The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1946 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1946
Page 10
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House Controls Do Everything, It Seems, But Provide Shelter 'filtering'Truth Handicaps Peace f Milton Eisenhower, f Brother of General, f Reports on Meeting 'CHICAGO, Dec. 19 (UP)—Milton JP. Eisenhower, chairman of the JO. S Commission to the United e"'"-'"'"'*"' is controlling me Nations Educational, Scientific and """s'l'B industry Into oblivion. The JCiiltu;n] Organisations, said today i " lsi witnesses came from Tcmies- [the «or!d can have no peace while £Ce - ' fhe y "Srewt tluit It directives THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19 19- States Urged to Trees as Emblems BY FREDERICK V. OTHMAN United press Staff Correspondent WASHINOTON, Pec. 19, — How Tom Stewart of Tennessee got onto the subject, of birth control Li beyond me. I thought he was talk- Ing about houses. Senator Tom was holding a formal-hearing on charges lhat the government Is controlling the , ._; can have no pea 83 «cr cent of its peoples receive ffilteicd truth." f Eisenhower, brother of Gen. fiom Washington were shingles, eieiybody'd have a roof. Harrison, who mamifnc- iS¥SSv^i : V-"" 1 '-^-'^^ \™.°£^™&£? ^x^^ 51 '™' 1 •- «• | "Mostly printed on both sides --- *"-.«, mjvliiluncl illju nt .j I,, . ihc organization was seeking to re- ' y snla " lyiu ''" lle slM i «nv» .„.„ .1 .-.v_ " ... Ennlntlnf; at a CPA pricing selv;-!- ule. "They all have Been mailed to me from 'Washington since the end of Ihc war. Four hundred and Jmove .two threats 'to pence—Imte rncy within nation's and the nn {tion barriers which result In '''fu llered truth. ' t f^s-nj.per cent of all the people in the world obtain news only after jt is filtered through some form of VensoHship," he said. "Tariffs, quo- jns and o(her barriers impede the •too..interflow,of Hboks. magazines and motion pictures" r.Ha said UNESCO "will at once undertake studies looking to thei ^removal" of such barriers but' (warned against expecting "specln- Jcular results overnight." Suspects Held !ln Six-tear-Old JMurder Mystery J MEMPHIS, Tenn., Dec. lg — iOJPj—PHtce a nna u ncc( | yesterday Jim (hey had solved a elx-ye-v old jnurder case with the arrert of ^hree men Just night. .Charles n. Teagne, 46, now a £taye mil! worker at Corinth, Miss if 1 "" Eid Tweedy. 46. Jackson. Tenn" £ere .charged with murder, ami 5n°ef **«*£;#• ^^^ Ark ' ftri jucr w ns held as n material wit- fliess. \ * nnirder In whlnh the three j-Hlegodiy „!•<}• implicated occurred r' e "'»<'' °f J«n. 27 1941. Clarence Alva Parrott, 41-year old j: f erk, was fol j nd ly|ng Qn the f , oor ?i\ , , quor store hcr e with a bul- Set hole in hls bilch . A ^ a ° ulol j-niiipd port w !no placed between '•"cent !i? - nt ' " grotest ' Uc nir to the Parrott died In a hospital wlth- The "'was, ever established and 88 V , tlorninnt ""til the sllsppcts were (ftk en .Into Closo Baltimore Orioles clinched einonh l( * ''.'• thirty sheets O f orders and rules aijd regulations nbont niy business/' "Do you memorize them?" asked Senator Tom. "Memorize 'em!" exclaimed Harrison, "Why, If ihey were pasted together, they'd make a sheet 400 feel long." He spends his Sundays and holidays .studying the rules on making doors, ho said, and the rest of his time seeking in vfilu for tin; lumber. The plywood, which he used In use, now B»es into prefabricated houses. Ordinary houses don't Ret doors, or at lonst not from him . K. Frnnk Cllne. the Nashville furnace innn, had the same sorry slory. He has plenty of furnaces, but can he gel the pipe to connect 'em? NO sir. Four hundred houses, which .