The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1946
Page 7
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1946 I.S. 'Reds' Start! lew Campaign Truman's Universal Training Plan 'Hit' By Propaganda Blast By I.Y1.E C. WILSON) [lulled Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON. Dec. 23. Ill P.I — American communists have launched a campaign aga'.nst tlie ynistration's universal training in based on the uhirspj (hut. States military prepnvatioiis [since v-J Day have sca-'ed ihe |r<'Sl of the world half to 'toi:n 'I'bc communist story is that American Army nnd Navy brass is Jicll bent for battle right nwny. r>r Intiywtiy soon. The Army n;ut Navy •iloi'y is that our nulioml defense • forces were pretty nearly wrecked |by the hurry-up demobilization Iwliich began when Die ap.MK'-e ll'iit. Events and reports of civilians •who have Inspected our military • situation at home and abroad «i;>• porl the latter viewpoint, except I for the very basic fact that the JUnitcd states possesses the atomic 1'icimlj. There will be national cliso'.ission •"' President Truman's universal • training program, in rhat dis- •uission th e Communists will be •iimiiiie on two counts First theirs I's tlie only political partvin the •country which ii '.mammon.-, on |the subject. Communists sir-; unani- "jt'''sly against universal training. V Strive for a "\Veuk N'alidii" And, second, they are against it itcause the' communist Putty line • includes the significant noint, iht-.t • Party liners shall do their uti::p?t I to make the United States as weak las possible. As weak a.s before I Pearl Harbor, for instance Opposition to such iraiiVng !s, • actually, a comparatively obscure • part of the Communist Party line. I The line itself was set out point 1 by point over the weekend in the • Communist Sunday Worker, .1 Inewpaper published in New York • City where the parly has achieved I its strongest political position and I is able to elect candidates i.o both I municipal and national office. I The Sunday Worksr reported a | party line of "immediate" aclio-.i as laid down by Eugene Dennis, general secretary of the Cornnum- 11st Pavly. Most of the D»nnit. pro- 1 gram, esiwcially those paragraphs I relating to wages, taxes, linusm?, I lalmr. veterans, soci-il ' security, I health and agriculture, in a conv- | binaiion of generally acceptable Ajeclivcs and Connmumt grim- Ji.'.cks. The program of any well nm and patriolic labor union I would contain much of the ma- I tcria] Dennis presents under these I headings. 1 The less-adulterated communist Parly line begins to appear when Dennis reaches public ownership. He would have the government lake over control of the food industry, especially meat and dairy I processors, and seize railways, I mines, gas, electricity, water gas and other such installations and industries. These, Dennis, explain- I ed would be operated unde: - <lemo- I cratic controls. •LYTHEVILL* (ARK.) COURIER PAGE \*, a "B-r-r-r!" was (he password aboard tti2 Coast dunul cutter Kimbnll j.rter it roclu out recent lake Superior storm and made port at Diiluth, weighted down with tons of ice. In pbolo above S L 'i- man John Dickuntluslien, Columbus. Ohio, stands between a life-ran lefl an.l •. Cil truck nr\il National Farm Income Gains Figure for 1946 Up 14 Per Cent From Total for 1945 WAPIIINOTON, life.' iM.— IUP) --Tin 1 Axi'ii'iilliiiv l)o|)iirtnu>iu re- pciru.l Kuiu.y tlinl ciish fnrm In- coiiH' iluriit). (hu first n montlis of 1U41! 1'Uulli'd S2HIOO,t)OU,OUO, mi In- cronsi- of 14 |,(.,. [,,. ul ovei . t | ll; cul .. sixiiuliii,. period last yenv. I5i'l>iirliiimi olllclal.'i snld Die mlnus i, uuii. It virtually ci'rlnln cash liinn iiicom,' will set a new record in ID-IIJ. Hi-ci'ipts ft'oin livestock wore u|> onl Hi ]H'r oi'in. over lust year Siild' iiiiirkciliiii slumps In Jmii' and Svi)!,.!!!),,.!- W | K>I , ])|.,, ( | llce ,. s v.-civ ]>:oiistiin. op A jirk'e ccUUiR.s. Cro|> rji'h relurn.s were about 10 per mil hiiilu'r than In IIM5. Mni'li of ihc ciiKli Ini'ome lu- crca.' L . U ;i.s due in larter liveslod; miirkciiniss and UlBlii'r jirlci's tlnr- Deafened People May Now Hear Clearly Inn Ihe InsL half of October. Tho Increase In crop receipts resullcf iiiiilnly [loin hlk^s In prices of oil- l.eiirlnij crojis nfler controls were junked. Although nu detnllerl breakdown on November farm Income Is avulliible, the depnrlmcnl esllmat- i'd II. nt about Jil.000,000,000 this Is :lown 10 per cent from October but some 30 |x>r cent above November, Funnel's' Income from livestock and livestock iirodiicls rlnrlHK Uio 10-monlh.s ending in Oclobei' was $I0.2«5,01)0.000. while cnsh receipts ' ' nm crops was $8,305,000,000. | '1'he livestock returns Included ! 