllaloe.

Ont John Frederick William Verrh. beloved huahand of Auguala Kuehl. aaed 10 years, Funetal on Tueadav. at 10 a m. Interment the Baptist cemetery.

Haarty. Cards of Tkaaks. ANDIRiOV-We wish to thank our kind irtendi and nelihbors for the acta of love and sympathy and beautiful floral offerings received In our sad bereavement of huahand and father. We especially thank the C. Dun lop and the Rev.

F. fl. MiHlken. Mr Anderson and Family. Bl ROE UKMrs.

Marv Bureew wbhei meesacee of smpalhv received in her recent sad bereavement, nperlal thanks to the ofnceis and members of Prince ot Wales Lodfte, AT. and A.M. COIJ.INI To all kind frtcndi who. bv their eympathetlc manifestation. riaee llfntrned my aorrow- dunn theae trvtna timea.

I extend mv mnt heartfelt trtanka and 1 will chemh alwava the respect and honor show to mv dear departed wife. Special thanka to Rev. father MacGrcior. I'm. P.

ColUna. IT. LAURENT Mrs. Alfred St. lm-rent and family wish to extend their sincere appreciation In all their friends and relatives for their kind of sympathy and beau-- tlful floral and arnrttual nffermr received In their recent sad bereave, ment.

Also era wrtsh to thank those who attended the funeral. A booklet of in Memorlam' verses will be gladly furnished without obligation, at The Journal Of nee, 137 Queen street. or tha Classified Want Ad Dept. 1.14 Sparks street, or milled on rerrueaL Can Mlaa Mills it Quaen apoo. In araortem.

ADAM In loving memory of dear husband and father, who died May M. 1M! -Wlfa and family. raneral Dtractors. street. Funeral Directors Private invaiiQ car.

f4i. inm. BRADY AND WAR I A-Refined aer-vie. 371 Llagar. Ambulance.

Q. IM7, McEVOT BROTH Fits, dljmlfled funerals. M01. Moderate charges. A- VWTTH A RON.

453 Parkdale Sherwood SOS. AMON RON Funeral Home, IM "ON Funeral irPrV Somerset Prlvata "eL mviiiq car. a m. mt Flocista. h-i PROL'LX-Speclallilng floral dealgna.

or Park.a. CEMETERY MEMORIALS I AND IOW. 174 Sparks. Q. YSittiziiZi: LEADBO LETTER! Soecralitv.

Brown, rnp p.mnu.Hui i0 Aldeau St Lowest prices. i MOVltMFNTrl ANDIFTTERIVG at cemeterv. lowest tiMithu i P. Lwirin. 96 George street 9t, A A raaa arreai per count line 4 SS! Una I lasmions JOS par aoanl Una CHIKOCD RATEI.

aimnll as-count with us fnr elssstned sdsertl-il'J 'd this serrlre oUong -S" TmM -issrftan diseounl lLtaMTuil BOW TO COUNT tOCB AD. i' to aalcolstmg the eon ol aa al Per ttne far esch of Iho IrsS two lines and I words per IDS for aaek additional line. Trarrt 'IfouP mt rT Jess, seek Initial, esereelattoa Mn II a si Between a-ratiDa of figures, to emini i torn, mem ainaiaara mom tbrM IM Oratk sfotlos unclodloa Pnneral Ho-slaa If deslredl. Card of Thsnka Sn4 Analseeserv U. at fee Am.

haw. lew and tot. aaek nnnuenl tnsortlow. hi MeateelaBl Rrnte meraatea of at per tneeruow ay is I aounl Maitag ersr 4 eoual lines al I AMUSEMENTS AVAI OS'- Ronald Colman In "CUva of India." and Kuinive ildy." fOlJ'MBIA -Behold Mv Wife Gen Rjvmont and Ivlal Rvdnev. alao Ymin and Beautltul.

William Haim. AIK Double Bill "Great rn-peclalionii" with Henry Hull. alo San Maiiira In "Cnmaon l.AI Rlf R. HI -Tuw -Wed -Thura Mav 2H-2H-3II only. I'n Homme Kn Or." ivfc Htnv Bant, aln Victor Marl akltn and Edmund Low a in I'ndei Preure-" BrY- Blnf Croaby apd W.

f. Field in'ippi Addfd. "SrcnT Bnde. vilh Baihara Sianvck. VICTORI A THF ATRF.

Jean Paiker li "A Wicked Woman" alko Jack HuU hert in Tlje- antelt At t'omini." "lost anu found" 2 HRACFI FT. ANTigt F. ailver, Gatineu Club A liuer. Hd, Inland efrt-ahnient lxlh. cenia 1on.

