The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1946
Page 5
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•* V til. THURSDAY. DKCKMBKK 1'J, 1940 Advocated High War Department Soiti-ces Prepare to Offer Recommendation WASJ.'IKOTOiV, Dec. 19. — (UP) •-Tin- Army will present lo Ihe new Cow;! ( s:s a legislative |>rogntm ciillin;. r-,,. It 1.750,000-mau "M 1 ' ^x? jcrcn tlial could be expanded "' • r >.3(>;.000 within a year, un Informed War Department source s;ii<| today. Hiscussins I he need for nn adequate defense progi'iim. I Ills source °|Hd ii Midden nliark today would 'ind Ihis country with only four 'liviMun.s qnpiiljlo of withstanding 'in invasion at. home. '['lift iiinhori/iitions u{ Ihe liisL ^"WOi-s called for a force of ],- 07i),rico officer:; and men on July 1. '917. Tim army i s using 195,000 of Mif.'-ft for nccupation duties. Army pirns. this source: said, call ';•!• « Nalional Guard of G30.000 of- licrrs and men, an organized re- M'V'.-e force of H7C.OOO and an un- 'i^imu'd reserve of ;{,000,C(K>, Tin- source, a high ranking ar- 'ny 'Jificer. .said .sonic of the Army !>i<ur:.]n would hinge on whether "»• draft must ]je extended bc- y"'Ki its scheduled March 31 c x' Ten Most Beautiful At Texas University B1.YTHEV1LLK (ARK.) COURIER MEWS -» «• I &gfe "V tin That will be determined of enlistments In il:e coining w ceks. , ^'Ihe armv believes universal mil• '"'i-y training.' is essential to it.s l'»!" range planning. However, it *>"<'.< jiti believe (Me tnilning pro- tsriim could or should run conctir- invly w in, the draft. 'file overall army program to be Presented to the 80th Congress will cover these subjects: 1. unification legislation includ- "m industrial mobilization plans, cnm-dimiti'd intelligence, coordinated military and foreign policy and a central research agency. '>•• Universal military training. J. Iitternnlionnl military coop- ••ratum. including a hemispheric < bill. •I. Possible selective service ex- U'Hsion. S. Bills lo reoi-Kani^e the army 1'ic-tirlinii Hie National Guard re- servos Mild services. <>. iMilitary justice revision. 1- Research legislation. 8 - Bills to set up a permanent supply nnd services system. 9. Current, operations bills including measures to make permanent certain statutory powers and to deal with military government and displaced persons. Prc-Midni-jhi Kesf C-u: scientist stales that the nati-rar sleeping hours of human o-nijis i ve irom 3 p.m. t o inid- nijMi and acids thr.t those who suf- cr .roin flecplessness would do 'm " r '° Iptire early in the evening and j; C t !ls mu! . h Mc nj D ovi octo:,: midnight. ' " Friends of 16-Year Old Cripple Plan Her First Christmas Party Christmas lias come p.gain ;ii-.rt some of Ihe friends of Bonnie Jean Harry, who made treatments possible which took her from a wheel chair to crutches, arc planning to help her again. The 16-year-old girl, who was given a party (because she had never had one) before going to the hospital for treatment last Summer, is gohig to have a nice Christmas if plans of Mrs* Damon McLeod, T. !•-. "Dos" Dean and Tom Nance are successful. They want to make some of brave little Bonnie Jean's dreams come true and because others have expressed the same desire they have decided lo take time from their own ousy lives to try to get Bonnie Jean some of the gifts other girls have. The «/.am is to send her lo a specialise where she may be given attention for an ailment, which it is believed .may lead her to walking, like she did before stricken with rheumatic fever. They will receive any gifts, to be acknowledged in the Courier News with gifts to be kept until Christinas and the money used for another trip to a specialist A part of the money given in cash last Spring remains in the bank, as the County Welfare Department made arrangements for .her treatment which greatlv im- 'i',™^' 1 " f°"f M °"- aud s » c s "» lm * of L hc clotlles «'«! other