The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1946
Page 3
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__WEDXKSDAY, DKCKM OKU IS, l!)IG GOP Presidential limber 'Grows' Harold E. Stassen's Candidacy Announced; Others Mentioned _ K.YTHKVIUJJ (ARK,) COURIER NKWR Teacher Sees Greqf Challenae -- «V^%?^'£%1 lAf'.i • »"... . _ . '-' opcratlnii biidgi't Is S13J.WO a .v°..'. Within Field of Education ! PA(JB THREK Aw-mlns; that teachlnsi presents ii- challenge la those who tench. Miss Winnie Virpil Tinnpr, ele- mnitary supervisor of Uu. Ulvlhc- vllic Schools, today said iliat more ICaehi'i's have .slaved with their profession ihan have leu im-niv o! lo-.v salaries. t-li'' Miw.-.icd thai those who have gone out ot the Hiylhcvilte schools loi Ihe most part have tell .o luki- hetti-r leaching positions ."inn. have none imn other fields ol cnciiv.vor localise o[ i;reau>r re- mimrration offered hi „:)„,,. Melds. lii a stali-mem Miss Turner said: lo explain leacher shortage" in j terms of t !ie undesirable features <>f leaching that ii s cein s about lime for someone to rise lo the defense of teaching as a profession. •More uoocl teachers have stayed in the profession than have <]U i[ and tlie v have stayed in spite o! ^O'v. .vfjnric's. Most of those who left lilytlieville have g iiy I.VI.E ('. wn.sov 1'iiiled Press Staff Com-spanc'rui WASHINGTON'. Dec. 1H.—H;:r- 'jl»l K. Suissen's annauncemem. licre of his candidacy for the 1D J .3 licpublican presidenllal iio.uina- lion was a challenge to other party lenders in general, hut r.';p; ; i":!iiy to Ohio and her farorUc son:;. The mother of presidents apparently iy carrying twins n»hi nrjw. Neither has annonncetl hSs pre.,i- deutial aspirations. Hut otto's Ken. Robert A. Taft iind Kei,.- KJect John w. Bricker pi-.iba'uy fire regarded as potential 1'JIS GOl' presidential nominees. Bhcker supported T:)ft for llu 1 ['.residential nomination in I!J-H,. year the party was kidmp^ct the laic Wendell L. w:ilkle. 1944. Tafl supported Urickvr later won the vice presidential nomination as running malt- to Gov_ Thomas E. Dewey of Ncw Ycrk. The Ohio deal aPp.mnMy did r.ot extend lo 1943. With an active Candida, s in the field and for other :vasc.ns 1Cw are It. seems likely Ohio soon will hava • dcetors, lawyers, scienlisis „ • r- o begm deciding whether it x V nm*, chants, bankers, eraflsme, fe" el ; to whoop it up for Taft „,- nncta-jcrs. ministers, artists writes md in the preconveiHio,! .scra.nbl,. :or! tabor leaders are hei,,., tr,in',. t t in toll-gate votes Among; ihe o' I-.M-, the nation's public s( .h«ol s Wheth- icasons hat Ono might bo i-t aj tl - or , 10 t th csc places ,„•< -I 'd dtsadvnntage ,„ prccouvenuon .si,ccr ss r u llv depends upo, \\u maneuvers with a» unde'.oi-.-.iin«i i rmion of'the eorlv train U ?hc-n choice between her two [avnnie- individuals receive 'in •!icir°hnmes sons is Dewey's standing i n ;iw! their schools and the!.- commimi- conlesl as of now. j u , The opportunity of sharing in Dewcy is a Big Factor j llli< i responsiblljty presents a chal- )i-\vcy was nominated ior Piesi-1 lenfje to one wlio wauls to teach. :i live-day sick leave. This really makes n headai-hc a pleasure. "Believe it at M<) [ Hit-re i s romance in learhinj.. Think of the lale.s of wonder an elt'm'.