The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1931
Page 5
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MAY BIA"rilRVlU,E, (ARK.)' COUKlKK NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS cents t word lor flrat »u<i one cent • word (or etch lubtequent Insertion, No adyertlKantut taken (or less than 50c. Count the words ami Mud the cusb. Phone 306 PAGE FIV1 t'Olt KENT FOR Rt'MT—Apartment iu Iiigram building. See Parihurst Company. FOR KENT—Newly furnished cottage, 4 rooms and batli on Davis struct. Call 968 or 1150. L. L- Ward l-'OIl KENT—1'nrnishcd rooms fur light housekeciilny, also sledilng porch for couple or two youn^ men. VCO Weil Walnut. 22c-tt FOR RENT—5 loom modern mi- furnished apartment. West Main SI. Arcola Dent, Phone 417 or -179W. 23 ck 27 FOR RENT— 3 room furnished apt. Modern. COC N. 5th St. Wck27 FOR RENT ment, 1013 or 5«i. Modern new apart- W. Ash. Call 412-W 251'-K23 l-'OR RKiNT—1 rooms and bath 1222 Holly. Seven rooms and bath, 1133 W. Ash. I'lione 100. E. D. Ferguson. 25C-K8 WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prl ces, any quantity. Marilyn Hat- cbcry, 210 S. Fourth St. 8C-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora H'Jzell, 2207 18th St. TF DEPENDABLE person wanted lo handle Watkins products in lily- llicviUc; customers established, ex- iclliMit. earnings. Write in own handwriting, J. R. Watkins Co.. 8015 Xentucky St., Memphis, Tcnn. LOST AND FOUND LOS'.V—Mate bird-dog puppy, two months old, liver spots. Liberal reward. B. B. West, I'lunui CO. 2GP-K20 1'EKSONAL 1II-:<II5 IIKlin TODAY Hi:itvi, noniii:x, ucxilr '• love »l(k TOMMY WILSON, if- lay. M. r-injKMtMl ,vl,k lire k.K- •uicr. IHI:M: KVHUETT, but Cnll. I> cimtlrxt fctm ik>t It U bli 4»tr 1* lUlsh eoUece, lrr«« vtn»t» t» kc « r«d[* •Inner. Ot, >rcurt» «„ rmjlclou and llrrjl tor. (o (be «ludl» ivllk ker. Willie Mnllluu, Ucrjl i<ri>«« uiHudltM at • ylanu. A. dlrccluc lirnrt on* I* cauruird fcy tfr Viiler. lit tlvr< her a tell and olVr» n rvnlcncl iTlttvb clalra ll«* tlrl hut ber Juj t« •fcorl-ltvcd fur Irene foil, mid the lamllr blar»« llrrjl. Irene nitnla promim to v!i>in> \vtl1i TomrMj but fall aunt die* and tkc mnviincc U •••(- lU*rjP« dehal l« n *aeee»*. Sk« trlr» to forget Tommy by e«lnjr to Rny i>Mrlie» wltfc I'HCNTISS GAT- l.lllltl. nrallliy >o« ol kcr «»- plorrr. Irene atlempu 1e «ln I'rcrilli* from her ktitcr. lieryl berome* III and the doctor wurttv fcir to mtny la fced nml cunrd her tkraat. Mraftvhlle Irene Irlea to cnptlvufe PreatU*. lie Invltr* fcer driving and Inkex ker to dinner • at he doea ant deetnre hlmxvir. Irene frnra Ttminiy i*llt dt»eover krr ik-celt, M)W CO ON WITH TIIK STOUT CFA1TEK XXIV pRENTISS did not kiss Irene. He •*• wanted to very much and as a rulo T.-licn he wanted to kiss a girl lie kissed her. Hill lio was not going by rule with Iron?, lie was fallins In lovo with licr and knew It. Tliat made a fellow feel different. It made him afraid. GirlE arcn'l all alike, tio knew. Tliey dill not all ailmiro cave-man tactics. And so Irene was left to speculate vnlil she fell aslteii upon the Siie countered with some girls, but onlj a sweet obedience that dcllelited him. The wistful sots at parting ileligMed him too. It was eo perfectly In keeping with Hie romantic sue-ll the night hud woven over him. nnllB girl was a lltllo illaanpolntcil •*• that ho let her BO so readily. Slio expected a repetition of Ills flrst objection. But, thinking il over as slio undressed for beil, Elic knew tliat ho hail not let lier go because he wa3 bored at Ilia er.d of tliu evening, but because sbe ba< impressed him with Lcr innocence Tliat was all rlglit, in; 1 , what ill It moan for lilin to tliluk her dear, dutiful daughter? Wna lie falllnK for her? Tlial \vns wliat sii< wanted to know. Her Inability to answer.tlils mies tlon caused her to lie grumpy tin neit morning M lircnkfast In spit' of Hie fact tliat she conlil Eleat i little over having tniton Uc-ryl's admirer away f-om her. Slie liad lo ho careful for It WAS wtlliln the realm of iiossibillty Boryl icr expression ami on her toneue oo. Slio wns n little surer of 1'icii Us, but a llltlo inoro uncertain of ieryl. Would lieryl tell Tommy? s'ot If slio cared for