The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1946 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1946
Page 15
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1940 . BLYTHEVILLE (ARt) COUW1KB NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION .. ttiu fw toy iOc Montk v*r llrj« , CaJat flv* »7«T»f• word* f« th« Ad «rd«r*d for tfcrM ot *U ttm« _ Wter« u|>l»tl» will k» ckti» : II Oluilflcd AdftriilUic WT :>d iy pen out r»ldlo( eutild* «f Uu ^> will; eoiLru*<l Itum ttw »*>« IvutUuic uidtt f*i in»i>l»« lM*r- > tak«« tb« «n« ilm* r*u. J IM[w>ll»J>Ulty Will >M U(M f« i tbu omj Ijtc^irfct irjfi*r^40B ol uir ,U1«4 »4. For Sat* SODA FOUNTAIN FOR SALE Liquid Carbonic with Car- bonator, ten pumps, twelve foot counter itnd nice back bar. Will sell at a bargain. Call 96«, Hlytheville. 12-12-ck-lf for Him—a Genuine llamboo Fly Rod for Christmas, $12 (o $22. Planters Hard war*. 12-S-ek-l 2-2-1 im house owlji'." "' fan be m&<li> Into tvin I!. .Mill D.I lor --- 4 run- i anil Iliilj ilM. R,»,, •Inyi,,,, l.uxcir*. I'hniit 2KI-J. l.m'or.v For Sal. *tl oil cline Kl 1S35 1'jymoulh, Si-door sedar.. Inquire at I'ickurd's Grocery, 10'1-i Ohickttsawfou. 12-W-ck-^'l S. b °!-l l r.r"^'. 3ffi££ ll D.T,i'««rcK ™« SAI »!«.._ II,,.. ««... T ... Bx j r(j du(y 1{M2 tires on |j*ve koy«r for your koiue. U. O. C'«iopl)ell l'liuti« «t» — 2»an- UfllM 120 Bouik 8eco»d. 10[2 ek-tf |We'n b.llins Hid nux.toMH >'l«»i«c. Kiti« IIIK InfUi, inn*! to"—Hoiim 0.1s .Iso liirillliirc. 00.'. <! ull Chevrolet, six wheel's, . overload springs, heal«r wheel, fojj lights, in- feel. Perfect condition. Call 2147 or 9fi(i, BlythevilU-. V 12-12-ck-tf Hun (i.M.O. If nek 3 |A1I kinds of fireworks for Christmas. At lUicharmn's Grocery, North Hi-way (il_,| '"Shl^'Tho."'''!^ '""I'li'in-ilk"'! lirand new -California style home, 5 rooms with hath.. Kquipped with floor furnace und attic fan, Heauti- ful hard wood floors. Lois of.'deep elo.sets;. Built-for good living, and ready for owner to move in. Sec oil-all Max Logan, Realtor, Lynch H|dg., phone 20.'! 1. 12-17-cl(-24 lot 127x341 ft, Sopth Division. See H- C. Camphell, 120 S. Second. U-32-ck-LV Unilin. Chair-i-iJo inoJcl. -«K e Kluwon GAI.ORE-. Luggage. Glassware, Electrical Appliances, Fountain pens, I'en & Pencil Sets, Hilli'olds, Radios (battery & electric), Guitars, Mandolins, Harps, Accordion*. Combination Sets, all kinds of favors, Clocks. Smoking Sets, Lamps, Chinaware. Ladies I'urses, Traveling Kits, Ties, Gloves, Razors. Toilet Articles and Sets, Silverware, pictures and Frames, Novelties and Most Anything you want r "at .1. Well Brooks J-, 10!) E. Main St. Phone 9(i(>. 12-13-ck-tf . S(ii>|,. Ull K. Ma i.lmm- sr.o. Your Car Deserves A Gift Too! For all the months of loyql duty to you, your car deserves a gift in that it should be cared for properly , . . you'll find that a little care now will save you costly trips back and forth from the repair department. Bring Your Car Home to Phillips for Proper Care P MIL LIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DIALER Walnut at Fifth,—Blylheyllle. Ark. Tel. 453^-3721 Services Tractor re^lro and Electric and *orlyl*«« w«l'!in K . Ulnck.sjmllh wprk. !)