-nay or may not have doors, do hnve furnaces, but no pipe. His next door neighbor is going cold because of no sheet metal to patch his furnace. And so on throughout the building trades of Tennessee. No roofing material. No market for ornamental Iron work. Serious shortages of plumbing facilities. Cue housewife In Nashville has five children, with dirty faces. She smashed her wash basin (the evidence did not Indicate how) and the master plumbers of Nashville still have not been able to wangle her another. The situation i s not funny and that Is introduction enough I guess, to L, C. Hnnsbergcr, one of Nashville's leading electrical contractors. He snld he knew a fellow who wanted to build a house with a front porch, n den, two beit- rooms nnd no cellar. "The government told him he'd have to dig a cellar," Hansberger tesUfleci^"Sp he changed hts plans " ' in for BB- t said lie' porch. lie your budg« runs low «nd your family'j ippitite „„, h!gh) K . member M ayroie Purr Pork Saus«e It s made of lean pork trimmings wuh lust enough deUcwc spices to give it that special, dfliciois flavor your family likes so we[I A fe MAYROSE BRAND Pure Port •Sausige at your favorite marktt. Drown Mayro* Link sausage in a fry pan ovcr slow hea Prepare bak,ng pc wder biscuit dough; roll out Olt opposite corners of , water and p in <h toget h« abovc slusagc . rack m an op« p. n . in » hot oven, -(50'F., 10-15 minutes. * &U/SA66 STAMKOKU, conn. (UP) _ A movement among tree experts Is removed lhat from the blue prints under way this winter to have leii- nml re-submltte c ] hLs blueprints. , Islaturcs In 22 states adopt official "T)y government said there was slate trees, . * only one thing wrong with his A survey by the Barllett Tree house. He didn't have enough bed- Expert Co. shows that 28 stales rooms. So he changed lib den into, have an official tree Those 'lack ii bedroom, which he didn't need.' '"g tliein are Alabama Conheeti nnd the government let him build, cat. Iowa, Kansas, ' KenlucW So now he has three bedrooms, no Maine, Minnesota. Montana Ni> den, a cellar he doesn't .want, an'l bruska. New Hampshire New Jpr no front porch, which he does. I soy, New York, North' Carolina" getting n little excited) a man's North Dakota. Oregon South Ua ' getting a Ifttle exiitedl u man's house Is his ensile. He. wants tithe way he wants It. The government has no mire right to tell him he's got to have three bedrooms, then to say he must have one Or four. Why. . . . . •You mean," Interrupted Senator j oak. and New kola, Temtesses. Vermont, Wash- Inglon, west Virginia, Wisconsin , nn t | Wyoming '=-<-'»>xin All 48 states have a slntc iinu/o,- und all but one have a stale bird j States now considering „, off i loir, I tree are Ne,v York a,e red ' Tom, "that yon think house con- • --- ..... _ . Irol is like blrtli control?" I she. died. When she first carmTlo "Yes sir," replied Haiisbcrgcr. c ' l( ™go as the bride of a railroad "Exactly." "You're not far wrong at that," observed the gentleman from Tennessee. • Old Settler Sees Chicago's Loop CHfCAGO (Ur>)-An tU-year-oUl Chicago woman who hadn't -been four blocks away from her home In the pasL CO years visited the Loop the other day and exclaimed, "Why, how tall It has grown!" a roa section foreman she shopped down- low "- l' l| t when babies started coming, she kopt io her nclirhbor- hood. b •Si tinned ),y Clilcago's rparln'n loop, Mrs. Carroll said: "It's all very dlifi w n, from wliat I rcmem> ucr. but even nicer." Seeing tele- a half century ]m d" done to the "gramophone." After visiting ti le municipal airport,, she said: "Take me home now. i already have enough new things to think the before Smart hqridwate \*uyen com* to Wards : - 1 firstl They know that Wards line of quality hardware for home and jnop it comp/ofa . ; . and /he price ii rigM ECONOMY TWO- DOOR CHIME Sounds | WO ploa,,.,,, nol<ts ', 0 , ,, le (ronUoor. onj one (or the bga. Us all-molal, compacl. llghl (iniili on ca ,a blends woll w n|, m ,, OVKl Chonbor, end docotoilor, u»o of polished brent. O95 BMC LOCKING WRENCH Easy 10 uso mo plle,i, yol gr | pl like o vtw. And II srayi pl ,|| JACK-KNIFE Two locn biu.ics ol flno SOtDERING IRON VVIIh l>vo ;omov<jblo COp. f" 'iP'. Vi'and ?