The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 21, 1946
Page 4
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TOT BLYTHKVILLB COURIER NEWS ' > t.HE COUH1KM NKW8 CO M. W. HAJNES, Publisher JAWES L. VERROEFF, Editor PAUL l>. HUMAN, Advwtisinj Manager Bolt National AdTfrttatar RcpreacntattYec Fubliahed Every Afternoon Except Sundar '•* wcond class matter at the post- office »£ BrytJievllle. Arkansan. under act of Congress, October 9, l£il7. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier In the city of Blytheville qr a«y suburban town where currlei service Is maintained, 20c per week, or 85o per month. By mall, within a radius of 40 miles, $400 per year, $2.00^for six months, $1.00 for three months; by mall outside 50 mile zone, $10.00 per year payable In advance. Boy Gets Girl In 10 years the British have never completely recovered from the abduction of Edward VIII and hi.s marriage to a divorced American. And now the lovely Princess Elizabeth seems to be heading '-into a far less -sensational "liut possibly difficult betlirothal. The yoiinif man is Prince Philip, 25, of Greece. And the one compluvilinj!- factor is the continued presence of British troops in Greece. The marriage apparently has been arranged. He is an acceptable enough chap for a royal marriage. He is sixth in line for the throne of the HeUencs, now occupied by his second cousin King George. Although born on the Greek island of Corfu, the prince spent most of his younger years in England. Educated at an English preparatory. school, a Scottish public school and the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth, lie made his home with his uncle, none other than Admiral Viscount Louis Jlountbatten. He had a good war record with the British navy in the Mediterranean and the Pacific. He speaks" flawless English. The. matjih is well enough made, it seems. But 'there remain those British troops in Greece. Summed up in ibur-sy liable words by 'the New York Times, here is the problem : '"Because, of,; the, troubled situation in :'Greece it was Hhougilt thai 'the present was an inauspicious time 'for the announcement (of the betrothal) lest itwjirovidc a new reason for criticism of the government's policy of keeping British troops in Grec<:e." Britain's leftists are reported already in full cry. They did not like the return of .King -..George to Greece. They do not like British troops •. there. They tear a marriage between Elizabeth and Philip w ill commit Britian even more thoroughly to the continued sponsorship of a righlist- monarchist regime in Greece. Some sentiment is against Philip be- causo he is not British, despite his German blood mid I'Mivli'.ss Ku^lish diction. Opines columnist Tom Dri- bei% a leftist member of/lmrliiimeDl: "It might bo iliffcrenl if the poor tfirl hni! not been so carefully sheltered from contact with ordinary working class and middle-class people." Hegardless of home-isle sentiment and international complication, it .seems certain now Co be the old story of hoy «cl» girl. He gets her, that is, w hen King George VI lias signified his consent under the Royal Marriage Ad, and The Prime Minister and Privy c olm . cilor.s have been consulted on'tho desirability of .such n marriage. Kris Kringle, Alias Gl Joe Of all the holidays in the year, none i.s so peculiarly a "children's" holiday ;<s Christmas. Parents too poor to buy each other presents will somehow somewhere, manage to scrape up .some sort of a "visit, from St. Nicholas" for their children. H is* particularly liwirLwarmin.' therefore, to know th . lt Komo h j ( '. million German children in the American occupation -/.one will have a good Christmas, will, can dy, fruits, brightly lighted trees toys and other p-i'fis And who is the Santa Glaus? None olhor than that hard-boiled hombrc. Uie iough-hoKrlod fighfcr, your old I'"!, GI Joe-aided, abetted illu | Cll . wuriigcd by all the brass in the upper echelons. Soldiers chipped in ,and imported 11,000 worth of oranges, m ,t:s and f'es from Haly. To „ German k,'<! all orange i s about as grnnA ., im , se . ; « super-de-<(ooper electric train set be to your Junior. Troops ,cnt for toys, made others themselves bought -stiUmore from German n ni incliu-crs. F or wuck (] l I^Mhei. candy rations into boxes set »P in exchanges for (he 1>llr ,, OH ,, ' Ctcnnaiiy's children will |,. lw .y a bunch of a.,,,,,,, GI Joes might do more fo "deNa.ifv" lh "X 8 , nSi " K aSllCralio » ll '«"- "I' • the Rf^cches, painphlets llll(l ' »'«nts the Allies can '" Above all, not scmnolcnt city. don't BO io Philadelphia, wucn you wore not, dreaming your lime away in that scnmolcnt cily. y 0(1 WOIlld bc s|lcndl J|wlr ^ . "me going to NCW Yo , k city.