The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 21, 1946
Page 5
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I SATURDAY. DIOCKMHKK 21, HMO GOP House lobs Start Battle 1948 Nomination for Presidency Figures lit Party Maneuvers HV; c. WII.KON lluinlei! I'rcss Stuff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Dee. 21. (UP) — Jr. Charles A. Halleck of Indiana "« Bivcn the cdi;e todiiy in the I'Jist for Republican leadership \thc House us Hie battle began |to develop a long-expected bittor- 11 less. .Republicans will caucus a " 2 to select a speaker and to elite their differences over the |lea<!crshiu. Rep. Joseph W. Martin. y- «f Massachusetts is assured th.e R?P Thomas A. Jenkins of Ohio -m the leadership battle sieving >t<> tbe open la-.t night with a louist at Ilalleck, charging Hallcck's icamlidary w as part of Hie Dcwcy- Ilor-Prosklont !:oom. C.ov. Thomas E. lucy.vey of New Yoik previously had • -vatd he favored Hai!c,"k for House l"<mio!iran leader. Jenkins also Isccks the leadership. The other • I'aixlKlatcs declared and undeclared laio HODS. Clarence ,J. urown of Imi'" iUltl Emclt Dirkscn of Illi- Thc presence ol two Uhioans in the race sharply dimir.ishcs the prospects of !)0th to win out against H:tHeck or, in the event of a sU'lc- |iiii>tc, Dhkicii. Jenkins' statement publicized 'what soir.c persons hud teen say- privately-that Halloclc's elec- ^• as GOP Hcuse leader would l>e viewed in soir.e degree as a boast for Dewy. "VVI'y is Dev.'cy .so mum interested in having 'his' man in tins very important position?" Jenkins asked. "He must believe it will help him in tlie Presidency. Decs it mean thai Dewey will have a. voice and hand in dircctim; the actions of Congress? It incuns . nothing else." Whatever it may mean. Dewey already has arranged c'l' l -se liaison with the strengthened New York Republican delegation to Congress. That tlie New Yorkers will be fronting for Dewey in Washington for the 1948 Presidential nomination seems reasonably certain. Says l.-.-mlcrs llesoiilfiil "I know," Jenkins' statement continued, "that the si-eat majority of! the Republican congressmen resent the attempts of presidential aspirants and other ambit ions individuals lo control tho activities of the -New Congress. It would he a fraud nn the people for any person to accept this important'position (the leadership) if he is obligated to use it for the special benefit of iv person or group." It would be i 1 :; pieat n fraud to retcnd that presidential politics will piny less than a very bi;,' role in the deliberations of the HOth Consrcss will convene Jan. ^. With {tt« Republicans back in .fcorigreEsional power after neuiiy 1!> ;jee*l' years.*' the; 'cattle "for the IMS presidential nomination will be a mean one with no holds barred. : Election of H:own. or Jenkins to the leadership general];.-, would o,c regarded as a taoit lor the. presidential aspii aliens of whichever ot her favorite .sons Ohio decides to back in 1313. They arc Sen. Robert A. Taft :nu! S-n.-Elect John \V. ISrickcr. With Diiksen in the leadership his own presidential chances might, .soar somewhat. The first rouilfl in the -Republican pre-convcntion battle went to the 'j'aft—D:- ina.v!;c Bricker—.'orccs earlier this year when Carroll Recce of Tennessee v.-as elected chairman of the Republican National Committee. Recce defeated candidates Blind Vet Makes Good Bi.YTHEVlLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Navy Veteran Makes a Big Hit In His Role as Santa Claus PAGE MEMPHIS, Tcnn., Dec. 21. IU1') * There is u Santa Clans, a real Santa Clnus whose soil heart \\cnK- ens before the pleading eyes of poor kids. He's Bill itenson, n a22-poiind Ni.vy baltlo veternn, ami a sizeable portion of the-check he earns us _ n dcpir.tincnt ftorc Eanla [joes to I buy loys for the youni;s!m whose shabby clothes indicate (here will be little but disappointment In their Christmas .stockings. llcnson, 23-yenr-nlcl pre-law student from UUuk.vell. Okla, didn't like the way department store One handicapped person who refused to let his disability deter him from lending a useful life is Jerry Nolan, infantry vcMerim blinded :U Cassino. Six feet, three inclies tall, weighing 200 pounds, his powerful physique and the sensitive touch resulting from his blindness make him well filled [or bis chosen career of physical therapy. Training at Yale University, he's pictured massaging Ferd Niitl- Jiprnv. Yale halfback. Sales Soar For Arkansas Merchants • LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Dec. : (U.P.i—Salaried employment ini the wholesale nnd retail tv:c.l? mut j service i'.Klnstries reached nn 1 all- i time high in Arkanas in November,, according to Pnnfoy Ciill. executive director of the Employment Security Division. In his hi-monthly report leleaseu ioday, Gill estimated a lo'.ni of U2.803 persons in Arkans-'.s employed in wholesale, recall ar.<i service industries. That IK 2.700 more than the number cnvplnyc;! t'vo months ngn ami 3.SOO al>ove tlie number in similar worK a year Lawmakcrs Pre-Session Budget Group Recesses The n.l.; HOCK, Dec. 21. t\JI>> pri'-biiducl • committee stood Total industrial employment in the state remais':d practically unchanged in October and November as compared with sepjtmbsv, Gill's report showed. The nor-.-ngi-icuiturnl employment figure remained at 33G.GCU. with production and cmri'.oymcn; close to capacity in mo-it industries. Gill's rcpirt indicated chat veterans continued to be hired at lively clip. With the absorption, of veterans into the labor mnrket and heavy enrollment in sclioul-; Students' Complaints At U. of A. to Bo Heard FAYETTEVII.LE. Ark.. Pec. '.!1 (U.P.) >—Student leaders ,.f llu University <:f Arkansas hcM u>e promise today that the lionrd 01 Trustees would liear Ihel, 1 uriev- anccti \vhieli led to a liv.eatc.'.^rt stri];e this week. Headed by Harry CMvlrr ol Little Rock. ])ic'sid':nt of the liody. the students told Lheir irouh!es yesterday to board chairman Herbert !_.. Thomas. Thtinins promised to relay the complaints on tlie uoard whk-h lie said w.'iul-.l nivc lhr-m •'s.\ r 'mpat]ietic consHtcrr-lion ' The complaints were Irilpely against linancmi and,, admini.sti-.i- tivs dpparlmcnts of the University. Thomas told the siiuicius. however, that the trouble was ;•. result of the rapid i':; rt the University since th; ' ov.l ol the wnr_ The board chairman h::ited l':nt the trustees ai^e niakinj; LIT aclive si:arch foi- a president -o succeed Cr. A. M. nardiug, v.'iu icsiynca last Spring. Santas wenl about their work. Mnny of (hem were more limn slii'htly bJied \yjti! tlie routine — 'they almost pushed (he kids away" and seldom the Jollv old gentlemen of lci;end. Bill made \; t , |,i s ntinil lo be a real Santa Claus. one llml played the put lo the hilt. 113 applied for a department store Job as a Santa Claus. nmi even volunteered lo work for nothing Store officials turned him down becuuse of his HKP and then hired Inm be:nusc of his earnesl- Now liis tosses say he's thq l«st. store £:uiea in the business. And his wife. Hetty, knows the reason: "Hill just has a biy heart." "I jusl can't stand to see kids Ki) without toys they want so much," Henson explains, -j was a poor bu v all my life unit j know, bo i try to help ,i, OSL , who UL ,; (( helpiiig." The toys he hands out arc Paid for out of his 05-cenl-|:er-hour wages and tlie S'jfl monthlv disability check he receives from the government for injuries received in an aimmmilion dump explosion on Sal- pan, where he wa s a Navv pharmacist mate attn:hed to the Scc- o:id Marine Division. Henson has tacomo so popular as a Santa Clans that churches and social sroup.s arc askinc him to serve at their Christmas parties lies attcndiin: ,,s many as Memphis Stale College studios will permit, with his employers fnniini/ Die bill. ' ' '"""">> In addition to buyini; toys film- self, llenson 15 mnkin/. sure that a lot of poor kids have a t;ood cluist- .inas. lie notes names and addresses f needy canes which nee. The list io'odfcllows, y. The • adjourned today until Jan. 0, when he members return lo lake up their fnmiice problems which at Ihe moment, seem numerous. At adjournment yesterday, Ihe croup hud uuthorliwd the spending of $2210.000 more fro mlhe 'lubllc. iiwtUutlons fund than will be avutl- r ale dtirlnij