-uury teacher could tell. Drama, humor, Inlriaiii', ti-avMy unfold within n class rouni ,,| n-hicli Shakespeare I'.ever dreamed. '"Ihe leat-hins pro:t's.slon lias no plaiv for narrow people, it is a fhnlU-nue to intellect, to iiij-ennl- ty an,! to uil:le:st!ilHl!!iK." Alllos Alt! I'lilllos KEDMOND, Ore. .Ul'l- 'IVlce Ihis year residents of Kettmond have assisted airplanes to land m the Kedmond alrjlelil by focuslns automobile hciullii;ht s ' OM ( i,o I'liu'iucncy (ii'td. Keccnily,' i lie civil ,\lr Patrol alerted residents of Ihl.s small town "•hen a plane that hud rn,, into bad weather over Hie Cascade Muinuilns hi<lie.iie<t it tt anted lo hiiul. Karller In the year another plane lauded here with tin- m<t ui aiiiomobilo headlights f tee Approval I-ITTLK Dec. two UQCK, A rk., '"' ' -"IJmlHet r<-iiu»sis for l:-m«as <-i;lU'ues. totaliiii>, $33UtlOU I' r 'lie iirst year of the bieillliain, :imt 4..UOOO i»r d 1? second year, \\i-\ v ni'Pioved by the prc-le^ls- ....... ivn iii.^inevuie na\e coiif tti ..----^.j. .i.......!.^.^,]^- ttpot.»\.?(i Iji'tter paying systems not lo other !'V """"i'l n.-iiiu-st of Snii.coi) foi' J" 1 "- A 12 months' school term I ','-i ll M - tullf.-eu at Monlkx-llo .-,.- miBlit help the situation. It v.cuild I ,!','. "', W , R *'urs:in, preaide-u of certainty be a factor in rednciiv- '••> llul - rut his n-tiiii'sl f'-u:n juvenile' delinquency. " 'p' 0 '?? 0 ' T 1 .'" cl "' 1 '" 111 opeiatiie; inid ; to''' I ,';±";,J > T n h V lulU '"« e '!' nU ' "™'»' l> '«- '"«' l'l««:o:l its vithi'n , '"•'"•' ale : stat »l' "' approval on Ihe re-m-M within each cl, S srcom future eci-, : of Arkansas Poljauchnic Coll',., . mumiy. slate ,| 1H | national lemiers. ! !li^.sclivii| : .. i.illing fm smmjo'.-'i' ( »he fmhr-r^ 1: m\ mothers of tomor- | today's t-!:issrooms. The ' - D (lent and lost in 1944. There Republican tradition against nomination of a defeated date. Nevertheless. Dcwey eriior of New York State w.-rch j eacng offers one an npuor- casts 45 electoral votes, the larg- t'nilly for personality j>ro\Uh' ami ' esl number among the states. He was spectacularly redacted November]- to a second term as! iravernor. Dswcy looks to mnny as "A teacher comes in contact with " llll! people in the community c/.ndi- "nd usually the contact is plcas- cov-| n "' Teaching offers one an .- Act promptly to relieve inuscnbr soreness aiut lijjlit- ncss, fur, of coughing in Ihe nnjit loiii{>ht, at bedtime, \*»f»&^ rnb on UniL-iestcd VSJ?o*?J? l I 1 Stnukiy Scluitil ('lassos: ; (iivo vour 1917 In- ni her "cumuli-tils" lessons. I'ohiuhcl!' S'ek-cl :i lu'!|> din, <>r |f u > (in ^2 i ('(irniiH'nl.-; J \\'L' have i (omalic ill Sl-:.2;- some niw an- sluirnonei s :!CU DOUKHII, Uhtli.-vilU- TRI-STATES J Ko\ :; SCHOOL SUPPLY I'luillc 31S3 Illy 11,i-i ill,. y j>ro\ am . fnr educational, ndvancemenl. I lasi | There is no stagnation in a school 1 ' 00 " 1 - I "Professional training of teach- : Hie man to beat. Bricfcer's supuorlers are to point out that the ru elect's triumph in Ohio w as even more imposing, l>crcentai;e-w;sc. than Dewey's in New York. But rightly or wrongly Dewey was ac- ccnted by many persons I hrourili- I out ihe nation as the individual , slar of the Republican clect-.o:i day performance l:>st Noi\>inl).>;-. Alany Namrs iMcnlionytl Six Republicans usually -ue me-n- tioned here when politicians ;alK of the 1948 presidential noroia..- lion They are Sen. Arthur H. ' Viuidenber;;. n.. Mich.. Gov. D, V I Warren of California. fita 1 -'.':?-!, Taft. Brieker and Dewey rjcii Henry Cabot Lodge, n hjiv.l.