-jame.s w <>„,, former ambassador t o Germany, advising UNon permnncnt location. wo Bct aH , ay f|xin] lrln U '!!n*? "" "" """•* "'"" " lc sovciwr.'v v-mi ,, f ° r °' lc °° tl onc W <"-W- °»e IKopIc. there will he a lhiul wor|(| ^ ^ inaybc sooner Hum wc cxiiccl.-Rogcr W. Dab'•on. business analyst. By tyjR&etwb - • — Th XI £N hour/later, the Major saw in . the glass a mosl resplendent image, shaven and shorn, perfectly groomed, slick as a whistle. He pair; his bill (rather a dis- voncerting amount), lipped Joe look his cane and went out ascending lo the slrcet level. Here under the grilled fretwork ot the ^l c '* marquee, he stopped, simply to bask a moment in his fccl- mf. of cleanliness and well-being I l- P ^- C ^ his feot widc "Parti lolacd his hands on thc knob of L'nrf £T' - Vhi< i h madc lhc IWrd ?l«J? rf nClnB - Icg of a lri P° d . ailci £tared dreamily off sinlo space Standing thus, ho heard, after not many minutes, a prefatory cough and a voice behind him. "Excuse me, sir, but aren't you Major Cameron?" , ?!:• turncd - a "d saw a man of middle age, dressed in good, dark ™ 6S M n<! W °u ring a black dX ine Major bowpd. "I am \vii 1 Itam Cameron. But you havY i confess, the advantage 1 of me7' Bivc me some information I'm mg. I am not a resident of :esvillc; my home is in Chicago. My card, sir." The Major accepted lhc card and _read its elegant engraving Ati said the Major, and shook «iv J ubcrl MHgrim's gloved hand » ell, I am always ready to oblige a stranger to our litllc city- -" , " Tha »k you," said Mr. Milgriin l erhaps you will step into the hotel with me, where we can talk at leisure?" Gesturing, he led the wa y ini 0 thc st Ccorpc's somewhat garish foyer. "I am registered here. But wail, perhaps you will do me thc honor of having a drink wilh me, in thc bar?" . All,," said the Major, and found himself wafted along beside Mr. "iilRrim into thc bar, down lo lhc yery cn d of thc mahogany nnd into the shadow of some polled Palms. • * 4 X" 1 ? bal ' lcnci er came lo attention " wilh nil thc promptness of a Mr A"" 111 - 0 " 1 -'""' " Whl ' 1 '" il bc " Al >* friend orders first," replied Mr. Milgrim, bowing toward thc Major. "Alter you, sir." . 'Buttermilk," rumbled Uic Ma- Erim" UClmilk> " echoed Mr. Mil- luu^^fM^ 8 '^ ^ under thc counter tv.'o of foamy, cold - - wilh a rcal| y fu informality, of the bus" ess which had brought him lo ninkcsviUc-and this pleasant mo£ J l Wns lhc oil business. No doubt the Major was familiar with the famous history ot '.he Golden Eldorado oil well located in Warrick County jus over the , Ine from K ^ v ?n$ Well, Mr. Milgrim and his partner, Mr. Richard Brecn, also of h;,d nroairod. ) Prodigious trying, an option on a tract of | niK , ad j oinin( , (h( , ,,, , nido property. Moreover they had h.u the tract surveyed by geologists, who assured them thai oil was ns plentifully bcnonlh it ils beneath the Eldorado's surface "tit drilling for oil, even when you re positive it's there is a suGpenseful project and onc in which yon |j k e lo fcc | Ul . (t nre not alone. With this phase of he matter in mind, thc partners had decided to organize a company, and to divide the rcsponsi- by sln'rc skC "^ cnorinous l )rollls . They wanlcd to enlist with them in a common endeavor some particular man in nialtcsville. who would act-temporarily, ; ,l least —as the company's president and by his own intcgrily and good repulc, identify iliu i establish the company's probity. * * * "A ND E "'" s - nit1 Mr. Milgrim, ralhci- suddenly, "when t saw you m lhc barber shop Maior Cameron, I resolved to beg you,- nrtucc. If ||,j 3 n i| sccms .