The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1946
Page 9
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MONDAY, mcCKMKKU 2!), 11MG J -?;>/! BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NKW8 More Than 140 Births Reported State Bureau List For Mississippi County is Announced More Ulan KO births were recorded in Mississippi County by tlic state Health Department's bureau of vita! statistics for November, it wus disclosed today by Quarry Lee Williams, statistical! for Hhc state bureau In Little Rock. • The number of births Is the liuwsl, in recent months for the county and Ls in line with increase;! ic|)oi'tecl for other counties of Hie stale. The Increase reflects belter re- Porting of births by doctors to I lie local registrars, as well as an In- crcuse in the number ol babies, it was Indicated. The November births in Mississippi County included: Thomas and Maggie Weatherby, Blytheville, girl, Corcttn; Carl and Abljie Poff, Dlythcvllle. (jlrl. Ronnie jean; Freddie and Eunice Ray Ulytheville, male. William Edward Huforct and Antile Hawkins, Bly- tlieville, girl, Julia Deanna: Orwell and Irene Wyalt-. Blytheville Birl. Patricia Gale; lliltna and KJ- nn Akers, Blytlieviilc, Birl,. David Kay; Raymon and LnMcnda Cor dell, Blytheville, male, Richard Ray; William and Freda Kelcl Blytheville, girl, Bell: James aiv Tliclma Atkinson, Blytheville, male Billy Wayne; Maxlc and Mabe I Burns, Blytheville, oirl, Oreth W Fa ye. Jessie and Ejsie Kins, Blythc ville. girl. Palsy Rutli; James an Bessie McBridc, Blytheville, gir Ruth Agnes; Bert and Elsie House ^ lilylhevillc, girt, Polly Ann; Joh "ltd Velma Tomlinson, Blythevill 1 boy. John Franklin; William an Ullic Arnold, Blytheville, boy, Bol l)ie Lee; Floyd and Edna Duval Blytheville, male, Loyd EHvouc Odis ant! Lois Meritt, Blythevill boy, unnamed; selmer and Mm Tale. Blytheville. boy, Selmer; Ro and Oeorgie O'Bannon, Blytheville. j boy. Robert Leslie; Barry and Jiianita McOill, Blytheville, boy, Barney LeRoy. George nnd Lillian Mask, Mly- [hcvillc, boy. Grady William- Ray and Gladys Ralph. Blytheville, girl, Peggy Jean; William and Margaret O'Bannon. Blytheville, girl, Sandra Lee; Hubert and Lillian Crunch. Blytheville. boy, Hubert Joe; Leeman and clara Holt. Manila, boy. unnamed; Houston and Lilth Hillis, Blytheville, boy, Larry- Daylor; Claude and Mildred Smith, Blytheville. uoy, Charles • Barton; Luther and Theima Stand- viclge, Osceola, girl, Jeanne Doylene; Mack and Ophelia Egor, Blytheville, boy, Jimmi'e Wayne. Robert and Ruby Poppleton, Bly- tlierille, giil, Roberta Ann; Rob- crtr.and Roberta Raniey,' BTythe- ville, boy, Robert Preston; Jue and Gertrude Bourland, Manila, girl, Rita Fay; Thomas and Marcelynn Mann, Bl;|(hcviUe, boy. Thomas Eugene; Burnett and Elsie McDan- ici, Luxora, girl, Bobby Lou- William and Emily Sullivan Osceola Jerry Thomas; Billie and Mildred Diinlop, Blyiheville girl, UntlR Lee- Paul and Ethel Burks, Blytheville, girl. Betty Coral; Nolan and Daphne league, Blytheville, boy, I Bobby Joe. Jack and Marie Taylor, Blytheville, girl. Lancttc Knthryn; Lonnie and Clara Gelbow. Blytheville boy, Lonnie Jackie; Russell and Dorothy Blackwell, Blytheville, girl, Pamela Ann; John and Mnxiw Newman. Blylhevillc, girl, Nelli Jean; Enlicn and Jessie Nichols, Blylhevillc, boy, Doyle Glenn; Elcz and Mary Webb, Blytheville, girl, Barbara Gay, Grovcr and Gladys Enrbcr, Bly . . Uicvillc, girl, Mary Ann; Grove: and Gladys Barber. Blytheville, Birl, Shirley Ann; R. 13. ami Evelyn Forshcc, Blithcvllle, boy, Robert Uarrcll; 11. T. and Leeanna Jlo.v- .ser. Blytheville, girl, Nancy