The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1946
Page 6
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"- • • • ^. • Arkansas Team Wins in Toy Bowl Little Rock Tigers Pile Up 21-7 Score In Post Season Game LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dej 23 (UP)—L-ltlle Rock's High School Tigers rang down the curtain today on their most successful football season after a 21 to seven vi'ctorv over Warren Easton ol New'Orleans in the annual Toy Bowl game yesterday, It .was the Tigers' 14in consecutive (vm of the season. Tlic c:vpit»l cit v team weathered the regular season without a loss and rolled on to the Arkansas State Championship , in a three-game playoff. Eugene Hall. fleelfootc'U left half, paced the Little Rock victory in the Crescent City, scoring " one touchdown himself and setting ni> two others for Jimmy Albright, right half. Hall returned an intercepted pass for 63 yards to set up the first period touchdown-which . was carried over by Albright. In il;c second period. Hall drove 53 yards (o make possible another score by Albright. In. the filial quarter. Hall connected with a short pass and dashed 88 yards for ihe third and final score. Albright converted all three points. Warren Easton scored In the last few minutes of play. The scries originated on their own 43 on the kfckoff. and after scvcrrcl plays worked tlie pigskin down to their Rj where Battistella carried over. Arena made good the conversion. Warren Easton piled up 17 first downs to seven for Little Rock. Gosncll Basketball Teams Win Games With Armorel Both the Pirates and I'iralettes of Gosncll High School chalked uo victories when they met Armore! "cage squads Friday night in the Cornell gym. The Gosncll boys blasted the Arniorcl lads Gl to \'2 and the Gosnel! pirls Pounded the' : Armorcl sextet 43 to 11. The Pirates took nn immcdintc lead and held (.he Armorel quint to a 29 to 11 lir/'tiinc score. Ctmc)-. J. E. Harris substituted frequently as the Pirates soared ahead in tlic last half, holding the Arniorcl > five to a one point gain. C. Harris, Pirate center, led scoring witli 25 points with While, Gosncll forward, following with 10. The'Gosnell Girls encountered no difficulty in garnet Ing their 48 to 11 win. Sophia Bcvill. sliarpjliooling forward, jumped her total points for the. season to 185 as she dropped through 35 tallies against the Armorel sextet. -Gosncll's squads will rest this week, with their next tills slated for Dec. 3! when they journey to Manila for a pair of return games. Next home panic will be with West Ridge Jan. 3. _BLTTHEVILLB (ARK.X COURIER NEWS — Lawson With Moody in (Arena Tag Battle liuck Lawson r.nd Jack Moody team up tonight to tussle wllli Red lUbm.s and Hin canny in the weekly tag match in trie Legion Armed with his heavy and free- swinging r isl , canny will encounter L'iwson in one of the c:)enin K bouts ;.vilh Roberts and Mrxuly tan"l Ing In tlie other prelim "^»»B Canny and Hobprls will bo scrap. IMIIR for a win after loslnir Hst «'«k's eritclse battle to Leo New- niiin and Carlos Hodrl<jiic K nnd in all probability will be plajC ", roni'.h as usual. k as Moody and Lawson, while able to ' in scientific 'wrestlln/ have n that they are equally hnnrty rough and tumble methods I Valparaiso 5 biiskelball loam (joes-through fast v,-,,i kont -piitliiiL" I Hit; finishing touches on their newly adopted "T" /unnulion 'the*' were in New York to tackle Long Island University ' Miami Seahawks Missed Stellar Performances by Chicks Coach ff Cliick Coach Bill Godwin, haS- n't returned lo Ihe high school '• opinion of ill Dally, runner American Imlfbnck at l)Dtli Mi.i sola and Michigan Universities. ° ut ' 0ok ^rambled - ,»• -OP,- Wl ' ch slmr|)l>> e "Thought John .iClcvcs .Symmes, formerly an oficer In the U. s. Army, in Top Man and Trophy ??