The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1946
Page 9
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WKDNKSDAV, MKCKAIHHU 18, j'Mi; BI'VTHKVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS E. RoOSeveltS Tropical Island Lures Tourists to Nassau En Roilfe Home AS P ° sty/ar Wmter Vocation Season Arrives > Son of Late President In Cautious Meeting With Nine Newsmen HV WALTKIl C-'KONKITK (IJnilcil 1'iess Stuff Orresponilcnll MOSCOW. I3cc. 18. <UH>—Elliott Roosevelt and Ins wife, former movie actress Fnye Kincrson, will Depart todny for the united States, where nooscsvlt said he will "work actively" in Ihe Democratic party. Roosevelt saitl lie hoties to revisit the Soviet Union next year lor :> thorough slucly of the country. The Roosevelts held n 30-miniiLe press conference \viih nine Anglo- American newsmen yesterday after Uieir return from a visit to Warsaw, she wrote down ijiiestions and answers verbatim while he cautiously fell his way through the interview. lie shunned all ixjhtical questions. li 4 ? refused to answer most questions or, what an'ci whom they had seen in missia and Poland, and the conclusions they had readied, on thc grounds'that this was thc basis for magaztne articles the plans to write. Roosevelt was asked if lie intended to participate in American politics upon his return home, "I've always worked actively in the Democratic Party and intend to cio so when 1 return," he answei 1 - ecl. 'He would not predict what course the Democratic Patty should take" in the next two years because he litul been away from the United States since before thc November election. Roosevelt said he and his wife visited Leningrad, Tiflis, several Georgian provincial towns. Rostov anil Warsaw. They will fly to Paris en route !|tme. He insisted it womd injure his own articles if he disclosed the type of institutions Die couple had visited. ••There have been no obstacles placed in my way to obtain thc information I desired, to obtain " he said. Did lie expect to see Marshal Stalin? "I don't know," he replied He said he had seen "a great many" high Soviet officials but refrained from identifying them until he has written his articles. "I ieel any trip as short as mine cannot be considered a renl stiulv of nil the Soviet Union and its many aspects, and I hope 1 have Ihe opportunity to return next year and visit all the republics of the Soviet Union," Roosevelt said. No invitation for a return visit has yet been extended by the government, he said, adding that none had been extended for the current trip. He said tills visit was purely on his own initiative "for the Purpose of learning and seeing as much as 1 could in the time allotted me." Mrs. Roosevelt took pictures for the magazine series. She said she was allowed to photograph where- ever she desired, remarking. "J might add I didn't" ~try to take "a camera into the Kremlin." The couple had slight colds picked up in Leningrad. HuMKo COOKING FAT 3ts Wonderful! iiresouc slclits such as this «ill lore an estimated 15.000 (ourisls this «I»U1 of Ihc Bahamas, which lias heen .surucnl up for Its lirsi b « losl surrey, riehl, entouraees leisurely siiThlsceini;. ° '""•• X HY Kl'SII? K1NAK1) NEA Staff Writer NASSAU, Bahamas — Seventy minutes' flight away "rom the cos- mopolitun bustle of Miami, thl.s tiny comic o])era land in Gilbert and Hullivan rhythm is outini; its tourist attractions to Americans with a clipped British accent and a warm tropical smile. If you're one of the fortunate 15.000 foi- whom the Bahamians are dusting off thc welcome mat and polishing up tropical charms. you can come here easily and j swiftly by air or water. During i the "season." opening in December. I0-dny West Indies cruise ships from Jacksonville will make Nassau the first port of call. I,atc in January lliere will be weekly steamship sailings from New York to Nassau and other stops made here on 13-day cruises to the West Indies. Tri-weekly boat .service from Miami is planned. There will be ten plane flights daily Iroin Miami. Gleaming DC-3's hop the turquoise- tinted Gulf in 70 minutes. Direct chartered flights from New York or Philadelphia to Nassau take six hours. What will greet you when you stroll down streets canopied bv coconut palms and walled by scarlet hibiscus and bougainvillea is a town spruced up for tourists in its best bib and tucker. The whole place is feverishly renovating, redecorating, landscaping and coaxing out more garden blooms. Hotels Reopening Hotels closed Tor six years are re-opening. Others are undergoing cxtensixc repairs. Bahamians \vlio don't usually cater to tourists arc listing rooms for rent. Rates, increased only slightly, range from S3 per day for a single room in a small apartment hotel to S20. American-plan, in the island's most de luxe hotel. Tourist attractions range from an underseas floating observatory Which' out-Vernes Jules Verne lo thatchctl cottages as primitive as jungle hunts. Transportation facili- liilci- h, \- .,..