5,157.000.000 for meal animals. I $a.»83.000,00a from ihilry products, ' J2.0ac.000.000 from iKiultry nnd CUBS unit $I8U.OOO,000 from miscellaneous, i Crop receipts Included: Pood urnlns $1,S4:>,000.000; fccnl crops Sl.'ilH.OUO.OOO; cotton $l,()'j:i.OOO.OOS): nll-bearlii|l emits $-le:t,OtH),(Wo ' tobacco tisa,0(lo,000; yeiietables' $1 - Russions Seek Uranium Bride From Eskimoland \isses Reindeer Meat )n Brooklyn Yule Menu NEW YORK, Dec. 23. (UP) — There isn't a Hvc reindeer in the whole of Ne\v Yolk City, and that's why Mrs. William Henry MeMiillen Ls homesick today. Mrs. MeMullei! is the former Gloria Dllrand, \vho met her husband when she was an Eskimo USO Hostess in Alaska during the war and he was stationed there in jw.Army. She flew here last year marry him and now they live 1^'il Doers on Sjiul FORT WAYNE, hid. I'OPl—Col. Austin R. Klllian, .supciiiilendenl of the Indiana stale police, has announced n caiii])aign for heavier lines lor petty crimes. Klllian hopes to discourage n statewide wave of sinull offenses, lie Is aiming primarily at drunks, (raffle law violators an dother petty wrongdoers. Lace-u-ingcd (lies lay [>Rg<; which stand up on tall stalks, a.s a protection frotn enemies. Mop above shows mountainous urea of German-Czech-Polish borders where Russians are reported intensively seeking pitchblende, chief source of uranium, used in uloiuic fission reseLich. Prospecting near towns underlined on mup recently was reported abandoned, with some of the machinery and specialists moved In .loachim.slal. where, in u guarded area, pitchblende is being mined ;mcl .shipped in Ibiue quantities. Russians also me digging for the radioactive ore at Altheidc and Dessau. Too Lofe to Cfrissify for Sole Token Up limn!' inn llj. 1911 Kuril K.i|,.-i- llc'lii*,-. ik:ui. k. inn! H.. tii-u- li I'linn,. .'.'li^o. For Rant .W|,il,S in Brooklyn. 'Reindeers,are very important to Eskimos. Mrs. MeMullen said, especially' at Christmas time. In Alaska she owned part of a herd. Reindeer takes the place o! turkey on the Christmas menu. But now that it is nearly Christmas, Mrs. MrMullen just wanted to look at a reindeer, and she couldn't find one ill Brooklyn. She asked the USO fDr help, but without success. She tried the zoos, but they couldn't help either. Siie finally found a reindeer at the American Museum of Natural History—a slurred one. WAKNINC. OKDKU In the Chancery Court, Clilck.i- sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Albert Phillips , '.Plaintiff, vs. No. 9881 •Marie Phillips Defendant. The defendant Marie Phillips is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in Ihe court named in the caption hereof and answer Ihe complaint of (lie plaintiff Albert Phillips. Dated this 22 day of Novemb'l' 1940. HARVEY MORRIS. Cler!;. 3. P. Cooper. Atty. for Plf. 5en<! E. Bradley, Atty. ad Litem. 12;9-lG-33-"0 May your every wish be granted, every hour filled with happiness, and good cheer be yours at Christmas and throughout the New Year ahead. PATO'BRYANT JEWELER E'eiemr | l; i s n:>w imuli> It ))i>.isl loi :iu- <<i".tV:>c<i ti 1 lirar '•: y. ;:uls. u '.s a :r.''i''hin device sM'ih -.l-nt II fits: In '[„! i 1;1 || ( i mill ciiiiliU'j; ihoiiKarul.s to cnjuy -ii'iinon.s, inii.slc, iiiul friendly n)in|):\:iUinslilii, i,y the Council of S'lillslrJ, Medicine of (hu American Morilca. Assiiclii'.ioii. -rills device docs no. ri!<iiiln> sepnniti' battery pRck, Ijnl lory Mlrc, L-nse or igurmum lo l>ul«i or wcitli yen The tone "l clear and powerful. So mude thiil yon can adjust 11 yourself lo Knit your licarlni; us your hearing chan- scs. The makers el lieltono. Ocpt. 4M7, H;,0 W. 19lh St.. CIllMSiO H. III. are so iiroucl of llii'ir iiclilovcinent that they will uliully send Iree <lrsc.i'l|>iivc booklet und cxpluln how you niiiy «el a full denion.sti alioii I of. tliis n.'mnrknble lii'iirinit dvviei; , In your own humo without risking n i:< -nny. Wrln- liirltoiM* loduy. 421.000.000; fruits H n'd nuts 1.235,000,000, nnd ollwrs $504.000,000. In addition. );<>vcmmcnt subsidies duilnn (lie )0-momhs perlort lotnl- led J780.000.000. Non-Sklil Turkey Knlff OIllOAao (UP)—A kitchen viu'C fnctoiy has made n carving knife that (Us like n (,-love 'or Ihe slippery Usk of e«nla« tt» day turkey De*%>wr Hm Mra - clny, having mure than 1<| peopk sbnke hand,-with .oft cm ~' made a compost^* 'of ttte .. dips and prpdiHXtt * ptMtfc «. w handle which he cl»lm» «U' tb* average grasp. "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BOHHff SUTTERfD STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORJt 200(i W. Main SI. I'hoiie ' ' '" - CHRISTMAS GREETINGS Tho .sjiiril ol' tho scnstm prompts us to cxpi'ess lo you iiiwoeiiiLion of our plensaut liusincss ro- liilio'iis diiriiiK thu year. Hcwt HolUlny wisiieB to. .vim and yours. ...... . Ti ind TREES Nirth Highway 61 HAPPY HOUR / GRO. & MKT. BEST WISHES * For a Christmas clay f i I led with happiness and a New Year that's filled with blessings. ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE JOY TO THE WORLD To our faithful old friends and our cherished new ones, we extend sincere Chrimasas greetings and good wishes for the coming year. PEERLESS DYR 416 S. Franklin CLEANERS Phone 2433

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