The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1946
Page 9
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TIIUKSDAV, UliCKMBKK 11), 1!MG Carnegie! Is Going lelnstilute 'Broke Public is Asked for Contributions to Keep Doors Open PITTSBURGH (UP) — The world-famous Carnegie Institute, which houses one or the nation's leading museums and art departments, is going broke in the year of its 50th anniversary. "Things arc Retting had." said the Institute's president, William Frew. "We will make a public appeal for financial support some time nllcr Jan. 1." Frew said the $8,000.000 endowment left by the phllHiHhropisl Andrew Carnegie, Pittsburgh steel magnate, has not been producing enough income to make ends meet. He explained Hint the financial embarrassment was caused by decreasing income on securities. "The rate of income on our securities has dropped from five to three per cent." Frew said. "The time is coming when our own funds won't be adequate. We feel the institute now Ls an established institution and should receive support from tile community." Frew placed the institute's income as "just about hair of what it was in 1930." "People have taken all these things for granted. Now we will find out whether or not. they arc interested enough to keep it going." He was referring to the operations of the Institute's three divisions—fine arts department, mu- sctnn and library. They are visited by about 100,000 persons annually. In the last year alone. 15 art exhibits were held, including the United states, a wartime .-ubstitute for the International Art Exhibit. "If we're going to resume the International Art Exhibit in 1948, we'll, hove to raise some money from the community," Frew said "It will cost about $50.000." Frew said the public appeal would be limited to the museum and art departments. The Carnegie libraries of the city are subsidized by the city of Pittsburgh because they are considered an essentia Part or the educational system. Seven Danger Signals Of Cancer Given HARRISBURO, (UP)— The 'Better Late <AML> COUK1KK NKWR • SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON BV W1U.1AM H. <iIL!(OY, I). 1>. "The time draws near llic blrlli of Christ." Anil Inevitably the thoughts of men turn to kindlier and bettor Ihiiigs as they udrbralc Die coming into the world uf [lie One who out in nil history us supremely B ood, Ihe One who came seeking M0 t m s 0 \vn nor ear- hig for Himself, but who wus the complete embodiment of love and truth ami life. "I nm eoinc," said Jesus. "lo Rive life, and to i;ivo It more ummcliint- ly. ' How gloriously He stantiii in contrast 10 die world's luent who have sought wealth und power, ciirliiB not what huiimn |.rnge<11<>!i unit siirrtTliiKs the realization of their ambitions ciiused!' We cannot Ion strongly stress the unique place of Jesus. As He .stood lu the undent world against tin. 1 forces of evil and violence and worldly power, us Savior and us Ilfe-Klvcr; so lie stands loduy 1" « world gone mail with wars and distensions and lusU—the same Savior, with His hands outstretched, sayhiR lo the cureless and the spiritually rebellions, "Ye will not Il(t '. ''or "I His love an-.l (jrncc. an, r't'i.r/.t !", 1 ' i 1 '"" 1 !!! 1 ; C|1 " R """ S . M"»y Imvo been Influenced by vl , ,, ' ! l " [ , rmnu w ">' n His spirit who hi,vc not found It "'"I will, Ullfmnt M ,l,lt. ;uisy ,„ nccr])t , hc Clw1s; 50|11C Olivlstnius Is the ccle- I «lio Imvo mast readily pronounced brallon of the eor.iinc Into the ll'e creeds luive been lacking In woi'M of Hie divine Bon of God. Christl«n chnructer and Clirlstlan I lie liic-nriiiillon of the Dlvlni*. the deeds. Wor,| made llesh. Very veal, for I I'mil brlievrd wltli nil his licnrl und Mini Mint ,(esns or Nniuirolli was not, only a ureal and good miin, tlH'in, Is (lie message of Jolin'u; Ili, ESZSS&A!!