The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1946
Page 4
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BLmiEVJLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS At The hospital. Peggy White Weds Hunter Sims Jr. At Memphis In Church Ceremony b—, _. _ __ Miss Higginson Hosless To GEO Bridge Club An announcement'•<]( wide interest is that of the marriage of Miss Peggy Cowan Jeanne White to Hunter —-...i Sims Jr., sdiv of Dr. and Mrs. Hunter Cowan Sims, made today by her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Ben w. White. v Tlie double ring ceremony was solemnized last night In a twilight service at the ohelsea Avenue Methodist Church of Memphis with the Rev. E. c. Thurmond, close friend of the bridegroom askin" the vows at 6 o'clock. A program of nuptial music «n.s played by Richard Kuckcr, organ- Is!, wilh "Because" and "Always" heard-.before the strains of Lohengrin's;.;' "Bridal Chorus • heralded the wedding parly. The bride wore a Uirec-piecc •Mill- of chocolate brown gabardine, designed along dressmaker lines In an original design, with a blouse pf appleberry color and a smull felt h Miss Dorothy Jsan Higginson was hostess to Ihc GEO Bridge CluU and two guests Monday night lor a Christmas Parly. Bright red and green leaves arranged with nandlim berries decorated the maiilel of the living room of Ihc Higgitison home, 1303 West CiikkiiKUvbi. A lli'hlcd Christmas tree added to the holiday decorations. Gifts were exchanged among the members and guests ufter the bridge games. A dessert plate was served. t!ie [tames Mrs. Hay Whittlnglon won high score and Miss Lynn Jackson won brldgo. is s Shaver Honored Wilh Dinner Parly Another in a scries of parlies complimenting Miss Margaret Shaver, bricic-clect ol Joe Prltlr Jt was a dinner given last night Dy Airs. Albert Taylor honoring Miss Shaver and members of her bridge ;lub. Pon.scllias and airangnmcnls <Jl .•nrnalions decorated the Jesse Tiylor home, 811 West Main, where the nine fiicsl.s- H-cre served from :ne dining taWc centered witli carnations and Chvlslmas holly. A gift of crystal ash trays were resented the bride-elect by the Hi-Y Glee Club To Sinq Carols In Blytheville There will be carotlnx in uiythc- i - ' A" '" : — "* "^VM"'^ vmuix- VI "c Christmas Eve with the Hi-Y he is attending- university of Ten- Glee Club members lo carol be- iiessees ?cnoOVbf Medicine. ginning nt 8:30 o' Mrs. Sims was graduated from t'ersons tleslrbifr lo linve (lie uar- Dlythevllle High school before C o- ol <!''s sic,, nt special places may cull uig .16 university ol Tennessee. Miss Alice sallbn, at the Y bc'id- KMxylllc. where s l,e served two jumrlcrs. The plan Is to « n , at jeais a s a majorette In the band. ' homes where there is Mine's and alter .paving had a similar honor I where people express the desire lo in high school, she transferred lo ' hear the youthful University of Arkansas, Payette- —— - SftCXft'ottMT £ *«****« !