<•)(» Implenirnt Co. Phunt 8G'I. S-lft-ck-« M»chln« n )«" ill l,ii,. . ruriilllloll. «nii I|«| to Htisiness man wiinlN nicely fui nishfd room, privaic liii(h and private entrance. I'refer KHUN in home with elderly couplv. I*. O. tiox S0 : l. 12-17-ck-'>0 0 ur 7 riU'ln furiiMii'iL h'nisi- nr ii|,n HUM. I'll,, „!,),,-I I'll,HI,. Id, :il» )lnl,<l N,,l,l... I'j:i7 |.k Complete housekeeping outfit consisting- of refrigerator. 5 burner cook stove, oil burning heating stove, bedsteads and beds and many other things. 'Must"sell ut L . ,„„.,,,, fl once. See Willie 1'urcel! at Yarbro. 12-l«-pk-2,l — l,MiU-r«, flirlli. Pli-k- Uly" . .Ill,: i;nl;|l,< flION'ljV TO LOAN I)o ynn need n loan to or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no tnpe. KHA approved rute • >"'. Ask for details. M'ix I.OKIIII, Kenllor, phone 2031. Lynch lildg., Itlylltevtllc. 9-28-ck-M iVonllici- stripping. Save fuel by having doors ami windows wen I herst ripped, C, K. Wingins, r>12 N. UHU. I 1 hone 22!):!. ! !-2li-pk-l:M?S Cull Dan for tiependalil pliiinliing and heating serv- ic'c — Itepnirs—rein — l)i:il (i,'!7 dav or >,.»r Waul \va .I'l.'l,- M.ii-k „( I,' n|-1 Jimt ,,rri,-irhl!.. M,,nlv,i II n J.lii.ii.' I -> Tu.,|..l.-iy. lint-. ki->-.. Ii M,.',. Loft ";>TimK In.I ill Kn> il*ki'l ji'liii-ii.. ' Cull WANTED ,.,.! ,,l Mnnllu l!l) K-lilv link UK.I .I Illy., ,,I I In' nilil wlii-i-1. ItiniJinl. nllur,, I'.. Ill) II,,ix ill.'. All,. (', , Wi.r.l rjii i .-I. :i Ynii-ll I, .i,,,,,,, ,„ ll",'r. ». t-.'l '.'•"I i: Mniii. I'll, Help Wanted vvniill-d. Mil.I 1, nlury. Cull nr ill i UIN ii'lantl M-rvlrit .Sli'rli-. Ml< I'Loii,- su'vu- i *ru^. F.n-k IIIITM- rciiil,-. Hi E HI yi'nr* oL.I. Ill ).,! - M.UM 11 Ml |li«. Hi,,..' ! I!. II. Aliliul'l. I'liiMii, Z'.'il. Taken Up in, li«y Mlnl-i 1 lunli- - VV.H'li! n l,mi| IJUli II,. \V. Mnlnni-J. n-nr 71'." niinnllj i I'l " " ink S> ll'll l Ptttional II s|,:ir>. •I n,,.I 1111 r •,,!,!, ! .liinin ll'.l >t 1) at -' >',. M»ln HI. I' • I-:-.I. I ,.!,- ullli >:,:.::• talc, uli",I' in Il,,,v,-r •' A|,|,l) l'ln»- i-r ^h,.|,. Cl.-iu-.ii' ILnl-'l Ill'ltf. I'JnH^i- -I'.ll ILMlV-r^-'-U 11,1 for Runt Wanted to Buy I,- m-n- .S "f,»nt ^tnn,s,v drink lje,i sl.'i-l. ary -2010 \VPSI Vlue. LAND FOR SALE | SO acres wifh nice 5 room residence; 2 extra good tenant houses; good barn. This is some of the finest cypress loam soil you have ever seen. This is well located and perfectly drained. Can be bought for S<v tlOO.OO down and 15 y carton balance at !>'*•• interest, n highline, gravel road and school bus roule. Close to good high school and town. Just short distance from Blythcvillu. SO acres on corner of state highway. Gravel road running down by side. Ha;! barn and plenty of out buildings. Has school bus, T i lights, and mail route. L Y extra nice residence and * one tenant house. Large 240 acres with all niodern improvements; well located, finest type Little River soil. You wiM not have to spend one dime to move in. Has everything in first class condition. I'riintcd and all houses reworked Exquisite all platinum wedding set. (Fish tail engagement ring, fits wedding hand) with 81 diamonds, large center stone 1-5 carat, appraised at SGOO. Vc are forced to sacrifice J'oi quick cash. This is a real bargain for someone. If interested be sure and set these rings. Call 767 after 3:30. 