The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1946 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1946
Page 11
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|'_ MONDAY. DKCEMDKK 23, 194(5 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION •" "" '" "•«•«»*« »• ------- ..- >*r UM (« t*r -------- at »« Hut t« lay ------ — M • Monti yn Uxt "_-I__I ttc »°yp44 b«forf ejplr»lk)» will fc* ci»r|- "• (or ttii number p' tljuM tbt «4 »«H»irl «nd tdJustmiDt Of kill BAdt. 411 OUsBUled AdT«r1Uin( COBT >uV m .;m by pernooi r«»ldlif ontllit -rf lit tny must re tccompftnUd fey cftih, B*t*f 'c /(llrUlUv urdu '01 ImfmUi UMr- ujn utu till on* Um« i»l«. Mo iiipoufibllHy wlli b< UlMft for •on tb«a CQ« incorrect U.s»rtLoa of Wlj For Sa/e itnl oil birnl r.cvi. Ill) [btvllle 1U- tbino Sbop. Cull 2826. 11118-ck-tl 'uitpm built V«attl*n blludl—11 tap* color*. Three wMkl dfllTfcry. D«»»i'« 1'tiit 4 W»U|i.|ier Slore. 1017-ck-tf ure buyer for your home. H. O. C.mpliell 1'lione 4i« — 2B»0. Ollice. 120 Koulb riccoid. 10|2-tl-t( Vc're &i-|]i[iK Ihe new foam tlcuiier.. Kin* I'uatii liku iioliudy'a \iiisine3H. Deal's 1'ninl' i ^¥l!l]laller Sloro. Il|25-ck.l2|27 to*n. inu&l sell— : Housc liolJ also furniture. 005 Oliick. BLYTHEVIU.E (AUK.) COURIER NEWS for Sal* One elrclilc cliurn. Call 2007. U.lifs liir>i-lr. juif,' :II27 utior a ]i.m. I2!l8-ck.25 iidltlpu. / l>li. I ?!'.!<>• lik-21 The ideal Christmas gift for that boy or girl. Just received a shipment of Cushruan Scooters. Kirst come, first served while they lust. Your Cusliumii M D I or Scooter Dealer, Blytheville, Jlnirmie Sluip. I'hone 282S. 12-21-ck-tt in >-•'>",i >• Sli.-lva.lur iffrlK-ralnr: .li\ l«.i\. Ihvy. 11, KIIM. 2n,l In Sale limn. 12121-III OlV lilt sl7V M i.tinnv ja'oi. KAI1MS F()H K.VI.K I'iO lU-n-s f.iiul ,an,[ " nnil i.i I ril. On liwy. 117 <lx iiill.h from C'urn iliK. Kr'l) I I.<-|UKI| lius Ii)' 1IKA nvi.llahl,.. :|(|IJ lii-arinii fruil lr,-.-i.. 'I'l.U farm is i-scclleiu luriuuni uiul in »n» i-niiiiniinilr. Only fl.Wa. Kit <-.illl>-iill»n. 27 "n.'rU °nri'liiir.l. All Slnrli Ir.-.-s nn.l liunriiif, ii.nii' <i i-ix y.-ais cilil. IIIIIIM-. t.nvli i fiin.l travel, all V v,-Mh.'r' roiiil II" is u-hv.l unil lias UKA s.-rvlre. Hr'l) I.I..] SI<)KIII| . lius liy .Ini.r. A liltrifnin al 11. S. JOHNSON On IllKliwny Coi-niti}:. Ark. All kinds of fireworks for Christmas. At Buchanan's (irocery, North Hi-way 61. 12-10-pk-25 Wjil ion-; -^iioil t;r^ss nrul le suede IB hay Kusiness lot 127x341 ft. South Division. See H. C. Campbell, 120 S. Second. 11-22-ck-tf /-nilli Kaiiio. Chair-side model, excellent conJItiim. *iO. See Flowers Hie Ka.lLo Mnn M Lor Kieh Chevrolet Co. 5-Ilk-21 CHRISTMAS GIFTS ~ GALORE: Luggage, Glassware, Electrical Appliances, Fountain pens. Pen & Pencil Sets, Billfolds, Radios (battery & electric), Guitars, Mandolins, Harps, Accordion,; Combination Sets, all kinds of favors, Clocks. Smoking Sots, Lamps, Chinaware, Ladies Purses, Traveling Kits, Ties, Gloves, Razors. Toilet Articles and Sets, Silverware, pictures and Frames, Novelties and Most Anything you want at .1. Melf Brooks J., 10!) E. Main St. Phone 9(>(i. 12-13-ck-tf ul i nsli-: I lift. rk lii'fl. Murk anil li>»' --i.M,.'arils. • Rum Nli'i'il. Li-m-livill... radio, lirfixkfft-si srt. 2124 I.. 1'ri.lo A.Wii. l2|l9-|ik-2T SO Acres near I'aragould, on gravel highway. 