•**«*- lional- social sorority. The bridegroom was graduated from, Blytheville High School before entering Vnnderbilt n(. Nasli- ville, : ?Tenn., where he became - —i-« *~- -j -uu.ui illJU il 3IDU1I Jt.'IU hat in tlie same shade. Gold buttons trimmed the suit and »lie costume-was completed, with accessories of alligator, she wore a pur- 1 Ic orchid corsage nt he r shoulder. " Miss Patricia wise, who attended Hie brjrie. von n suit of green gabardine wilh black accessories and a corsage of rod'roses.'"' 1 .. Melvin Ha)»elj' served Mr. Sims as best man.V,i . .... . A <qnneri]>aAy^ followed nl Hotel ieafcody wficfi Ben Mac White, brother of l%\!>rlcie. ana Mrs. uVn Mac White, .cntertaincd the wcd- -ding guests, "fj'^'V;.'. . • The .table, laid' L .foi-;!6 guesls.'was in.the Venetian;dining room. The Bride of Medical Student lll.vllicvillc Ilosl'ihil Admitted: Mrs. Frank Simmons, city. A. A. C'arson, Tomato. Vance Owen, city. Mrs. ,). n. Woodson Jr.. city. Mrs. Leonard Scolt, Munlla. Horn lo Mr. nnd Mrs. Vance Ili-utlersnn, city, a cluuglHer ytsler- diiv iillmiqon, Dismissed: Mrs. W. M. Scruggs, city. Mrs. Floyd and baby, Catherine Kcstcr, city. Walls Hospital * Admitted: fmi H. Williams, city. Mrs. curt Henthfll, llaytj Mo K<t Hclote jr.. c ity. Mrs. ,1. P. ccril j,-.. i, uvmn , -ills. Hillj. Mi]| Si osccola Mrs. I,. E. Clark, c-ltv. Mrs. Kills Hurnett, city. * il'ihn !(.' Koonlx, t:lty T Knrsyth, Luxora. l)<!: Mis. w. n. Mifkllcton ( .j (v "-•i-phis Melliuilisl Hospital V. M. llihlrj-, tilv. Mis. MH S wcsley, I.e ;ic hvill : . 'I'llUUSDAY, DICCJO.MIJER 19, j[).[ ( ; Off to a Big Srart i I,,,,,!.,, („, thls , , <,f ,l,c| ;E ,,nvii; :! , who v ,„ icrs white , chrysanthe- red carnallons was centerpiece mums and :• " —— *•>«» ....iivjiin ts'H.1 Hanked with while tapers In crystal candelabra and clusters of white .carnations and greenery placed nt intervals dow n the table. After a week's wedding trip lo New .Orleans. Mr. sim s and Ills wide ;wlll reside in Memphis where , : .., e e ecame n member of Sigma Nu. national social •fraternity. Transferring lo University o r Tennessee for two years, he then entered University nf Tennessee School of Medicine at Memphis, where he lias been a studept three years. He Is a member of Phi Chi medical fraternity of which he Is presiding junior tnis year. He w ui receive his degree m medicine next December From Blytheville, these were present for the wedding dinner- Mr, arid Mrs. B; n Mac White Mr and Mrs. Melvin Halscll, Mr and Mrs.-Coleman Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. ..Robert Lowe, Miss Palricia Wise,;,Clarence Webb, Mrs. John .W Thomas Jr., Miss Mary Adah Robinson, Johnny white, and (ram Memphis were Mr. and Mrs. Ken. nelli 'Rule. Mr. and Mrs. Kennedi Cook.'.TMr. and Mrs. Richard Rucker. Jimmy Thurmond. Ucmpsev Curtner. Philip Ra ber, B. Kaye and Bob Anthony. 'Mary Lillian Akin Wecl s Ghidf. Petty Officer ' C ' ' ' of North Fifth street announce of the 'r dauehlcr. - ,..,....._.