(," <l, am 1.15 VJriLIIY ClAW HAAVMER \Vil f>,,,i Ol ;| Q o tf,cf' ttkkory riandlel or 89c MECHANICS' TOOL BOX TO bo St.c y 00 dovo 0 ,l you , loo[j '•'^ on rho job, pul ihoti In thti l">"<iy H»=v V . souge , 'Pol-welded itefl body gi vc j " CI [ Ira slronglh. Ha! convenient tol. "jy. Eus' r^blair T.nlih. 0»S -2 J FRESHLY ROASTED/FRESHLY^GROUND 3JE AN P YOU CAN SAVE A DIME A POUND ri i .1 Hf'.IU, .S uaimJnj; clu-or in every sloiiiii^ ni|, of .Spoiling. Its flavor i- f'rri-lirr iKriiu-i;'Sjiollijilil is l|u|. Didi'il uilliin tin! lioiir id' r«;iblinjj; a\n\ sttn-s J'rrtlm in !hr «|,,,I,. I,,;;,,, inilil urmimMVc.-li ulirii M,., |, m _ 1'Veslily. iwleil, !,,•>!,|y - L'n.iincl, .^I'l'lli-ilu is IIII-UI|I:KPI:I| I'm- valur! ritlUT CAKK Cnuntry Clnl) S|.5» Nuts GaloM 1 . '/j ],[>. (.,'Jtku . . • I-'KUIT COCKTAII, Country QQc Uul). No. 2'/i sine Oa ::HANHKKKY KAUCK «ftc !)ce;m Spray £9 'INKAI'l'I.K No. 2 Si/c OQc Limit One while they last . . fcw SCOTT TISSIIK Limit 2 rolls'«c lioll i'EACHKS Halves or Sliced Heavy t-'vnip. Can Al.L i'Ol'ULAK HRANDS wlWnllCI ICO Choice II) l>kns. I Hl.WKO—SOCO— JKWKl.l, SHORTENING ";,, cc ",,,' 37 SUNMAIl) 3EEDLESSRAISJNS ; 29 COUNTRY CLUI! SODA CRACKERS 1,,°,.^! 23 CREAMY WHITE CORN MEAL ^fj^U 1 " 55 C KKOGERS HOLIDAY FRUITCAKE VnESi 99 C !»»», 10.and 51 valirl dirt! Dec. .'il, l<J.(ii T'oilol Soap, Washing 1'mviJer l-imit One while it lasls K(;GS Grade A, Do/. (>:><• (iraik- Ii, Do/. ASI'AHAGDS No.'ij'ta'ii SlokclyV Al! Green . . '['hese good Fri., M ()n . for Hat.. Tue*. 8 V1JT.S Mixwl, !!,. ,j» c J-Q C . tValntils, Hi. -iOe; I'ecana, !b. W* rO.MATO JU1CK Country " SAVANSDOWN CAKE FLOUR CAMPBELL'S TOMA SOUP •II O*. 4JJ- C 1'kir. VW 10 'i Oz Can I'UNA FISH fiolden Slrand. Yi Size 33 r>« APPLESAUCE N /£?V 2fr TREE RIPE FLORJDA Sweet and Juicy Lb. Bog V'our Best Orange Buy 39c Kroger's CLOCK BREAD 2 20,0*. <)>), Loaves LjiL *17-*14=*156 MRS. SMI7H: Your arithmetic is terrible! KROGER: Oh no it isn't! Suppose that you used to spend 517 a week on groceries, but now Kroger high-quality. low-priced values have cut your grocery costs to $1-1 You save S3 a week. And you save S;i for 52 weeks a year. So your total saving j s limes 52, or MRS. SMITH: You're right, at that: Those weekly savings really do mount up. i Firm ' iceberg Heeds Red Emperor Fresh Full-O-Mi!k Fancy w Howes Late Florida Mesh Bag Stayman Wincsap Golden Ortley Size 363 Can PINTO BEANS . . . 15 C Country Club Lgc PEAS, No. 2 Can . 19c 20 ibs. 98c 5 Ibs. 4f C pound 10C PEACHES .•S' (Jcrbcr's or Cl.i|> p > s Baby Food . . 6 for 45 C Helm Tomato Soup 2 cans 25c Sunset, N». 2 Tall SARDINES . . . . 15 C Ginger Ale, 3 borH. 23c Canada Dry, 3 12 07. Untiles Sparkling Water . . 25c Kosher. Cut Dill PICKLES k ... jar 29c Allilnty 8 or. Vanilla Extract . . . 9c Appli Butter 28 07. 32c Country Club, Box Asst. Cereals . doz. 23c ENJOY KROGER QUAUTY BEEF-GRADE AA AND A- AT DOWN-TO-EARTH PRICES '' : ' ^^ir'<*: Grade "A" Chuck or Firm and White • itrii uiiw TT niie Shoulder Roast. Ib. 39c Pure Lard, no limit, 29c Strcak-0-L«an choice Cenrer Cuts SALT MEAT... Ib. 40c Pork Chops... Ib. 49c Mca »r Full of Vitamins NECK BONES... Ib.ISc Pig Liver . . . lb,33c Frosh and Lean Dressed Ground Beef.,. Ib. 33c Frying Chickens. Ib. 55c •

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