5-room frame dwelling, lavge barn, level land. Price S5000. '10 Acres near Manila. J. C Chapin, Manila, Ark. 12-19-pk-27 SODA FOUNTAIN KOR SALE Liijuid Carbonic with Car- Irqnaior, ten pumps, twelve foot counter and nice back bar. Will sell at a bargain Call 96(>, TJlytheville. 12-12-ck-tf For Him—a Genuine Bamboo Fly Rod for Christmas §12 to $22. Planters Hard ware. 12-3-ck-12-2<l in lionae. <>an be made uito -- nrlinentM. Donhle K& r nt;e <>f>5 Uhick- iiwlin. 12|2-i'.k-l ,.,-i,l Com! .i.n.liiiiin I I. 2-_"J \V,-sl Ki-iniirkv. 20-].k-24 Frame dwelling and lot in Manila. Price $1150. .T. C Cliapin, iManila, Ark. ]2-20-pr£-2S i'liristhijis p ii |i |i I f s. Coi-kors. Snitz. CliDWK. Mrs. S. 0. J.-r.iin,.. S. Jliivy. til. I'hdiie illOI. l^-jt-rk-riO XV AS Kl'KClAl.S lust n-n-ivi'il — I.J.-nl (or Xino« iirrsenla. I Kur.-k;. Vacuum clennc-rs (<in;iran- tpril lo clean.) now SiK-.v rninliinnlitiil ell'Clric n.l.l I i-liTlric [ilintin^i-iiiiPiii ^j $27.05 j [iniialOi. i-li-rtrii- lirnti rs Tt $10.45. t'res^nn 1 enokers -I i[u:ir( t-itf, ft $11. jr.. 5 Xr<v Slow»rt-W»rner< nn.l M«]i-Mir tnlilr iilliili'l anil crinsnlo riulinu. 1 Miil.iriil.i niiliiiiniliilii railin i iimplot'?. 1 Cirrntiliiiii oil lieat.-r.s (.null anil I 1). iliB is l,,.|i<ninf. Onin'in to lllyliie i]le .'i.L.-s Co., l:SH Knsl Mnin Si. lll.lfi Cli.'vrolrl irnrli ft. trailer, bit" a\l ( . II. mill-lit;,-. l'.-rf,-,l in-.-.l. I'rir.. .?:|:,(I ' Your Car Deserves A Gilt Too! s~ For all the months of loyal duty to you, your car deserves a gift in that it should be cared for properly . . . you'll find that a little care now will save you costly trips back and forth from the repair department. Bring Your Car Home to Phillips for Proper Care P H I L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY FORD mnd MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth-^BlythevlUe, Ark. T«L 45S—8721 Si.ryln- 1 . umloii n v.nlnl. MUM ],., If 1 "'!"' 11 .';!' 11 ,' ' >»'»'>•- fall ..i- mi- l>ly K, DIM,.!,,,,) K.-rvIi-o S !,• .Mi«. ; 1'ir )«l.l w.irk niul milk HI), (.'nnlai'l' I,. II, |.'J,-u-li. MIL, i.liiiin- li»:i. 1211 S'|il.. 1 i'J ill ']!,..,, in- nil. SI,,,!, Ill,' Por Kent Cinnrort.-ililo room for ronl. I'iintie 2G75. Seryices 1',-iintinu -in nan. I'lio lirtlier li e 2J:I4. " J. II Free* l2il2-nV-|ll2 Trmetor rcpalns and aerrlce. Electrl« and acetylenr welding. BUickamith work. Pelt* Implement Co. Phon« 864. S-15-ck-W W« r«p«ir All ijyk» wtibing mmckinBi TeK»ri]leBi of kind of condition. Mmo biij cad lei), piclcup »nd deliver Bljl!:ovill« M.ckine Bkop. B|7-ok-ti MONEY TO LOAN Do you need a loan to or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no rod tape. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. Mai Logan, Realtor, phone 20Si. Lynch Bldg., Blyiheville. 9-23-ck-tl IFoiiie Iniin.lry .in.lts. niirs- rtr \v Kan.ily wasliinj; rnngh ill y or fin ror>iu for i[ryiu>: eliithi-s SD. l^iki-. Willii- 1MI fin-.-n. ]2110 p v.-ili- offkti, ilesk. iilioiif, nKe of re- •.