The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1946
Page 2
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f AGE TWO WASHER SERVICE FbilJJp fni ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. •". W * JiltS KfT. GATEWAY SERVICE CO. N Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lentz Dub Sizemore Crop Yield Best BILBO In U. S. History (ARK.) COUKIEBNEWa WKDNKSIMY, DKCKiUjJlOli 18, 19-Ki for Production for 1946 Outstrips Ail Previous Yeors, Agency Reports WASHINGTON, Dec. la-<UF>l-~ The Agriculture Urpnrlmml, suld •cslerday that farmers produced •heir bluest crop In liistory this year, lopping oven Hie previous record output In 1942. In its final IBM report, the dc- nai'lmrnt said record yields o( corn and wheat, coupled with record or near-record harvests of ninny other crops, resulted In the largest production In history. The vottmic of crop production vns 20 per cent above lite I92f-rj average, two per cent above tlie 51'ovloits record production In 194? and seven per cent nbove Inst ycai: "Hot only the quantity but n!so •he miaUly of the crops Is outstanding." the department said. The com crop totaled 2.287.021.'.08 bushels, compared tt'llh 3 880 '"3.000 bushels lust year ni'ul '(i ircvlous record of 3220000000 •ushcls In 134-1. ' ' Wheat production totaled 1155- 115.OflO bushels. This coinpnres with argument rccominendlnjj u i nn)1 Continued from Vane I. position in the ISniilncer Corn* t \i-.-jntMI (V ^^«"'K. Miss. lie said ijf re-" testifying, but the committee! over-) '"'"J 1 ' 1 to [hu J°b nl the request ruled him. Tlic attorney, 1'aul 1)11-j° J IJ11|J: ' lllul friends of tho senator Ion of St. Ixnds. argued thill Terry . "Try begun with u recital of: » '"•'" ''" «i'<l Hilijo tried lohelp S > Too Late to ClasMify Terry could li-sllfy only" to wliiit he MOW '"•' learned as Hllbo's confidential se ictary and that therefore lie wa: "an Incompetent witness." I /vn . -• — > . ~.« «„ mun The slr-nder and apparently ner- :lm1 .. 1 '"' Keesler Field at Biloxl vmis Torr v told the committee , "''I" '""1 waived all and who was opened In June, 19313, Jnchidc-d" clr-poslls of $14,000 and $5,1)00 at a time, nnd had n balance ol ";!) ''¥> UK of Thursday niyhl. "| Quin said Terry vmite him April' o^T, !0-iO. autliorlzhii; Bill*] l<> dru"/! - v " ' Ma for Sat* "0 IVi i i "" ao Ulc(1 lo help "' •""• "oiiiorlzlrui Bill*] (<• clru"/ 5f- Mhsjsslppl ^omractors not Hie con-:''" tl!l ' "Edward Terry .Special" r,<- '' a:i Ah n«,' J ?, bs "'i 1 , JlK ' kso 'i Army, roll " t 1)1|L ll( ' "idii'l recall any -... iu .. l-ncl h^ ? V ,' °M at M w .|ui B nV<lrawaU.x C cpt under Tcvry'.s%!,„„- .„ i-UKI tin? Kces er FinM m niim-i hn-c Hn *-oi,i T.:II._ . _ . about lillbo's iictlvltlcs foi against certain contractors to To committee. •• — ••i.ii «4 l^tlrylng by 1'Ylend. Terry said: Concerning the money offered by Friend, Tevry said: "I don't know if I Rot It all, but T';n supposed lo ):ai'e collected all of tlic 43,000 plus the »150." He said $1,800 reached him in the form ot checks fiom Forrest k'ck.son, Bilbo's attorney, ami that Friend gave him ".several hundred :lolla: p s in cash." Feared Kxpuse "Why?" demanded Sen. Homer Q ; ,iu a u "' 1 '- "f snkl liiibo seemed " Kf . objections '-onisned" when told about the "j.jr-- before the '"' ! " account barely a month a«o j .Mui-Ji Moiief Chinfrx ll-inils' ' Wa » v '» c - ""».. estnle. Billon loW the commlifce t)i Tc-rr,- could testify only to wl, lie had learned In his "confide! Hal" position as Bilbo's secroinn- Terry was located in n an min j""-'; 01 ,""; Ml!*.. Hospital lust fYlday a 1• , ,' """ l)ut tme> ini-,,!---!-.-. >..,i, _ , V iu i-ei -in ijr'CHii^e it. still liili'nslve t'nr __.i. Donaliuiis for the Juniper .rove Daplist Church ut Poplar•ill<\ Miss., fur construction c,f a i':!!': 1 ; 01 . 1 .". 1 ; 6 wlllch «'"«bum on Biib-j's has been occupied Is unfinished. "Why?" demanded Sen. Homer, r ".'UV"V .''" « i n«'en, and enti^inrd T ||. crmm i la ' S " e "' Kei-K.iBOii, 1?.. Mich. | °' .Wash.ntito,, yesterday proml,,,-, Bj , ," %? "' . I™ < : v " le " cc """ "U was understood llml through I '" ,"'' il11 «'«<" His seven years , , •'"'"• ltr;d tlmrtli dormtlo-is the Belling of Ibis contrucl-Kev' w '"' Iilll); '- »'' Predicted his tc-jrl- ". ' | l '"'"'"'s" thai, it would ],,Field -I would be reimbursed for " 10 "y w ""''l "'IcTt lillbo's politic,i , / , c> !' st - ll " on thl - waters" and all the money J had been oul llllllre - I t; lf tel1 "«;Hy $2S.COO in » spo-hd with acii. Hilbo." | "eimtf Ucpnljlicaii.s hTwe i)»,. n ' •»'">»"' •'-• •'- • leslllled that uin>o lold wutchlin; the invcsllcatlon clou-h-i ubout borrowing ' Ol ' ^possible jjrotinds on which ib ! . time was running for re-election to Theyte needed '. f ever befbr© •174.BOO.003, 418,0?b.ooO: sweet pota '.OPS (10,807,000. 