- y s= -JB.-a.-5 "=: ?r believed, In Him ihould „ t " " , Z .perish, but have everlns.inK . ^1'td's savior , put her lo be the mid Redeemer ire Others resai'd believed that Clod was In Christ, that magnificent rcvciilhiK divine i;r»cc, Himself the promise us loo liood tu believe. Hut saerlllce for man's sin ight, linvo I \\|[|, . clinlliMixi-.s Ilielr lives with HIP beauty of Ills earthly life and («e<; Ho inaiw «:ai-:i, r >>, crucllled iind risen for man's JuMlflcallon. It Is llils pi'ornmut fiilili that Hives significance lo the prayer In Kpbcshinx a:H-'ll. We might well call it "A Prayer for Ohrlslmas," lor It expresses nil the mennln; of Jesus, the. Christ, and the fullness of the blCBsiiiijs Hint He came lo bring. PAGE NINE 1 Christmas can never be »h»t H ought to be for u* until wt know, 'the love of OhrUt »hlch"p*weUf; knowledge" The supreme **perU< once of Christmas i» to lis "tllle* with all the fullness of Ood." More Comfort Wearing * FALSE TEETH ii Here Is a pleasant way to oyeilj come loose plate discomfort. PAS- TEETH, an Improved powder, «prin*-" kled on upper and lower platei hold* them firmer so that they feel more- comfortable. No gummy, gooey, pas^-' ty taste or feeling. It's «ifc«H»y (non-acid). Does not sour. Checloi "plat* odor" (denture breath). Gel FASTEETH today at any dru« store. T- Seventy years after ex-Sgt. Charles A. Windolph, of I-cad, S. D., won'the Purple Heart, Uncle Sam got around to presenting It. Above, Col. Paul W. Alapes pins on the medal, awarded for wounds the 95-year-old veteran received on July 2G, 1870. at the bijltlc of the Little Big Horn Hiver. betler known .. ;is "duster's Last Stand." New World Bonk Executive Sends In Resignation WASHINGTON. Dec. 19. (UP)— Former Budget. Director Harokl D Smith today resigned his $22,500 tax-free job as vice president of the World Bank. His resignation coincided witl the departure ot Eugene Meyer whose resignation as president ol the bank bacame effective today A spokesman said Smith quit because lie felt the new bank president should have a free hand ii selecting a vice-president. Smitl will stay on the job until a now vice president is elected. cancer death toll could be reduce, sharply if the public were mori familiar with the seven dange signals of the disease, the Americai Cancer Society's Pennsylvania di vision contended. The agency warned that a phy sician should be consulted immediately if any of these symtoins aPRgVSi i'— -• .- ... ,. ...j- 1. Any sore that docs not heal particularly about the tongue, mouth and lips. 2. A painless lump or thickening, especially In the breast, lip or tongiie. 3. Bloody discharge from any of the natural body openings. 4. Progressive change in the color or size of a wart, mole or birthmark. 5. Persistent indigestion. 6. Persistent hoarseness, unexplained cought or difficulty in swallowing. 7. Any radical change In the normal bowel habits. The cancer division added a reminder that "as high as 95 per cent of cancer cases can .bs cured it' detected and treated early." Scientists Find Cause Of Tooth Eruption SAN FRANCISCO <UP)—Two of the causes of eruption of teeth through the gums—a long-standing dental mystery—have been e'n tcrmincd by a team of University of California scientists. • Dr. Herman Becks, professor of dental medicine; Dr. Daniel A. Collins, research assistant; Dr. Miriam E. Simpson, professor of anatomy, and Prof. Herbert M. Evans, director of the Institute of Experimental Biology, were credited with the discoveries. The team said the factors causing eruption were the growth hormone, a product of the pituitary gland, and tliyroxing, the thyroid hormone. In experiments with 140 rates, the scientists showed eruption of lecth stopped when the pituitary Bland was removed. The rats with glands removed survived for a year. Then then were given injections