The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1946 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1946
Page 12
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f-AGJB TWELVE Canadians Hang 5 Nazi Prisoners POWs Pay With Lives For Having Murdered Incarcerated German LETHBRIDGE, Alta.. Dsc. 19.*— (UP)—Fire men, including four German' prisoners of war who killed a fellw prisoner, were hanged yesterday 'In the largest mass execution in Canada's history. The war prisoners, 5gt. Majors Willi Mueller, 32, Heinrich Busch, J9, and Bruno Perianowskl, 34, and Sgt. WalKr\Wo|f. 28. were hanged for killing Dr. Karl Lchmnnn, a German - doctor of philosophy, at the Medicine Hal Internment Camp. The )., fifth man executed wa.s Donald stale)', 29. who criminally assaulted and killed Donald Uoss. 6, in a Calgary park last July 24. Lthmann, who served with Marshal Erwln Rommel's AfrikaKorps, was found handing from the elbow of a gas pipe in a lecture room in the camp fan-racks. He died on Sept. 10. 1S44. during a large movement of prisoners from, the i:a:np. The prosecution had charged thai- he was cxasuted L-ecause he was anti-Nszi and the four soldiers did not want to leave him behind. BLYTHEVILLE (ASK.) COUR1LR NEWS Cculk Mflmi, joinh with hinuet Here's How'to Sove Coal li Use storm doors and windows to hold all heat possible. Close off unuscif looms, lower window shades ut night. Claims All-Cement Home Keeps Dampness Out COLORADO SPRINGS, Col. ( UP) —Keeping in line wllli Ihc over- changing building idens nnct improvements, a loca: mjui claims lo have perfected an all-cement home —entirely free from dampness — with, walls which do not '.'swcnl." Spencer Marsh E ay s his "cast woldj' homes arc made as, dry us any other type home by use of nil-spaces ahich are connected to all sections of the structure with two- inch pipes. This nir pipe system keeps the walls <]ry and frost- and damp-proof, Marsh snys, and poirvts to his technique as real Insurance against files and termites. With the bituminous strike cutting of! sources oC future supply, coal conservation lius foecnmc ;i "mu:;l" in every American home. Chr-'.''"<l E'bove arc ihc cifjhC v/ays of stretching iiou.nhold cnal "! sjcd by the Solid Kuels Adminislrntlon. U. S. Capital in Typical Mess Over Dealing With Subversives 11Y LYLE C. WILSON (United Press Staff Corresprmdent) WASHINGTON, Dec. 10. <U)') — This bftffllne cnpilal was in Ji typi- "nl mess lodny. The courts have hold Owl the government can fire a Communist fellow traveller nml the War Department is wailing it has no menus of prolediinK itself ngninst such subversive charncters. "Whrt poc-s on, apy\va>?" de- mnnclcd the inan-in-llic-.strcet in- (ci'vicvvcd by your correspoiidonl. No one seems to ktiow the answer to that one. Congressmen vvpro particularly interested in tne W;ir department situation. A responsible; Imllvicluul told the United Press the department had no satlsfnctory system of {-heckInK on Communists and other .subversives employed by It. Ecivernl mcnibzrs ol the House U American Activities committee told the United Press thnt the department hits plenty e! authority lo BEAU BRUMMELL S^^^ for the man most likely to succeed W* :ict and should get moving on the problem right iww. If the department falls to clean its own House there might be « congressional investigation to discover why noc Ittp. John E. Ruikln, D Miss liowcvcr. thinks there ought to tic's. liiw. He says he will propose tlmt Congress legislate for the restoration of the Army's'counter Intelligence system to detect subversive government employes. "It's an outrage," said Ranklti. At about the same moment the JmlKos of the United States Court of Appeals were affirming a lower court decision that the government con fire an employe about whose loyalty there Is reasonable do'iH . The rinplcyc In Ihis JnslajK'c was Morton Friedman. The court did not puss upon Friedman's loyalty or; tlie minllriitioj) that he was a Coin-! intinM s.yn'l'i'.liilMr. It simply salclj thi 1 U !>. Civil Service Commission liart milhority to determine his loy- nlty. The commission held thai j-Viirlmf.n'.s loylty wns rnip.stiomible HIU! nli:-r more than a yea;- of in- vestigi'.uon :nid discusslo;:. rricci- innii Iniiilly was ordered out of hi.s War Mir power Commission )')!). In tlip process ol firing Friedman, the Civi! Service CommiKsioii took a teiMlii- stt-lni; at an outfit known as llic American Peace -MolJilizn- llon. In :L letter dated Juno !