The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on December 11, 1985 · 16
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 16

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1985
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San Francisco Examiner E state official requests Bad ne ws for Rose Bird in new survey prooe or muraer rumors By Gale Cook t X AMINE fl SACRAMf NTO BUREAU "SACRAMENTO Gov. Dcukme-Jiah's chairman of the Board of ITIson Terms, Ronald Koenig, has asked the state Department of Justice to investigate old rumors purporting to connect him with drug ;dealing and murder while he was 'sheriff of Tehama County. ! The Justice Department confirmed that an inquiry, requested ,'Ocl. 9 by both Koenig and the board, is under way. The investigation will not be completed for about two weeks, said Kati Corsaut of the division of law enforcement. Koenig. 51 , was sheriff from 1974 luntil last May when the governor Appointed him to the nine-member ;body that determines the parole dates of those serving life sentences. It also handles parole revocations, clemency and pardon hear-Jngs. Koenig, a Democrat whose salary is $61345 a year, is awaiting ISenate confirmation, which must 'occur by May 13, 1986. ; "It's allegations that actually are not new," Koenig said, explaining !why he asked for a state investigation. "They're the old allegations that haunted me when I was in the last. Icampaign that 1 ran up in Tehama County, and they have surfaced down here in Sacramento. And I'm jjust sick of them. So 1 personally asked the attorney general to investigate the allegations." ! Koenig would not specify the allegations, but said, "I know how it's Igoing to come out." James P. Lang, the district attorney in Red Bluff, said one of the matters was a case ,'that he took before the Tehama County grand jury. "I have personally conducted an linvestigation into rumors of Mr. Ko-Jcnig's activity," Lang said. "1 have presented at one time jovidence to the grand jury. I, at no time developed any facts to substantiate any of the rumors that 'were being passed around about 'him. "The areas that I looked Into were rumors that alleged a connection between Mr. Koenig and a rancher who was Involved in cultivating marijuana, was charged with cultivating marijuana. That matter was presented to the grand jury. There were never any facts developed which would have substantiated the allegation or the rumor that Koenig was In any way criminally connected with that particular rancher. : "That was one of them. There were other rumors that he wasj somehow involved In the killing of . one Rashellc Ward, a (14-year-old) high school girl who was kidnapped and killed up here (on March 3, 1983). "There were rumors circulated around by the same group of people that this was all Mr. Kocnig's doing. Totally false. "And then there were rumors that he had ordered the killing of one Michael Britt, (30, on May 5, 1983). And that's totally false. "At least, let me put it in this context: there are no facts we have been able to develop that would lend any credence to either one of those rumors. "Michael Britt was Involved Jn dope. He was a user. 1 had at one. time defended Michael Britt when 1 was a defense attorney. He, for a lot of reasons, was murdered ... a cou-1 pie of years ago. "So the rumormongers up here decided that'd be a good thing to rumor some connection about, so they started that It's totally false. I know who killed Michael Britt, If we can get the evidence. We've had one person charged with the murder. We had to dismiss because one of the witnesses backed out on us. "That particular murder is a typ ical narcotics related murder. But' we know who killed Britt, and it certainly didnl have anything to do with Mr. Koenig." A source in the sheriff's office said that both murders are still un-! der investigation, "and we're pretty sure we know who killed Rashellc Ward, too." 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That Indicates that attitudes have gelled with the election still almost a year away. The opposition to Bird is due largely from the charge that she Is soft on crime and has consistently voted against implementation of the state's death penalty law, as have most of the other justices. But that dissatisfaction does not appear to be affecting public attitudes toward the state Supreme Court as a whole. Substantial pluralities said they are ready to confirm three justices whose names will be on November's ballot with Bird's Stanley Mosk, Joseph Grodin and Malcolm Lucas and a smaller plurality also said they favor retaining Jus tice Cruz Reynoso, But there are more voters saying they are undecided on those four justices than on Bird. Results of the poll are based on telephone interviews with a representative cross section of 757 registered voters between Nov. 18 and Dec. 2. There is a 4 percent margin for error in either direction. Bird has been the target for several months of at least two well-financed groups. The chief justice has organized her own campaign committee and has run newspaper ads seeking contributions. She also has become increasingly and uncharacteristically accessible to the media. In several newspaper interviews last month, she labeled her critics "bully boys" and said the drive to unseat her was a right-wing assault on state courts throughout the nation. She said she will not "turn tail and run." With the Bird election likely to be volatile, Field said he attempted to measure the effect of her campaign on candidates running for legislative and other state offices, lie said he found a negative effect on candidates who support the chief justice, as he did in the August poll. One of Field's questions was whether a voter would be more or less inclined to vote for a candidate who had urged a favorable vote on Bird. "The results," he said, "show that more than one half of the voters (51 percent) say this would make no difference and 6 percent have no opinion. However, among those who say their support of the candidate would be affected, 30 percent would be less inclined to vote for a candidate advocating a "yes' vote on Bird, while just 12 percent would be more inclined." On the other hand, when the issue was posed in terms of the candidate urging a vote against Bird, opinions were more evenly divided. Fifty-three percent said it would make no difference to them and 8 percent had no opinion, while 21 percent said they would be more inclined to vote for such a candidate and 18 percent less inclined. MTACTTtUIEIS 00 each tens PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED PERMALENS xl(-.25 TO -6.00) EYE EXAM IF NEEDED $50.00. INCLUDES FITTING, TRAINING & FOLLOW-UP Lenses in mock one Hour service 30-Day Lens Guarantee As doctors, we can do your exam and give you lenses all in one hour at one location. 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