64.1)05000 The 1M(1 fruit croo also wns of -<-cov(i propoi lions. Total yield of various fruit.; compared w'lth last Commercial apples 121,520.000 ;: peaches usiieis. «i.604,000 bushels: pears 3-1.488.000 bushel-; •« 011.000 bushels- K rnpes 2,851.000 tons 2.192.000 tons; cherries 215,- ' Ojo ons. nn.ono tons; prnnes 214.000 tons. 234.00(1 toil;; „'"| e v' et(l °r cUnis fmits also continued a steady Increase The orange crop totaled I25.«flooo boxes, compared w lih 104.S2o.OOo insl »??''• Tl10 B™ PC f full crop W as 07 year i?go b ° XCS " BIli ' 1St 03 '550.000 'n Amon t . ihc non-rood r nnn crol)S . .tobacco pro<| U(: ti on showed one ol the largest Inci-Mses. It luinned p'orn 1,993,837,000 pounds last year ton imi' 328 ' 000 "°" n " s '" M4a - c ° l " 482,000 ij^es. However, compared »»h O.nin.OOO bales In 1045. cotlon- sced production this year was 3452.000 tons agnlnst 3,804.000 'ton's hist year. Local Option Petition Filed in Independence (U.P.I—A hearing on n petition D(? a local option liquor rloc- m independence County ;, r . s teen set for Snlurdny ; y comiy Judge Forrest Jeffery " After receiving pctlt' rcp'it- cdly signed by 1,6150 persons :iie Judge indicated he would schedule Ihc election for late January nig Bottom township, in wincn the town of Newark l s located is Ihc only place In Independence. County where liquor Is sold legally The First Ward In CnSesvillV legalized liquor Bales In October the Senate. "You realiM the seriousness ol this situation in a campaign?" Terry quoted nllljo us saying. ' Terry testified thiit he Joined with some other friends of Bilbo In paying off tlie Bhtishan note. Terry had to be prompted by secret testimony he hud given the committee In lute November before lie remembered "any understandings" about war contractors giving money on other favors to him o:' Bilbo. After he had replied wllh "No, Glrs's" to Ferguson's questions us to whether there were any such "iindorstaiidluBs." the Michigan senator rend passages from Tory's November testimony. In one excerpt. Terry was quoted ns snylng Bilbo -wns always too smart to bring anything out like that. All I c;in say Is Bilbo knew he wns going to be reimbursed." Ferguson bsgan going down a list o! war contructs. He said there "never was nny definite understanding" about payments to be made. Quntrs Rllbo Terr v then related a conversation with Bilbo over breakfast ut the Senate Cafeteria during which he threatened to resign because ho was "out n lot of monev and working myself to death." Bilbo, he tctified, "lold me. 'you stay on your job and don't say anything to these boys about pay- Ing money back until they gel well on tho way to the completion of their contracts.'" Terry said he was Bilbo's secretary from Jan. 1. 1339, lm tu j : , n . Zum«. fonratt Bring the Ki In To See Appearing in Our Store Each Afternoon Until Christmas From 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. J. M. Qiiln, Jackson, . told Hie committee doubted thai Terry nclnally ( e \nii 'icina killed. " lie '-' 5 » unlive iMlsslsslppi.m " Quin said. "We beat each otlU- lin down there but we don't -shoot'moil Qnin WHS called at the reijue-jt of OHbo'ri ntlorncy to tell about Terry s uccoiiuis in the Jackson Otau- . Quin iuiltl Terry had two accounts n Ltie bank. One was Die "Edward Terry (Special" which has recAv" n tola) <,f $7.214 In deposits since It was opened June 1, 1037 and si ill iii, (.Mill IMC'J-.-li. Ill' l!ll,U. r tot vviil r.nll)' •uilltli ir.ul- Found S«^vi Help Wanted cirr Eco'-omy, comforl. nnd Kcnic enjoyment are a pnrt of every Grcyl-.jumJ trip. Go Grt-y- IJQUIII! . . . whether to ntaiby lowni or distant cilies. Hut <u. s., GREYHOUND Here's a partial list of the many giveable items in our store .... check them with your list! Fire Sets Toasters Hot Plates Golf Bags Door Chimes Electric Razors Automatic Irons Fishing Tackle Radios Door Chimes Electric Juicers Kitchen Clocks Mantel Clocks Steam Irons Hunting Clothes * Tennis Rackets * Pressure Sauce Pans •• Automatic Record Changers * Pocket Knives * Flashlights * Compasses Come in and Shop Today! All toys at greatly reduced prices! Buy from Hubbard Now! iuBBjARD HARDWARE 3r<iwnrp> • £l&rt !-,'.-„f c.. 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UNAXKKTS, in09r woo], ex Ira heavy lO.D.l value ' S! i < L015XGE CHAIRS all at reduced prices ?->!!. 00(;s\VKI,L CHAIR & OTTOMAN reduced from S8SK50 to ^ f>(} C UM'° rcn!ln ' inK a ''enutifu! array of flipr- j.^f Chas. S. lemons, Furniture Home FURNISHINGS Moderately p riced

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