C. til. Repaid. IT COAT. liHKY.

tot between Momtt Ijnrtfnt. Galena. 8 M. Ull l.rOl.D. IRI I rMIT.

loaf Fituter mis keep I0 and return billfold and Pf milt. C. (iooMRK mi Aimimx ii: v.rt.te wall, mounted -on rim: loal ttrri Ottawa and Shaville Re-. vtjid. a Tranpoft.

8 lil MALE IIKI.P WANTED -3 MIS'- Nrt appeal ance. sood work-cjv 14 avnaae dailv rainmii, Rooin 312. tW Saiks, afteinoona. A I I HI PHMIKTtTIVI WAN'TFO Hlstan (oeinment Rundi Ken ooa niinded good commtsalona Fventuall permanent. No experlenre i Write with leferences It II.

N-144, Jotnnal OffW-e. NMIIT MFTAI, and l.laht fttrurtura) Meet Worreia. Apply Box N-142, Journal OfnVe. Vol NO AW Neat appearance, rood tefeiem-es. Apply Box N-P, Journal Ofllve WANTI.D-Good motor mechanic and welder.

Wrtte or wire statins, experience. ffiHid aiea. Palancto Molots. Cwnrane. Onl.

Monr urniMil. Wed. Frl Willis Buaineas Colkts. Q. 1371.

TEACHERS WANTED PROTESTANT TfM'Hri WASTKD with Quebec EleVnentrv Diploma, at tA5 per monih, for term of ISM-M for School No. 4. Apolv. Thoa. Moodie.

Kec -Tieaa. Avlwln. Que. PERSONALS. 10 pink ioiki Kalil'a, 277s liank.

I palra 11. LAI NDRT. PIKCKI ll-AIr dried, hand Iniahed. I. III.

PRiirr.imnNAi. gentleman with Vhitd of 1, deatrea arcommodatton Preferahlv younl married couple with family Give reference and rent. Apply Box N140. Journal Offtce. PAI.MIITRT Naomi Rower, arlentllle hand analyala, by appointmenL C.

71. NKW YORK NI'RSR Wl.hes work Mrs. Wlllard. N. Q.

I704W. riT7r.KRAI.D AUDIT CO. Audits, collections. Accounts purchased. ROS.R.

PAWNBROKER 41 William. Lnana on ycwcliery. Old gold bought. WR fll'ARANTKK to ra-trov Rait 4 Geoua. R.

MM. TOR PERFECTLY PAHTRURIZKD milk, creom. butter. 8naw Dairy, ft 1111 iriKNTinc All AGE. by ippotnu ItienL Q.

RTTO COKKKE. Ur; TEA, Us MS Llstar fit rol NTAIN PEN IKTI Large aelec-tlon. Instruments Ltd. lefl Iparka St DIAMOND WINDOW CLEANING CO. HIM H3 Albert, near Bank.

CLEANERS DYERS 10c rrciAi. ODoRi.tsft dry clean uur We. Hon son s. Q. tTT.

ARTICLE (OR SALE 11 wn; mr rwia Not if ymi use ureas torn or Bunion Reive Al Uaprlaum a Kiev Nichols' Drug Store, Wealooio; anj it oiner goog mug stores. SHiNoi rs. xm rr.R uths. ium ber.v screens, aanh dnnra supplies. Independent Coal Co HOOVF.R.

FFRFKtT rONIIITinNVii Cleaners rented. St monthly. Expert rrvicT. zvi Dana. W- BAOIOt See our apwiat at t3S and H.

electric models, this week: terms i weeaiy. urmi L.imtted. IT Hpark PIANO VAI.IF-. upright models from MO up. suttahlf for cottage; terms.

Orrna Limited. Sparks. LIRR A NIPB COMrt.rXION rTor Wafers, clear DeitVan'a. Lt'MBFR AND TIMBER. Flooring, Ten-Test, Beam.

Ponla. Angles, Shingles, and S3.7S per M. Enormous stocks. aanuna vi Zagertnan St Co Bawtew Road! Tnvrg, RANGKA Quebec with oven Hubert Stove Worka. 8.

ot4. CEDAR POitTA Dump and flat wagons. ma iiarnt-M. a. vmi.

WIRE FENCE. Lawn. Poultry, and Farm Fence. Gates alt kinds. Walter Gray.