•iilii.ii ^ i-ooiil iii slram lii-nH',1 u(ficc i250 acres of good cotton, torn and hean land on gravel road, near • JUythe- ville. School bus. Call or writ? E. B. Gee Cotton Company. 2026 or G45. 12-9-ck-tt Jffle* upjiee /or r^nt, Rotira tt cood floor At 138 K. lft)D. Private entrance. Tbp«tian blind*. Fhons 801. Wonted to N. 9th. PTiono 2a;lfl 11130 [ik-I2|aO tort fIS in rnrri-nry lust in Kail Kn.l .Sal- ,,nl:iy iiicirniii,:. I'least- rt'tiiru 1,1 I;. T. Marr. "J I 2 Shu" Koto. 12!2 |.(1],.25 Key. in from ,,f Kir Call rten.. .Tolinvon. ivilh ials "K.(V d illv- ' mi ll. li.-lvvrrn Klnt l.ak lli..i'illr. ja.-k hanill,- l,.-l»-< llroa.ln-ay ..n Main. Virgil 1'i.lev or ].l;<in,- (IIS. <5f, .vivi.r.l for inck i" r.ll '•'<• linn.ll... l2i2:i.|T^:il Source or heat of Arkansas' hot springs is said to he a buried mass or cooling rock. DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or.truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. S-3-ck-tl -24th- Vi'ar HepalrlnK Kadloi 8 In Hlythevllle H. S. WERNER Coll 3431 WASHER SERVICE Phillip Krtl ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. AOAMS, Mir. 3. I'lio.t 1071 W. M«ltl Phone 2882 for A Taxi O. K. CAB J«ek Mirth. Owner Loans Automobile Loans Convenient Way to Borrow COMPARE OUR HATES Personal Loans For EDUCATIONAL EXPENSE, TAXES and Insurance, Doctor Bills, Accumulated Debts. QUICK, ConnUentlnl Service. Universal C. I. T. Credit Company 110 N. Second St. Blythevilte. Ark. ___ _ _ _ 12j3-.-k-J.i3 "Fir- Anrn Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. Phone 3071 J. W. Adams, MJJT. GATEWAY SERVICE GO. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lcnfz Dub Sizemorc We Repair All Make Radios LOY EICH Chevrolet Co. Z06-08 W. Main Weather stripping. Save fuel by having doors and win ( (lows weathcrstripped. C.' E. Wiggins, 512 N. Ulth Phone 2293. ll-26-pk-12-28 ashiiip inncliinc repairing. Conililete (ncilities ninl i-iiniiinu'iil for repair- ilili your \Varil wa^liin^ inaetiinc. Cotnph'ti; -stork of rviilaeemcnl i>i\rLs. Prontpt niiil cffirient service. Mxpert u-orkmnnsliip. Montgomery \Vor.l .t Oo. I2lll-el-i)1 Found lllark ami '\vliito I.wellyn Seller ),inl <Io^. InforiD.iliou at Gainos (rrorery. 12!l'l-fk-2. r , 1935 Plymouth, 2rtloor sedan Incjiiire at' I'ickard'H Gro eery, 10-14 Chickasawba. 12-17-ck--2-l TRUCK FOR SALE ~ Kxfra duty 19/12 Chevrolet, lires on all six wheels, overload springs, hcafer, s|»are wheel, fog lijihfs, insulated body 12'/ z x6'/jx6'/, foci. 1'crTect condition. Call 21-17 or 900, BIylhevi!!e. 12-12-tk-lf Wanted to Ktnt Hvand now California style home, :1 rooms \vi(h lialh. K(|ui|>ped willi floor furnace and attic fan. T!onuti- fui hard wood floors. Lots of deep closets. KuiU for Kood living, and ready for owner (o move in. See or call Max Logan, Realtor, Lynch Rids;., phone 2ti3l. _. 12-17-ck-2-l JIIM iinMiv.r'voii „"„,', ^..."Vi" lioVi if inli-rcxl,.,! l...f,, r , ,.„„ I,,,,.. 11,,-y. 18. ,'• I'r "" sl , "' X " 1 ' pr " Si " r "- "• s ' knlliion. |i|io»o 3:ln<> ,,| i,i,.-l,i. ,/ .'«_ .. IBJJO cTi-2T ^.•i'' r 'Is.,, 01< v m ", l> " ll; 19 ' 17 no.iRr~'scci»t.: I • Jj 10.17 Kni-,1 ro.ii.p. Mien's K.-mrr I . (I, Srnnnn. 110 taM Main iih""" 9! 