12-17,ck;L'C Two 194-1 model A John Deere tractors with 2 row cultivators. These are ex^ tra nice tractors ami prict<i to sell. Hud Wilson Auto Sales, Corner Kranlclin and Main, Blytheville, Ark•' • 12-19-ck-21 250 acres of good cotton. | — corn and bean land on' Kiul " giitvel road, near Hlythe- ville. School bus. Call or write E. 15. Gee Cotton Company. 202(> or 6-15. •I2-0-ek-tf „ ••(.-::.. \ OONT TAKE A LOSS. Get i IM.i -i.i.-i in lll( . loj> yru-,. j OI your cat or truck from I'HILLH'S ftlUTOtt CO. Today. o-a-ck-il .11,1 nil'k ,lk. l!"'l,l , l 5,. II. Vli-lrli- ««:.. Mill. :in,l ,,ln. Cefci h«t Hlione ftrfl^ "- "•'••• -•.'I}|gl'.|i'fc':'<2|ai ifflo* '4J>*«« lor tmt. Entire ittond floor rr. j38 R. M»in T I'riTjIt) tm- (rBuca. Tt^netiAn blludi. I'lmiio 801. Bcilroom 311 N. Bill, riione . HI30-|ik-12|30 ulv. Till (Miifk.i Found Loans Automobile Lor.ns Convenient Way lo Borrow COMPARE OUR RATES Personal Loans For EDUCATIONAL EXPENSE, TAXES and Insurance, Doctor Bills, Accumulated Debts. QUICK, Confidential Service. Universal C. I. T. Crfiilit Company 110 N. Second St. Blyttievlllc, Ark. Amii-ul Cur SU11 lUiu s HOI.UEKNESS, N. II. iUl'i—An nnclcnt ifolls-Roycc. whlcli l)r<niKlit 4^0,000 «liL>u It wns new. sold here 1 for $200. H left this tov.'n 'under Us own' P.IV.TI', Uio. ST. LOUIS (UP>—Divorce cases :iri! rising iigiH- nlong wltli pi'ic-"! in Mjmirbrm clnylon 'I'luMc Jui,'; foeon u tuiin of '215 for (he lii'st six iiiontliK of tl)| ; ; year iivLH- the same period lust ycjiv. IF YOU NEED— Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers Ice Cream Boxes or Any Heavy Refrigerator for ImniHllate Delivery CALL Steclc 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE l-XMS I'OOLK, Owner * Msr Highway Cl North at HOLLAND. MO. AND TRUCKS ANY MAKE OR YEAR MODEL COME BY OUR BIG We pay off finance company and pay you your equity in cash. LOY EIc H CHEVROLET COMPANY T«xoco Gas & Oilt 301 W. Wqlnut Photif 579 uiinil: A <-n:ni,.n v,>nr Illll, .,J , rn,-),,.,- fu, m . K. .Mnin. I'lion Oiie-hnlf of all tlie world's kno'An coal deposits )lc'\vilhln the boundaries of Uie United Stntes. "V\t" nn(rl Rqdjo Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams. MfT. Phone 2«1I -eW-Og W. M.i One tnt) iModel A John Deere tractor, one 1 !(•!(» Model r! John Deere, one 1 9 Ul Model H John Deeri 1 , one 1945' B Farmall wilh new eqiiip- ment- Can furnish cultivators, middle busters and planters with above tractors. Also disk and break? er with same. Triced t.> sell. Brown Motor Co., Manila, Ark., phone :il. ___ _ 12-IO-ck-LM One Stewart-Warner Flectric this fall. >ifiO acres; .