70 George. 1677. LADIES CREPE COATS, M.M, sU Ues, Berma. f3 Bank. 3-PIErE stick reed suite, reduced ew.w-ii m.

mover a. -yorn. Bl ll.niNG MATERIALS. All kin Is jumoer. narawoon noorlng.

shingles. horcU- ktr BrotL. Booth. S. 6077.

SIX 4 INCH cant Iron fate well; 4 six im-n nmim waua. sacrifice. 220 S. Hull CFDAR rANOF-Canvas covering. S40, nim, riRvnnirn, tni.

BREAKFAST SUITES tl weeklv. weld S'ov Store. 7frno SHEAFFER PENS, pendla. dls- mil goz juaurter. DE A TES wen as all eersa sa.lisr Me per emnt llns, esih with order.

When charge! rest of Notice (rill II on Insertion up to I count llnaa, each additional count lias, ss well aa each count tirtw of eene. Mo per aount line, less discount If psld within I week etui Int Insertion. iTbls discount applies to amounts lo sices, of An Inaertton tnrhilnt both Evening and Morning Journals. hesdlnit, I tine Tse net per Son Ma ost car uuar- Contrsct rstea so reouert. J' adrer.

uaare wtu kindly note tha following! r. serves tha right to alasslfy aU edrerusemente. i wtu lot as respon- SJJJuJjJ ono Incorrect adlmnmenta as areeastly a. a natlncaUOB of acrat" ICBICRrPIIOR Ram am' Cstoada or to Rriush possessions, aseentlna c''" mt, shseter terms rests month. To s.T-?" month.

Oountrte. tha rata la gt.M a month, or iism Osnadlsn ratea ploa I asooik lot aim MHsat, WANTED TO BUY 14 BARF CARRIAGE Pram sty It, muat be in excellent condition. Apply Box N-1M. Journal Oflwe. OOI.O ANDfivElTARKKTicru eat prices in Canada.

IM ftporka Bt. Pt'MPINn IVSTKM Gaaollne engine including tank, ntuat be In At condition, reasonable. Box N-liS. Jouf nal Office. SECOND HAND IS pkiiai, high pirm for mint ircnnd.h.nd Milu.

Call R. riRMTLtit WANTitn-caU Mtutr'i. best prtrM HOUSES TO LET 17 RIDRAU PARK. lucc, atngla, 1 rooma, lain. CAPITAL TBU8T-COEPNLTD.

78in. 10 Mrlralfa SI. PrpTlif Managed. RmU Collertrd alnRla brlrk. fwdrooma.

bviwrvn lurlar C. and Oajtooda. b.thionma. Ill niNNYaiDC AV, ilnilt ilucc-i. riKI.MONT alucva.

brdrooma. aaraga. WT SO. 1 miHIHUV brlrk. 4 bad- roomt.

VS. til AMRRIIM.r. IT draiblr brlrk. 141 HAMPLAIN Hull. (HI.

RIDr.Al' IT, inl bilrk, APARTMENTS TO LET 1 KIMtTRaKT, alaclrkallv. rqulppnl. IJa S. aM 1 H. AIL lr aim itn alactrlc stoaa and balconica.

S. HM. CAPITAL TBV8T OBPX.LTD. Han. 10 Mrtcalfp St.

Propartira Managed. RmU Collected IM NKPKAN IT. la. I Ml O'I'ONNOR IT, KU and IS. Ml NKPKAN IT.

Upper duplex. tU. ST I Al Kill AVI. R. IM and HRIDiK If.

HulU IGendranl. US SJl in RA.NK IT. llttaarlw Apta.1. W0. NII KI.V PI RNIKHKD, bright', enmpart twhelor apartment.

Immedlata pua. jiession. 71 Metcalfe. t'OPLAN COURT I rooms, newly i electrically eauipped. R.

FURNISHED bachelor apls. cenlial Q. MM or Q. Im. KKNILWORTH.

I rooms, elevator. PLAT TO LET. with running waler newly decoraied. 171 Florence LIVING ROOM, bedroom, bath, kllcn. enelte.

furnished. Also single room, furnished. Wendell, '10 Gloucester Q. MM. ARTHUR rooms, heated end hoi water, lis Hotel Accommodatioii 19a AMBASSADOR MOTEIfloomai 1M 4 Rideau SL 17 ROOMS WANTED 20 PRO FK Bit ION A I.

GFNTI.EMAM -wtir, child of desires accom modal ion. Preferably young married couple with famllv Give, references and rent. Apply Box N-le. Journal Office. ROOMS TO LET 21 LARGt, FLRMBHRD, central, lady, privileges, hot water; garage.