by Mrf vT ri M " lc party Bivcn , McLsod. Some o, the money "'^icine and food. e llCCcis other tbini mattress because her under- sized body now is full of sore and painful .sims, and warm clothes for Ihe ivinler weather. Bonnie Je'in Is an orphaned girl who has spent the past four years in b;d and in a wheel chair. Although |:oor. her rjrandparcnls do what they can for the (fir! who 1 needs mill;, vegetables and fruit . . . medicine ... a •coniforlablc bed . . . clothes and treatment. It was only s hort months aso when her little hands and feet, her elbows, her knees were misshapen. A kind woman lold a reporter the story and she investigated. A news story caused more interest and relief agencies continued their work. •Bits of News Mostly. Together, much . was accomplished , but more is needed. Bonnie Jean lias n bright mind nnd now is in school, painlully Betting about on her ouU-he.s as she studies hard to "catch up." She's been Ihinking,' about Christmas, like other girls of 'teen age. , . And while she, in doubt, dreams of pretty dresses, silky undies, cute accessories. has said idoiuj but one wish. It is for n raincoat. she won't get wet when nnd from school. Arson Suspected Somg lo Mr. and Mis. LmdennTc Fowlei lefl yesterday afternoon for Lo Angeles, Calif., where they Plui lo spend several weeks with their son. Djnnlc Fowler and family, and other relatives. They also expect to visit other points of interest in the West and in Old Mexico before leUnnriiijj home. •Blan Perry returned to Little Hock today after spending the week here visiting his mother Mrs. Clare Perry. Cnpt. H. M. Quertermous, instructor nt Gulf Military A.CO.- demy. Gulf port. Miss., will arrive this weekend to spend the holidays with his mother, Mrs. V. V Qucr tenuous. J. C. llarnish has been dismissed from Memphis baptist Hospital where he recently underwent a ma- Miss Mnry v»n Sn«d, Miss Mclba walker, Miss Rosdnna Cleveland Miss June Howard and Miss Nora wniiwon have arrived from Ccn- ra College, Conway lo spend the Holidays here with their families. Mrs. Joe Isaacs who Is seriously I" at Memphis B»|> Ilospltiil win undergo an oix'tnllon tomorrow morning, 'Aiuoni! students lo arrive here nils weekend from Ihe University of Atknnsas, Pnyelleville, to sneiul the chrlslnms holidays will be Dick otary. Miss June Caslllo, Chris Thompklns, I/nils Lynch, Harry >.>rr. Miss Frances Shouse, Miss Mnry lielchel .Krnnk Nicholson, Hill "I'oss. Bobby Mclluncy, Jllll n"' R<!s<l1 ilRlbcr "» tl M L« Kay K 1.. Crouch Ji. urrlved Hinuiav from Washington. 1). c., lo spend the Christmas holidays with his pure-ills. Mr. and Mrs. Kduur U rh and family. Mr. Crouch will return Jan. 6. lo Washington where he is connected wilh Uep<irimcnl ol Agrlciillurc. Wiss Corn ifc Coleiiian will spend t-nrlslinns In Orcenwood. S. C wllh rolnlives. she is K ,,|,,g ,. 0 muk ,, U K! by motor, with Mr. and Mrs. nc HollhiKsworlh of Cireen- wooil, now residing In Memphis. To KO lo Memphis tomorrow night ' ""y will leave there Snlurday. i Mrs. Prank Simmons Is undergo- I »>3 trciilincnt id illylhcvllie Hos- 1" al for a few days. Her condition ' today wn.s believed sullsfnclory Sam n. wllllniii. is n iiailenV nt Walls Hospital because of a minor ailment. Kil ilelotc Jr.. son or i\rr. and Mrs. Edmond Bclotc. is uncler K oiin; treatment »l Walls Hospital for n severe cold. Minreen Norrls will arrive tomor. row iil e |it from si. Cecilia Academy. Nashville, Ttvnii.. to spend the holidays with her piucnls. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel p. Norrls She will come from Memphis lo Osceola with Patricia and Prances Dane- bower, also student* there who will spend Christum.; with lla-ir parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. c. Dane- howcr. PAGXFIVft Holy Land Faces Civil War Threat Underground Sends Palestine Warning To Collaborationists UASKL, Sivtlivrliiiid, DIT. Ill - Jl't—wmium )). Mil. New York , inn • lu ' lis her, delivered n niessiiue from Wll- I "'"-'sll'"' undernvouii(t lenders today Hint further Zlonlsl-lJrltlsh collnbornlloii or parllllon of l>:il esllnc would cause inuneclliite "el vll \viir." /Jiff to!