„„ ul uieir naugnicr, Mary .Lillian Akin, lo Gerald Lee Mwards, son of Mr. and Mrs J O Edwards oi Woodlake. Calif. ' The- wedding was so!emn:z-d at J.JO_p.m.. Saturday. Dec. 14. at me home of Justice of Ihc Peace ^ ^v,' Et * lcr '?8e '» South Mills, .N. perf d°'' r ' ng ccrcl "°"i f -«'as Business Associates , Mr. and entertained hi the >>riv Cnfe with Shoe Mrs.. J. a T. \Ve.vtbrook dlniicr jiprty . t - —. ,, IIIIIIIUI lllll L\ ' w r din 111 B-jooir), ofvbelia. IB' employes of Ffitnlry Store ns guests. A tlirec Christmas dinner was served •>uin a long table lighted with hoi'ders. U '" UD " ;pCrS '" "^ Alter Hie dinner the guests , WP nl to the Weslbrock home where "ills were exchanged and the employees presented Mr. and Mrs. Wcstbroak ««n a silver crciun and susjar Return from Funeral < Mr. and Mrs. n. L. "Games and daughters Billle Louise 1 and'.Marv nances, have returned from Dv- ersbiirg, Tcnn., where they altctiil- "I the funeral Tuesday'of Mrs Dailies' brotlier-ln-law. Rav Ju-k»n. 48. of Dycr S b,,r K . who was'f,,- "lly injured Snturciay In an au- Te'nn H il 'r. clt}cnl ' "^li- Kiio.Willc. lemi. He the ( | early Sunday a(. a Knoxvillc hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Jack.son ||,c i,, r . liter Miss null, New-bill, n-cqiienily had visaed thcoaines family i, ci c. Chickasawba Masonic Lodge fleets Officers I h? l , >al ^. lvlHti<licoIfl ™ -'an. I l-rad Clnckasaw Lod 8 c 134 of asonic order !1S Worshinini for 1047. Tm other Blue '"gc oflicci-s and three uuiltii V .I'd Inislros were named at a recent election. Other officers inelud.e E. R.,lack- Mrs. Edwards was attended bv "c .Ire. Robert Morrison and Mrs ! ''V: 'u-filnii M CS?P b ° l - h of Nor folk. w - a biuciuet of red roses the ceremony ^ °^ )notoretl l ° Norfolk. 'd King, senior deacon: -(Uston, Junior cicciccn;. W: Tenior magirr of cere- WH.M. chalai'^^rCS Sylvester, B. J. Allc' wore n astci THE BEAUTY CLINIC M "*»re« Dten Smith, Own,,. W N»tT B.W, Eldr. «,«,„ K71 FRIDAY " ' N ' PEO Si p.m. atihc home of Mrs. _|tust|!5u|tniiio -y Gorgeous of Xmoi Cards Awaits You at Hie The Shop Christmas Special! 15-00 Kaycltc in Cold \Vnv c I/" 10.00 Roil iMaircellina «EVLON'G'H. ; T"SETS L«(«^« «,' , _ _ V>1JIO Cremo Janiccc. Frazlcr B. Perry JANIECE'S Beauty Shop 'njrra Phone 2fi9» '!' '"'" " " lBJr ""' l ° I'laylns with maU-hcs. "" a " Cou '-'or News want Ads. ... .... , ,,^,,, „, .J...I-KMUIVII;:!, u p ho vvondc /-—^^."^""L^'Il'^Jf^'J^l^^'lL^^'-o^ «imc from' ;:!': t°* S ° f H ° tCl R ° 0ms > (l! "'« t;hic«i;o Hotel Association. lh " ; £xcepf in Now York 1T "'' m '•' .""i' 111 ' tXFS^-™" 1 l ° " lkC " '"-<«t™ ametoS & i2.H2:itL^ = 'HSf—- -— 'rorS ™ ^^^^J^^^ ™ «- PERMANENTS il of Tulipwocul Js . 50 arcelliiia C'reme .