of thyroxin and the growth hormone, which restored the eruption rate of teeth. Lo the Poor Indian Got Raw Deal in 1761 TRURO, Mass. (UPl—It was case oj Lo, the poor Indian, apparently, In 18th century busines-' transactions between Cape Cod Yankees ami the local redskins. An old-time diary just uncover ed reveals that a handful of trinkets which one Capt. Henry At- kinsn purchased for lo shillings ii 1761 later were sold by him to tin Indians for 120 pounds sterling, o nearly 300 times the original cost It Seems'Sfrange t 'But Meat and Pianos Mix CHICAGO fUP) — The plain business is looking up now tha the meat shortage is over. And it's not because strong husky, well-fed men are needed t push pianos around the factory William A. Mills, executive sccrc tary of the National Association o Music Merchants, said. "We've hat! a lot of trouble get ting glue, essential animal glu< but plenty has been coining in re cently," Mills said. Read Courier Neva v ,"ant Ads. AFTER. Youl t» delated whm you discover 111* many handy iltmt you can malt from cotton print of THE MAGIC MILLER'S BEST FLOUR Uck. Git • tack fodayl * 7** MAGIC GOOD COOKS ARE KNOWN BY THE COFFEE THEY SERVE We Deliver HAYS STORE - Where Most People Trade Most in Ely the ville - HAYS STORE - We Deliver Neil's Princell Brand - Hell's Picnic Hams, Whole HAMS ready to eat . . . . whole . - pound 43c pound 59$ SI'KY OK CRISCO SHORTENING "•'IRM At WHITK PURE LARD FIKM & WHITK PURE LARD KRESH MEATY PORK CHOPS FRESH WHOLE •1 I,b. Cln. JJ1.1!) 8 I.ljs -IS U>. Can Pound 5-J. * 2 COUNTRY CURED FAT BACKS FORHES HRANDIEI) MINCE MEAT THRIFT OR HYI'OWKR HOT TAM ALES WILSON'S CERTIFIED CHILI I'UKE MFxAT ... .-::.-., POTTED MEAT JACK SI'RAT SAUER KRAUT round 10 O/. Jar t» O/. Can Can 2'/ 2 Can 45 38 26 35 25 33* 10 17 C -- FEED - FEED -- FEED STEEL CUT & POLISHED CHflp^ inn*. * * VllV/IJ IUU Sack Wayne — Print- bag EGG MASH . 100 Ibs. $4.65 Wayne — Print Bag W R FINEST FAMILY, PI. or S.R. 25 Lb. Print Bag $1.75 50 Lb. Print Bag . $3.45 Bbl. $12.95 TT t\ rii^tji r/*r FLOUR WASHED RED TRIUMPH Potatoes WHITE RIBBON DELICIOUS APPLES -—box *3 75 FULL CRATE — 42 Ib. Sack $2.25 ALL OF US HERE AT HAYS STORE Join together in wishing AH of You A Very MERRY CHRISTMAS CALIFORNIA SKKDhKSS RAISINS HKl) SOUR I'HTKI) CHERRIES PIl.LSItllKY SNOSHKKN CAKE FLOUR MORTON'S DIN N Kit CHICKEN GIBLET MADISON ' SWEET PICKLES SOUK OR DILL PICKLES SOUR OR DILL PICKLES KVKK IT HOMINY MAYFIBLl) CRKAM STYLB CORN 11ANNER,HLLIE ENGLISH PEAS HARGIS NO. 2 CAN CUT GREEN BEANS Ll>s. No. 2 Can lio.\ lii Oz. Jar. 1 LI), (i Ox. Jar No. Can No. 2 Can 59 C sr 33 C 38 39 35 18 C 15 No. 2 C'Hn 15 C Wayne 32 Per Cert ' DAIRY FEED . 100 Ibs. $4.85 Wayne -- FEED - FEED -- FEED -- W R 17 PER CENT PROTEIN SHORTS •;"' '2' 5 Wayne Broiler Ration. 100 Ibs. $4.95 Wayne yrayne — rrrnt bag Truyne EGG PELLETS. 100 Ibs. $4.75 CHICK STARTER. 100Ibs. $5.25 Poultry Fatlener 100 Ibs. $3.95 Wayne 16 Per Cent Wayne DAIRY FEED . 100 Ibs. $3.85 GROWING MASH 100 Ibs. $4.65 Rabbit Feed... 100 Ibs. $4.95 Hardware & Household Needs Wallrifc BUILDING PAPER 500ft. roll $2.25 ROLLED ROOFING 2-ply $1.75 3-ply S2.25 ROLLED ROOFING 65 Ibs. 2.50 90 Ib slate 2.95 Red only BRICK SIDING Ron $3.95 Special CANE CHAIRS each $1.98 1000 Hour RADIO BATTERIES < each £5.95 With Detachable Handles OIL MOPS Special 98C Heavy ROMAC MOPS Special DRY GOODS JUST RECEIVED A Large Shipment of Never Press Seersucker Yd. 55c We arc expecting a large shipment • Johnson's Chintz Prints for Friday and Saturday Yd. 45c Also Cannon Towels, Wash Cloths -CHRISTMAS TOYS- HORSMAN DOLLS $4.95 to $6.95 Small Alf-Metal RED WAGONS - - each $1.95 PISTOLS - - - - - - - 29cto95c Small All-Metal CARS AND TRUCKS - - - - 25cto39c Large Dump Trucks — Large Airplanes Sec Our Complete Line ot Those Toys! 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