<| „ conference of corro nlsi Conxivss that he spoke for Slcrn cian K , ] rBun y, vill UMIIII I icslslmiec ytoupa b> nnd othet 'iilesllnc. '"i'liese people have iiskeu me to slate that any attempt to enforce partition or (urthcr collaborate with the Hrltlsh will be u .signal far civil war," |,e sa UI. Ktft said he had been asked lo convey the underground's warning lifter Dr. Chill,)) Wetanunn, president of [he World Z^nlst Qrgu- nl/.utlon and ndvocalc of Hrltlsh cooperation, hnd stated that "terror" In I'alesllnc must be stamped put. "The executive w l|| be regarded us quisling If they bow further to the nrlilsh," S-.ltf K nld. referring lo (hi- Zionist executive coinnilllcc, 2lir estimated the slrcnijth or tic live resistance forces In Palestine .. ,......- u , „„.,•,.- " <w "clwn 15.000 nnd 20,000. ilc CWCI-IIIR ihe Work , " il c °" l(1 "Almost Immediately IJR enlinycd lo between 50,000 nni 75,000 men." An American uroup o[ delegalc 1 <d by Rabbi Abba IUU*1 fl*lver of' Cleveland has keen wlv&eaUnc » nllllant Zionist policy in opposf* lion to tlic more conciliatory meih- otls ol Wel*mann Prominent mem* beis of the Amertc» n group have made no secret of ihelr uiluo- nism concerning w h«t they corwfcj'- cred unfair Implications made be- for the confess by 'Welzmann. They said Welzmann unfairly accused JeW of encouraging resistance in Palestine from • he safely of ihe United States ± a policy which Welzmann warned might destroy the Zionist, accom-.. pllsluncnls or 60 years. To bridge the differences bcUceii We smann's supporters and the militant American group, .there was n compromise suggestion for the world organization's leadership under which a three-man group" representing various factions would run ihe organization. ' Nulsancf ('onllucnl Nortl, America, olio O f the richest or all the continent In nnl- »ral resources wn s considered hn- P.orlant to ni ost early explorers only becnuse it blocked their at- temps to reach India. jor operation. He is recuperating nt his home nl 1710 Chicknsawba. Gregory Atkins will arrive this weekend from University of Arkansas. Payetteville. to spend the Christmas holidays with his jjrand parents. Mr) and Mrs. J. C. Har- I nish. / Miss Gwendolyn Orr, daughter of 'ATLANTA. Oa., Dec. in. i UP) - Mr. and Mrs. w. M. Orr after n The Winccoff Hole! lire could have brief visit with her mint, Mrs J O c ave acen deliberately set acce.rdiiiE lo I - j — ~.....L., t -, ,,, i —,., of Pine Hluff, has arrived the hotel operators. John J. Me-' here to spend the holidays with Carthy, fire prevention consultant her parents. Miss Orr is n.'studcnt tor the New York Hotel Association ••:< University of Colorado, Boulder, who raised the theory of arson last Mrs. R. J. Brown of Chicago, III week, has oecn ask»rl to return is the puest of her sister. Mrs. C. B. Here for a more exhaustive study Etchieson for the holidays, along this li.ic. TO PIF4SE HER MOST JUST RECEIVED NEW SHIPMENT MUNSINGWEAR & LORRAINE Just in time for gift giving! A complete new shipment of Lingerie!?)' MUNSING- WEAR and LORRAINE, America's two foremost FOR LADIES PANTIES BRIEFS STEP-INS GOWNS manufacturers of lingerie. Our advice io you is to come early and make your selections while stocks arc complete! FOR CHILDREN Panties SLIPS RAYON PAJAMAS • Complete Line of Phoenix Hosiery for the Entire Family We also are featuring, in other lines, fine selections in Robes, Bed Jockers, Negligees, Slips, Gowns and Pajamas. Come in . . . sec them . , . and be convinced! Open f ach Night Until 9 p.m. Whnlcs cannot b:enthe mirier wn- tcr, nnd must hold their breath Just as humans do. (ilVli US THIS I>AY , . . 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