\~ , to yon, let mo tell you i h ;,t I am .n uncanny judge c( ch;lr; , clc •"Hi the I looked ,-.l voit I was convinced lhal yo ,, v, crc ' •ipanlc, anyway, of advising Mr. "iceti and me. I do hone ih-it you will Where. wh,.,e in 'ninkel v i Me is the we're huntinq?" As silence fell, lhc Major stroked His mustache tentatively "This man would-uin-be a c ,',,it-,iJi 1 suppose?" -i'H.iiibi, ivcs'l'notli'it""' ' !e wo " uld ' lnvc l( > i4^if i '£i? i "'''^ 1Si ' ;;i;; ' ! . ar j 1 • S; " <i lllc ,^ Tn ' 0 '' slowly, lin Ihni 11 ! rloa '' "'' is J"st pos- onol" Ca " sugge: ' 1 s '"»e- Mr. Milgrim interrupted. "Why "ir -inTwl?!! 10 " ly I ' 0< "" Wilh nic to us from the restaurant" ^M'!' IJrccn ls not in today, and I should like so much lhc chance to talk al greater length on the subject " llie Major could sec no reason why he shouldn't lunch in Mr Milgriin's room. Thc idea seeme.i to him a very gocd on" < -'- 1 " c ' 1 (ARK.) COUIIIEK NEWS Wejcorne to Our City! . " JKicr^MaiaTJ^V ,^i^^-^_- _ ' to /*£#fi'f* > *v*' »• \ 4Sg^«- x 'T-^.j* A \ iHi^*^ .,A^fC *. WASHINGTON COLUMN' Second of three columns on union demands for increased social security.) HY PKTKK EUSO.V M-.A Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, Dec. 21. (NKAJ — Objections to the expansion of social security benefit provisions in l::nor union contracts arc many and varied. 'Kuceccl individualists say all lliis make people shiftless. Enploycrs who have b»cn carry- nil; on disahality and pension plans of their own are inclined to say, "We have born doinj- this on our own accord for a number of years. Why Jiotbcr to put it into union contracts?" Employers whose private insurance i)!ans have btien successfully administered and who have b'lifl up considerable good will with thci- 3ii;i>loycs as :i result, may In reHiC; •ant to give them up. One of the nosl interest aspects' of such sic-' nalicns, however, is that sonic cm- :lcyeis who have been most ad-i vanccci in this activity have been ( the hardest, hit by their employe':' in recent strikes. International Harvester anil General Electric otter uitstandmi; examples. Employers who have done nnthlne' '.cent insurance for thei- cmplovet •cqtiently say, "\VP can't afford' it' Justness conditions- don't permit i •J:h expenditures." Or. "We can'r i -> into these things unless all ouri ompclitors agree to, do it, tbo " Another approach' is the state- cut that all sit:h contributions by ' n employer are really concealed .'age increases. The cfect is therc- >-e said lo be in flationarv since ny increase in costs of op-ration fore much further advance is made in nun-ircvoininciual sotial security plans i.s whether insurance is interstate commerce. II more national ncrcerHcnt:; arc to ba as in the coal industry, it will !>_• necessary lo know whether this Hn-1 of insurance is to bj under federal In the last Congress legislation w..s intrci* :ed lo declare th'll ill- ed, but it will probably be rcintro- duccd in the next Congress. Any growth of private industry soda security will iorce .settlement of thc issue. In srmmnry, the need for government regulation of union-private industry social insurance will conic only if there, i.s a multiplication of abuses under the various trustee systems set in to control funds set aside for sickness, disability or retirement insurance in labor con- Anclher remote prospect is that EH™££;d ^tssSs-sii SMS THIS CURIOUS WOUO T MO\ The principal c,\;jMi<m from, Tiiaeement. however, is that any icreascd insurance provided by •npiOjeis on an individual com- ort' I - 0r .,v ld " 5try - Wi " e basis oi.Jle trx. m conllict will, tlipl resent demand for increased rov-l -nment social security deduct ion s I n contrary to congressional ne'e p:n° ns80Vernmeilt hcalt " il inaH S ?v, Sllln "' 1 «'" s heard 'parti- ' the CI ° Stcclwo:fc N YOU HA ME POUR '- OF THE WORLDS W. R. GOODNIPM-CT IS PROPRIETOR O £ INSENJIOU5 SCHEME OF A SIAMESE KING "• rn P, / cn>° ' VH1TE ELE PHANT5 TO PERSONS HE WSHED ' I? n IS' S " - E TKE -^NI'AALS \VERESACREDTH-r COULD Nor -.-BE-DISPOSED OF, AfJD THEIR. UPKEEP EVENUWLLYLED _ TO BAMKBUPrcy Or THE OWNEJa:. I2 . 