^fVso FOR CHRISTMAS Kevlon Gift Sets llelene Curtis fold W nvi-s Hermetic Cosmetics The Beauty Bar Phone 3202 Gloncou Jlok-| Mi's. Hunter c. ;:„;;: 'f ** n lowiiig tl.elr um •> •"'.. th" former ^ Miss Pc ( ; K y Jeanne whit l'> K|«'ii<l their hoiicyiiionn In 'New Crloi'ins, i.i'.l inijhl in Memphis. . E. linker. A meeting m (in- U<,ynl Arch Chjiptci foi' elecdiin nj iiffli:i-rs pu.s1.pomM lasi - • "• •»• ll 4111 ^ J II Ii held -it date to I;,, announced |,, cr. School Holiday to Briny Many New Experiences Irene crowdcr, TilO Korl], ,.,,,,, Caiiliiin Crowdrr. wiio has hd'i m lliu Nalloinii Guard r<i,- >o years li'ft wilh (lie local nnii, |., r A j s'lorlly before Penrl irarb-.-r m Id'll. After serving Ihcre ii c w sent back lo the Slatc.s wheic ! was stationed until after Ihc when he 'was sent (o Mu' -., -,.^.,o " r ls l1 "- son of T J. CHWVIICI- For Captain's Young So» c^^'^^ Ialc Mrs ^ V T ^Z,,^ ;•;;;;;;; r ° endl^^ robo torlav fnr MK. /--Uii.i.. today for ll»> c;lni:;imas he will not inive in sluy't" u the first of the year '\v!ii',i classmates dn because w ,ii'n l-egins his sludk-j: ii^ain ii in ;\ governmental Munich. Germaiiv. •ATHENS. U-L. DCS. HI <m>) — The Justice Department's invesliaa- I.-! lion into tlie Walton Comity. Oa •2 j lynching or four Negroes is expected to IK completed l )y Friday Or* M'ICttli'.. 1<-.,I:.,- :t . . . . . ' i ' -- 1 -' "" "-' ^kJIII|JlU(.U'tl Jit- J'TKtfl V Ki'Jiool in <>•- imsslb'v today, it, was rcportcc ..-M*B .r-,... i - , , • | Here. A federal grand jury is PX - .•-"SS'^'i^'^r; «n<l her jftin W lll; I'^ctcd to indict alleged mobsters leave.. Saturday-fsr tori Hamilt,,.|, I who tied the virlims_i wo men Hicokljn, N. Y.. anil from theiei' 1 "" lllclr wives—to trees and rid- Ihrry will snll for Cie'inur.v it. itiii!'"" 1 "'elr bodies will, bullets Capt. Ardcn I!. rr<i-.vrfn- ;vh<i i>! —= Sir' VVU " lh ° i1ira " lry '»\K^ps Daughter's Secret Whlli; l-n; jr-, Cmvtl-r -u n r,,^ her so,, have bt-rn linn- with i -n r N ', C " n ° c ' ID - CUP| - Captalt, Crowes.-.'" ss - ». - ' kr < S™'''' ," Jll<ly All "' s < ait ™ j.-i M.S.I,. MI.,., ^ C| ,[ n secret today. H c rcfllse-i Shopping Doys To Christmas It takes only :t minutes (o open a Charge Account FITZPATRICK Jewelry Stores niythcvillc, Ark. Osccula, Ark. Slkcs , Ark. iito. Shop APPLEBAUM'S For Quality Christmas Gifts Afi!,u, c d.,igl,,ra 1 l,!on...r,o m ,| is «»y luclr; tKot him l!>. ,w CQlc , , op " ' t " ! tl! ' b »»on<.J pot^i, llla , P"l<»plK«di,nd|.fronl,l,i,it Woeful ,aW,i,'aal, wool b!o t ,», Q "J=ll»ool lu i lingie , 1C) , lkiitin 'i»Mfo, f 0 || ' 46 &Hl g |o |6 .in.: cl.inim^ ni ila most inaimir liiLi-iihihlc. Chouse il in lush Inics . . . [,,in| K Ul ,[, s i| vc , y s ,., ri t(J innliT|iicc (it ^li;. Si/.cs y 10 15. Continuous Show? Every Duy Box Office Op«;i!> i : Sho» Starrs Z -« LISTEN TO KLCH Other Dresses For the Thursday and Frida Centennia Summer wilh .Icaniic Oain and Cornel Willie I'aranidunl Continuous Slio\vin Everyday B«i Office Opotu 6:45 " ' AH Fine Qualify Coars ^ Including Sable Dyed Coneys, Mink Dyed Coneys, Moutons & Sea Lions $59-$79-$99 Tax Included—All Coats Guaranteed You'll Fiu,l llmirtrc«ls ,,f rhriM,,,^ r,i« S lor I/ulics ami Misses Hero •-;*.•:%. 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