The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1946
Page 6
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BLYTnEVILLR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Khown Chemist Missing Man,Was Reported To Have Carried Large Sum of Money Americans Charged as Traitors HARRISONBUKG. Va.. Dec. Ifl j — (UP) — A widcsprcnd hunt was \in'<ler v way today In the Bust for Dr. J. M. wait. 50-year-old Internationally-known chemist who dis- .appeared mysteriously ,!nst Monday while en route from Harrisouburg lo Metuehcn, N'. J. Harrison burg police said Wail was.last seen about 11 mix Monday Ti'Ken he departed from New Jersey 'in'his'1937 Packard sedan becirins New york license plates. Police said all major eastern cities had been notified of his disappearance. They .said !he Kioy- halred chemist uas in the liablt of , carrying Jnrgc sums of money, and ' "o"" 1 ». "<*<• ^ *"•• ttna «oii«)ns Chandler, Christmas Decorations Doomed in Public THURSDAY, DIDCKMBER 19, HUG MEMPHIS, Tcnn., pic. Jn. I'jPi •-The Moiii|)bis -Tlii' 'MouijjX'; );•;,•(. l/.'-iKiilincni l;ur> decreed mi fir.- iHizards in miy public liuililin >s.' and r<:(l-l»('(d officials (o.i.ul ;,ni talny Ihnl includes (ho lin.'-jM-oji VMHlon nuruim toiirvil tin; M>IIU nuiFoury com fii<jusi> and o.-dc-i co reinnval <•! all its Im'i snmml];-.' Chrislnia:; .spirit pjc-il.v HU't si.'cretiu'ics or. big shcA olliclnlf i>ro-.iw niutti'ird lU'ice sounds .imtt bi-tutlis, but ilwy compile--,! 7, are pictured leaving expressed tear he might hnvc met with foul play. ' .'Walt.had been here In connection with work at the MerU chemical plant. Police said lie smoked a .pipe almost constantly, and described him as having a dark blue birthmark at the right, corner of his 'mouth. I i When Walt failed to arrive in New. Jersey, on schedule, police said U. S. . marshal's office In WnnVtlnKlon, D. C., following tl»eir mcnt ns trailoi'.s. I-Iown to U. S. from Germany, to answer charts Mint Uicy worked for the t^avis dinint; tlie war, botli men Dlcadett nut guilty. iN'IJA Tfl('|>hoto.i liie Jajjanesc ai^: the mast ex))frt wrcstli-rs In llic \vorlef. I I ' (tour j * 1,1.0! ., 1 1,,.. ' CONTEMPT Continued from ' I'ngc 1, :>;] il he Ic.sliHi'tl agninst JJilbo. r.i Ht:'t tvi-o jtiirjiiv.'Hoiis tete- !:<;M<' r.iP:i !al'.':' tlncul(>l!l.'d the '. i 1 :. ui his wife run! iliniylilci 1 . '.'i'.'iul (U'liH-il It uiul suitl lie -'ilt! "t'i'k in; lilc" If) protect . jy iKjjii h:u in.) | '! }• !Jx T. Ncuton, anotln'r con•:• :•;:. jjiivc Bill)!) $2r>,CCO to help --1; .t (unmu St'n. Wkl] Doxey, O., i'... iu lIKUi.tim Ncivlnii lauclicd, ;;i, v.'ell. hoi!. J can chaiisc them :' on income tax' when Terry M liiin H was a .shakedown.' . -.rtiin denied it.) ! . K :\vi:m oust loaned him $3,751) :.:! •:•::uagecl off his offer uf -rc- .•;..unit. iXewton said !iis mind .i 1 , •: "complete bliink" on Hid 9. lil.hJ once accepted S1.5CO from Dr. A. J. J'odcsla. Vicfestfurg, Miss., lo luiiiiiKL' v.'llh tile Nai'colk'S Bureau in Washington for a -prescription" fur H drug addict. 8«k to Trace SI5,COO 10. Me iTeriyl v.'liile still sen' i"S Iroin N''« p Vorlc'r.lie iwnlifk'il as Simon 1 '"";"- "", • Srlki H':^"",; 1 ,"'" 8 " l ? l»* ^!> S^.CCO beh.n.A "'" a ° coll!(1 <U ' rcat Ten-}' said lie ir;ccl to get the lute Gov. Tom Ballc v of Mississippi 10 b? vhe c'jiKlUhUe b'jt vhc govorn- v- - — <J;' v.'ti.-i too xizk to make the race. secretary, received tlS.UuJ 11« said he linally leturncd the .iuiii u New Yorker to be used f,l5,S50. in cash. 10 I.ieberinan in to clcltat Bilbo for rc-eleclion In July, 1114$. 1240. 1 Ferguson brought out thai Ueiier- It was the $15,003 thai evoked man died in January, 1940. Terry the possibility of a contempt cita- snid tile money was returned <;. I'Jc (Terryj did (jet $3.700 from H I. lOmst, auo^ii-i' conivuctor. taut it was puyinij oil a bet thai the' i-i;niiact Knust ultimately KOI would: b<' :,vvat(k'd on a cos^-plits-lixed- ir,' ;;:isis ralluii- than through com- ander Lle'oennan. son and cstaft 1 txucutor of the laic Simon Llcbei> ini'.n said today he knew notliin?; ol his hulier's alleged Sl.l.Una con- uibiuion for rtelrnt o! Sen. Theof (lore Bilbo or its return to hjs estate. L'c'jCiman -said that so far as h<: kr.ew "IhL wiiole iii;n« ; s a Jab- ricution." He sitid his latncr was a semi- iuvulid !.t the time Ed'.vtmi Tervy. >iiljo's former secretary, said tlic cont:'i'iution wa.s made and that lie did not believe !iis financial condition would have nfcimltied sticli a fcitl. .: He said no S';>,000 had been n - utrncd lo ihe e.slale. -> iracts for con.sli'uctloii of Jackson. Miss.. Army Air Base. Keesler Field .11 Hiluxi jiiid Key Field at Mcriri- iun. '2. A. li. Friend, twice n lilloo' Krcncli families are - gr Fiiiiillcr. In lii'JS. tin.' avoviiit? WAS four r/iiiUlrt'ii, now jt is .inly 7. M k>; Morrisscy, aiualjcr tron- 1 .:•.-!or. (>KVr- Bilbo a S1.9S3 Cadil- |;K i 1 ; [,'ii: i.'jtinas, ifl41, and otlit-r !i if ].(!:; ol Iiilb:> joined in luinish- ',!',". -Dri'am House .No. 2" for TSlltn . lu: :: CHri.suuas present. cnmpiilsii iimmiiier. nerecd to pay, ;i , m - M „„„,,',.„ lllm rrcl .. t . y , turn M.J50 for help on the Key ,,, ,:•.,.. .,,. IK,« ,.i .; Field ranti-ai-t. (S3.COO to- pay a i - - -' Hilbn caiimiu'/.n debt unU $75U to- '• ,,.m» m,,,,miKi ivui, Kliu 4'I.TO IO-;,, 1( | , ]s ,,,| (1,,, ]M , son , it eontti . dcniid"it' 1 " ' ' i 1; ' lum "" ;1 J " lli|ler Grovc Hi 'P- ( l-riend Denies Threats i J,'^ , '^"jj-fb-JC'r'uxl ^'t pSrvill^ 3. Friend told him lie would be J-ia.-s ui.d ai i .jpi.iinuc, anxiety was expressed over his stituted. ivliereabonts. anil a search wa.s In- Read Courier News Want Ads. 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