him In more lian u friendly way. But did cli<>? Irene had thought EO but now sbe did not know. It was hard to understand Ucryl. Slio intent tell Juet tor splto regardless of hjr own feelings. o'f RANGE Ircuo could not realize " that Ueiyl had never dona nny-| Itilut' for spite, but then Irene had :o iiauge tor ilio conduct of others except her own diameter. All Bhu wanted was lime. rrcn- tlss was not F.niiiK to Blurt a trivial lltllo afi'air with lier. No, It was something more, and Ilio prospect of belli;: Mm. Prcnllsa Gayloril nia'lo her dizzy when sho tbouclit of what it could mean to her. lieryl mltlit have Ilio fame, but the wasn't rich yet tiy a long ivay, Slic diiln't have a high priced motor car, n i way Ehe slooil couldn't tell. She dliln't know him well enough. Fat a little after his failure to kiss lier she h?.d been on Hie verge uf jumping uut ot tho car, biililius him a short good-night and setting Belt to being trite to Tommy. CASH PAID :or second hand furniture. A. L. Howcrs, corner Main & Lake Sts. OC-TF STOCKHOLBEKS MEETING of The Blyihevllle Cotton OU Company The Annual alerting of the directors and stockholders cl the above company will be held Thurs... day;. June Dili at 10:30 A. ,M. .in the offices ol W. A. Gage & Co., Falls Bldg., Memphis, Teim. 4C-KO-3 IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, CIIICKASAWBA DISTRICT. The Prudential Insurance Company of America, a corporation, riaintifl, vs. Miuviir H. Robinson and Elizabeth W. Robinson, his wife, Edna Per- dtic, and Henry Perdue, her husband, International Bank ot St Louis, a corix>raiion, CJeorge A Meyer, Charles II. Rice, Gus Heibineycr, Jr., Edward Horinai and Henry Brenner, Trustees o: International Bank of St. Louis The Electric Paint and Varnlsl Company, a col ixjration, The Federal Intmneihaie Credit Bank o St. I.ouis, n corporation, LnFay ette South Side Bank and Trus Company, a corporation, Bans crs' Mortgage Company, :i corjio ration, C. C. Campbell, Admin iElrator of the Estate of W. ft' McHca, deceased, Mrs. Mary 1: Then she saw that his failure to take advantage of tl:o invilatiou her lips offered is'as clue to sclf-ra- straint. Her vanity coulrl not suffer in memory of that—the way bis arms bad dropped away from her \vhert she was certain ho was going to embrace her—and Iho eagerness •with wlilch ho exclaimed, "No. please don't £o!" She had sat with him a while longer but conversation was of little help to either of them, as they merely fcncei) with words. Finally, "I must go, really.'' Irene said with a show of rclnr.t alico that was measured to .a care- "Iiil degree. Prcntisa fouud in It no hot-headed rebellion against pareu yal authority >u^i <is he lisil raiglit give her away to Tommy If goadcil into It. Irene was judglug lier Bister by herself ot course.! She'd l:avc told fast enough. Deryl took Irene's mooil to mean she had not been sutlslied with Prcntlss' attentions. For Tsmuiy's sake she was glad. Slio had something else to be thankful for. The palu in her ibroat was gone entirely. Siio woulii slug that evening. Ilefore noon sha called the doctor and told him how she felt. He B'aiil he'd drop around anyway. Wiicn lie dltl como his manner was as casual as his tc'lciiliono conrcr ballon had been, but. fortunately for Ikryl's peace of mind, slie could not read his thoughts. "1 wish you'd come in ami see mo regularly," lie told her. "You know singers' throats need lo be Iier- guarded against trouble. An ounce of prevention. . . ." Eeryl forgot all about him and ber illness of the day before when slie E.iug that night. Shn could ililnk of nothing lint Tommy antl Irene—Prenliss and Irene. Prenliss was not at the stuiilo. In a way sbo was rellcveJ. \Vhal or ermlno wrap, a dla mond us big ns a rohln'a ogg, or anything really. Of course. If she continued 10 bo a lilt she'll get a contract EOtno day. In the meantime IreM reveled In the thought of flaunting a rich marriage in challenge of her Bister's success. What would a radio singer count against a member of the family she ;ang for? Why. sho could even supplant Beryl tlierc It sho wished! With tills thought her hcarl leaped exultantly. Why hadn't slic thought of Hint before? Tbcy hadn't given