Q. BOOaf. GROUND FLOOR, kttchttts: also single room. Laurter E. ROOMSAND BOARD22 COXY ROOM, homelike, prtvlleges.

hot "irr. iHMig IWaWOnaDie. V. BJBX. Y.M.C.

Comfortable rootna. refresh mix an ww era. gjmnaaium. caleteria. BRIGHT, COMFORTABLE BOOM, Glebe, refined home, hot- water, shower, board optional.

C. 307SJ. AUTOS FOR SALE 23 CHANDLER I Redan, with Irunk. ex. eellent condition, cheap.

C. MMIW AUTOMOBILE IAI.EIMAN or me. rhanlo for partner In garage buil-noss. with about M.ftM to Invest Inr 't Interest In I well established ahon handling aalea and aervlce. Apply.

iviii reference, to Box NOD. Journal Office. IAROAINI! 1WJ py. I5M; Itlt Chev. sedan.

4 -u aedan. M75i 1MI Bulck standard aedan. IV: 1124 Chev. Landau aedan. 11.15: lg Chev.

coach. MS: 137 Ponlisr sport ZSa'L: Oraham Bros. Garage, M7 Wellington. ItM' CHEVROLET TOURING, go Bargain. Laval Mot Salea.

Hull te5.J?AS oxcellent condition. MM. Howard Jones. Q. IMn.

WS COACH-Jual Ilka now. lilt FORD TUDOR, excellent condi. tlon. A real bargain. MMF.

UM WII.LTI-KNIGHT lEDAN-Cams-bell a Used Car Lot Nepean-Bank. OF CARI-Fagan Motors. Billings' Bridie, c. Ml. LIED CARI WANTED, runplng nr Rsdlatora repaired: bat' 4 71.

Malay a Wreck-Ing, Ml Wellington. bustnee. coune. ISM Graham apeclal cmipo. IT7S; 1 Quirk aedsn.

ms: Ion Ford coupe. MIS: 1830 Ford roadster. KM. Manv other cheap General Automobile. Salea.

MO Laurler W. ft CAR! BOUGHT, WRECKED! hew and 1 1 1 worn. unm a mwn Buu lll Wn.lTI KNIGHT IEDAN Bar-. gain. Best of condition.

C. M. Ol.nSMOIIII.K CABRIOLET, lljl, B0Z3M or! your uaed car. 14 Soarka atreet.

ACCKSORmREPAms-M ALTO PARTI, new. used rare bought nt itrea. Hstwnag. Bakar 8 Duko. 8 .411.


BarrlgMrg. .11. eperna. sg. jaj.


Mr1t rating c.rviul drlvvra, Ralph Oucloa, Al Quaan. ft Hit. OOHDON Mrl.CNNAN. a SMrka. ralaa llquallnd.

Q. lat. ALTO TOPI. At'T6 TOPI, IPHOLaTtilNOCom. bar Aula Top.

la Quaan II. Q. 111. ALTO blectbio beiaibs. IGNITION.

Baltarr. aarvlra. Boyd-Johnaow. 104 Laurlar. taa.

CABPENTEBINO. CCORCR WIITON-BuUdlrw ronlrar. ir Ipacuiuini ramodalluta. Enlmaua. aow.

CHEMICAL ENQINEEB1NO. IHOTWRLU J. Conaiilllnf Endnarr. Induaulal Cbamlat. Sprka.

Q. 114. ELECTRICAL CONTBACTOBg. Il.irTRICAL MOTOR Installation. pPJiJJ w- Chambara.

114 RoaaoMr rCBBlEBB. IMON WHOLEIALR FURRIER Guarantee ramodcltnff. rapalra, 111 Quaen alraaL Quan Ml LAVTN MOWEB 8HAEPENINO, IHARPKNINn. repalra. called Inr.

de. Itvered. Baker'a. HI Bank. Q.

17:4. MACHINISTS. THORNTON Til MAN. LIMITED Aula keya cut coda, ft Ml. LEGAL it EW ART, SCOTT.

HELI.EV. ICOTT A HOWARD-111 Blackburn Bldi DU E. RUIIILL Vlc-loua B.dg.. IM Wellington. Q.

711. PATENT ATTORNEYS :6 RAMIAT COMPANY, Registered Patent Sqltcitora. 171 Ottawa ll i FETHERITONHAUGH AND CO. Patent Sollrltore Vlclorla Bldg, Ottawa MEDICAL 27 DR. OKLANKV fenllo urinary, blond diseasea.

