The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on April 15, 1987 · 20
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 20

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1987
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-r r V i" 1 . P-8 Wednesday, April 15, 1987 San Francisco Examiner Astronauts: 'Don't launch into clouds' LIMITED PHESS INTERNATIONAL tTjIOUSTON NASA astronauts, worried by a rocket failure that may have been triggered by lightning, want the space agency to forbid shuttle launchings through clouds, veteran commander Robert "Hoot" Gibson told a newspaper. "We may never launch a shuttle through a cloud again," Gibson told the Houston Post in a story published Tuesday. Gibson's wife, astronaut Rhea Seddon, was a crew member on one such shuttle liftoff two years ago. He cited parallels between the March 26 loss of an unmanned Atlas-Centaur after a possible lightning strike and the lightning that scrambled the electronics of a moon-bound Apollo rocket in 1969. "Maybe sometimes we have to learn lessons over," Gibson said. "Hopefully we won't do that with the manned program." Arnold Aldrich, the head of the shuttle program office in Washington, met with Johnson Space Center officials Monday to discuss their recommendations, which include a launch-pad test firing of Discovery's main engines before it blasts off next year on the first post-Challenger shuttle flight. vVGibson said rocket engineers :ere concerned about lightning even before the rocket failure three weeks ago and were especially concerned about Improving protection of the shuttle's volatile boosters as they are moved by rail across the country. If lightning were to strike a rocket section as it was hauled through a populated area, Gibson said, "that'd be a real bad day." Astronauts often help re-evaluate shuttle weather rules, but the Atlas-Centaur failure raised new concerns, he said. "We ought not think about launching if there are clouds anywhere nearby," Gibson said, adding the shuttle booster rockets spew out exhaust plumes containing aluminum particles. "You'd be a 14,000-foot-long lightning rod," he said. "Challenger showed us the fallacy of saying, 'I can't afford (waiting) one or two days to let it w arm up.' " Mexico brain surgery for Parkinson's hailed By Paul Raeburn ASSOCIATED PRE S8 NEW YORK - Brain surgery developed in Mexico to treat Parkinson's disease is a dramatic advance that could lead to new treatments for strokes and Alzheimer's disease, but it requires more study because two of the 11 patients who received it have died, a U.S. doctor said Tuesday. Abraham Lieberman, chairman of the medical advisory board of the American Parkinson Disease Association and professor of neurology at New York University, went to Mexico last week to examine the patients and said he was enormously encouraged. "I think I witnessed history," he said at a press conference in his office. "I think this is the approach you're going to take to Alzheimer's, to spinal cord injuries and to strokes." He predicted that doctors in the United States would rush to adopt the procedure, in which nervelike cells from one of the patient's adrenal glands, located above the kidneys, are transplanted into the brain to replace degenerating brain cells. Less than three weeks have passed since the first report of the surgery appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine, and Dr. George Allen at Vander-bilt University Medical Center in Nashville has already performed the operation on one patient there. The patient is in satisfactory condition, and no improvements in her Parkinson's disease have been reported yet. New York University is preparing to do its first transplant in May, and other hospitals likely will follow suit, Lieberman said. He warned, however, that hasty adoption of the procedure could be dangerous. "My fear is that there will be a number of deaths and the government or the states will come in and say, 'What is going on here?' Lieberman said one Mexican patient died from brain seizures 45 days after surgery, possibly as 'Thisistho epproech you'ro going totckoto Alzheimer's, to spinel cord injuries end to strokes' Abraham Lieberman' a consequence of the surgery. But a member of the Mexican transplant team, led by Dr. Igna-cio Madrazo, said the death had not been caused by the surgery. The second patient died in California, three months after surgery, of a heart attack, according to autopsy results that the Mexican doctors have Just obtained, said Dr. Rene Druck-er-Colin of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City, another member of the transplant team. Parkinson's disease is not curable, but it is kept at bay with a drug called levodopa, which is a precursor of a brain chemical called dopamine that diminishes and disappears as Parkinson's disease progresses. As the disease progresses, however, not enough cells of the right type remain to convert levodopa into dopamine, and the drug is no longer effective, Lieberman said. These are the cells that would be replaced by the adrenal cells. Lieberman said that perhaps 1 million Americans suffer from Parkinson's disease, and that perhaps 50,000 of them might be candidates for this surgery. Initially, the candidates would be those with the most advanced cases of Parkinson's and those who were otherwise health and probably no older than their early 60s, so they . would have the strength to withstand surgery, Lieberman said. 