>.me nud able younR war veteran just rcclected lo the Senate fr&m Massachusetts, sometimes s mentioned in that company, but not as having much chance. Vandenbcrg told questioners yr-s- tcrdiiy that he is not a candidate nnd expects no camnaiqn in behalf. Taft, questioned rei/j-it-y. said it was too nnrly ror spc'tiiii- tion about the presidential nc.':>- itiation. Dewey was asked last O"tcii>..-:- ;i he woujd be a candidate f.; r rip Hepublioan presidential .lom-r..-- lion. The question wns JMI; nvs I'crsoiis in both parties way: "If reelected as governor, no you expect to serve a full lour- year term?" That would extciia lo 1950 ''T hope so." Dewey replu'd. Bui, there arc other DOSSI:>''I'VS cr> is training which will carry : aver Into other endeavor. (Remcm- ! her what a muddle lay people made of rationing!) "Dealin;; with people is so much more vital, so much more stinvu- , Sating than dealing with things. 1 Imagine comp.-irino workim, with I children to selling gingham on ! tightening bolts. I "Hie hr-m-.s- of te.icl-.ers arc in l generjil shorter than bours of oth- | er workers, that is from 8 lo 4 with Raturdays free. Of course there i s periodical check-ups but this is true in any occupation. "Teaching is fun. There i s nothing monotonous about the school rcom. Hvervdiy is different. 'There Is creative ability in ev- f'lv cl.i.--5ro!)in. Teaching offers one a thaiico to achieve, through help- ins others, Iii s o wn ambitions and ideals. "Teachers hold a respected social position in their communities. They are free lo do anything that :>ny rejected, la-. v abiding Chris"an citiicen can do. "Although the Increment is too liltlp at present. Arkansas Teacher Rotn-emont plan does help one to grow older gracefully. The Blytiievilie school system has —, arc thinj.'- mij of Gen. Dwight b. Eisenho-vcr as a )io.«ib!c nominee. Trouble 15 'mire knows whether he is a Re- pnblica;! or nemorral. A rtJiiiti)- lican boom ol some dimensions for Gen Douglas MacArtinir -s quite likely. K * &"'$,'' '*£.* ,-/»-?! ORIGINAL ^KLOMP For a full measure of niiisrnliiio goo:i looks mid casy-io-tako coinforL, try : ' " \« : intlin)'s k%SH5! r ~*?wi INTHROP SHOES !|f'< FAMILY SHOE STORE :.' 312 W. Main St. Phone 2342 h North Highway 61 Be Nimble «• Spring in his feet? Keep it there with Poll-Parrots. They arc PRE-TESTED by other active youngsters "> to give your child maximum foot protection As a result, Poll-Parrots have built-in-fit, roomy comfort and sturdy materials, which mean longer wear at lower cost. Shipment Just Received! Also HiRh Shoe Sizes in Brown All Sixes The Family Shoe Store Phone 2342 312 W«sl Main Sf. If you're looking for • different way this Christmas to show your genuine affection . . . why not give jewelry • glftt? No finer expression could b« more hoppily received. Gloriously set- diamond! . . . distinctive, precision- timed watches . . . other lavish gifts ... all ardently speak your deration. Choose now from our large stocks of outstanding jewelry values. Perfectly mated bridal clucltt! . .,. brilliant diamond solltnlrc In richly cni'vun'ring , : . mafclj-- ccldhiB bnn<l. $$$il from 37.50 from 47.50 2.50 6.95 Swank Rold-niloti dip to hold his Gay, saucy costume jewelry' to currency . . . very distinctive flatter her winter suits ami Mnart Kvan:; lighter. t.U'hl.s :n- slantly with one' simpti: llic'<. ss i™ es n For bsby'K very own , . . M*t)ing 'fork and j(K>on ... a gift to ed for joars lo

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