Ml SomereeL 2891. An-. poinimcnts. OK HAITR Surgery; Women, uiinarv oryans, blood jai siewan. n.

SPEC1AUSTS 27a IKIN DI1KASR CU NIC Director A Sabetta. Aaaiatanl Profesaor Dermatology anil Syphilology. MontrOaU University. Appointment. Q.

924. OPTOMETRIC 29 WILLIAM BILL. OPTOMKTRIIT Scientific o.e examinations. IN Soarka. Q.

Ill FOOT SPECIALISTS 29a RNAPP-Atl foot troubles. Ill Jack- aon Building. 3777. M. MacMAHON-All lost tooublaa.

IM Sparks 4 1110. LADELPHA-Vlee Regal Patmnago. Reaaonablo clwsas. 100 MalcaUo. 11S4 CHIROPRACTORS 31 ATE! Radlonle examination and treatment.

X-ray II Soarka Q. 1111. INSURANCE 17 AUTOMOBILE Insurance. Robt. Mdxley and Son, II Elgin.

C. W. Rftll. METCALFE. Reattor.

lnauran.o. Lnana and Valuatlona. A. H. FITZIIMMONI.

in Soarka. In. suranee. Reel Cslsle. Property Management.


floor aandlng. McCallan. Q. I75S. CONSTRUCTION 44 CONTRACTING, CARPENTERING moving.

w. Alexander. HI Florence atreet. FUEL FOR SALE 47 age 3 00. Mlll-d II M.

C. 4M. wood, so 30 cord, loai MAPLE BI.OCEI. CJO-Plne. mixed M.

C. 4M. FURNACE WOOD-Uard or aoft. Largo Ipada Beaton. 1337.

DRT SLABS Largo load KM. Dolan. R. I1MS ICE FOR SALE 47a OTTAWA PURE ICE. prompt service.

117 Nelson 81. R. 4Csfa. GERM PROOF ICRTmada from BJtered waur. Ottawa Artificial lea Co.

HOUSES FOR SALE 52 41 GILMOUR I rooms, brick, alngll. hot ater heating, garage, thoroughly renovated, Apply N. B. Robertson, 321 Sparks. BOUIR.

GARAGE, close to car lino Apply 344 Booth St. SUMMER RESORTS S3 BLUE IEA Three rotlagea. partlallr furnished, one with electricity, lew. ood and boat. Q.

MM. IUMMER ROOMER! WANTED Ap- eiy imDoroe va.min, rarm rOint, Quebec. SUMMER RESORTS FOR RENT Harawooa floors, acreened varan-dahs, sun rooms, modern, very reasonable. Mrs. Gibson.

Britannia Bay Village, oppoalta Anglican church. Main St. PROPERTY TO LET III acres pasture, near Ottawa. B4 Third C. MMF.

STORE, 14 41, 406 Rtdeeu. 1401, C. 137. MESSENGEB EEBVICB. when you dealrainaaaaiaa dallVered.

OPFICB EUPPUEE. ACME OPPICR lUPPLIEI Roval Typetwiura. olftca auppUaa. PROIREmlVR Sheopard 1, M.iDon.ld.

4N GUdaloCM Ivenua. 1701. MILLER PREII Thoa. C. MlUar.

U4 vuaan si. JOHNITON PREII General prlnUnl. 10 Plnhay Av. gh. 134.

MUTUAL PREIf, LTD -M0 Uurlar A. Balfour, ft 111. NATIONAL LIMITED -General prlnlara. Auditorium Bid! C. M7-S4I.

EVAN! A RERT Sutra boxed now paper. We U4 ueen. Q. HO0 A nrnN-M ra a I. preii, "Makara of rtna Prtntlni l.

Quality, aervlca luarantaed. 144 Sparka. Pl'BLIC 8TENOGBAPHEE. CHAIN LETTERI. to ach mlmao-iraphln.

lap Queen 4347. TVPEWBITEB8. I'NOKRWOOD TTPEWRITERI aold. repaired. Underwood.

Eillolt, ruhar. Ltd. ft MM M. HILL Typewriters and addlnl rnacblnea anld. rented, axchaneed and repaired 41 Queen t.

TAXI SERVICE. CilRaoN'l TAXI Zone fa lee. Day asd night service. Q. ML PROPERTY TO LET 55 CAPITAL TRUST COKPN.