her halt a clnuco at her first audition. Bho'd suns only a couple of Bongs for tlicin, but Blie'J show them now! Ill* aunl'a help or entire- fortune. There was enough money for Unit It bo hud used it carefully. Not enough to support both lilmBclt nnd Iieno until ho was established In his chosen profession, but enough lo carry him through alone. It would bo a hind blow It Ireno bioko her promise now, for Bluco he'd taken over ilio management of bis uncle's theater Tommy had li'l Mr. llonumn Invcflt that moucy for litm. Already tho Investment was turning sour. It would bo yi'ars, very likely, bcforo Tommy couhl realize on It. No, Ireiio couldn't throw him over now, or put lilui off again. At least Tommy tried lo tell himself sbo couldn't, but deep In hla heart bo knew that be was afraid 11(3 lingers trembled a bit as hr) reknotlcil bis tlo. \Vby wouldn't the ilamii thing como right! Wlicw, It was hot! Wluil a night o £|icnd In ti motion plctnro pro- ccllon booth. Darned old ark ot n jullilliig any>vay. It lib undo ivantcii to own an lip-to (Into theater wliy utcln't bo bnllil ouo, Instead ot expecting a fellow to glvo good blio'.vB In this hole? Ho sura needed a manager, all right What a job! Of course, Tommy shouldn't have would she have said to him I! given an opportunity lo speak of his m- tt-rcst In Treue? \Yould sho have told him about Tommy? been EO Irrllablo wlicu ho dressing to call on Ircno. Ho vaa going lo have his uncle's car too. tor an Iiour. Then he'd have to tliuup his girl and go to work. Hanged It ho toiild feel grateful about It, although Mr. Hoffman liad niailo milto a point ot his kindness iu letting Tommy have tbo car. Funny how tlio old geezer— Tommy's disrespectful thought broke- off as bo snapped tlio tlo from Ills neck in disgust and choso If fibo conlil Just bo sure of Prcn-i another. What a mess they ware. lisa. ... It was not so difficult to conceal her dates with him from Tommy. Tho latter \vas kept busy almost I constantly at the theater. Ho was anxious lo please bis uncle and get two weeks' vacation for Ilia wod dine trip. Soon, o! course, talk would reach Tommy. Irene reallieil that, but she'll decided it was worth wblla to take a chaiico oa i'renllss' intentions. rpOMMY. lion-over, was growing •*• increasingly insistent that she go through with the latest plans OUR BOARDING HOUSE NiA-rts /suL-rM 7 - MATTOK \ * oM rrHose ARE i BEFORE -Trie OF XUcrrffeR OKIE OF TO-BE nu-Ep wi-rH A LIQLJIP RES£MBHfJ(3 1 UM- AV( — UM i ( -TrlA-f LQOKS / V, tike WA-TER / J J; MASS? EVE "JARS The next day lie came lo the! they had nir.ilo for their marriage house and tool; Irene for a second! and not pasipojic the date again, ride, hut Beryl did not see iilm Tho time was drawing near and then, cilher. S!io was at the studio, working with the musicians. Irene's manner at dinner was a Tommy was aware that Ircuo was treating him coolly but ho couldn'l liolicve she'd break now when heY triilo brighter than it hail been Tot-! accepted her condition and gone lowiii:; her lirsl riile with Pn-uttss.i lo work fur hla uncle. IIo might Ueryl watched her liko a hawk bull have finished college oven without His aunt used to do something abnut them. This one \vent along fairly well ami Tommy's thoughts rcturncil to hie unela. What had como over him? Ho was a lot more considerate ot tale, but there was something queer about the change In him, something fmrtlte and suppressed. It pur.zlcd Tommy—had him for several days. "Just llko a cat that's eaten the canary." bo thought. Wiiat was the old boy up to? He cculiln't bo thinking ot getting married again. NotsosoonI Tommy considered, this prospect with horror. ills c&ata of thought was Interrupted by the entrance of Uncle George, who came In wltli news for Tommy and an air uf non. chalaaco that w&s far from being genuine. (To Ite Con! I lit G) BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES WUl'SADADEK! By Martiu .011, Trustee, R. D. Nolen, and Guaranty Bank and Trust Company, a corporation, are warned to appear in the Chancery Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas, jhickasawba District, within thirty days to answer the complaint of he Prudential Insurance Company of America, a corporation, in the above cause. Witness my hand as the clerk of said court and the seal thereof on this 18th "day of May, 1931. (Seal) R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Geo. W. Barham, Atty. ad Litcm. 