• A' Glenn Davis, Army's All-America back, poses proudly with Heisman Memorial Trophy, awarded for individual excellence by lower New York's Downtown Athletic Club. Daley, who was trailed to tlic Sculiawks by the Brooklyn Dodgers, said in an interview with F. M. Williams, spoitswriter for the Atlanta Constitution ,lhal the Bca- hhwks' ;>ooi- season could oe l)!anicd on a line that lacked weight. "Hut If Godwin hadn't decided to coach at his home- town, it. i would have been 1 believe," Daley turned out, the , lot different, declared. As it Seahawks lost , their franchise because of their weak season. The Seahawks provided unsuccessful competition in Ine bidding for Coach Godwin's services, for the former Georgia center chose to pilot the Chicks instead of accepting a preferred pro contract. Daley considers Godwin one of the greatest line backers he ever saw in action. He and Godwin were teammates on the Fort Pierce Amphibs and on the All-Slar team which defeated the Los Anpeles Rams in Chicago last August Two'Y'Cage Teams to Meet Missourians Two.cage squads of the Blythc- ville "Y" loop will stase a doubleheader here tonight- in the hij>h school gym against two Southeastern Missouri independent seams. Bcginiihii; «t 7:30. tonight's cage •program lists the Pit7palri:k Jewelers vs. Cootcr Independents and the Blytlieville Laund^- -five vs Hteelc Independents. 1818 declared the earth to be a hollow glcb=. with openings through the thick shell nt the north and south poles, into which ships could sail to the continents inside the sphere. WAKNING ORDER In the Chancery Court. Chlrha- sawba District, Mississippi C' Arkansas. Tlieima Lenr Jackson ____ Pl.vmiff vs. NO. 9901! Prank Jackson ........ Defendant The defendant Frank Jacksnn is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer ;hc complaint of the plaintiff. Thchm Lear Jackson. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk. C. P. Cooper, Ally, for Pit Gene E. Bradley," Ally, ad Litom. APARTMENTS FOR RENT MALDEN ARMY AIRFIELD Maiden, Missouri disposal of all or part of this airfield , )v sale or lease, and as an aid to the Covcrnmnnt Housing Program, the following described residential units at the field arc available for lease to vctcrms nnd other acceptable renter., on a month to basis. j 2 („ 5 Rooms vilh ice boxes, sl.ovc.s nnd'olhe" I modern conveniences | Rent~$S.QQ per room, per month. Inquire: Mr. R. T( . Ward, AVnr Administration, Maiden •Army Airfield. I>hone: Maiden 1000. I«peetk»,.:-8:00 a. „. to 5:00 p. m . dailv including SnwUys. have set the pattern for season Play—left the national picture' a scrambled one today. definite choice or any 1 on e ""!;„'; as the best in tlie country, but it was possible to name Kentucky New Yoik University, Minnesota' Iowa, west Virginia and Oregon -""lie: those most likely to succeed. li»'» Heavyweight Champ Plans Cash-In Toiir NEW YORK. Dec. 23 (UP)"-! Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis deciding to make profitable , s° of' idle time us he wails for a present able challenger, has agreed lo r> «nos ol exhibitions in Latin and South, South Africa Australia, the Philippines and Einope "Professor" Hilly McSurncy the champ 10 n' s tour-manuger. revea ed •VM- P H" S l °" !X - v """ scli " "<<> "'-si exhioition would be fonuhl at Mcx- r-o City on l.'eb. 5. Otl 1 ;• l w ,,ts are planned at cities in c.untemnla Costa nica, Colombia. p m , Clji e Argentina. U.-UBUKV. Brazil' Venezuela and Puerto Rico. McCarncy saidii!! traveling would bo done by plane, and that the swing ihroiiMli Central and South America would take five weeks Louis will return to Nov.- York In m.d-March, three months before he will make his next title defense After n brief rest period in New Yo.k. Louis will head across the Atlantic for a tour of South Africa. McNarnev said, addinp that this trip would b? contingent upon the champion's condition and inclinations infer the South Amrcican showinys. JVIONDAY, Wildlife Board Has Big Surplus Sportsmen Want Funds Invested in Hunting, Fishing Areas HV I'AUI, IMiSKNFIEM) (drilled Press Staff Correspondent) l.rriLK ROCK, Ark., nee. 23.