LTD. 7800. 10 Metcalfe St Tsoftorties Manaf ed. RenU Collected Rt ALRRBT (lliht manufsclurtn quarter I I upper floors, adtacent lo Hdfo ElecUlc Bid, tcor Bank heated. I nUI MB, wKinivvH.

store, elevator, railway skdlu. puuuins it iiF. FOR IAI.K OK BF Summer Camp and huntintt lodie on Aylen Lake In the township of Dickens. dUtrict of in i pp I asm a. on a.

um ritlaiv- and MldlWIikl. Get off af Opeongn. For particulars, addresa Henrv KalMletsch. IM water aireei Stratford. Ontario.

SHOPS TO LET 55a CAPITAL TBUST COBPM. LTD. Q. 7800. 10 Metcalfe SL Properties Managed.

Ren Collected I.AURIER AVE. (baaement store) heated. IM. ZM ALBERT ST, (beside Hydro) heated. M.

MS BANK ST. HI. IM queen ST. w. grocery and apt 4 roomt and bath, SSI.

0' TENDERS FOR DREDGING SEALED TENDERS, addressed to tha undersigned and endorsed "Tender for dretlging, port Arthur and Fort William. will be received untl It o'clock noon da light saviagt. Wed-esday. June lla. Tenders will not be considered unless made on the forma supplied bv the Department and In accordance with tha conditions set forth therein.

Combined speciAratlon and form of tender can be obtained on application to the underslgniHl. also at tha nfh of the District Engineer, Customs Bid Tort William. Ont. Tenders 'must Include the towini of the plant to and from the work. The dredges and other plant which are Intended to.

be employed on this work, shall have been duly registered In Canada on or before the thirtv-flrrt day ot December, I92S, or shall have been constructed and registered in Canada since the said date. Each tender muat be accompanied by a certified cheque on a chartered bank In Canada, made payable to the order of the Honorable the Miniate of Public Worka equal to percent, of the amount of the tender, or Bearer Bonds of the Dominion of Canada or of the Canadian National Ratlwav Company and Its constituent Companies unconditionally guaranteed aa to principal and Interest bv the Dominion of Canada, or the aforementioned bonds and certified cheoue if required to make up an vld amount. Should more than one place he tendered on. a separate deposit will be required for each place. In no case shall the security deposit be less than 4AO0.00 lor eech place.

By order. N. DE8JARDINS. Secretary. Department of Public Works, Ottawa.

May 25, 1S3S. TENDERS FOR BROOCHES AND CASES Tenders addressed to the Trustees of Civic Hospital, and marked "Tender for Brooches," will be received bv the undersigned the hour ot 13 o'clock, noon, daylight saving time, on Saturday, the first of June. for the supply of nurses' brooches and caaea required by the Civic Hospital. Spoclflcatlont and form of tender mav be procured from the Superintendent of the Hon pita The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Dated at Ottawa, this 3SUi day of May 1S3B.

NORMAN H. H. IJtTT. City Clerk: AUCTION SALE Tomorrow (Wednesday) at IS o'clock a.m., at tha Auction Rooms, O'Connor of exceptionally good household furniture and furnishings, including a Grandfather's clock (man. easel in A-l condition, electrio Ortho-phonic, Chesterfield set, entiaue tables, chain and R.

furniture, I wal. and oak china cabinets, odd tables and chairs, wal. o'clock tea wagon, wicker furniture, wal. and oak D.R. furniture, drop-stde table, good water colors and prints, good sliver, china and glassware, good rugs, floor and table lamoa.

Royal vacuum cleaner, wardrobe, wal and oak bureaus and stands, dressing tables, draperies, bran and other beds (complete), kitchen furniture and fur-nlshinas. and other goods. No reserves. THE WM. A.

COLE Ottawa's Leading Auctioneers. MEAT IMPORTS IP. Import of meatdi, In April was valued st 132,901. an Increase of nearly $3,000 compared with In tha same month lait year, the Dominion Bureau of Statistics re- Greetings! ii i.ipi -J A I Tl ja. i ti i vm i mm asi i I I -a Tf I I I wH I e-rr-i TU IT A X.

ilf VSS-71 PI I I IJ I II II 1 K. m-' Tr r'T i CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Servlco SUUeama, FOI. LONG MILEAGE USE B. O. GOLDEN GASOLINE Thi gaiollni which mid si high ss 21 mtlot to tho fillon recent Womoo Drivers' Economy Contest Beach Service Stations' Cslhirlu SU Nanr O'Caatnar AotOBMbllo Lamms, DEAL DIRECT WITB THE OWNERS FOR AUTO LOANS OR REFINANCING and save money our rates prove that.