Jane; Ralph and Mary Richardson. Burtic. girl Judy Ann; Hugh and aynell Erwln, Osccola. boy, II»',''.i ichacl; Jerry and Jane Iluncig. in, Ulytheville, girl, Sherry Louise; scar and Betty Moore, IMylhc- lle, Birl. Sherry Lee; Otto nnd argnret Weaver. Steele. Mo., b'^", eon Elton; Charley and Rutty homas, Blytheville, boy, Paul ruman. John and Lllla Ball, Blytheville. rl, Jan Ciail; James and Charlen Voodson, lilylhevilk 1 , boy, JaniT 'roy; Avmstead and IDlKie Morgan, :iylhevilte. boy. Milton Darnell; lorris nnd Virginia steclc, Manila. irl, Allldcl; J.' P. and Mildred laincy, Blytheville. boy. George Villiam; Louise mid Lillle Salmons, Jlytheville. girl, i.iiiian Louise; icrman and Inez Tinker, Blythe- Ille, boy, Uwayne Lee; Renee and "ranees George, Blytheville, boy. L'-'ighloii Ray; Forrest and Louella larrett, Blytheville, girl, 1'ege.v Wilford and Bc.sslc Dedinun, Ar- .morcl, boy, Jerry Reid; Hiram and Mlythevlllc, Claude and lx» r . Larry Wayne: MolHer Wheeler, ' Louise Dill. Blylhevllle. lx>y, Don- thevlllc, girl, Anna J(ai); D«vM >, PACT HOtt Morton. Hlylliovlllc. «lrl, Joycu iiorbon niicl'Mnrlhii aniluim, James and Betty Ncal, Blythe- 'ille. girl, Patricia Ann; Sam and Anna Joiner. Blytheville. ylrl, San- Ira Louise; Dewey and Iris Jones, Blytheville, girl, Hebecca Fayc; mid Jewell West. Blytheville. boy. Alton Berry; William and I'hillne Wheat, Blylhevllle, K h-|, Linda Gail; Wayne and. Ruth Payne, Ulythevlllo, boy, Larry Wayne. Theodore aim Mamie Khher, Blytheville, i; iil. Sharon Kay, Teddie and Louise Anderson, Blylhc- vllli', girl. Patricia Ann; Lynn and Oi:ie Bartain, Blylhevllle, g lvl, Peggy Lymr Joe and Dorolhy Hughes, Blythevllle. hoy. William Frank; Forrest and Belle Nash. Blytheville, liirl. Beverly Grace; Larry and Addle Brumley, sieelc, Mo., boy, hurry Micilniel; Jack and Blanche Blg- gers. Dlyllievllle, girl, Ella Sue; Hoy and Audrey cobb, Steele, Mo., boy, lUidy Alvin; Harold and Omcr Maxwell. Holland.. Mo,, boy, liar- old Perclval; Raymond and Susan Davis, Cooler, Mo., girl, Janice Lynn; Walter and Violettii Davis, Manila, buy. Tommy Lynn; Charlie and Lillian Krnlz, Blytheville, boy. Charles Dana; James ami May Haynes, Blytheville, boy, Willie Karl; O'.en nnd Minnie Taylor. Steele. Mo., boy. Eddie Dcwyatlc. Robert and Louise Lawrence, Clarn Weaver, Sloelc, Mo.'; Dennis Roy; Hob ami Willie Blackburn, Slccle, Mo., gill, I'R- irlcla Ann. Charlie and Lclja Ausbura, Bly"1 thvvllle, tx>y, Charlie Lee; Jolin nuby Caldwell, BlytlicvilleV Bin, Sliei-y Ann; Howard Hlld boy. uld Wayne; Herbert, and Har.el iiind Lola Qriiy, Luxor«, girl, Shell* Walter and fivplyir Hnrgett. Blythcvillc. girl, Jnnlcc Lane; wllllnm and Puuliue Hntson. ' 'Louise; Callcc and Win Olovcr, | Hlythcvlllo, boy, Wlillnin Hayes; Manila, boy. David Warren; AHon Frcdis and Dean Wray, Hlvlhevllle. Birl, Francis Klalnp; i.con *nd Eu'» Key, Blytheville, boy, J«m« L**ii Dernoll and Ncilie Sales, Cartith- ersville, Mo., girl, Linda Kay; Royal iiml ' >x>y, Blyilirvllle. |,oy, Hcrshul \ynync; ;, Mnnllu. Kenneth Wesson; Hoy and Fiiniin Moore. Hlyllicvllle, ulvl. I'.ilrlcla Utilh; liilhcr Mul llnhy J"lly. Ulytheville, boy, Joe M.; S'lcn nnd Vli'ijlnln Humphrey, uly- thevllle. (ilil, palrlda Alice; Wnuor mid Anna riuinbo, Dlythcvlllc, girl, ''W«y licbecea; Do»Klns nnd Fi'imce Harrison, Blytheville. nli'1, K'ln May; Emery nnd Elsie Miller. Illyltievllle. B | r |, Marunret JHIIO; J "!m nnd Lyda Elliott, lllythcville, buy. fvunk Dent Icy. Mi'lvln nnd Unita WhIUkrr, Uly- nclhi.'i ami Kllcn Husky. Manila, toy. IHIIy Dcwnynu; Tliuinni and Ellu Ilniiun, lllylhuville, boy. Thom- iis Hale; i;lco and liuby SorreHc', niylhovllle, buy, Rcbcrl- Thomas; Phillip and liei'lha •Simmons, Bly- lhevllle, hoy, Paul Thomas; J. C. nnd Ruby Movers, SU'elc, Mo., boy, Johnny J.; Chark's and Klslo Ilnckaba, llragg Clly, Mo.. Ixiy, Colin Joel; Lonnie and Blllle Ful- ghaiu, Blyliu'vllle, b'oy, Lonnie Wesley; William and Until Sprn- crr, Ulytheville, girl, Clrnce Taylor; Chester and Vein PrutU, lily- llii'vllk', buy. 