>, 134-1. siiirl addressed to 1-Ylcdiimn, DECEMlilill lit, 1010 Hit 1 voiiiniimiioii naitl lie h:«l (o \iv Jli-i'd, cx])lain':d: "The; c'oir.inlsfitoii'.s action was based main!}' on your activities in connection with the American Fence M;'.>i]iaiUon. It may be true that many members of the APM were not aware that it was Ccm- mLini.-,l dominated and pro-Communist x x x." Tlic AI'M was Ihc or(;ani/.:ition wiikrh was picketing the White House Hxalast aid lo Britain against Hitler right up to 11 p.m., or so on the evening of June 22, 1941. At tha^ moment the flush cai.-e that Hitler had attacked Soviet Russia. The AFM picketccrs were caught with one fool in the air. They bal- iimrd in (hat awkward position briefly and called the whole thing off. Wilh uussia under fire the war U'.Tame a. holy cause of Communist fellow travellers. The APM has gone out of business long since lo be succeeded, It is charged, by incorporated offspring equally attenllve lo the Communist party line. Dut if any member of the outfit or its successors remains in Ignorance of the implications of Iheir late sodality, they should be referred to Section I or appendix. Part 9 of lite House UnAmerican Committee reiwrt on Communist front organizations. Here is an excerpt: "The American Peace Mobiliza- tion was one of the most notorious and blatantly Communist fronts ever organized In this country. The period of its existence coincided exactly with the period of the Stalin- Hiller pact, down to the very day of June 22, 1941." On Page 432 of Ihe foregoin" document, the committee reported, that the officers of the APM as of Sept. 3, 1340, included: Paul Robeson, Negro singer, Hep. Vilo Maicanlonio of New York the late Theodore Dreiser, a novelist who publicly embraced Communism shortly before his death and Rep. Hush Delacy, a Washington Democrat who was defeated in last month's election. IN KEEPING WITH THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS % ] a >' u •^-, u I(/A; 1 - V- -^ ^V3\^>-- THE BESl WAY TO EXPRESS 1STMAS" This gracious mantelpiece is . Christmas itself, expressing in every line the Christmas spirit. The prancing- reindeer . . . frosty-white sleigh . . . tall gleaming tapers . . . red carnations . . . and festive foliage all combine to say "Christmas is here Joyous Day." Flowers at Christmas will warm the heart . . . make the home friendly and gay. PJace your order today for floral decorations and (ilnwiii; IMiinsi-lli is f nr lr:i[lilton:il hnliilnv v.Hrniih. A single plunl rtilors .-our liihlc, brighlcns cnnicrs with spriKlilly hcuuly. ultfi the lirsl siunv—hut more like peiu-ls Ui:n] stiwv n>nie Hn-sc lirsl waxy lilns- soins for inntiier to \s-tur iluriiiK lutliilny rlitcrl;ii:i- Let Beau Brummell Toilelries add their appeal to yours! Five essential preparations dedicated to masculine comfort, convenience . . . and success. "Unbreakably yours" in streamlined aljir,,,u,,i flasks. Lightweight, compact, space conserving . . . perfect traveling companions. Large "Executive" size in American Beauty Beauswade boxes, convenient "Traveler" size in King Blue. Available singly, or in sets of two three and five ... or sets of five in luxurious De luxe Kit. Cologns . After Shave . HairDressina . Talcum . Deodorant. From $1.25 to $15.00. Serving Blytheville More Than 40 Years I'hone 3331 2 23 West Main St. Lovely :\/.:ilra iilanls ivill ninvry your holiday vishrs in its own liuart-ua. :iun- way. Let us liclp ynu wild jti^sl Ihu riRht j;if[. > (»u cll(»nsr Imrlv Krariuu.s rnsrs in ilrliratc rut hoivcr :!ri'Linj:rlTlvnts, ;\s -••: .single tionqucl, or a.-j ;in r^iutsilc cnrs:ii;c, rest as- surcrt the recipient >•.iil rx- pcricncn a real joyous lli.nj. On hicls ;nr lops for f In I sjH-cinl (H-rasion of Ihc yrnr, Ihc d;iy of HJI.VS, vvlirn rvrrythiii;; must Itc pcrferl. let nrcliids icll her she is t!it' one and only. Chrysanthemums w;u mTv rsprc.vs Ihc fioldpn riciitirss i»f fhr fcslivr srnsnn. llrr/r i;.\y tones hlrndin^ hi hur- inony ivilh the occasion. HOI.I.V \vi;i:ATir,s J'DT Service THE Phone 491 G/encoe Bldg,

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