«-, • - , , -, , ,, H,', , ••' •>" •". lloiKe-ilruwii An excellent swlinmer can rtivc iln\i<ii to fxiilnrc Nassau's tropical sea vefrctalinn but most tourists will jnefer Hie uuiciuc umlcrvr:ilcr observatory from which Ibis jiiclurc was taken. \ CALL" "FOR every thing in "INSURANCE UNITED INSURANCE , AGENCY -. Ov«r Cuard Jiwtlry Star* A. F. DIETRICH, Mgr. tics fo rsccing sights lance from horse-drawn surreys driven by lie- nlgn, colored oldsters to swift is- laiifl-liopjiing planes which link the Bahamas. For the- first time In .six years then: wiil be Imlsc-raeing and n Miumi-Niissau ocean race, llcvlvcd KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Call "The Old Reliable" Your Simrec Ucpcmlablc Service MAGNOLIA PRODUCTS Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG LINE FARM DITCHES } Wm. R, Overton - county surveyor Serving This Area 40 Years I'honc Evt-iiings — Dual Hotisf, J!i K Luke % liox SI, Kosclanil, Ark. have a Coke • OtHtO UNDER AUTKOKIIY OF TH6 COCA-COU COMCANY IY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYT1 !RVIL!£ alliiiclioiis arc hoiidllnc i;oif. polo aim Icnnls mutches mill wiKrr-.skt- l"i!. MvlmmliiK luul .'iiilllxwl nicvs. Flavor spiced up for Ifiiivlsls 1 snvor In Ilils IWllsh-siieulditB Clniu- sluik are <liuk-nrliiiiliiR policemen wcninn: musical comedy uniforms anil unlive basket-weavers who swarming iikc fu es (ll 0> ,uto(>r' niaikei [ilaeos. boi: you lo buy their wares In .sliiB-sotiB chains. 1'iovlil: local color arc dink KiiUur- slrumuihiK minstrels whom lour-' IMs first bribe lo S|IIR "liiihatna • Maim" nnd oilier native walls, but; IT on bcB wild (;cnenius tips' 10 "please no uway." 'I'iny nlglil chilis with "rciynl! boxe.s" for ihc Governor Ciencml -I his L'lily and solemn proceed- IIIR.S n( bc-wiijKcil Jurlsl.s nml of a foiuiiilly (irrssed Purllnment remind the visitor UnU this liny sim-itreiielieil island Is an outposl of Hie llilUsh KiupUe. Intonslty iflM unknown In KHKIHIKI slnci- ulailstone's ilny mmks elect Ion b:il- c.s for SC i,|s In this inlnliituio 1'ur- lliinu'iit. one of Ihc oldest In the Kinplre. Polities that llirasli out 'lyllilni; Troni which wharves | niH'd repnlr to vvtial S |K-clcs of fish cun be sold lo (he public iin- Is- Innd inieresls which soon Inli'inuc Ihc loiirisl who .'.cans local pai>ors '« listens lo local co-sslp. Amrilran Ideas luflllialo l>s|iile roc-k-bomul Hritlsh con- ici'vnllsiii, I lie loti(! shadow of Un;le Sinn ims u solid siibslinn'ol TlionsniKls of native Hahiiin- uins wlm went lo the U. S. to worn in liuek farms during wiirlime In- b<)r shoiluges arc relurnliiK homo wltli American ideas of wai;es mid lours which do not fit too well Into the light economy of Ihc little island. On thc other hand, colonists iclprmu lo wealthy Ainei leans freer wilh their money thnii Dili, are allowing the N( , w Ymk firm of chmle.s of the itlly. lo Instiill a beuuty .sulon In (he Url- '.Isli Colonial, the Island's lop-draw- =r hotel, P ' s - Oh yes, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor ns«l to tavern PACK' NINE lliese Isknuls. In (heir plucc me Installed Governor (leneral W. 1, Minpliy iiiul his l,;uly, who, unlike lier llitislslini.s jirederessoi. Is -e- porlcr-sliy iiixl rclnses lo 1)3 Interviewed, "Lousy" 'ix-Ofuiic u filuiii; term iilmosl n luiiulred yours IIRO. <lur- liiN 'he California uotd rush. HEADACHY? STUFFY-NOSED? EXHAUSTED FROM COUGHING DUE TO A coco? ^ 666 SNAPS WOACriOM! STANDBY OF MILLIONS (. THROUGHOUT 45 [FAMOUS PRESCRJPDON tyre |\ i ) COLD PREPARATIONS Tablets or Liquid 'liKln Mirk ll ri . Follow the crowds to PLANTER'S! for all your gift sclccfions— Toyland qp Balcony Gift Dept. on Main Floor HOME OF FAMOUS 1IIIANIIS PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 12(i West Main tSt. I'lmiic filfi Therell of extra long disfdi££e calls this Christinas ands II.ONG D^TANtn; / !.«" Every year—at Christinas time—extra thousands of long distance calls crowd the wires. It's much like the deluge of Christmas cards and gifts-that flood the mails. Some calls, caught in this jam, arc certain to be delayed— perhaps for hours. In spite of 50,000 miles of new long distance circuits and well over a hundred new sections of long distance switchboard added in the Southwest this year, we know that operators will not be able to put every call through on schedule. We'll have every switchboard position filled . . . we'll be doing our best... but there'll just be foo many calls. SO HERE'S A TIP U you can call a lew days bcfo.e or attar tt,o holidays, your call will /lave a better chance of f>>tl!ii( thioufh promptly, SOUTHWESTERN BELl TElEPHONt COMPANY ,Says Santa... If You Buy of Jimmie Edwards Furniture Co. 301 E. Main St. Open nites 'til 9;30 p.m. " )1( "''"' (U < K ' mi(; »»»<» "Unfa livm,;. linn I'cHsoiiiiWy V'rl dinette Is Just the thin;; to :ieln you make the moM of it. Comes In mulioKiuiy Mulsh . . . very pretty and practical ton! $59.95 You're sure to be snlisllcd wilh one of our living room' pieces They're of ((Utility that will stand lots ol wear, and iyet give your home real beauty. ISTII CKNTUIIY CHII'I'KNOAIJC S01' A A .. $189.50 2-l'C. UV1N(J UOOiM SUITK f heavy vetimr, wine and |,| U e 5197.50 There's none better than the fine array of lamps here at our stoic! They make fine gifts lor :iuyr>;u; on jour Christum list ... China ifctsc TABI.i; LAMPS S5.95 up Marble Base 1-WAY FLOOR LAMPS...Sir,.!iS Marble Rase ' BRIDGK UAMV 5H5.9,-, We Buy Used Furniture! JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE COMPANY 301 S. Main St. Phone 2487

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