'Jerry Wayne, Uavld and Dorolhy McDanlel, Kir!, Evelyn .loan; Fred and Klnui lln; Jeff> mid'Vlolel M»y, Mo., sill ixiih Ann; William nnd Eunice Jenkins. Sltclc, Mo., boy, Gary Wayne; Albert mid Morle Hull, Dlythcvllle, iilrl, Omlc Frtn- ch; C:cll and Sophln Swearln|«n, Monettc, ulrl, sue Carolyn; H«y nti<| H;i/el McWllUnnu!, Blytheville, lx>y, David Mlclmcl; Roy and H»- /.cl M'cWIlllnms, Btytlievllle, girl, Marcla Jean; Paul and Elvg Lawrence, Ulytheville, l»y. Paul 14- vld; Wllmur and Alice Shtlton, Blythcvlllc, boy Tommy Joe; Albert and Ruth Carson Carulhers- vlllo Mo. girl .Susannc. Muck and Hcrn!c« Campbell, Ulytheville, boy. Mack William; Ouy and Mary Bourland, Mantla. boy, Kenny Ray; Ltffciii malee Key, OnetoU, fM, Margaret, Clifton and'Rath*- Ohee, Osceol*/ boy, M»rttoa William and op«l, Ya*«hii, ola, boy, William Albert; L«Wrt and Ruby Ootrftln, Kdwr, bor, Cljde L»€, Floyd and Utdic ,Dorton, Manila, (irl, Sherry Ann; bee B1KTM8 **,rtt* U <K« NATION'S FAVdmt CHRISTMAS FLOWERS- THE BEST WAY TO EXPRESS "MERRY CHRISTMAS" This gracious mantelpiece ia Christmas itaeli;, ; expressing in every line the Christmas'spirit. The i-prancing rei.ndeer . ,. fi-psty-white sleigh . . .-talli • gleaming- tapers .. . red carnations . . .and .festive foliage all combine to say "Christmas is here ... Joyous Day." Flowers at Christmas will warm the heart . . . make the home friendly and gay. : Place your order today i'or floral decorations and gifts. <<lnw;nc fnr traditional holirtny warmth. A Dingle plant rnlnr?; your (a hie, brightens corners with .sprightly hc;iuly. Thousands of people will be calling long distance this Christmas; There'll be so many calls that circuits —even with the hundreds of new ones we've added during the year—will be crowded beyond capacity. Long distance operators will do their best to get every Christmas call through on time. r. and most colls will go through •Ji' that way. ,< But in spite of every effort, we know ^'. some calls will be delayed.', ' '/ If you can call before —or after—trie » / holiday rusli, you'll have a better chance ~y of getting through promptly; V^ jff ' SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY^ i'urnUia^ arc blossoming with th« first snow—but more like pearls than snow rnmr (hrsc waxy blft%- snms for mother In wf nr (luring liolirtay cntertftln-' Ing. -1 I.iivrly A/..ilr;t jijanls will convey .vnur holiday vislir.s in its »m i] licarl-vvariuiiK; \\:ty. us help yini witli just the richl floral t,'if!. \\ r jicthrr j-oti lovclj tracinus rosrs in itrlicalii nil liowcr iirnuiKements, as a .Nlu^lr. bouquet, or as an I'V'iulsitc rorsajjc, resl ns- surrf] the rerlpicnt wilt r*- licricncn a real joyous thrill. Orrhids ;u r Inps fnr licit sprrinl fiiT:ision nT the yr;»r t the day of days, ivhrn cvrrytliinj; musl be [inrfci 1 !. l.rl iircliTiK trll her she i» the one and only. Chry^Kiilhcmums warmly (lie- golden richness of Ihr fc.slivr season, t1:rir ^;ty tones blrriding in har- inniiy will) the occasion. MKMOKIAI. WKKAIHS '• HOIJ,V WKKATHS " LAUKKL KOI'IMi FDT Service \Vc Deliver FLOWER SHOP Phone 497 Gfoncoe B/dg.

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