You deal with the same people throughout. This aa Ail-Caned lan or Homt-Owued" compuy, CAMPBELL AUTO FINANCE CO. LIMITED. 100. Jackson Bldg.


Telephooo CarUng ML Bank EL si StrmUsroeil lalesmsn lack Oeergs fee Wheeler Beg. James Dsrcy CasaMy Tk Larpesf Used Car Mart ht tuttn Ontario." Mane to Lam. Hees Friendly Money, Help 1 par old to war sMrpwcj4 If HO0SEHOID LOANS $50 to '500 QUICKLY AUTO 10AN1-Te CENTRAL FINANCE CORPORATION WasWIMiilil nCammaiatlnisriklil Iparka teroat IM Otam IfcaMa laMdlag hsai Qena 2024 I Loans made In Ottawa and nearby towns lo Ontario. V4 Can Ear Bala. BARGAINS Of Diamond Value UaSed Cars TODAY'S SPECIALS COOK 1931 FORD nOLLD ROADSTER COOK 1MI FORD tJa-OJ TUDOR ttO'7C 1831 DESOTO tOO ID SEDAN I All Make! and Easy Tlma Payment! ON EVERY CAR BACK DRIVING TRIAL 60-DAY WARRANTY.

CAMPBELL MOTORS (Ottaws) Limited. Cor. Nepean Bank. 25 Laurler Tel. Q.

74 39tr-Guaranteed 39 USED CARS CANADA MOTOR SALES Orahaaa-Palga Dlftrl balers. Open Bveaiais. Ut Albert Bt, TeL Q. tl E0ADSTEES FORD PONTIAC I CHEVROLET BARGAINS Eoyal Used Car Exchange 144 Sparks Bt a To Let. SHOPS TO LET 444 BANK ST.

446 BANK ST. Located a few door from Gladstone avenue. For partlc ulara apply freed man Realty Co tt Ceorfle atreet. Ottawa. Dorti.

The largest Item wsi 800 pound! of canned beef valued at $13,274 from the Argentine. TlLUe, YOU'RE. FftETTHtUr THAW EVE) HY.MAC., YOU OLD af ar aTV Classified display larvlca Statieeta. Bldoos st MaafroTI Used Cars Paw Bala. EtM.M SM1.M I1M.M lltlAO HUM MI.M SPEN EVENINGS Meacy to Lean.

TORRINGTON PLACE Near Broadway a very Qulefl ana rostful location, very attractive homo In excellent condition. Price. M.MS. Terms arranged. Wa Invite your inspection.

BaKlaatva Aetata IM Bank It. Q. Baoftm Eeaaln. ROOFING Roof Repairs and Renewing Looked After. McALXIFFE-GRIMES Lnnaaer Ltd.

141 Ecbe Drive C. IMS rEBKINS 18 COMMITTED. Frederick Perkins, 30, wai formally committed; for trial at the next Assizes, on a charge of manslaughter, In the City Police Court, by Deputy Mafiitrate M. 1. O'Connor.

K.C. The charge wai laid following the Inauest into the death of Eileen Neelin, the young girl who area aa a result ui cwusiwii vw- tween Perkins' car and another at the intersection of Lyon and Sparks streets early in the morning ot May i. Misa Neelin waa struck by a piece of flying Elan which aevered an artery In her neck and the jugular vein. OTTAWA -MENOFFICERS. KINGSTON, Ont, May 28 Pro.

four E. R. Adair, of McGIll University, Montreal, was today elected president of the Canadian Historical the annual business session this morning. Other officers ire: Past president, F. J.

Audet. Ottawa: vice-president, C. W. New. Hamilton: management R.

G. Trotter, Kingston; English secretary nd treasurer, Norman Fee, O'ta-ws; French secretary, Gustavo Lanctot, Ottawa; council. George Brown, Toronto, and L. J. Burpee, Ottawa.

i HARRY O. BENNETT. -Word was received In Ottawa ol the death on Sunday, at his home in Hollywood, ClU of Harry G. Bennett, well known former resident ot the Capital. A native of Almonte.

OnL, he was in his Mth year, and he hid resided In Carle-ton Plice, Ottawa. Toronto, and Winnipeg before moving to California. A talented singer, Mr. Bennett was frequently heard in churches and on concert stages while In the Capital. During his yean of residence in Ottaws he Mrtg al First Baptist Church.

His only aiiter, MreA, Bakar, Ottawa, Bredeceaaed him a few months ago. Irs. J. P. 'Dixon, of Ottawa.