11 ' ' lS!Hl-pk-2T Pi. one I'or.l Irnrlor — mirl ctiiiipmw;!. Gooil iirji. ... II. Sntlilt. ciMr I.ako R i- iniTe C.IM of D-uliy-;, More to J room IIOIIPO or nnfnriiislipil apt. No c-liililren. fino.l rpferenees. ('nit 3171 or Chuck Gr.-iy 2S59. I2|20-i,k-21 «r,l 5 firnfrry. 1011 ( or ,|, p ifk . Wmvtn 12|n. cl. 24 WHY SUFFER From Cold Weather? When you can simply call 597 and have your ''groceries and nxals delivered fret by our nc\v fast SCOOTKR DELIVERY. We guarantee you musl be .satisfied with our selection. Frrsh Dressed Voullry daily . . . Meartowhrook Milk. ' t,\ HiRhway North—Phone 5m ! CECIL LOWE . Grocery & Meats COLD WEATHER AHEAD! * Check Anti-freeze * Check Radiator niul all hose connections * Check Battery * Check Oil for proper winter weight * Check Lubrication One rrip service to Langsfon-Wroten is your assurance of worry-free driving this winter! Langsfon-Wrofen Co. Give Your Feet o Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. IF YOU NEED— Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers Ice Cream Boxes or Any Heavy Refrigerator for InimnlUlc Delivery CALL Steele 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE KI.I.IS I'OOI.E, Ouiirr * SlRr. lllBhway 01 North [it lIOl.t.AM),- MO. Save Aluuey T.nlay, . Any .Pay STOP AND SWAP HUFFMAN'S 100 GOOD USED CARS AND TRUCKS ANY MAKE OR YEAR MODEL COME BY OUR BIG Used Car Lot Today We pay off finance company I and pay you y6ur equity in cash. o ^* LOY EICH CHEVROLET .COMPANY Texaco Gai & Oil* 301 W..Walnut fhon. §7i SWAP SHOP 401 K. Main riiani: S'.9 V«u Must Be Hnppjr-vr. No l)i-;il RADIO REPAIR Any Make or Mode! 1 )<> 2 Days Service' We Call For and Dclive PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan MOTOROLA Sales and Service 10G South Kirst I U< S - Tir « — BUICK— S«fYk« Mobilgp, and Oil DON EDWARDS The Typewriter MM* ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA rmt BEHINGTON rOKTABLB 110 N- SECOND ST. PHON* Ha (Everj Tr«n«ictlon MUST B« BATTBFAOTOBY) I 4WtJiSLi^tNiy3tjsiiL]ft&^ F 0 R S A L E Concrete Culvert Tilo Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. 01 Ht Slnto Line I'hone lilythevillo 7M PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock ^Guaranteed B*st Prleea Kirby Drug Stores Refrigerator Scrylcc Fred I.»wl« APAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc, , J. W- Adam*, Mft, , Phone 2071 Z«6-M W. Mala W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/enco* Hot *f Phone 3549 Announcement — *** Wp Arc Now Equipped to Give You Complete RfMYV REF> AIR DUUI SERVICE We/ding - Glass Installed - Painting City Garage & Welding Shop ^8 K. SIAIN Jiimcs Russell PHONE S7i Dan Russell BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN T DECIDtD TO MIMD - U J1 HMPH '- VOUti OVJN BUSlNt'W Vt/.lti> FOR. r\ CKONSE f | y p — HKS FRIENDS BY JMERRin, BLOSSEP . ARTIST; GAVE HILDA A LETTER W'HICM EXPWINS WHY THE PICTURE OF PRISC!LLAAU)CKJ BEARS A s TOWNS- RESEMBIAWCE TO MISS KM IS RFJiO- IM&THtr LETTER. t) TtJE HiSTcJayctASS WHICH BOL'iHr THE PAIMTIKX> , FOR. WE SCHOOL.' WHEW HILDA VISITED MV STrJ^Q VVAS I COULD FIND NO [AUTTJErJriC 'PICTURE • OF PCUSCILLA ALDEM .SO 1 US£0 MIIDAAS . f-W MODEL '

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