10-20-2-9. , , . Glenn, R. 13. Nolcn, Trustee, r Ja " New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 2G (Ul 1 )—Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close July Wl tint 80U Wi'J Oct. 893 Dec 020 328 July Oct A. Hobinson, doing business as Marcli Robinson Packing Company, Clyde T. Di'iitun. Trustee, and Guaranty Bank and Trust Uo:n- pany, a corporation, S. J. Mc- Ucannon, Trustee, and l-\ A- Robinson, Defendant. 1 ;. WAKMNC OKIIEK The defendants, Edna Perdue, and Henry Perdue, her husband, Intcrnalional Bank of St. I.ouis, a conronuicn, George A. Meyer, Charles M. Hire. Gus iteismcycr, Jr., Edward Herman and Henry Bri-iuicr, Truilcts fur Internalioniil Bank of St. Louis, The Klcclric Paint and Varnish Company, a corporation, l-'cdcral Inlcnnciliate Credit Bank of St Louis, a curpo- ralion, Lafayette South Side Bank and Trust Company, a corporation. Bankers' Mortgage Company, a corporation, (J. C. Campbell, Ad- ministralor of tin- estate of W. M. McRca. deceased, Clyde T. Den- 351! 91G 036 3-11! 0(0 Spots ciuict at 805. off •losing Stock Prices A. T. & T Anaconda Copper Auburn Caterpillar Tractor Chrysler 105 3-8 24 5-8 171 ........ 23 IG'.i Cities Service .............. 11 Coca Cola ................ 140 Continental Baking ....... 11 General Electric ......... 3f)'i General Motors ____ k ...... 35 Montgomery Ward ....... 1BO New York Central ....... 83 'i Packard ................. 6'.i Radio Corp ........... 1-1 7-8 Simmons Beds ........... 12 ] .(; Standard of N. J ........ 34'.i Texas Corp .............. 22!i U. S. Steel ....... .- ..... 95'i Argentina has about 18G.OOO acres of forest lands, nearly one-fourth of the area of tile country. Writes Own Obituary Then Attempts Suicide BUPFALO, N. Y., IUP) — Leo Biocer, 35. is a considerate man. When ho decided lo commit suicide, he mailed an obituary covering four typewritten pages along with his picture to a local newspaper, then slashed his wrists..The suicide attempt was a complete failure, but his picture was published anyhow. have viiiled him In Ills retreat in p. Shaitsi village. Since h!s defeat, last nutumji in ,he rebellion against the Chinese government. Marshal I'cug has disappeared from public life. When islilidans seek to |»rsuade him to lead further revolts. He says, 'Rend more bocks. Go home anil rcati instead of agitating." Marshal Feng Urges Friends to Read PE1PIKG, China, ,tUP) — "Ucad more books." is the invariable advice given by Marshal Feng Jfu- CHELSEA, Mass.-, (UP) — Mis. Goldie Malioncy was fined $10 in court here for speeding. The complaining officer explained that the offense occurred September 27, 1327, and that ho hail been look- itjg Ior the defendant ever since. OMAK, Wasli.,(UP)—Don Woods Chcsaw was tried on a charge of shooting a 20-year-old horse, valued at $10. The trial cost $300, anil Woods was freed when. tlic —- VMTOON MlUi VM2WN6-- it YE ThCrVE. New Orleans Cotton ORLliANS. May -26 (UP) — Cotlon closed steady. oiK-n hi-h 882 is70 317 937 Ml Dec yjo Jan 837 March 33U 310 Spots quiet at, S30. off 13. The Nevada senator considerably about "etiquette." Ins breach |GR£ASH> EATON AND SON I'honc 700 Main A ilh St Will Buy Late Model Used Cars Lee Motor Co. BARGAIN, INO. 2 SCREENS Clfiir I,nmher J-8 inch thick-Ifi mesh giilvaiii/.i-il wire $2.75 1C Mesh Galvanized Wire 2U inch, per foot .' 2S inch, per foot .OS ,'!() inth, per foot .OSi,V 32 inch, per foot M 30 inch, per foot .10 I'honc 100 E.C. Robinson Lumber Co. FllECKI.ES AND HIS ERILINDS TO 6£T OP THERE AS AS I CAM,\fllUOOT SUFWU OFF..- AW SET 1MAT COFFES BEFORE FUJYDS DAD IT. OTTO- MAUD THAT THERA-VOS &>TTL£, HEf-r To LUNCH BOX -'-' THK TAIH.KS AKK TUHNKD! HELP! THEY GOTTA OVNKON 7HSTe.'V.T OF PROViMC, AM EA-S 1 / PR£V, THE tJEWW hRWUED ROM- iR.UM«£R M£WW BLOVJS BULW BOAT DOT OF THE OCE.AU. tefcBBfc^-V ' • . AfJt> P.(iNtJ, SHELLS R'.P TrtRO -'s UOPCT. TrtEN COMES THE TriW PR6V10USUS SPIED OH TttEM. IT W>so -TrtE• TUMUUT

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