-1 modern houses. • all new, painted and rebuilt this summer. This land i« right on the banks of an old dry bayou and as good soil as you can find anywhere in the country. ATTENTION: We have ft other well located, improved 80 acre trncls . with alioul the .sumo, improvements of the other farms I have mentioned above. Can be bought with l-;i down. 15 years on balance and at 5'f interest. This properly belongs to a company and has had their carpenters to rebuild and paint (his fall. This ia (he reason il can he sold on these terms. ATTENTION: you people who would have a 40 acre farm Aomc, we are expecting t }fe( several nice -10 acr tracts today. It will be too late to describe them in th ad. It will IK; well locatec very best loam soil an can b« bough! on eas terms. K1ALBS LAND COM CAN Phone 3322 Office in Hale BMjr., Aero From City Hall Russell E. Riales Ben T). Hamner R. M. B«c k-2 Refrigerator, used but in good condition. Planters Hardware Co., Inc., !2(i W. TiK Lil. tlii. (.'nil 338 1. uantcd. I .Mnin o . e itt riyl>- N Kiflh tiertric cliurii, C^ll 2&D7. . ,, Wnlthnm — -T al] >i,-e] trii-ycln-i Rvbil riiillipf. ^OK K. Main. IMS.?k-SI ur.lily l.uili tricycle* HI. .linn Mniii .S »J1I n-.illr 'mi. :tOl lilt! oil lirall-r m li'r. fall .171S. •csleil lirforo ynn l,uy. Ihvy. is. Sliclilly us il fotnnnn ni> lit-au-r .Tor Sti.inks i>h l:',i. ' " 12H». v V.-i: 114^ OlilsniftliJI,': 10^7 t>,i,liro 9n7 V<ir-l roii|i,<. A]l,'ir« uiinn. 113 K.iM Hnin. |,lii>n Lost or Strayed Fr«m my residence—M?0 Walnut^—one white and lemon' snot led 'female .pointer bird dot?. Has just weaned pups- Reward for information leading to her recovery, j R. L. Wade, phone 3122 or 32RS 121G-CH-23 COLD WEATHER AHEAD! * Check Anti-freeze * Check Radiator and nl! liosn connections * Check Bart^ry * Check Oih for proper \vitilcr weijjlit * Check Lubrication One trip service to Langsfon-Wroten is your assurance of Worry-free driving this winter! Langsfon-Wroten Co. SaU»— BUICK—Scrrlc* U. S. Tirn Mobilga* and Oil WKKCKBK BBKV1CP / * FARM LOANS Save IVSontry T«tluy, Any Hay STOP AND SWAP I'l.lH.UT IIUFFAIAN'S RAY WORTHINGTON Scrvlnf 'tUtu Mellon for II T«u< U5 Bo. Jrd, HljrUmllK *•**- iw Trine In Prudential I Sunday at 4 p.m. over WKEC 401 I-:. Main I'll one 8511 Vuu Musi Be Happy ur No Dcul RAD\0 REPAIR SERVICE Any Mqke or >yAodcl 1 to 2 Daya Service We Call For and 'Deliver PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan MOTOKOt.A Sales and Service 1»« Soutli First FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tito Sixes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. »>1 at State Line Phone Illylhevllle 7H Refrigerator Service J Fird !»»,« . "-• ;': ADAMS APPLIANCE I CO., Inc. v I. W. Phone 2071 UC-M W, . M»U PRESCRIPTIOf&S ¥re*t\ Stock Kirby Drug Stores W. J. Pollard GJencoc Hotel PKon. 3S4& RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (Alt rj-pts Kxcopl Cancrr) DRS. NIES& NIES Clinic 5M M:lln, Illj-lln-villt, Ark.. Phone Mil DON EDWARDS Tht Typewriter M»»* KOVAL. SMI'I H. CORONA "*t RRMINUTOM rl>KTA»UI 110 N. SECOND ST. PHQNB »JW Trarwnctlon MU8T BB BATIBPACTOHT) Announcement--- We Arc Now Equipped to ' • •Give You Complete ....•* REPAIR SERVICE Welding - Glass Installed - Painting City Garage & Welding Shop K8 K. MAIN .InnK's KiisscU PHOKF. S71 Dan Hussell BOOTS AND HEK RUDDIES KKECKLES A.N1) T11R FlURNDS A Siiriii'isc! BY MERRIIT, GOSM.HILOA, R.FRoir p.vureD YOUR. PICTURE / IT is t.w HOMOU. TO PRESENT TO SHADY3IKT HIGH SCHOOL THIS Or ITS THE VERY FIRST i KNEW 1 LOOKED LIKE PRISCILU ALOEW, L M6AM rfi I ii

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