Is a niece. He is survived by widow, a daughter and two sons. NEW CABINET COMPLETE ENDS OF NEXT WEEK Allocation of Portfolios Is Matter of Endless Speculation. Br OEORUB HAMBI.rrON. Caaadlaa pma lut Writer, i.

LONDON, May 28. Reconstruction of the Cabinet with Stanley Baldwin back as Prima Minister was expected to be complete by theend pi next week. Prima Minister Ramsay Mac Donald, It ii confidently predicted, irlll remain In tha new Government ax non-departmental Minister. Mack BpacaUUao. Allocation of tha portfolio.

In tho new Ministry continue! a matter ot endless speculation. Ono paper has invited iti readers to join In Cabinet-making, with a priu of 1300 ofTcrcd lor tho best choirs. Day by day tho journaliitic proph- yV-Today'a include: sir Jonn Simon, roreisn aecre tary, to be Lord President of the Council and leader of tha House ot Commons in place of Mr. Baldwin. Mr.

MacDonald to be Lord Privy Seal in succession to Anthony Eden. Viscount Hailsham. Minister for War, to be Lord Chancellor in place Of Lord Sinkey. Ernest Brown, Minister of Mines, to be Minister of Labor. Oliver Stanley, Minister of Labor, to be President of the Board of Education.

Promotion for Milcolm Mae- Donald, the Prime Minister ion. who ii now Under-Secretary for is (enerilly expected, possibly to the Secretaryship for Dominion! in place of J. H. Thoma. New High Price For Market Beef Eggs Are Scarcer and 20 Cents a Sell for Dozen.

Eggs were scarcer today on By Ward Market, grade A selling at 20 cents a dozen as compared with from 5 to 18 cent! on the previous market Beef by the carcass waa up a cent to a new nign of it cenn and veal sold at eight cents a pound aa compared with seven cents ori Saturday. Buying wai fairly brisk this morning with supplies on hand sufficient to meet all requirtmentj. Prices at 8.43 am. louow: Dairy Fredaee. Eggs, grade large, doz.

Me Eggs, medium, doz. 18c Fees, nulleta. dog. i loc Butter, pound J2c to 24c Cream, quart -40c 50c Honey. 8-pound tin Maple syrup, gallon Maple sugar, cake Meats.

Beef, by carcass Beef, hinds Beel, fronts Pork, light, carcass. 1 to fl 21 10: tp 2pc 8c to lie He 4c to 7c 43c 40 13He Pork, hinds Pork, front! Mutton, lb. VesL carcass Veal, fronti Veal, hind! Spring lamb, hinds Spring limb, fronti Calves' liver, eich Chickens, lb. Fowl. Iby Frnlt Apples, basket Vegetables.

Potatoes, local. gaL Potatoes, locil. big Onions (seed) 16: to ne 8c to 8c to 7c 8c t3 30c to 40c 20c to 22c 17c to 180 2Sc to 35e loe 45c to We 1 Sol IV I.V. Celery Carrots Cabbage Beets Radishes, bunch Green onlom Rhubarb Lettuce, bunch Grain. Oats, bushel Hay, loose, ton Se to 10c Ij Hp.

8 bunches- Sc 3 bunches 5c 5c 40c to 43e $10 to 311 i1 WSTSISTSIAI. OS" RI RGESS. 1 tn the high esteem In which he wis held, the funersl of.i Frank Burgess, well-known Otta. 1 1 wa grocer. who died suddenly at hmy residence.

1005 6ronson avenue, I was held yesterday afternoon. ly attended by many friends andci former business and social aaJ sociates. More thin 100 member! of of Wilei Lodge. A-F. and A.M.J II were present it the pirlori ot Hulso-f Brothers.

Limited. 315 McLeodl street, where the Impressive aer- vice wss conducted by Rev. Canon Robert Turley, of Trinity Church, Til The body was then taken to Mont, fy real for cremation. A native of Tunstall, Stafford- shire. Eng, Mr.

Burgess his betwf;) In the grocery business since cime to Ottawa in 1908 and had 1 1 taken a deep interest in many 'or-i'y, i aaniZBIIVlia Wl, m. the Retail Grocers' AMOciition. I Chief mourners were, his formerly Mary Bradley, and three sisters. Mrs. W.

Smith, Mrs. H. 1 Searlcand Mrs.J Eldrulie. Among the many -beautiful floral, offering! received were pieces from, the Superior Stores, end Freed-l man and Son Limited. ii By Westovcrj! wTJT AfLSl WAL.R.0S vrrr i ii mr-.

kjjm ii i a A.

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