- With 11 cash balance of some $630,CCO. the Aikansns CJame and Fish Cuiiiinission today is In the best financial shape in its 31-year history. Majb? it's Just a co'ncldence. but nlnns with .tills monetary Independence has come pressure from all over tlie state. Certain groups want to set up the commission in the real estate business, and the mm idea is to provide adequate hunting and fishing grounds for' the 350,000 sportsmen that Jam Arkansas fields and lakes every year. Mow, that tCOD.OGO could be put to use in a number of ways. It cuulil provide expansions in tlie hac-hery program; it might allow the commission to take big strides in Arkansas' tasting game development plan; and it certainly would find it welcome place in the control of stream pollution. And those are Just a lew of Hie major niches that could be filled bv it substantial financial investment. Hut tliis week, a group of Faulkner County men came up with nn Idea for the beginning of a program Unit the Stale of Arkansas and the Game and Fish Commission has evaded long enough—a !and acquisition program to benefit the state's sportsmen. And when we say sportsmen, it covers 45000 duck hunters. 23.CCO deer hunters. 100.000 quail hunters, and 175,000 licensed fishermen. Here's a closer look at the picture. Let's consider the duck hunters. They always have had lo depend solely on overflows to lure their gunie down from 1]\e north The low areas and the Tew urtifi- dnl lakes in Arkansas never have been enough for 45,00a men. and us a result the hunting pressure hos been terrific. fewer Deer Killed Although reports from the second deer season last week have not been compiled. imlicHlions from out i crews last yei|r. over the slate arc that the kill The coim'ty-by-conty dlsihbutlrn will not be even one-thlid of Hie ' of '"f <u ' t ''' : mst period total of >, 51 , ^Me I^T fofii, 'Sr Ihe trapping and transplanting 14, Nevada .13, Newton 23 Hutu- program of the commission, how- sett 12, Sharp H Stone 19 and ever, is In, full swing. Since the Lee and Phillips .six work began this fall, 149 deer have been released in a down counties. A tight carllu-make. desi-rlbeU by seismologists as a " lx , lv .,„„,, ,,,' tin banco." rocked Los A,,gele S ' FST J'p'tc-d'^T! 011 " 12: " l> '" 1 '" • • v-i i. 4.11.5<u j vi jia sun, itjf UCCt' JISJ* " been released in a doi".?n counties. Kt "i ,^tX S?» n .T!SS Quofce fe/f °" c <*»* i that wen- handled by transplanting Tlie age o f man ly , s ljpe|1 .o...-., "t 16,000,000 years by „ new c'om- 1-03 A.VSELES. DOC. M . .UP,- Kjd"^ 00 " SC '' l "" S °' """- '' BRING us SOME BKR" "YOU MEAN BUDWEISER iJfe BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA Riwrvcd Sc'tfsT^l ^"^ IO - N '''«™ A N Y WHKR ,c, fcXrfc: a e "* te^^&rs 8:0 ° P- m - liox su'vre'™ EXTRA TAG MATCH " : ' - ; ^ ' BILL CANNY and RED ROBERTS versus BUCK LAWSON and JACK MOODY 2 1-FALL 30-MINUTE MATCHES Bill Canny R e d Roberts vs .... vs Buck Lawson J ac k Moody E I ¥ and TIME • ^ " Save 1 I ™ C In the New SUPER CRUISER To- Hot Springs .............. 35.00 Little Rock ................ 27.00 FayetteviHe ........... 45 00 Memphis ................. 9.00 Nashville ................ | 32 ' 00 < Kansas City ............... 55 00 Birnrungham .............. 45.00 New Orleans ............ . 85.00 Louisville 1 2 Passenger Pas'gcrs 40.00 32.00 50.00 12.00 37.00 40.00 60.00 50.00 90.00 55.00 Time 2:00 1:30 2:30 :30 1:45 2:00 3:15 2:30 4:30 2:45 ATTENTION VETERANS! Get Your Private, Commercial, or Flight Instructor's Ratings FREE! HOOD FLYING SERVICE Municipal Airport Formcr Afmy A|r Basc Owned & Operated by Gene Hood & fd Stewart Every day millions are enjoying Budweiser-because they ask for it wherever they go. Although our rate of production is the highest in the history of brewing, the demand for Budweiser is greater than ever. So. to get your share, don't say 'beer', say JUST WHAT YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED! !f you're walkin-r to work these cold momino s it's your own fault . . . you tmild just MS -.veil he riclinjr in ;l j cc| , (> f y olll - o \vn—the one you'vo always dreamed of owning. Here at Dixielnn.! you'll fin,! thai jeep and can drive it hi>i m . if you wish. Come in today and look 'cm over. ORDERS TAKEN NOW ON THE NEW STATION WAGON JEEP! (W.cekly Deliveries) IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ON STANDARD JEEPS SERVICE ELLIS POOLE, Owner and Manager HiRhway fil North at Holland, Missouri

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