2I , A_NSWEIl: Tlie ten largest islands arc: Greenland. Ncw . Guinea tra, Honshu, Great Bo sundials keen correct lime? lju] neo. iM;iri-|r'-,. r ,,. I>.,[r,,, t . t, --•-*-••""i^'. i>^\\ vjui loria. Kllrsm",".' ' '"'"' Sl "" !ltra ' "o»^l>u, Great Britain, Vic, HOLLYWOOD . BV KKSKIMi JOHNSON NBA' Slnff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD _ (NEA)_ Dear Santa Clatis: From the way things have been uoing down lhl s wa y, you're in for more trouble again ihls year So watch out for: 1. Used-car salesmen who may want to buy your old sleigh. They'll try to S cli you a '47 model but yon l| never get delivery in time to make the Christmas i-vuds And Ihey'll, only allow you $20 on (lie old one. Keep the old bus for a couple more years. 2. studio galcmcn. He sure and uiiiiir your Producers Association Pass, .because they'll never recoK- nia> yon. '•<• Pickets. Hollywood still Ji.-is em. BUI please don't avoid them Slip 'em a few green backs if you 'I. Inflation. Bring plenty of money, lincon l s 95 cents a pound, and Jicadwaiters can't even see you unless you slip Iheni J5. Haircuts are 51, and a shave for you prob- am.v would cost $150. Oh, yes—you'd better equip the <>!<! sleigh for sleeping, in case you decide to stay a few days to see the sjBiit.s. The housing shortage is worse than ever. BRING THESE WITH YOU If you still plan on making the Hip. here's our annual list o r Christmas gifls for you lo bring ."onie of the boys and girls of lhc screen colony. Howard Hughes: A great big . censor-proof theater in which to show "The Outlasv." Or, fivi minutes alone in any room WITHOUT a censor. Peggy cummins (in memory of her being replaced as Amber ill "Forever Amber" by Linda Darnell): Five minutes alone in the same room with Kathleen Winsor. Harry Colin: A Chinese dictionary. Time seems to be thc only language he's missed. William Powell: A can or black shoe-polish. His hair, dyed red for "Life wilh Father," | 5 being lem- peramenlal about growing | w c!s lo its natural color. Errol Flyiin: An "A" on M x report card for being a good boy lale- Producer Edward Small: A guy who looks Ilka Valentino, quick Were getting tired of hearing about all those film tests. Al Jolson: A recordhir. of Larrv Parks singing "Mammy." Movie fans: silent popcorn ^^""y Stewart: A great big red Clark Gable. A good movie SOMETHING I Oil FRANK IE Frank Sinatra; A bobby-soxer cquiiicd with a Maxim silencer Samuel Ooldwy,, (worried about the fate of Hollywood and the excellence O f recent English movies): A special showing of "It's a Wonderful I.lfc." Ginger Rogers: A Rood movie. Ingrid Bergman: Anything. she wants—for being n great lady and a great actress. Lnna- Turner: A happy love affair. Peter bind Hayes: Stardom in Director clarence Brown: A gold medal for i,j s grea t, direction of kids and nnimnls, (he toughest job in Hollywood, in "The Yearling." "I U. S. Army Group HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted is in- signe of U. S. Army ——. Division 8 II is a unil of the IT. S. armed M Make ready 1 ^ Painter IV Auricles ! 3 Sicilian volcano 20 Legal point '". Swaggers ^.' Ever (contr.) U-S Exclamation. 23 Type measure '-'7 Respiratory .sound 30 Blnoct vessel -'it Conduce •':. : . iioal paddles 3i.' V, r oslorn cattle 40Sloa;iishiy (ab) <1 Allai.K.: (:,]).) •l-l Undivided •10 Hostelry 52 Faithful MLilllc island 55 Injjian 56 Trying cxi'jcilencc HG Pantries 00 Store in a silo Cl Scatters VERTICAL 1 Mast toglc 3 Veterans (coll.) 4 Roof fmial 5 Symbol for sodium E Waste allowance 7 Listen 8 Quick a Either lOHoutc (ab.) 11 Quote 12 Slave 13 Heavenly body 10 Symbol for ruthenium 21 Her 22 Ocean 1M Command 26 Satellites 27 Streets (ab.) 28 Seine 20 Individual 31 Rodent 32 In three way; , (comb, form) 33 Peer Gynl's mother 37 Fish efigs 28 Employ ' "U Genus of plants 42 Gull-like bird 43 Youths •15 Egyptian nvcr -JOTaslosolo (ab.) 47 AilmenU -18 Harvest 43 Genus of shrubs 50 French department 51 Hcadlr.nd 53 Kawuiian wreath 55 Poem r>7 Morinui.i five 5fl Riilrouci (ab.) LU boarding House with AAaj SIDE GLANCES by Galbraith lion contro'iinr" indiv' f °'', tr "' isln - siiran'cp" U "i V ' c '" a ' co " cc '"ii •'•orin! in- ?l fWF a ka v ffiB*WH^ t> I/ •V<4 ' .^a-'.* & "*".. X "*•» ""ou'ci bciicr S;;G<IK to Johnny^—he can imitate his sister's voice perfectly, and l,:' s gut QUO of her boy friends on th» iiha iVc.,v!" . Out Our Wav BvJ R~Williams BUILD ANY MORE HORIZOMTAL FENCE TV AT N! ll^?j.! D LET ME FILL THE CAMVOM— ERE'S A DRAPT I THE VAU_EV »^ ~rnr. \v.\p. RPD

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