'Mm f ii , tff t f V 7 If you don't buy this T-shirt today, what will you wash your car with in two years? u M V ' " V ' :t" hf KKl -'Jv There are countless reasons to own the 1987 Examiner Bay to Breakers T-shirt-comfort, style, design and the potential for a great wax job. This is the same T-shirt awarded to registered runners at the finish line. 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Fiji's new prime minister, Timo-ci Bavadra, wants the island nation to be nonaligned and follow New Zealand's stand in barring visits by nuclear-powered warships. That would mean U.S. warships could not dock here, Bavadra, sworn in Monday for a five-year term after Sunday's election victory, is portraying himself as a "man of the people." He says his first priority is to provide jobs to the unemployed and housing and education to low-paid people. "Our policies are oriented toward the poor and the downtrodden," said the 52-year-old father of 11 after claiming victory. Bavadra, who on Election Day sat cross-legged in front of a germi- nating coconut nis party i camy paign symbol and drank the mildly narcotic ceremonial kava,!-so insisted that Fiji follow a non-aligned foreign policy. , . HWe are committed to a nucleoli; free Pacific," he said after address? ing the nation. ; tit A political newcomer with little experience in government, Bavadra, a physician, wants to maintain' good ties with the United States and says be is unconvinced the Soviet Union is a threat to the region,' 4 v Governor tells Europe state means business UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL LONDON Gov. Deukmejian said Tuesday he was counting on increased investment in his state from Europe. He spoke during a London visit in which he opened a new California trade and investment office. He used his seven-day visit to Britain "to demonstrate that California puts emphasis on improving relations both economic and otherwise with Britain and Europe," he said. Deukmejian referred to his state's abolition of the unitary tax that upset many foreign-based multinational corporations. It had based state taxes on global, international earnings rather than local earnings. "We expect Europe and its private sector will now make more investments in our state," Deukmejian said. "We were petitioned strongly by Europe to change, and I expect them to follow through-, with pledges of greater investment i in California. U.S. Ambassador Charles Price held a reception Monday at his re$V dence for the governor. Those attending including the queen's cous-; in Prince Michael and the lord mayor of London. " Later Wednesday, the governor' went to Brussels and then to Paris ' for further contacts with government and business leaders. EXAMINER WANT ADS 149 LEGAL NOTICES INVITATION FOR BIO BID NO. ?189 through BID NO. 7191 DESCRIPTION- CANNED GOODS i. STAPLE GROCERIES (423 87): PAPER GOODS 4 CLEANING SUPPLIES (4?3 87; FROZEN FOODS i, MEAT PRODUCTS (42387). Sealed bids will be received by ine ban nancisco umnea School District Food Services Department, Purchasing Sec tion. Forms are avaiiaote at 1470 Carroll Avenue, San Fran cisco, ua 94124. mas oue arior to 2:00 P.M. on due date listed above at which time said bids will be publicly opened at the above address. Rights re served to reiect and and all bids. Billings for the ad should be sent to the above address, attention: Purchasing Section. 149 LEGAL NOTICES Notice of Private Sale of Repossessed Personal Property Pursuant to the UCC, code Chrysler Capital Corp. will sell the below described property at a private sale to be held on or after 41387. One 1984 Chevy C-70 5-ton truck, 1 Bidtek system 200 computer incl.system 300 upgrade, disk drives, tape drives, central processing unit, controllers, printers, modems power suoolv and software. Inquiries should be made to: bnrysier capital corp. at 654-4435 NOTICE is hereby given that KCLB has filed with theFederal Communications Commission applications for construction permits for new 1 Watt FM Broadcast Translators to serve San Rafael, SF, and Berkeley by reoroaacasting fm btation Mri DOIB Cnl. Dm. TA nn output frequency of 89 3. the transmitter sue win oe locateo on Beacon Hill in San Rafael. 250 TICKETS FOR SALE OR WANTED 300 PERSONALS 310 ANNOUNCEMENTS . , 340 MASSAGE AIRLINE COUPONS 1st CLASS 30 to 70 OFF EurUSAS. PacOrientSo Am Buyer Also. Relv on ACE! Amer Coupon Ech 415-922-9292 FLVlstC class. Europe (990: Hawaii. Alaska. NYC 1595: Seattle, Dallas S300. RT Cpns. 51-3B WANTED TO BUY only USA t foreign airline coupons 1 awaros. rop oouar! Delta Systems, 1-800-433-3588 AIRLINE COUPONS to Phoenix I J5i. san Diego HO, Texas 70, Aiourquerque xu. 347-2b92 A GOLFER'S DREAM U.S. open tickets vooo, 344-4047 eves. A GOLFER'S DREAM. U.S. Open tickets, vuuu; 344-4U47 eves. 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