The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1946
Page 3
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_MONDAY, DKCEMBKR 33, Senator Attacks llruman Proposal Universal Training Plan Assailed by Colorado Lawmaker WASHINGTON. Dec. 2U. (UP) — Sen. Etlsvin C. Johnson, D., Colo., charged today that President Tru- I man's new proposal foi- universal ing program would "suuslitute training and guzzling" for itual guidance. . Johnson attacked the niilUary as- iwti of the program us well, say- UIK compulsory tmining of youth embodied the "vile system and Hiiiiking" of Pi'ussiunism and would In.' another step toward n world armaments race. President Truman said last week that he opposed calling his program a "military plan because lie felt it should he well-rounded to include moral, spiritual, mental and physical development as well. •Johnson, a member of the Senate Militury Affairs Committee, said this proposal let "delegate the spiritual and moral training of Ameri-'-in vtmth to the 1 'brass hats' ouyht 1<> he offensive to every one who imiu'rstands the secret of America's tremendous success." "Such an un-American innovation would substitute sex training and guzzling for spiritual training, and moral stagnation for the develon- mont of a healthy, wholesome, self- Chort Shows How Profits Rose _BLYTHEyiLLBJARK.) COURJKR NKW» Chart nboiv purports- to show ccurse of profits, alter In.xcs. of ;ill corporations and of manufacturing corporations from 1929 through iy4«. It is from analysis prepared, nt the request of the CIO. by Itobcrt fi. Nathan Assodnles. Washington economic rcsearcli (inn which assumes full responsibility 1'or the research ami conclusions Clirirl indicates profits hit rccora levels during war years, declined after war's end, but shol up to new heighis this year. ' Bobby Soxers, Sociologist Says, To Go Way of Red Hot Mamas and energetic morale," he reliant said. i Jolmscn's gloves-off attack oti •'•'.e administration's campaign tor Tcompulsory military training was delivered in a letter to Dr. Karl T. Comnton, president, of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and chairman of Mr. Tinman's new nine-member civilian advisory com. mission on universal training. Not to Deceive Russia "Russia is not ?oinj; to be deceiv- Uy CI.AHtr COX (United 1'ress Si-.ilT Corresponds]! I) CHICAGO. Dec. 23.—The l)o!;l>y soxer is going the way of the red hot mama and Hie flapper. It won't be long before the screaming. jitter-bugging teenagers will be just a memory, a sociologist said today. The prediction got support, too, from a band leader who has had Ills clothes torn to slireds by bobbysoxers—and one of the bobby sobers herself. Mrs. Evelyn Millis Duvall. executive secretary of the National Conference on Family Relations, said the girls who gave their heart-, and vocal cords to Frank Sinatra during the war arc beginning >o g!v cil by our juvenile strategy in drop-[them back to their teen-age boy pine the term 'military' from 'universal training,'" Johnson said. "Latin America will notice that we have substituted shotgun diplomacy for out own vaunted good neighbor policy." He maintained that in this atomic age "goose-stepping ami the manual of arms are pure poppycock which add nothing to our national defense." He said one chemist or one physicist was more valuable to the nation's defense than 10.COO foot sol- tliers. Johnson said his studies showed President Truman's program "on any comprehensive basis will cost 53 i:er cent of what the nation now spends for education." . President Truman attributed tin; lisiutegration of the ancient Rom- :m and Greek governments to their turning to mercenary forces for military defense. He pointed to these examples for argument to suport this country's need for universal training. Johnson said that "talk of' this republic's decline is vicious' nonsense." friends. "That variety of youngsters definitely is on the wane," Airs. Duvall said. "During the war. th^ Liob- by soxers reflected the i;cner;il unrest of our society. Now that lnin<;.s are settling back to normal, they are reflecting that trend." Mrs. Duvall said bobby soxc-rs acted the way they did" ba-.-ause they wanted attention. Their patents were concerned with the w:ir: the boys were either in service Dion the verge of it: and the girls were left out of the picture, .she said. "The girls finally got attention with their antics and they loved ii, but now they are going to settle down with the rest of us," she -said. Swing band leader Glen Gray agreed that bobby -soxers were grow- Hc said now they probably ure exhausted from their ncth'itk"-.. "Hot swing music is on Its v.ny lo the dustiest shelf of the music cabinet." he said, "and nlong v.-llh It Is going the bobby stjxcr " Betsy Weer, 1G. president of the National Association of Frruik Si- Ani'ii'iit HiiKluliiil MiKli'rnl/es BAGHDAD lUl'l— The Irug government is rtbout lu begin con-' struct Ion of Baghdad's new $4,000.000 11 Iron, designed to Imiulle nil tyc.s of modern nlrcrafl. The ox- Iflnlg nil poll, Inuuguinled In 1933 and Improved during the war Is not suitable for today's bigger nncl faster alrernfl, A hull million children are deserted, or left on doors-, cps throughout the world imnuully. nnlm t\m Clubs nnd Ihe n.iltnii's number one screamer, raid shu.wns glad lo be settling down uller lour frantic years of clmslng Kninkie. The activity wiis such u .Urn lu on her. she said, that she hiul n nervous breakdown. "We fans me reforming." Hel;,y sakl. "We've decided not to be si) rowdylsh. Too much of us mint 'bo boring. "Hut it's really been a lot of fun. I sort of hute lo see us go." PACK THKBK CALL" » everything in "INSURANCE" UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guard Jewelry fttOrt A. F. DIETRICH, Wgr. "Maybe they are just losing then- voices, but regardless of the run- son, they are at last beginning IP keep cpdet." he said. Gray said screaming young »irh had -been bothering him for 15 years, tearing buttons off his coats-grabbing his handkerchiefs and leaving him black-ami-blue. A Joyous Season! \Villi many good wislics I'ov your lu'alUi and happiness 1'i'om n):in:i);cmciH and ciiiployus ill' llie Delia C.'iilc . . . Wi! will he (ipiMi lixliiy ;ii>rl loinor- i'o\v—closed all day Christmas. THE DELTA CAFE Smith .'•!'•.' Pope urges Churchmen To Face Task VATICAN CITY, D^c. 23. (UP)— % roi>2 plus XII urged a crowd of 200.CCO in St. Peter's Square Sunday to resist with redoubled energy a growing anticlerical campaign. The Pope appealed [or the waging of "Ihe great spiritual battle of our times" against "the wicked ne- gators of Goci. the profaners of the Divine church." His words were interrupted by applause 28 limes during the 12- minute address. Pointing out that "never before jas the mission pf Rome been greater, more bcnificent and more indispensable." the Pope called upon Roman Catholics to awaken to the threat nosed by "those who fi;;ht and vilify religion.' The Holy See. he said, had been exposed "to sin and ignominy, covered by mud." Observers termed the ovation from the crowd that filled everv inch of St. Peter's Square the greatest since the Pope's coronation seven years ago. Those close to .1, pope plus described him. as visibly affected by the demonstration. Approximately 200 languages arc .spoken in the valleys of Caucasus mountains. ^•ffliB, L i •*> .' ViX ^^^^ i^aixn^ Christmas Flowers Place Your Order Early! Assure yourself of receiving the finest corsage by selecting now! 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