the next two years The amount is ex-elusive of the huge uulidmt: progmms planned by various iiislitiiilons. In un effort to Irlm Ihe mitiesls down to sl/c, the coinmllteo yesterday voted lo reduce- (he $3.081 UUO ainiual request of the slate lios- pltul far neivous disea.sos by some JaOO.OCU n year. House Fire at Hcth Claims Another Victim Aij'.MPHIS, Tonn.. lli-e. 21. tUI'l —Jack Caimnons. H7, Carrolton Cin died in ii hospital today, the .second vH'tjm of a lehimt liouse fire at Helli. A:k.. Tucsiliiy. Mrs. Alice Key, also of Carrolton, was burned to death In 'the fire, llor husband. J. J. Key. received burn injuries but recovered. Insects destroy crops lo of 51,500.000,000 In the States every year. i .value United ! colleges, Ihe number of ex-sc icemen available for employment in Arkansas has been reduced j naterialiy. Fcllov/s Wife in-Death MEMPHIS. Tcnn., Dec. 21. I UP) —Funeral arrangements we:c marie today for Dr. Edward A. Stanlield. 4G. skin specialist and prominent iT niict 'Memphis physician. \yho died of as •x-scrv- I overdose ,,f sedativ--. yesterday, five days after his wife died from the same cause. Relatives said Dr. Stanficld had teen itrier-sU-ictcn since his wife's death .Police said it had not been determined whether Stanlield took his own life. regarded, respectively, as being :rere cr less sponsored by Dcwcy and Former Oov. Harold E. Stasscn of Minnesota. The conflicting interests of the | More than GOOD locations in the various presidential aspirants will Atlantic. Pacific and Indian oceans continue last .. • ' - v.,,.^^. in^jiu; ;i[ui iiKuan oceans tip.ue to strike sparks until the have been found to have dentils ot convention ballot is, counted. COOO feet ocpuis 01 mount his K oiii !; to the local Christmas char- Goodiellows will do i;ie porketoool: has definite esl. iBIIl's mils. A pale tittle girl stood in front f Henson. her one eye shining- 'he didn't want anything for 'hrlslmas. u anted to see Snn- i, because -a doctor is going to fix ).v eye and that's m-,- Christmas." Ifciison lookc:! at her shabby :ess and worn shoes. He gulped nd stepped into tin; toy depart- iciit. picked up a doll and handed t to th,-> child. '-Here, Honey,' .ddcd another i iill. he said, as a clerk 9 to 13111 llcnson's K by a rone in her home near icrldan yesterday. Coroner O. K. Marlin pronounced the death as suicide. He said the elderly woman had been despondent over III health DISASTER Continued from l\i|;i- I. their misery. Japanese relief resources were mobilised to rush aid lo (he stricken area, which extended from Hiroshima on Ihn west to Osaka, W.ikn- yania and Knlnnn on Ihe easl'Mn edge of the picturesque inland Sea Julian's home minister. Soilch: Oniura, told the House of Representatives tonight lhat authorlll' were (lotiuj Ihclr tilmosl to nlil!; shaltcred comnninicatlons fnci:itii^ and rush food and shelter !o tin dlsaslcr victims. The Japanese lied Cross was Imr- ryliiK aid nnd had the coopm-al ku of Amoricnn fled Cross offllcl.-ils. The mighty earthquake Jolt ciuiu 02 miles oil the Japanese coast a 4:20 a.m. today. It, was felt alni'is linrncdintely In dozens of cities nn'c villages where iiouscs collapsed n; ., dtia-iis rushed into Ihe streets tnr rorixed. xVicient Temiilc Ntit l>ani:i[;e>4 In 1 - Narn Prefecture 100 house wore demolished. Nine persons killct hi (he vicinity of the Horyu Tern pic, believed lo be Ihe oldost wood harmed. Then the BCD. lashed upwards by Ihe eiirllntiuikc's fury, looiicd u wall or wilier un (he shoreline whevo most ol Ihe populucc -slept. City iiflei-'dty was Hooded. Kochi, on llui r.oulh const of Shlkoku Island, and IU nclnhborhi|4 vlllujjeo on thi! lowlands were swept by svaviyi seven lu ten feel hlnh which rolled (li'i) miles mid more Inlniid. l.alor I he coast of Honshu, on 'Cyond Shlkokn, Ijcuim lo IJD hi'., iainiui, n city of 2(1.000, wus vlr- unlly eleniH'd out by six successive Jlasls of linije waves. The tidiil dis. mbiince ivni'lrated the Toliushlnui Strult and entered OIK Inltind Sei. he grout purl city ot Osakn wus lilectcd, nnd .so wus Wuknyanu. To hi' west, Hiroshima «mt [Cure vere hll. Inlimd, the ipiake vvns ilnni-jHlii i lie .shrine city of Kyoto nnd other oenlilles. Deaths, Injuries uiul dnni- ige were repented from 14 iiivfcc- ,ures. A phnlour.iplH'i- for Mulnlvlil sitld Ml .ships wen. wnshetl uw.iy In ilia \Vnl(ay;im;i urea. He <le- scrllM 1 ! Ihe llilnl wiivr'K approach as n Ifrnnilo of witter which Urnvo llshliiit Jimlis tliriiuuh houses us straws arc driven lliniu|;h a (nv by tilth winds. Slaijilehl pulillshcd smiii! of his plcluri's wlili'h stinwi'd Inuisi's pit'i-i-ed liy ImwlN. l-'or more Hum 111 hours lesser ifter-ipinke.s continued lo bo, mee every hiiir hour. l>ut no fresh liinnntte WIIK recorded. «Th« lloston College Selsni cal Station recorded n new. slr.ini; temblor nl -1:31 u, m . (K.S'l'i lodav with Indications Hint it oecuned oil Ihe ciinsl of Wiiknynmn, Jupau Ttint would be 1)1:11:43 p.m. tonluhl In Tokyo, lint subsequent dlspnlcln'.s failed to note uny f n , sll ( || SHSl ,., ms quakes.) Experts believed Japnn mlssc-d n duplication of the 102:! death toll ly because today's shock wus olf- shore. i Nevertheless, deaths from ilrown- lui;. from collapsing, buildlnyji iiiul [Ires were reported ill n dozen cities Including O.snkn, Waknynina, Kyolo Hainan and Hiroshima on Uoni'lni Island nnd from Kochi, Takaokn and other vlllngcs mi Shlkoku Island. The Hainan correspondent <jf Kyodo News Agency IclCBrnphcd un account lo Tokyo <if six sepurnte tidal waves over n Ihrcu hour spun (londlnu into that cltv of 20,000 on the ensl side of the narrow Toknshtnm Strult, where Hie walers poured from Ihe open sen iulo Ihe Inland Sen nnd n K nhist Ihe Southern Honshu const. He reported Knlimn wus "ek-nricd Woman Hangs Self SHERIDAN. Ark.. Dee. 21. (UP)— . uncial sciviccs were beiiiK plannedj en structure In the world, hut (in: 1 Mlay for Mrs. Annie Sedlarik. 72.1 Icmple, built In 607 A. D. and lion wtiose lifeless bjtiy was found hang-Ing world-famous murals, was 1:1 mil" of every loose Item, with r.umy lOsUlcnls saving lliclr lives by tnklnij to housetops or higher ground to pcnd n rtnwn of terror. Food t-tupphVs MnlUd More than 7.000 homes ill Knlium were under water nntl many were pounded lo debris. The uucocsdvc walls of water destroyed the break- wider and swept the fishing lli'Cl Ihto the city. Similar clnmnxc wus rcporiecl from scores of tiny fishing villages and other coiisliil cllics. Worst hll was tin; lowland men around Kochi on Khlkoku. where the Hood raced five miles Inland, sweeping over Kochi ami Takaoku, A U. 8 Army report esllmntcd 200 niinllics wove "wliwd out" ut Kochi .vhlcli might Indicate 1.000 deaths there alone. Eighth Army henrtqtmrtc'rii it Vo- kohntna had no Immedlalo reports of American casualties In the stricken /.one. But It announced thiit landslides hud blocked railroad tunnels alonn the soiitli-ceiitrul Hon. (iliu coii.'il. Military government oltlcluls sulil Osakn, » port city of 3,000,000 population, hud rations for five <inys for only M.OOO persons. Army au- tlmllles said iK'cuuse of disrupted mil lines cmcrKcney supplies hnvu to be moved In by shlus, Unconllrmcd reports said nine steel bridges were destroyed **od nine otiiert damaged in ruloito pnrU of 14 prefectures which listed disaster dmnagp. Kyodo new? agency said more than 670 bo»te*wer* washed n<*ay or smashed Intd debris on Ihe shores The town of wns swept by a flre which ly Blurted In a demolished bullditu The kood waters »ere receding. Aerial roconnalsance; by U S. planes listed mile'after'mile of coastal /.ones still flooded,' and thsr reports said thousands of homes and places of business were covered by the Ku-a. " \ | , i STARTS RELIEF (N JOST 6 SECONDS del . . ««« for fust rtlt.-f In Kill../ wiiiflLliuvonuMlcOCr--' l,y ul tnUMuiu III ... -- C'MUlloui Tuku unly an dircxkil. COLD PREFARMIONS TAtlCTS 0» UQUIO KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Call "The Old Reliable" Vimr Source of l>f|iendubie Service 2089 Your Source of Dependable Service I.ft Us iii'li) You— STOP DRINKING There is no medtcnl remedy lor drink . . . but Wt . cnl) hc ] ]t V1|U resist its inlluence! No cost lo you — only co-opormton, •ItlHT CONTACT Alcoholics Anonymous i , . G. O. 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